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hamilsquad + modern hobbies headcanons


  • obviously, he writes.
    • a lot.
  • and he writes everything. essays, letters, conspiracy theories, poetry, short stories, long stories.
    • hes even tried writing novels and screenplays, but they werent as good as his other work.
  • he spends a lot of his time writing, but if hes not writing, he could be reading.
  • and if hes not reading or writing, hes either hanging out with friends or sleeping.
    • he also loves sleep
    • (although he doesnt get enough of it)
  • hes tried learning guitar before, and can play a few songs 
  • (but only sings if hes drunk)
  • and, he occasionally plays video games
  • (but only if johns online too)


  • john is a dancer.
  • he can dance any style of dance and it looks nearly perfect
    • hip hop is his specialty, but hes also surprisingly good at ballet.
  • hes very expressive, but at the same time, follows choreo to a T and never misses a step.
    • (unless hes nervous, but even then, his mess-ups are miniscule and detract nothing from the overall perforamnce.)
  • he also plays both acoustic and electric guitar 
  • (he taught alex how to play, after a lot of struggles)
  • and while he plays, he sings!
    • like, he loves singing so much. hes almost always singing. even when hes dancing, hes probably singing the song hes dancing to.
  • he also plays video games a lot. when he gets home from dance classes its the first thing he does
    • (sometimes he stays up too late playing them oops)
    • (if you look through his room, there are video game posters and books and papers everywhere.)
      • (he like rpgs best, but also is always down for some mario party with the guys.)


  • hercules sews, of course.
    • he also has an affinity for knitting, and it seems like every week hes made a new scarf for john or mittens for lafayette or a hat for himself.
  • he rarely makes alex anything because alex never texts him back on what he would want
    • because hes too busy working
  • but if hes feeling nice, he normally likes to make alex socks to keep his feet warm.
  • besides making clothes, he also likes…. pottery?
  • seriously, that man can make a mean vase
    • (if he doesnt get angry and smash it before its done)
    • (hes destroyed too many bowls because they didnt have the right lip too many times).
  • he likes to make lil cozies to wrap around his pots once hes finished them….
  • he never runs out of things to do. hes always improving one skill or another


  • lafayette is, first and foremost, a baker.
    • you touch his muffin tins or his cake pan and he will literally cut you.
  • when hes not baking, hes reading baking recipes, watching baking videos, or eating baking.
  • (he brings food to school every day and sometimes he doesnt let the boys have any just to watch em squirm)
  • he also likes to cook, although he prefers savoury food to sweet
    • his specialty is pancakes. they’re always so perfectly round every single time.
  • he also really really enjoys painting!!!
  • he is very good with acrylics, watercolours, and everything in between…
    • he gets new canvasses at least once a week but sometimes leaves them on the kitchen table when hes baking and spills oil on them. ooops
  • he, like john, plays guitar, but not as well and he certainly doesnt like it as much..
  • but he also loves harmonizing when hes freckled friend is singing.

bonus aaron

  • he likes to work with charcoal the most, for whatever reason, and his drawings are really good!!!
    • he also sometimes uses chalk on black construction paper!!! 
  • he has a pencil or a drawing utensil in his hand almost every second of every day
    • and his love for drawing has gotten to the point where, if hes explaining something, he almost always needs to draw a diagram to make people understand more.
  • he paints when he wants to, although he prefers watercolour to anything else
    • but he would rather draw than paint any day
  • he has a knack for piano, but its kind of his special thing that he hasn’t told anyone about
  • sometimes he even writes his own songs…
About my hiatus

Yes, if youve not seen already, this blog is on hiatus meaning I wont be posting as much anymore. I promise you there is reason for that.

During my ‘bad’ moment, I hit a sudden realisation that… Im not getting any younger. Im 23 and ive had so many dreams ive not accomplished. I wrote a letter to my 20 year old self when I was 13 saying I was proud of what id become and id knew that id make it as a performer.

I hadn’t.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know this already, but if not, I want to act. Ive always loved acting even when I was on a Film course at university, I always preferred being in front of the camera, and I was good at it. I was the first choice for filmmakers in the college until I left.

I realise now that I want to persue that dream, I want to make more of myself and by god have I been working so hard to make that happen. Acting classes, auditions, applying for jobs, modelling, I even got an audition to be in a BBC comic relief show!! (cant go to that sadly bc its the same day as my nieces birthday)

But nevertheless, I’m more determined than ever to make this happen and open more doors for myself.

Please know, this hiatus is NOT negative. Im not wanting to leave you guys, I’m not done with the fanbase. On the contrary, you guys are the one who gave me that kick up the ass I needed to make this happen, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Also thank you to Mark. You’ve given me this confidence to talk, to befriend, to network and to be creative. Without you, me wouldnt be me. If things go well, you’ll see me one day on the big screen.

I love you guys, THAT will never change. Again, please know that this hiatus is only for a positive reason. Im making things happen.

Breeding Ditto: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Breeding Ditto Are Always Available! This is my original Ditto post with all the information you’ll need to get one. This will be reblogged weekly.

To those of you who might have seen my breeding guide, or simply know that you want to start breeding can come and get a 6 IV Ditto from me at anytime!

Just deposit a Drifloon into the GTS, and make sure to nickname it “Sinnoh”!

Then message or ask me your IGN, what the pokemon you deposited is, and I’ll go and trade it as soon as I can! It’s nickname is Pallas, and my IGN is G, so look for these things to know if I’ve traded you or not! There’s a lot of sniping that accidentally happens between trading times, so if you want this specific Ditto, make sure to check!

Ditto (Pallas):

  • Japanese
  • 6 IVs
  • Adamant
  • Level 100
  • Shiny
  • Pokérus
  • Love Ball
  • Ability Limber
  • Item: Destiny Knot
  • Moves: Transform

Trading time for me is usually in the afternoons starting at about 4:00 PM CST. I log off at about 11:00 CST every night. Weekends are a lot more lenient. This is for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you need a breeding Ditto for ORAS/XY, please message me! I have them on all games.

Ditto art used in this banner is done by the wonderful @puropolz!

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Hey! So do you have any tips for someone like me who has the main idea for a story, but doesn't really know how to establish things like setting. I know the main big reveal I want but not quite how to get there.


I highly reccomend making a list of events, mind map, or other form of plotting. Here’s a post on types of plotting: https://writing-central.tumblr.com/post/156020630678/hi-i-love-writing-and-ive-always-managed-to

And another one on how to plot a novel: https://writing-central.tumblr.com/post/153658592673/how-to-plot-a-complex-novel-in-one-day-it-will

According to my Creative Writing class, setting should be intimately related to plot. As in, if you changed the setting of a story, then the story wouldn’t be the same. Setting also isn’t just a backdrop for a scene; it’s a total environment you’re creating. *

That’s why I think it’s really important to absolutely know your setting. Draw a map of it or draw certain places if you must. If you’re writing about London for example, then you should find out to the best of your abilities what walking through the streets is like and what’s there at all.

* While I think this is good advice, I’m not exactly sold on all of it. For made-up fantasy or scifi or dystopian worlds, yeah it makes sense. For realistic fiction that occurs perhaps in an average Pennsylvania town, then the whole setting-intimately-related-to-plot thing gets harder. I think that trying to force the relationship would be worse than not having it.

a sappy post !!

i just realised that in the middle of february its been 7 years since ive been posting my shit online! i started on deviantart and always wanted to make a professional blog. and look at me now, owning a fuckin mess of a tumblr blog amirite ladies

anyway thank you guys so much, because its honestly has been such a ride and changed my life? i am able to support myself by making commissions, ive met so many incredible people along the way and learned so much as an artist and a person

so whether uve been with me since my 2010 assassins creed infamous fuckin yaoi fanart, or followed me for my skyrim ocs who wouldnt even exist if it hadnt been for the appreciation and motivation from u, or followed me for that quiality regular (ahahahaha) content just recently - thank u. i really mean it, i enjoy being here with u guys and i hope u enjoy it too

♡ ♡ ♡  i love u very much and i mean it !!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

bap party baby in atlanta

so i wanted to make a quick post to talk about some things i learned at the bap concert in atlanta this past week. now ive always liked bap’s music but i could never really call myself a baby since i was so absorbed by other groups i never gave bap the time to really learn about them. i went to this concert with 5 of my friends who like bap and had all seen them live last year and these are a few things i really enjoyed about the concert:

• the whistLES OH My god i had no idea babyz did this its so cute. the only video i took was during wake me up because they were so loud and i really enjoyed it. its a very unique addition to fanchants, especially since fanchants arent really as popular during american concerts.

• jongup and zelo are s o good at dancing it was mesmerizing but what i really noticed was that yongguk was so into the dances it really surprised me. i kinda took him as the type of idol who focused more on the music and production and less on the dance? if you know what i mean, especially since he isnt even on stage for the beginning of wmu but he really made me eat my words at the concert. he was so lively, energetic, and animated with the dances it was so fun to watch him

• zelo is such a dorky kid i love him. his solo stage was playful while still showcasing his (vocal) talent, and his dances for the last few songs where they started to goof off were childish and teasing, but in a good way. it made me really appreciate how he can maintain his youth and personality while being in such an established group

• jongups solo stage was aMAZING. his dance and vocals were absolutely mesmerizing and im basically begging for a studio version of his song try my luck

• the constant interaction with the crowd by all of them was so fun, especially in as small a venue as it was

• the turn out was a little disappointing (there were a lot of empty seats right in the middle of the balconies) but they still performed like it was a sold out stadium

• i was very happy with the members’ individual performance. a friend mentioned before that yongguk always looks up at the balcony seats but honestly they all did (its kinda hard to look at the floor when youre on the raised stage) so i was not disappointed with my balcony seats at all (especially with the little interaction i mentioned in an earlier post)

all in all i had so much fun at the bap concert despite not being a huge fan. i want to give props to babyz for being a great fandom and supporting bap through all they have been through! it was great!!

The other thing is like….. let’s just all pretend that aphobia exists as an axis to be oppressed upon, and that all non-aces/aros (regardless of orientation) had non-ace/aro privilege and oppressed a-spec people

Why would aces/aros want to be in a community with their non-ace/aro oppressors? the LGBT+ community was formed because lgbp people and trans people had enough in common with regards to oppression that it did (and still does!) make sense for the two groups to work together. Transphobia can sometimes include misdirected homophobia (because people think trans people are “really just gay” or whatever other transphobic bullshit), and at the time the community formed society as a whole had a less nuanced and more incomplete understanding of gender, meaning the line between sexuality and gender was a lot less defined than it is today (remember the “is Marsha P Johnson a trans woman?” discourse that’s still going on? Yeah that)

But if aphobia was based off whether someone felt sexual/romantic attraction (although all evidence of “aphobia” has always been based off someone’s behavior and not their feelings, let’s continue to pretend aphobia is a distinct form of oppression that targets a-spec people) then wouldn’t non-ace/aro LGBT+ people be the oppressors of aces? And wouldn’t you want your community to be free of your oppressors with all their violent aphobia? Wouldn’t it not only be harmful to the ace community as a whole, but also to the individual aces/aros who would be victims to aphobia from non-ace LGBT+ people, to deliberately create your spaces in your oppressors’ community?

And I know everyone is going to pull the whole “transphobic gays” thing, and I really don’t mean to act like that’s not an issue or not relevant, because it is, but when the LGBT+ community was formed, our society hardly had the language to differentiate between straight trans people and cis gay people, especially if those trans people didn’t medically transition. The point is, even within LGBT+ spaces/communities, there are allowances for trans-only spaces and resources. But again, by and large, many of the issues that trans/non-cis people and lgbp people face are intrinsically linked because of society’s inability to separate sexuality and gender. (This doesn’t mean cis gay people can’t be transphobic and that their transphobia is any less harmful to trans people than that from cishets, 

So although homophobia and transphobia tend to go together (although they certainly don’t always!), aphobia would be an entirely separate thing. So why would aces want to not only have non-ace people (their “oppressors”) in their spaces, but actually create their spaces within the spaces built for their oppressors?

TL;DR If the mean alloLGs were really your oppressors you wouldn’t want to create your safe community spaces within our spaces because it would put you in danger

Last Post On The Topic

Hi all!

Just going to make one big ass post going through everything that I have seen over the last few days.

Yeah….probably shouldn’t have deleted Tumblr but whenever you see all your families personal information in a private message, your brain panics a bit. If youre wondering why I did delete tumblr, people were threatening my family and I by posting all my families info and to be honest, my families security is wayyy more important than a post on a social media.

From what it like, a main talking point is ‘Why do you not want to be associated with Vanoss?’ and its not that at all. We grew our channels together and ive played with him for years! Just because we dont play together anymore doesnt mean we arent still good friends. We make music and whenever i’m in LA, we always hang out. I feel like a lot of you alerted to HE DOESNT LIKE EVAN which is 100% false.

From what i’ve learned, the fandom doesnt see Evan as being a leader but outside the fandom, its something I get slapped in the face with everyday and after a while and after tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people saying that I am is what bugged me.

For my friends and I, we have always seen eachother as individual channels and thats why a lot of us make solo videos and videos with everyone and anyone. The ‘BBS’ as its known is only made up of whoever Evan only plays with and thats why I said it quote on quote ‘doesnt exist’ because we all do our own thing bar Evan who only sticks to a core group. From what i’ve learned during this whole thing is the BBS is a thing because people who makes fanart and people who are a fan of what we do needed a name to go to and if anything, that makes sense now and I want to thank the people who have came up to me and help clear things up. For me, I always saw the ‘Vanoss Crew’ and ‘Vanoss and Friends’ and those names is what triggered this whole thing because we all put so much time and effort into all of our videos and to be categorized as a ‘friend’ of another channel is demoralizing but what I wrongly did was categorize BBS under names like that and from which I see, people in the BBS fandom know Evan isnt the leader and we are all equal which brings me peace of mind and I can only apologize for thinking they were the same thing. For me, I couldnt get my head around BBS but after seeing such a strong, passionate fanbase, it made me realize that even though im apart of it, the whole thing is a lot bigger than me and to those who I have offended during this whole thing, I want to say i’m sorry.

I love you guys so before jumping to conclusion, if you have a question or problem, talk to me instead of attacking me.

I feel like no matter what I say, people will take it in a bad light when the original post was meant to be a good thing but hey, thats life! Regardless, ill be over here making videos for the people who want to watch :D

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ok but how would sasuke propose ?

im 100% sure ive talked about this before but i can’t find that post anymore so i’ll just do it again

They’ve been together for a few years, and Naruto is content with the way things are, but Sasuke feels like there is something missing. He wants more. He grew up with his idea of marriage being what his parents had. A union of love, shared between two people who chose eachother for who they were, and to him, marriage still feels like something special. To him, being married means making an eternal promise to your partner, that you’ll never leave them and that you’ll always be there for eachother, and that is something Sasuke really treasures. Especially when it comes to him and Naruto. It’s something he wants, but simultaneously also something that scares the absolute crap out of him. He’s already lost everything dear to him once, and even though it’s been years and the nightmares are few and far between nowadays, there’s still a small part of him that’s afraid something like that might happen again one day. The fear never really goes away, but even so, he still wants it. 

Naruto, however, has never really thought about marriage before. There was no one around him married when he was younger, so why would he? Sure, he knows what marriage is, and he’s seen married people happy together in the village, but he’s never given it any thought besides that (especially not in regards of his own love life) so he doesn’t really hold that much value to it. If you’re already with the person you love most in the world, then why would you need a piece of paper to prove it?? He just doesn’t really get it. 

So it starts with Sasuke carefully telling Naruto about his views on marriage, letting him know it’s something he’d ultimately want out of the relationship he has with the person he cares for the most, and slowly Naruto starts understanding what it means, at least to Sasuke, and he starts considering it for himself. With the way Sasuke is describing it, it really does sound like something beautiful, something just for them, something he would definitely want for him and Sasuke. 

It’s three weeks later, and they’ve talked about it a few more times in the meantime, and Sasuke feels like now is the time to ask. The more they talk about marriage, the more he feels like it’s starting to become something Naruto wants as well, and he feels like now would be the right time to take the chance. He has his old hitai-ate melted down into two rings,  one with the Uchiha clan symbol engraved into it for Naruto, and one with the Uzumaki clan symbol engraved into it for him. He asks Naruto to join him at the old pier they used hang out at as children, and that’s where he asks his question. He doesn’t go down on one knee like he’s sure his father did for his mother, but instead sits next to Naruto at the end of the pier, their fingers entangled on Naruto’s knee, and he carefully lets the rings slide down into Naruto’s lap. 

At first, Naruto doesn’t say anything. He just stares at the rings in his lap, and Sasuke feels his throat closing up. What if this was all a big misunderstanding? What if this really wasn’t something Naruto wanted after all and he’d said no? But then Naruto carefully untangles his fingers from Sasukes’ to pick them up for closer inspection. He sees their clan symbols engraved on the insides, and he thinks about everything Sasuke told him about his view on marriage, and suddenly he can’t stop the big smile from creeping up on his face anymore. He wants this, just as badly as Sasuke does. 

He grabs Sasuke by the hand, and janks him up to his feet. “Put mine on me! And let me put yours on you!” And they do, Sasuke still feeling a little shaky and weak in the knees from when time had seemed to crawl to a stop when he’d first slid the rings into Naruto’s lap and Naruto had only stared at them, but now they’re both looking at the rings on their fingers with wonder, and maybe a little bit of excitement, because this is really happening, they’re really getting married, and then suddenly Sasuke feels himself getting knocked back by a heavy ball of blond excitement, he feels his foot starting to slide off the edge of the pier and before he’s able to process what’s happening, they’re lying in the water together. 

‘You usuratonkachi’, is what he wants to say, but what comes out instead is one of the realest, most genuine laughs Naruto has ever heard from him, and Naruto can’t help but kiss him silly.


summary: an ace and aroflux!phan fic in which they are both writers and the lines of their relationship blur but they’re always happy with how they are.

aroflux: someone who’s romantic orientation fluctuates (so one day they might be aro, the next demiro, and so on).

warnings: very brief mention of alcohol and i think nothing else?

an: i just wanted to write something one night and this is basically a list of fluffy headcanons  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ reblogs and feedback are always appreciated!! <3 (also ty to larkspurlester who read this over for me!! ily)


They come together in the spring of their twenty third years, young and vulnerable but alone no longer. A college friend tells Dan about this writer guy, eccentric and dedicated to his writing but working in a small newspaper company. Dan’s not the most keen, but Fabian won’t relent, insists that they meet. They say, “Literally, all I ever hear from both of you is something about writing, and it’s getting old and I can’t appreciate it as much as I’d like,” and Dan huffs, rude, but relents and agrees to coffee. 

As it happens, Fabian has to leave the second he turns up. Considering this was the only factor persuading Dan to go, he deliberates leaving, ditching and apologising later. But Fabian pushes him through the door before they leave with a yell of, “Phil!” and Dan’s helpless, floundering in an awkward sea because of them - not the most articulate thing he’s said, but he’s kind of stuck here. Damn you. The first thing Phil says is an absent apology for stealing his napkin to write down an idea. Dan forgets about hating Fabian and their predicament-inducing qualities.

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boyfriend hyunwoo (shownu)

A/N: i’m sorry this took so long!!! i got swamped with homework and college stuff but i wanted to make sure this was still nice!!! masterlist!!!

Originally posted by trainingpanda

  • he is my big brother don’t hurt him or i will fight you
  • he’s so soft with you okay
  • you are so precious and everything to him and the way he looks at you wow he will never look at anything like that except maybe your kids
  • actual dad
  • in every meaning of the word
  • he will take care of you, be lowkey awkward about emotions, and will cheer for you even in the most inopportune times
  • you’ll walk in the room and he’ll start applauding and monsta x is like ??? okay ???
  • totally does the will smith thing on the red carpet because He Is SO PrOuD
  • adores having you in the practice room with him
  • definitely wants you to dance with him
  • always
  • he doesn’t care if you suck at dancing just having you with him while moving to the music is heaven
  • really likes your laugh and smile!!!
  • will do his robot façade and then whip out a weird ass face and you’re just like ???? who even are you ????
  • “hi hello 안영”
  • highkey cares about you so much !!!
  • calls you at least three times a day to check up on you
  • “have you eaten? when was the last time you drank water? have you stretched and walked around outside?”
  • probably the type to get you flowers
  • not huge bouquets
  • just little patches of beautiful blossoms every now and then tied with twine or something and they’re just sitting on the counter when you come home
  • he doesn’t even leave a note but the way he smiles at you when he sees you next makes you certain that he hand picked each and every flower with you in mind 
  • maybe it’s just me but i can very much see him being into domestic life
  • cleaning with you??? he makes a special playlist for it
  • cooking with you??? watch out he has a new recipe and he’s sure you two will nail it this time
  • hanging out with you??? you’re sipping warm drinks on a casual morning, watching whatever programs play with your legs draped over his lap
  • not really a pda guy in my opinion
  • definitely will always have his hand ghosting the small of your back to guide you places and keep you protected
  • when you’re alone, i can see him holding you or touching you in any way he can to convey his absolute adoration for you
  • there’s also something special and sensational about when he says “i love you”
  • every single time his voice takes on this different tone and you can feel the weight of each syllable because man that boy really really really loves you
  • get ready for monsta x to see you as their new parent
  • they will come to you with advice and literally anything they feel like
  • you’re just having a nice time reading or something and then minhyuk and hyungwon come to you asking your help to settle a dumb argument between them and you have to listen to both sides of the story with undivided attention while these overgrown children wait for you to make everything better
  • and once they are satisfied hyunwoo simply looks up from his phone and smiles “thanks for handling that babe”
  • really cute !!! especially for you !!!
  • it’s not even intentional you just give him butterflies
  • HiS LauGH if you’ve seen the fan heart attack idol tv segment with the telephone guessing game thing you know exactly which laugh i’m talking about
  • and you’re like how the hell did i end up with so many children so young
  • hyunwoo is precious and such a caring and hardworking guy like you will never have to feel scared again because he’s got you and he will make sure your life is as comfortable and simple as possible and oh man he just wants to make you proud please love him with all your heart and make him laugh okay 
sappho-official replied to your post “Reblog if you actually liked the Hissing Wastes”

I really liked both the Hissing Wastes and the Western Approach, but good lord did I hate the Forbidden Oasis

I enjoyed the oasis part of the Forbidden Oasis because I imagine all the companions making camp after killing the giant and vints then having midnight swims with glowy insects and ahhh >w<

heres a story from NC Comicon that i forgot to share

so i got to talk to Sanford Greene who did a variant cover for Doom Patrol #1, i stopped by his table to have him sign my copy…and somehow he ended up telling me the story about the time he met Gerard for the first time, 2 years ago at a dinner hosted by DC Comics. he had no idea who Gerard was lol Gerard came up to him and introduced himself but Sanford thought he was just ‘this kid who was trying to break into comics’ lol so when Gerard was like ‘id love to work with you one day’ Sanford was like ‘oh yeah sure’ more or less thinking *who tf is this guy?* but also *ah hes trying so hard to network bless him im gonna be nice to him* lol so they exchanged business cards and then Gerard followed him on twitter so Sanford was like *im gonna follow him back to be polite* and then Sanford went on Gerard’s twitter and was like WTF!!!!???? realizing Gerard was kind of a big deal. and then they met again at Emerald City Comic Con, where the Young Animal imprint was announced and Sanford was like HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HAS HIS OWN IMPRINT AT DC?! THIS GUY IS WRITING DOOM PATROL?! and Gerard asked him if he was interested in doing a variant cover for Doom Patrol and Sanford was kind of embarrassed by the fact that he had no idea who Gerard was when he mentioned working together the first time…

and Sanford proceeded to tell me (basically what i already knew but its always nice to hear it from someone who is actually working with Gerard) that Gerard is the most humble person hes ever met, especially considering the fact that he IS a big deal, both in the music industry and in comics (proud mom mode *on*) but he just came up to him, not expecting that Sanford knew of him, not dropping names or mentioning MCR, or mentioning The Umbrella Academy, his Eisner…nothing! 

i wish i could tell you this the way Sanford told me bc i honestly just stood there with the biggest smile on my face while Sanford was telling this story all with impersonating Gerard, and calling him ‘this kid’ who ‘lets be honest, always looks kinda like he just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever he could find on the floor’ lmao and then i told him that the first time i met Gerard i was a super hardcore MCR fan and i had this ‘idea’ about Gerard being this rockstar but then when i met him he was just this normal dude and he made it so easy to talk to him and yeah…just, no attitude, no pretentiousness, nothing. just genuine kindness and appreciation for the person he is talking to, whether its a fan, a fellow professional, etc. i just told Sanford ‘dude, thank you for sharing this, i mean, i already knew he was a sweet dude but hearing these kind of stories always make me even prouder to be a fan’ and Sanford said ‘yeah you absolutely should be, hes one of the nicest people ive ever met’ and i walked away clutching my heart bc THE FEELS

just wanted to share this since today is one of those ‘Gerard stories’ days :)

dex and nursey totally do the thing where they always ask each other if they can have weird pets all the time. like. dex sends nursey that video of the foxes screaming at each other and he’s like “im adopting them” and nursey is like “sweet their names are Turnip and Kale” and dex is like “Kale is a stupid name and i hate your vegan ass” and nursey is like “not in front of the children kale is still at that impressionable age”

Later nursey sends dex a picture of an elderly beekeeper looking really happy and content in her lil mask surrounded by her bees and he’s like “i want to be her” and dex is like “same” and then they plan their future as cute little old man beekeepers and nursey calls dex ‘honey’ and dex turns on receipts and doesn’t reply for 5 hours

they’re cuddling one night and dex is playing with nursey’s hair and scrolling through facebook or twitter or something and he shows dex a video of goats doing obstacle courses and he’s like “i want all of them” and nursey is like “me too lets get a hundred goats” “TWO hundred goats” “a million goats” “a goat army” 

nursey likes to show dex pictures of weird breeds of lizards and be like “what’s this” and sometimes dex makes up weird names for them or he’s just like “my new pet” and nursey shrugs and is like “fair. what if it’s poisonous” and dex is just like “then i’ll feed him to you in your sleep” “cool love you babe” “(dragon emoji)” “can you just say you love me too like a normal boyfriend” “love you, derek” “:) <3” “(seven dragon emojis in a row)”

dex: can we get an anteater
nursey: why
dex: to eat the ants
nursey: fair

nursey: can we get a bear cub
dex: where would we keep a bear?
nursey: probably in the forest
dex: we dont have a forest
nursey: ok but when we GET a forest
dex: i mean, yeah. when we get our forest it will probably come with bears. 

dex: ive always wanted a frog
nursey: like what kind of frog
dex: just like. all of them. 
nursey: thats a lot of frogs
dex: we should get a really big house and make the upstairs a frog museum with every single type of frog
nursey: sounds like a plan

(this is inspired by my friend’s tags on this post)

anonymous asked:

does anyone here know when the vine of ally laughing and trying to cover up camila moaning lauren's name was posted and i think they are on a plane and YES she blatantly screams out lauren's name like ive always found the bunk sex theory to be a bit of a stretch but for me the ally vine is ever so telling and i've always wanted to know when it was posted cuz for me that's honesly one of the most tagible proof we've ever gotten. ive heard people say that is from june 2015 which makes sense