ive been drawing a lot help

two sleepy cats tuckered out from a long night studying and game-strategising (๑^ ↀᆺↀ ^๑)

Color Pencil Commissions!

Hey!! I’m opening $30 color pencil commissions for now to try to get some money while I’m here… I’m still struggling with money for food and my parents have been kind enough to help me out sometimes but I want to start making money on my own.

Just commissions for Pokémon and furry characters tho, no humans at the moment! $30 per commission, $5 for extra character!

Here some examples -

(the examples are very small here, you can see them better throughout my blog and on my deviant ART)

While I might take some time due to school, I held back doing commissions while Ive been here cuz it’s been so busy and I jus didn’t have a lot of motivation, especially for drawing humans but I’ll gladly draw coms for Pokémon and animals/furry characters ;v;

So yah shoot me a message if you’re interested!!

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How did you become an amazing artist?

Well ok for starters, I don’t really have a clean cut answer to this
There isn’t really a true method to become an “amazing artist” because Amazing can be a very different thing for anybody and there is no one way to be an artist!! Let’s get that out of the way.

What I can do is offer a little advice from one developing artist to another
I just draw what I love, am not scared to try and draw new things I haven’t before (reference is a virtue) and Ive been drawing a LOT for a long time
Like… everyday of my life
I’m either doodling in sketchbooks or drawing on the computer haha

*Note: You don’t actually have to draw every day to be an artist, I do it because I want to and it comes naturally and I have no social life. While for some people (like me) it’ll help you learn to draw faster, which is very helpful in the comic/animation industry, feel free to take the time you need. It should be a fun experience not a stressful one. If you’re not enjoying yourself then what’s the point?

Whats more important when developing your art is what you do while drawing not how long it takes you to do it

Do you ever just think about how you can literally draw whatever you want whenever you want? Do that, just, let yourself draw !
Draw things that you will never post, draw things made just for you and you alone, draw that face in that worksheet margin just do it, DRAW THAT BACKGROUND, let yourself Experiment!

“I want to draw this but don’t know how” is an excuse, if you really want to draw it pick up that pen, google some references and give it a shot!
You don’t have to post everything
If it doesn’t come out the way you want who Cares, you tried! And now you know what you want to improve on next time you try to draw it again! Try to take a moment and look at your art you are dissatisfied with and ask yourself “Why exactly don’t I like this?” “What could I try to do to improve it?”

Learning to let yourself fail is very important in content creation, you have to use it as a way of improving your future work, not as a way of tearing yourself down! I know it’s hard to be forgiving of yourself, I still have trouble with it. But I know you can get there someday and, personally, I believe in you 👌

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How long did it take you to learn anotomy? I'm recently learning anotomy and I'm getting discouraged. I look up to your art and I was wondering how long did it take you to get to the level of perfection you are now?

Ive been drawing for over a decade so I guess thats how long Ive been learning ? And Im always learning ! Im always working to improve ! I definitely dont know everything about anatomy, not even close, theres still a lot I struggle with.

I get discouraged a lot too, I have a lot of days where nothing comes out right or I feel like Im getting worse, I think thats something that just happens with everyone. 

getting your art to where you want it to be can be a long process, at least it has been for me

A small thank you

okay so my break has pretty much come to an end, and its been an absolutely AMAZING week. i have gotten the chance to talk to SO many lovely people, and make a lot of new friends (whom i will love and cherish with all my heart theyre so amazing oh my gOD)
there is nothing i could be prouder of than that

i got out of my art block with the help of the ninjago community!! its been… months since i could find myself to draw properly, and yall helped me out a ton,, so thank you!
on that topic, i will still be doing any requests i can, so if theres anything you’d like please feel free to send an ask!

this is the happiest ive been in a long time - and i really owe it to everyone for helping me get to this point
thank you all!!


OMG OMG- OKAY- SO MY FRIEND TOLD ME TO DO A CHALLENGE - sing i like to draw lots of ships/couples- he said
My school friend: “hey uh- jazzy jaz- so ive noticed you like talking about otps- and ocs- and characters- and ships- and you seem to like to draw a lot-…**paused for a moment and smirked at me-** so I’ve been thinking of an idea-”
Me: “erm- yeah-? What is It-? …**paused-** IF ITS ABOUT MAKING SIN AGAIN IM GONNA KILL YOU-”
My school Friend: “Pfft- no not that-…Okay- so here’s the idea- **smirks and glances at me-** write a bunch of ocs- could be from your tumblr friends- your ocs- doesn’t matter- as long as you know the oc and the creator-…put all of the oc’s name on a piece of paper- cut them out-…put it in a hat or container-…mix them up-…pick TWO slips of paper-…which ever two ocs you get-…that will be considered as a side ship- unless both ocs are Single-…AND WHEN YOU GET THE RANDOM SHIP- DRAW IT-!! **began laughing- like an idiot-**
Me: ”….I hate you so much- but just because your my friend-…ill do It-…EVEN IF ITS AN AGE GAP-“
Cami, Reve, demi, lyric, and shad - @a-sinner-insomniac
Beatrice, Carlos, dave, twinkle, and Maxwell - @undertalefan1111
Splatter - @undertale-fnaf-gamer
Candy melt, Jane, and hope - me
ALL THE PEEPS I JUST TAGGED- LET ME KNOW IF YOUR OKAY WITH THIS- AND IF YOU WANNA DO THIS YOURSELF- GO AHEAD-!! but pls creators I just tagged- tell me if your really okay with me doing this- if you have an issue with a certain character being side shipped with your oc- let me knooww-

stupid asshole complains

hey guys. im feeling pretty fuckin shitty rn and i opened tumblr bc idk maybe making a post about how im feeling will help? 

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for a tutorial: Hair™ how??? to?? draw? hair??? ive been drawing for a little bit now and hair continues to fuck me up

I hope this helps. I just want to say that a lot of what I learned came from observation, so I basically kept drawing until it came naturally.

Just remember that once you find the part of your hair, the rest will just follow gravity (unless you’ve got wind, because then anything goes)

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What's the rule of thirds?

you know that grid that pops up when you take iphone photos? the rule of thirds is basically just that if you divide your photo w a grid like that and put the focus off center, cutting the composition into 2/3 and 1/3 it’s automatically visually pleasing and leads your eye to the subject similar to how the golden ratio works (ive also heard of ppl doing a 2/5-3/5 ratio but idk where i got that from??) ive always been told in photo/painting/drawing composition to never center your subjects but it’s not an ironclad rule, people break it all the time, wes anderson notably loves symmetry. it helps me get a feel for how i want to frame stuff tho so i rely on it a lot tbh. heres some where i tried to apply the rule

its tricky to do sometimes bc thing dont always neatly divide themselves but trying to split even and go for that ratio always works well for me

heres a not very good diagonal example

here’s a drawing where i hit that sweet spot of having the site line p much perfectly at 2/3 both horizontally and vertically

if im taking a picture of something i often like to center the subject but have the background or foreground work with the rule of thirds like this little guy

you get an interesting look that way

anyways thats also why i thought those babys paintings were so stunning. it’s amazing how early human eyes and brains start noticing patterns like that.

and here’s my art blog everyone bc why not plug myself

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How long have you been drawing for?? i went through your art tag and youve progressed so far and aaa it's inspiring but i feel like im going nowhere yfeel

Thank you! I’ve been drawing for over 11 years; the majority of my life. Ive only been studying it for about 7 or 8 years through the help of lovely art teachers and lots and lots of internet resources. Practice and dedication are the only things that can help your art improve but please dont give up. The thing about being an artist is that you’ll never really like your art and always strive to improve so you just have to keep going

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Apricot and star fruit *

  • apricot: what do you do when you’re sad?

considering ive been dealing with that a lot lately ive been trying some new things to boost my mood. i like to draw and read and just kinda retreat from other people and do relaxing things. sometimes making tea or coffee helps.

  • star fruit: favorite sea creature?

i dont know if sea otters are considered in that category id assume so but theyre so precious!!

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Hey! I've just recently started a project whereI need to have a lot of drawings of buildings and stuff and I was just wondering if you have any special technique or anything because even your sketches are brilliant an Ive been struggling so much (SO SO MUCH) with drawing buildings lately?? thanks!!

Draw some shapes. Define the dimension and add more shapes, repeat until you’re pleased with the level of detail. 

I’m not good with backgrounds. Buildings usually bore me and I can’t make them look real, they end up looking like doll-houses. But this is how I do it! hope it helps! 

EDIT: veesdumpingrounds Violaine made a tutorial on perspective that I really like. it’s about skipping those horrible (and boring) grids and making backgrounds with atmosphere and life. read it here