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Hey Ackee I'm genuinely worried about you. In the last few weeks you've seemed more and more distressed. It's okay to take a break for awhile, friend. Breathe.

have i come off like that? jeez im sorry! i’ve just been pushing myself to get as much as i can done with on my webcomic before i take my month long break. 

what y’all mean it’s already feb??

what valentINES??


((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))

boyf riends ok

ive been thinking about this all day so what if michael can only take so much sugar before he gets a crazy sugar high

so when he and jeremy are having a sleepover (“it’s not gay!”) and all they are eating/drinking is sugar,,, well michael is bouncing off the walls by one am (jeremy thinks it’s kinda cute but at the same time “sit the fuck down michael!”)

except he’s bound to crash from his high. and he crashes hard.

by like two thirty, three am, michael is totally useless. he can barely keep his eyes open to play any more video games. but when he crashes, he gets dopey and affectionate

so he’ll be having the time of his life, laying across jeremys lap, trying to play with his hands, trying to get him to (“spill some juicy gossip”). he eventually tries to kiss jeremys fingers, hold his hand, etc

he just keeps pushing his boundaries,,, and jeremy is letting him (with a burning red fave, but he’s letting him)

they fall asleep (aka michael passes out and jeremy turns in for the night) practically holding each other, mostly because michael would not let jeremy move once he got ahold of him

as jeremy falls asleep, he’s thinking about telling michael. ya know, telling him. about his feelings

he wakes up, confident and ready to go, except michael embarrassedly detangles from jeremy when he wakes, mumbling a quick “whoa, gay man” (sigh, boys ) and jeremys heart shatters just a little. michael remembers next to nothing from last night, let alone all of his affections

Snapchat Mishaps {Pt 4}

Warnings:  S M U T , NSFW gifs, swearing , bucky being an ass. angst.

~ I don’t know why this chapter came out to angst, but the next ones will be pure smut I swear ; just hang in there 😘😏😏

MasterList    Snapchat Mishap Masterlist !

 Spending the night in buckys room was like having a sleepover with wanda or Nat( minus the booze and face masks ) . You stayed up and talked for a while , just about random things and you managed to learn a lot about each other that you didn’t know ; then you watched movies for hours , until you fell asleep cuddled into his side in the early hours of the morning .

When you wake up, you find yourself pressing up against Bucky, his arms wi ding tightly around you body keep you to him. Your face is nuzzling into his neck, and you don’t think you ever been comfier . It’s one thing for me to be fucking around with Bucky, but this isn’t - I didn’t plan on liking being this close to him him a non sexual way so much .

“ good morning doll.” His sleepy voice startles you , but as you go to move he doesn’t let you.

“ morning asshat.” You say with a yawn . You wiggle around and his grip still stays strong .

“ where do you think you’re going?”

“ to my room?”

“ no I don’t think so . ”
He ducks his head down , nudging his nose against yours . Your heart flutters at the action , and nearlyJumps out of your chest when his lips gently kiss yours.

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 A smile forms on both of your faces into the kiss, the. Bucky starts leaving kisses all over your face, making you giggle and try to shove him away .  

“ Bucky stooppp !” You squeal ,he stops kissing you to laugh and you send him a pout .

“ why’d you stop?” You ask , his laughter goes up a notch in volume , making you laugh as well.
This is such a weird couple moment , but we aren’t a couple . So how the fuck is this even a thing right now ? Fuck , I’m screwed.

He goes in for another kisss but is interrupted when a loud knock sounds on his door .

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“ buck you awake ?” Fuck , Steve .

“ no !” Bucky shouts , then connects your lips . His hand slides under his v neck that’s still covering your body , and stop once they hit your chest. This kiss is still slow and lazy, his hands follow the same lead , gently and lazily palming your chest in sync with the kiss.

Steve begins knocking again , harder this time .

“ we have a mission Bucky, we gotta go !”
Fuck no no no .

“ call in sick .” You whisper against his lips . He Laughs before fully removing his lips from yours .

“ sorry doll , duty calls .” He places one last kiss to your lips before springing out of bed .

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“ I’ll meet you in the hangar steve !” Bucky calls out and you hear steve accept his answer . You groan, rolling out of his bed until your feet land on the floor . Bucky flings your shorts at you with a wink before he disappears into his bathroom . You pull on your pants and leave his room , sending one last look over your shoulder to his messy bed . What have I gotten myself into?

Before you leave buckys out of his bathroom , fully geared up .

“ leaving without saying goodbye y/n, that’s cold.” There was a tiny hint of humor in his voice , but he sounded genuinely shocked or upset? You couldn’t tell .

“ figured I’d meet you in the hangar to say by to everyone .”
He smiles , taking the lead as you follow him to the elevator . The ride up was filled with laughs and new movie night ideas .

When you reach the hangar , your pace slowed down, letting him get ahead to the team . It looks like everyone but wanda and Bruce are going . You say your usual goodbyes before a mission, You say goodbye and goodluck to everyone , giving them quick hugs , lastly stopping in front of Bucky. His goodbye usually consisted of “ don’t fuck up too bad , I don’t feel like spending the night playing babysitter in the infirmary, then a quick flirty retort from him and a wink . But this time, you couldn’t help the change .

” good luck buck .“ You wrap your arms around his neck tightly , his go around your waist . You let you lips brush against his ear as you whisper ,
” come home in one piece , please .“ When you drop your arms you see a faint blush on his cheeks. 

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” you got it sweet cheeks .“ There’s that damn wink

” fuck off barnes , just so you know , your favorite bro nurse is on duty the next couple days , I’ll make sure he takes real good care of you if you end up in the med bay .“ You return his wink, watching him cringe at the thought of having to deal with how rough john ( the bro nurse as he liked to be called ) is with IVs and exams . The blush grows darker on his face now , God he’s adorable . What happened to the cocksure Bucky Barnes from before ?

  It’s been two days since the team left for their mission, and both of the days you’ve spent thinking about Bucky . You think about all the things you talked about with him the other night; it was like meeting an entirely different person than the Bucky you knew . He told you stories of things he remember from the 40’s, about the things he did to keep busy when he was hiding after leaving steve in DC , about being in wake dad , and things that interest him that you never knew . You discovered he loves learning about space , that when he can’t sleep from nightmares he likes to sit on the roof of the tower and watch the stars until morning , along with a shit ton of other things . Some things you knew already from observing him , or that have come up in conversations before ; like his favorite color , food, drink , that he hates modern day music and he gets sick enjoyment out of torturing Sam on a daily basis. Your  image of Bucky has shifted , from being a flirty dickbag to still being a flirty dickbag, but not in bad way, in a way that makes you not want to kick him in the balls when he flirts with you or shoot him in the face when he acts like a jerk . You’ve seen a caring side of him now , getting to know more things about him actually makes you want to be near him more ; you just haven’t sorted out if you want to be near him more as friends or …. ya know .

  You’ve forgotten about the ‘game ’ you two have been playing a few times over these two days and have to keep reminding yourself ; to him it’s just for fun . Even if we do end up fucking , we can still be friends after right?

  It’s day 3 , and almost 8pm , you’re about to start a movie when FRIDAY announces the teams return . You book it to the hangar , and wait silently as the jet lands . The door drops open , and the team exits .

“ any injuries ?” You call out You receive a chorus of no’s , then hello’s .

Bucky is the last one that gets off the jet , his face showing no emotion . As he approaches you smile ,

“ hey bu-”

“ could you just not right now .” He snaps, your eyes widen at his harsh tone . He step onto the elevator , his cold eyes locking on yours as the doors glide shut. What the fuck ?

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Buckys been cold to you since he returned, barely speaking to you and when he does it’s never pleasant . It’s been three days since he came back , with a completely different personality . You finally confront steve about it

“ steve what the hell happened on that mission ?”

“ it’s classi-”

“ Say it’s classified Rogers, and I will break your damn nose .” You snap

He sighs , “ it was suppose to be an abandoned hydra base, we just needed the intel off the computer. We got there and got ambushed and one of them hr Bucky with a shock gun and it must of triggered a flashback and he went into soldier mode . It took a while to calm him down, and when he did he saw all the destruction around him and closed himself off. ”

Poor Bucky , he didn’t go into much detail about his time as the soldier the other night, but he mentioned his fear of relapsing a little . So you can only imagine how hard this must be for him . You decide to check on him , bringing him a glass of his favorite ice tea , when you step off into his floor you hear loud, high pitched moans , that definitely aren’t coming from Bucky . You back up into the elevator , pushing the tears of anger and confusion back . Before the doors shut you see a girl run into the hall in her underwear giggling , with a shirtless Bucky chasing after her and stopping when his eyes lock onto your tearing ones.

Once the doors shut all the way you let the tears loose , “I’m so fucking stupid .”

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hey all!!

i was going to post something on liverpepper but didnt quite have it in me yet. i’m working up to it though!! my depression has hit the peak of peaks in the past couple months and it has been.. rough. i feel like i spend most days just laying down staring at the ceiling, and for a long time ive just been super apathetic about pretty much everything, which is never fun, but then just this week i got hit with some liverpepper feelios and remembered how much i love it and miss it, and it seems to be helping shake some of the sads off :”)

BUT, not to make this a sad weepy post (i’m sorry!!), i do want to say that ive finally got my tablet+laptop situation sorted out for the most part, so for anyone still waiting on commissions, i’m going to tackle those this week, promise!

i hope everybody’s been doing well, and i miss you all, and i hope i start to feel more like myself real soon!!

“Can I just know honestly,” she said, the words pained her to speak, but she couldn’t live another day without knowing. “Did any of it mean anything?”

“Did what mean anything?” He responded.

“The nights of endless conversations. The drunken kiss. The way you held me under the stars on the freezing cold November night. The playful banter from day to day–” She began to choke up. He just sat there, sullen, expressing almost no emotion.

“I know these are stupid questions. YOU love HER. Not me. I’m your best friend. And that’s it. But there’s just something about you that’s different than how Ive ever felt towards anyone else. It’s something so deep in my being it scares the living crap out of me. My heart skips to a different beat when I’m around you. My heart feels happy when I’m around you. The way you hold me feels more right than anything else I’ve ever felt. I may have been drunk off my ass that night but I was sober enough to know something about this is so incredibly right to me.”

She continued. “I just can’t sit around and watch you follow her around when she doesn’t even give you the time of day. I don’t get how you can have a connection so strong with her when I feel so tethered to you.”

“I’m so sorry–” he finally interjected.

“Sorry for what? I just don’t get it. How can a connection that feels so strong be one-sided?”

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
The Trojan War & @wolfpupy tweets

Paris : it may have been a controversial decision but i dare any one who disagrees with me to go away and not talk to me about it

Helen : one of these days i will float up off into damn space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa

Hector : the best way to solve problems is to create more problems until you are dead

Odysseus : instead of saying what you are all thinking i say what everyone would be thinking if they were as cerebrally intelligent as me

Achilles : im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace

Patroclus : hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever

Menelaus : everyone who died or was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion sense deserved it and i dont care

Agamemnon : i give a voice to the people that you can never hear from because i am talking so loudly over the top of whatever they are saying

so if u remember my post from a week or two ago u probably also know that my design is Pretty Far from what that gem actually looks like so, dragonfly lazuli is now Mine her names lazulite and she has an agate pal 

(please note i have not seen the episodes yet, i am watching them when they air so please keep spoilers off this post and out of my inbox. thank you!) 

Not dumb?

So first off I have to apologizze for the big wait between posts. My roommate had me blank for a long while, and had me getting smarter every day. Lucky for me, the file on her phone has been working for the past few weeks, and she’s about ¾ as stupid as I was when I was my dumbest, which means she’s still become a giggling airhead. She brought me out of my blankness on thursday I think, and Ive just sort of been trying to figure everything out since then.

I feel a lot smarter, like I’m not giggling and I don’t get the fuzzy in my head and I can do math and my vocabulary is better, but I don’t think I’ll ever be as smart as I was, so thats good. And i tried listening to my bimbo file, but it still didn’t work, so I don’t think I can use that to make me dumb again. But my roommate is officially an airhead and I can pretty much keep her in line so that’s good.

So I need another file or anything to turn me into a bimbo, or I’d love to try something that makes me into something else, or really any brainwashing/hypno thing. And now I can do it to my roommate too, since she cant realy think for herself anymore. So if any of you guys have anything you want me to try, pls send it!!! Im really sick of being basiclly regular me again…

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But the thing about reality shows and docudramas is that they’re all very staged and framed - music, editing, camera angles, over arching narrative construction within a season.  So now I’m thinking what on earth could compel a studio to make a Jedi positive series during their wartime dip in popularity.  

Palpatine: I would appreciate an, ahem, frank yet still somewhat flattering portrayal of our republic’s heroes.  Make ‘em look good, but not too good, you know what I mean?  

Some artsy liberal film maker who’s aiming for the space oscars: jedi having mental breakdown in the middle of wartime perfect this is edgy as hell

Cue death of the author on not one, but two accounts as the galaxy realizes that Jedi deal with trauma and stress with less screaming and more ‘haha you think i can force push myself to that ledge after three stims and two hours of sleep watch this padawan- what no of course i’m fine everything’s fine here’s three more puns about the sweet embrace of death :)))’  

Basically Palpatine wanted dirt, the producers wanted angst, and what the galaxy accidentally got instead was five season and a movie of deadpan existential humor in the form of space monk family drama. 

Palpatine would have stopped this long ago but unfortunately he created a system where profit reigns supreme and the studio execs are rolling in credits and will have you pry the show from their cold dead hands.  THIS IS FEEDING THE WAR MACHINE CHANCELLOR. WE THOUGHT YOU’D BE HAPPY.

#jedi documentary au#ffffs ive been seeing this unfold on my dash on and off all day guys pLEASE#HAVE MERCY#IM ONLY ALLOWED TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT ONE TIME#forcearama why does this nonsense always start with you dsfaldj#participation points#long post (via @rainglazed)

All of this was amazing and then I died at the bolded tag. I DO NOT KNOW WHY IT ALWAYS STARTS WITH ME. I’m a troublemaker, evidently. 

I feel like I owe the Star Wars fandom an apology because it keeps trying to be Serious and Discoursey, and I’m just over here writing recaps full of profanity and commentary about Obi-Wan’s swooshy hair, and making up stories about Anakin being a wholly ineffective Renaissance-Era gardener, or Vader sending sexts to Obi-Wan long after Mustafar. 

(To my new followers: welcome to my blog! I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into/I’m sorry.)

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aahhhh Clef i've been off tumblr for so long but then i saw something that looks like yours AND IT WAS YOURS AND I WAS LIKE OMG YOU"RE JUST GETTING BETTER AND ahhhh like i know ive said this before I LOVE YOUR ART! MAKES ME FEEL SO WARM! :) hope you're having the nicest day

A very nice person: I noticed your art has been improved..!


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that one anon was completely right. like i have your post notifications on but sometimes i wait to look at them for like a few hours just so i can spend more time on your blog. it's like being at ur grandpa's house or smthn it's just so nice here. reading ur tags and looking at ur art and seeing u talk about ur ocs is so nice after a long day. gayradwhitedad is the most snug blog i can think of

ive had my blog called many things but never have i heard snug as a description of it……………i want my blog to always give off the air of being at a grandpa’s house

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Hey, you may have written about this before, but I'd like to know more about what you think of Morrigan from Dragon Age as a character. I don't dislike her myself, but your affinity for her as a romance option sometimes strikes me as ironic or unexpected, given the obvious circumstances of your outlook. In essence, more thoughts on Everyone's Favorite Witch of the Wilds?

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

I’ve talked about her a little bit in the past, but that won’t stop me from indulging you and talking about her more. If there is a single shared thread among all the women I’ve ever been attracted to for more than just surface impressions, it’s because they’re capable of invoking strong feelings from me and leaving me somehow better off just for the privilege of knowing them.

Before Origins came out, there were a number of things that were hooks to get me interested in playing. It was presented as the spiritual descendant of Baldur’s Gate, its many origins came across as very interesting to me. This picture of the city elf origin alone was enough to make sure I’d give it a shot.

That’s a strong image: Some racist humans have ruined what should have been the best day of your life, and you don’t take it quietly. Oh no.

But I’m getting off topic. One of the other draws for me was that Morrigan was played by Claudia Black, who I’ve been a fan of for years, in Farscape as Aeryn Sun and Stargate SG1 as Vala Mal Doran. It also turns out I have a weakness for witchy brunettes with low voices, if my admiration for Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives is any indication.

But all of that was just the surface draw: Morrigan’s character drew me in because she was very clearly a force to be reckoned with. She had her own motivations, she didn’t agree with me on everything, and wasn’t afraid to take things apart if she thought they were foolish. She was also cruel, petty, and obviously wounded by a youth she didn’t initially realize had been traumatic, but rather than diminish she decided to embrace power rather than wilt. “Survival has meaning. Power has meaning” That mantra probably kept her going for years. Until she meets the Warden, and much to her surprise and horror, she falls in love with her mark.

The Morrigan we meet in Inquisition is the same Morrigan, but older, wiser, softer, the hard edges worn down by having a family that didn’t see her as a pawn in some ancient game or a vessel to be filled.Her younger self would have seen that as weakness, but in truth it grants a greater strength. Her confrontation with Flemeth is one of my favorite in the game, illustrating just how far she’s come. She doesn’t hesitate to offer her life in place of her son’s, and call her mother out. “I am many things, but I will not be the mother you were to me.”

It was a powerful climax and probably my favorite example of character development in the series. Here’s to Morrigan, the Witch of the Wilds.

Morrigan by Aradal

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AAAAAAA please show me some of that Good Dooku And Kenobi Content ive been having an awful day

I hope you’re feeling better! This snippet is still very much in draft form (so be prepared for changes in the final product), but I’ve been writing my fingers off the past few days as I’ve actually a) had some free time, which has been in very short supply recently and b) found my muse again, which has been a somewhat fickle creature as of late. 

(And as an FYI to anyone in my askbox now or in the near future - I will get back to you when I can! But I’m super-busy in my real life right now and my weekdays have been…challenging, as of late. If there’s a delay, it means I fell asleep on the couch with my laptop on my chest multiple nights in a row ;)


The Count took his napkin and dabbed at his mouth, placing it on the table and leaning back in his chair. “So tell me, Mr. Hardeen. How did you manage to kill the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi?”

Obi-wan blanched. How did…

But it didn’t matter how Dooku had gotten that information. Information which was not supposed to have left Coruscant…


He clenched a fist. I should have finished it when -

Obi-wan immediately banished the thought.

“Sniper rifle. Same as you saw in the Box.” The answer was curt, and he prayed that would be the end of the conversation.

Dooku picked up his wine glass, holding it up to the last rays of sun that passed through the large windows that overlooked the Serenno mountains. He inspected the contents, peering through the bottom of the glass. The liquid, already crimson, somehow turned a blood-red in the light. “Hmmm.” Dooku glanced over, meeting the bounty hunter’s gaze, and smiled. “It’s a rare thing for a Jedi, especially one of the caliber of Obi-wan Kenobi, to be brought down by a mere sniper.”

Hardeen grunted, crossing his arms over his chest. “Must’ve gotten lucky then.”

Dooku narrowed his eyes, the base of his glass striking the marble table with a hollow, pitched clang that resonated throughout the mostly-empty room. “I have found, Mr. Hardeen, that there is no such thing as luck.” The words were cold and precise in their enunciation, and for the first time since arriving on Serenno Obi-wan felt the true dark presence of the Sith next to him through the Force.

The Count’s stare bored into him. It took every ounce of control Obi-wan possessed to not crack under the gaze. To not give up this horrible, complicated game right now and confess to Dooku that no, Obi-wan Kenobi was not dead. That Obi-wan Kenobi did possess more skill than that - enough skill, in fact, to fool the entire Jedi Council into thinking that he hadn’t -

A raised eyebrow. A lowered voice. “Kenobi’s death is a disappointment, to be certain.”

Obi-wan felt his eyebrows go skyward. Forgive me Count, but haven’t you been trying very hard to kill me the past few years?

“I thought you Separatists and Jedi were on opposite sides of the war,” offered the disguised Jedi, hoping to mask his own confusion over Dooku’s statement.

“Oh yes, we are.” The Count rose from his seat, turning his back to Obi-wan, hands clasped behind his back. He walked towards a large, and undoubtably expensive Kriin-wood cabinet, coming to pause in front of its closed doors. Dooku made no immediate move to open the large compartment. “But Master Kenobi showed great promise, and I had hoped one day to enter into…more civilized discussions with him about the direction of the Jedi Order. To share some information that I believe he would have found quite compelling.”

Im laughing my ass off right now! So @baeddlam and @boringkate had been visiting me in the recovery center all day since ive been having a very rough time. So time came that visitation hours have ended and they needed to leave, me being me kissed them both on the lips and hugged them to say goodbye since im dating them both. Now at the time we had been in the common area relaxing and also the super super shitty military woman was in the room as well. As soon as she processed what just happened her eyes shot wide open and her jaw fell XD it honestly looked like we just traumatized this person by kissing and it took all my willpower not to burt out laughing before i managed to leave the room..