ive been crying for 8 years

10 Songs Tag

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Rules: List the top ten songs you’re listening to nowadays

(these aren’t 100% in order tho)

1. the rose - like we used to

2. day6 - when you love someone

3. kream - wings

4. day6 - i need somebody

5. troye sivan & betty who - heaven

6. taemin - rise

7. g-dragon - that xx

8. vilma alina & jon-jon - syliin

9. troye sivan - blue

10. the rose - sorry

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Kinda back!♥️

Ive been really inactive on here for a long long time. Over a year and a half ago my life was chaos. In that chaos I found my now boyfriend and decided I wasn’t great at taking BC pills so I opted for the nexplanon implant. I was a fairly active person and a decent weight. Well I prob weighed maybe at most 160lbs when I got the implant in and after a year and 8 months I got it removed because I fell into a bad depression which isn’t like me and I would cry all the time and be extremely irrational. Well my weight gain at the time didn’t help either because I felt like garbage, I weighed in at 218lb the day I had it taken out which was last Tuesday. Which is the heaviest I’ve been in my whole life. I haven’t weighed myself yet because I currently do not have a scale but I can already feel the difference in me, I’m more confident and I feel like I’ve lost a little weight. While on nexplanon I could not lose any weight no matter how great my diet was or how much I exercised nothing worked. I had a lot of other bad side effects from this BC and I’ll never recommend it to anyone but everyone reacts differently. I would just be cautious.

Soooo life update!!! (this is really just a ramble/rant- please ignore, im good)

k so junior year mcfreakin sucks. worst year ive ever experienced. i am stressed 25/8 and am constantly doing homework and school related activities at the expense of my own happiness and mental stability. i feel like i want to cry everyday and already dropped a class to alleviate some of the workload. i havent studied for my SATs at all which is bad. i kind of just want to sleep all the time and not do anything bc theres!!!! so!!!! much!!!!! to!!!!! do!!!!!! ive been questioning my sexuality (again) which has been stressful and i dont have anyone to go to about it. yet im still hung up about a guy i thought liked me back during the summer but really hes just a douche and yet i still like him wtf. my social life has plummeted since the summer and everythings just kind of awful. but on the plus side im working less and baked pumpkin bread yesterday!!!! so yeah ig