ive been inactive for a long time


woah a new post :’)!! ✨

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, had a rough time + non-academic work has been piling up non-stop, but I sneaked in some study time!!

I’m very grateful for me bc I pushed myself to wakeup early (8am, in which i usually wake up @ 1pm). :’^)

I’ve been so inactive yet I’ve reached 350+ followers 😭😭 Thank you so much!! It means a lot to me, really.

Sorry for being inactive!!

hi guys!! im really sorry for disappearing for like a week (i think??) and holy shit i have a LOT of messages i wasnt able to reply to!! ^^; one of the main reasons why i had to go was because i had to apply for a summer job,, and it took a lot of time!! ill place it under keep reading cause its kinda long, ill be more active this monday!!

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final post!

Hai guys, im here to make a last post! ive finally decided that even though i will change blogs, i will not do it under this username as its not fair to you guys and because there are too many memories and posts on here to simply erase and move on from. i’ve been inactive for a very long time- even when i wasnt on a hiatus i wasnt properly sharing- and so it probably isnt the most surprising of news when i say im leaving the fandom. this blog and all of you mean more to me than whats probably reasonable but joining this fandom really changed my life. and so for that reason, im leaving everything; every gif, text post, picture- everything on here will remain. ive only deleted the entirety of march as i decided its not what i want to remember on here (if you guys saw the posts then you know what im talking  about). 3 years worth of memories. i also want to say that even though at the moment its the final decision, im still 95% sure about leaving forever so who knows, maybe something will click in me and i’ll return! for now goodbye to you all and take care. @partypewds will know where to find me if you want to know whats up. godspeed!

sorry for the inactivity everyone!! i’ve been really busy with life lately but I’ll try to get back into regular updating soon T__T

anyways I drew this for my friend’s birthday yesterday bc they rly love lapis!! pls check out their adorable art!!