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Story time:)

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Today was the day. Or should you say night? Tonight your best friend Jeon Jungkook would be returning home from eight weeks in America. You had watched them in their TV show American Hustle Life and performances, and it always amazed you how far they’ve come from being Rookies.

But although you were excited about their return, you had already made plans with someone tonight. A date, to be exact. The infamous Smart and Athletic Jinwoon. Everyone knew he had eyes for you. He was sweet, shy, and a class favorite above all. You could sense the other girls’ angry aura when he’d walk you to class or ruffle your hair.

You had just slipped on your mid-thigh high dress when your apartment door flew open and a exasperated sigh left the very familiar voice that was now in your living room. “Y/n! Im here~” Jungkook sang.

You ran into the living room, jumping right into Jungkooks welcoming arms. “Kookie!” You squealed. He laughed at your childish-ness and tightly wrapped his arms around your waist. “I missed you!” You yelled again.

“I missed you too.” His voice was low and husky. “But why are you dressed so nicely?”

“Because I have a date tonight.” You announced proudly. His goofy smile faltered and he frowned. “Tonight as in.. Right now?”

You nodded.

“But I just got home. Like.. Literally. Ive only been in Seoul for 15 minutes. This is the first place I came to. Why do you have a date tonight? Or at all for that matter?”

You gasped. “Jungkook you don’t control my life. I do. And i can date who ever I’d like. Lets please not do this again. Not tonight.”

“Well for tonight, Im in control.” His voice lowered and he bent to your level, a devious smirk lurking onto his face that had your core burning wantonly. “I.. I have to finish getting ready.” You stuttered, taking a gulp before backing away.

Jungkook followed closely behind, closing the bedroom door as you two stepped in.

You stepped in front of your mirror, Jungkook standing so close to you that you felt his breath against your skin. “My y/n so looks beautiful tonight.” He mumbled and pressed a hand around your waist, to your thigh. “So pretty that I could-” The sound of your phone ringing cut him off and you slipped past him. “Annyeongheseyo, Jinwoon.”

“Mhm. Ill be there in a few minutes.”

“No, Im not going to be late.”

“No no. Ill pay for myself.”

“Okay okay. Fine. But Im paying you back.”

“Alright. See you.” You hung up turning around only to be captured in Jungkooks lips. You tried pulling away, only to be locked within his arms. “J-ung..kook.” You stuttered against his lips. His incredibly soft lips.

Slowly, you felt yourself give in when his tongue danced across your bottom lip. You allowed him entrance. Your tongues fought for dominance, and you shamefully lost against him.

You felt yourself grow wet and you knew you wanted Jungkook tonight. But then there was Jinwoon just waiting outside a theatre. “Jungkook we cant.” You said as you pulled away. You let yourself out of his grip and walk to your bedroom door. “Yah! You cant just walk away. Not after a kiss like that! You know more then I do it meant something!”

You stopped dead in your tracks, “Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t. I.. I don’t know. But I do know that I have a date tonight and Ill have a bad name if I stand him up.”

“Y/n, If you so much as touch that door knob, I’ll fuck you so you can’t walk.”

Your heart raced. You squeezed your walls shut, hoping to stop some of the leakage. “Looks like Im taking my chances.” You muttered. You reached for the knob and opened the door.

Jungkook quickly slammed it shut, spinning you around and pinning your arms beside your head. “I warned you.” He growled.

He pulled you off the door and attacked you in a rough kiss while simultaneously walking you back to your room.

You felt the soft fabric of your bed on the back of your knees and you fell to the soft mattress.

Slowly, Jungkook moved his mouth from yours to your neck searching for your sweet spot. “Jungkook we shouldnt do this.” You breathed slowly.

“I know you want this as much as I do.”

Almost immediately you moaned in pleasure when his lips attached to the skin at the crook of your neck. “J-Jungkook.” You whined. He smirked against your tender skin, sucking on it harshly and making sure to leave a fresh bruise there. “See.” He boasted,
“Just as much as me.”

You felt him snake his hands to the bottom of your dress, teasing your inner thigh. He pulled back all of a sudden, making you pout. “Your dress is bothering me.” He mumbled mostly to himself and slowly unzipped the fabric, pulling it over your head and throwing it else where in the room. “Better.” He grinned and lowered you onto the bed, straddling your hips and slowly grinding, causing great friction to occur. He moaned slightly against your neck, and slyly grinned. Jungkook let his slender index and middle fingers massage your clit through the fabric of your underwear. “Ju..ng..kook.” You stumbled on your words and shook underneath him. “Shush.” He commanded. “Another word and you’ll regret it.”

You didn’t know what had made Jungkook like this. Usually he was goofy, kind, and sometimes a brat. But tonight he’s dominant. And for why?! Not that you’re complaining. It turned you on the more he commanded you. “You’re so wet. I haven’t even finger fucked you yet.”

You shuddered at the words. He moved the lacy fabric to the side and massaged your clit. You arched your back, pressing your chest more against him.

Your phone rang again.

“See who it is.” He demanded as he removed your underwear. Shakily, you reached for your phone and answered.

“Y/n!” You gulped as Jungkook spread your legs and let his head dissapear. “Y-yes?”

“You said you wouldn’t be late this time.” He pouted. Any other minute of any other day would’ve made you laugh at him. But not now. “I-Im sorry. I might b-be a litt- AH!” Jungkook nipped at the pink bud, sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body. “Is everything okay?”

“Y-Yes, Jinwoon. Everythings- Shit!” Jungkook had flattened his tongue out against your core. “Do you want me to-” you didnt get to finish hearing what he was saying because Jungkook had taken the phone from you. “Hello?” His rather unhappy voice growled as he sat up between your legs. “Yes everything is fine.”

“She’s more than okay.” Jungkook smirked as he slipped a finger in your entrance. You threw your head back and tried not to moan.

This whole situation seemed wrong but felt so right. It wouldnt have been the first time you and Jungkook had fucked. Or the second for that matter.

“Who are you?” Jungkook questioned.

“You’re her date?”

“Sure you can talk to her.”

He held the phone up to your ear as and slipped another finger in. You bit your lip, your breath speeding up and your body shaking. “Y/n? Are you sure everything is okay.?” You opened your mouth to speak, only for a small whimper to escape your lips.

Jungkook sped up the speed of his fingers, twisting them in every way and brought the phone back his ear. “She’s busy right now.”

He sighed. “Fine.”

He slipped a third finger in. He scissored you, using his thumb to massage your clit. “Jungkook I’m cumming.” You said lowly so Jinwoon wouldn’t hear. Another sly smile slid onto his face as he curled his fingers and massaged the roof of your womanhood.

He gave the phone back to you.

By now you was a moaning mess, thrusting your hips forewords to meet Jungkooks pace. “Shit. Don’t stop.” You groaned. “Don’t stop what?” Jinwoon concerned voice rang in your ears. You ignored him. “Yes! Right there!” You squealed when Jungkooks fingers hit your g-spot. “Faster!”

“Yah. I said I was in control tonight.” He whined but sped up his pace anyways.

“Fuck! Im cumming, Jungkook!” You screamed. “Wait, are you having sex?!” Jinwoon yelled.

You writhed under Jungkook and your toes curled. You let out a loud moan as You felt yourself cum on his fingers. “Y/n?! Answer Me!” He yelled again.

Jungkook smiled, obviously pleased with himself. He brought the phone back to his ear. “I think you should just go home for tonight. Dates cancelled until further notice.” He suggested then hung up, throwing your phone on the floor.

He smirked at you before hovering back over your almost bare body and connecting your lips together. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck as he lifted you two up, you sitting on his lap.

A sudden fire bursted through your veins and your blood pumped. This new found excitement gave you confidence.

You forced Jungkook onto his back and straddled his hips, tenderly placing rough kisses on his lips. His hands found their way to your bare hips and pulled you down onto his groin. His breath caught when you started grinding on his length through his skinny jeans. He groaned and pressed his fingers harder into your skin. Surely there would be bruises there tomorrow.

He flipped you over, your legs locked around his waist and fumbled with his shirt.

His toned chest and creamy skin went well together and I felt like I would go weak thinking about it. “Jungkook I need you.” You breathed and let your hands trail down his skinny stomach until you found yourself unbuttoning his jeans, slowly sliding them off.

You palmed his growing erection through his boxers, earning a low groan from him. “Yah, y/n. Stop teasing.” He ordered. You looked up at him, teasingly licking your lips before pulling his boxer off, letting his erect length spring free.

You licked the tip, letting your tongue slide down the length of his manhood. He moaned, only turning you on more than you already were.

You sucked teasingly at first before swallowing his cock. His hands tangled with in you hair, forcing you to go deeper and deeper till you were deep throating. He bucked his hips in and out, taking control completely.

You looked up to see Jungkooks eyes closed and head hanging limply on his shoulders. “Im cumming-”

You hollowed your cheeks out and light let your teeth scrape his cock sending him over edge . “Fuck!” He bucked his hips faster, coming into your mouth. You swallowed as much as you could and let go with a pop.

Jungkook pulled you up and flipped you over. He slid into you easily, not giving you tine to adjust before pulling out and slamming back into you with as much force as possible. “Ah~ Y/n youre so fucking tight.” He groaned. Your only response was a moan.

“Faster! Faster!” You yelled. “Harder!” He slammed into you and sent the whole bed forward.

“Fuck yes!” You screamed. Jungkook moaned and pulled one leg over his shoulder for better access. “Shit right there!” He had found your g-spot again pounded into it harder then ever before. “I want you to scream my name when you cum.” He mumbled in your ear, voice disoriented and thrusts becoming uneven.

His hand rubbing on your clit, adding more force by the second. This sent you over edge and you came quickly. “JUNGKOOK!”

And with that, he came also riding your highs out slowly.

But you knew he wasn’t done. Not yet.

He pressed his tongue in your entrance and thrusted in and out. You were breathless and tired , but Jungkook wasn’t completely satisfied. You were sensitive to his touch and came in a matter of minutes.

He flipped you over onto all fours and entered you from behind, his pace smooth and painfully slow.

His hands wrapped around your stomach and tweaked your nipples, allowing a low groan to escape your swollen lips. The sound of skin slapping skin and moans and grunts filled your bedroom.

“Shit you feel so good.” He grunted in your ear. You rocked your hips back to meet his thrusts making him moan in delight.

His pace didn’t speed up. His slow pace made you rock your hips backwards faster.

“Impatient, are we?” He smirked, taking your ear between his lips.

He reached around and rubbed figure eights onto your clit. “Jungkookie-fuck.” You hissed. “Say it again.”

“Jungkookie.” Your knees shook and he gripped your hip with his free hand while simultaneously applying more force onto your clit. “Jungkook Im cumming again.” You warned before the tight feeling in your stomach unlatched and you cummed with a heavy sigh.

Not long after, Jungkook cummed, filling you with his hot seed. “Mmah-” you panted heavily, falling onto your stomach and flipping onto your back. “That was fun.” You smiled.

He collapsed next to you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and snuggling his face into the crook of your neck.

“Y/n,” he started after catching his breath. “Hm? What is it?”

“Be my girlfriend.” It was more of a statement then an question.

You giggled, placing a soft kiss of his lips. “Okay Jungkook. But the next time we have sex, you go fast, not slow.”

“Yes Jagi.”

The honorific made you blush.

You took a glance over at Jungkook and saw his eyes drift close. You snuggled into his sweaty skin, falling fast sleep yourself.


So my aunt invited her friend over to watch season four of TWD with us(I’ve seen it all and she hasn’t) , and now she wont SHUT THE FUCK UP.