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Nothing Much To Do Verse Fic Recs (part 1)

okay, I was trying to write a hersula fic but I got lazy so I thought I would do this instead, these are my favourite fanfictions from nmtd and lolilo. this is part one because i have more but im tired, check out my other pages here and if you know who wrote any of these please let me know so I can give credit

are we in the clear yet?: jero (john x hero) - I physically have to stop myself from reading this nonstop, obviously this ship is problematic but this story deals with it so well, fuck I love everything about this, hero is amazing and john and their friendship and relationship, cora is great, just fucking everything, this is might be my favourite fanfiction of anything of all time

swinging in a dream by @sanashappinessisendgame: hersula (hero x ursula) - fucking incredible, ursula is written incredible, this fic knocks friends to lovers out of the park, the scene in the car is beautiful, this is like a wonderful secret that I want to tell the world about, every line is poetry

Like Butterflies: beadick (beatrice x benedick) - I love this so much, the butterflies metaphor is amazing and I wish that I thought of it, ben’s narration is everything

Thine To Teach: beadick - the cutest teacher au you will ever read, ben is fantastic and so is bea, the story is hilarious and I just love it a lot

rules are made to be broken: freddie x jaquie x meg - this made me awww out loud, the sweetest thing you will ever read, just the loveliest thing I can’t, anxious freddie with her comforting girlfriends is my new and rare kink

damn, i wish i was your loverjaquie x meg - I fucking love this, jaquie is written really well, her pining, her and meg’s instant chemistry, her and peter’s friendship, ugh just everything is amazing

Converting All Your Sounds Of Woe: pedrazar - everything I wanted it to be and more, balth is perfect, pedro is great, their relationship feels really natural, ursula is fun, the john storyline with balth was so good

one lifetime with you the collab blog is @pokeallthelawyers and I think people are @sanashappinessisendgame and @boxesfullofsanasmilingpedrazar  - insanely long but insanely good, seriously this the longest thing you will read but it is worth every second, such a weird concept but it’s done so well, balth is written superbly and so is literally everyone else, this is fucking awesome

all but the brightest starshersula - this is a sequel to the fic above so the same people but you don’t need to have read it to read this, fucking adorable, they do a really good spin on the canon events, ursula’s characterisation is so beautiful and their relationship is wonderful

i read you like a magazinejero - okay this is the most badass thing I have ever read, it’s a gone girl au and if that doesn’t get your attention I don’t know what will, the jero is limited and pretty much one sided on john’s side, this is just about hero being smarter and better than everyone and I love it

to bind our loves up in a holy bandbeadick - this is great, beatrice’s voice is spot on, i can hear her thinking this fic, it’s funny and charming and I like it

marks of love: beadick - what a good soulmate au, tbh so truthful to the show which is awesome, really good

Fools in Lovebeadick - I’m so glad this exists, balth is such a fun character to read and he is done really well, even though this is about beadick I like the subtle references to the rest of it

it’s a difficulty and i’m biting on my tongue: no romantic ships - this is about agender!verges and I love it, just a short ficlet but truly wonderful