ive always wanted to do this tbh

two sleepy cats tuckered out from a long night studying and game-strategising (๑^ ↀᆺↀ ^๑)

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I want to hug you all the time tbh ;u; your art is super precious and youre adorably sweet Ive always wanted to know how you draw eyes cause its like my favorite part of your drawings but I'm also a little nervous to ask in case you aren't comfortable sharing.. but if you are do you think you could do a small eye tutorial?? ackkk im sorry 🙈 I can tell Im gonna regret sending this but I appreciate your blog and art and you so so much

hello sweet blossoms! ♡ ahh no worries, you’re too cute! let me give you a huge bear hug aww! (⊃ˆ❍ˆ(͈´ᵕ`͈✿)

I never imagined I’d get a nice message like this about the way I draw eyes, I’m flattered! (﹡ᵗ ꒳ ᵗ ﹡) I don’t really know what to say~~ ah! ♡

for my animal crossing styled chibis, I personally think the way I draw eyes is a little simple and straightforward 💦 I just kind of go with the basic shape of which ever eye I’m drawing! …and add a sparkle! ✧ so to me, they aren’t really unique or stand out much! (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ)ゞ

(@mayor-aby, @cupcakecrossing and @mayor-peachy all have very amazing, super detailed, and unique eye styles! I looove the way they draw eyes~! ♡ they are my favorites! ♡)

SWEATS 💦 so because my eye style is rather simple, I’m really sorry that this tutorial is kind of short and basic~~ |ω`)゚・ (I’ve also never made a tutorial before so I hope this is okay!! ♡)

I don’t really think I’m the best for this, so I’m really very sorry! but I hope this helps at least a little bit maybe! (ˊ̥̥̥̥̥ ᗨ ˋ̥̥̥̥̥)و ̑̑ if you have other questions on this, feel free to ask! ♪

thank you again and good luck my dear!! ♡

harleyquinn!taehyung based on that one bangtan bomb where he said he wanted to be harley quinn for halloween

what do you mean its the middle of july its always halloween

pretty over that story everyone in the creative industries seem to have about how theyve Always Known that X was their Goal, and how they always had a Big Passion for it and they were doing X before they could walk! like, that is fine and great and of course a valid and genuine story, BUT the myth thats gone up around that being the only path for creatives has basically invalidated everyone who didnt grow up making home movies or painting every week or whatever. it makes me afraid and ashamed to say ‘nah i wasnt really into movies as a kid’ or ‘haha ive actually never used this technique before uni’ or whatever bc i just KNOW people are gonna give me That Look and think less of me and its like, whats it matter though?? how does what i was into or what i was doing when i was 10 years old affect the legitimacy of my work and my passion now as a grown professional?? sorry that i grew as a person and it took me time to find myself, and sorry that u havent changed since u were in second grade i guess??

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hey do you know the brooke/chloe ship name?

NO I DONT…..idk if theyd have a Specific one (like boyf riends) or just a name mash like richjake? (like brookechloe or chloebrooke or chloeooke or broochlo etc etc etc)

if they had a specific name shipname in my head ive always associated them w/ pinkberry because of Do You Want A Ride LMAO hejfjdksjf

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im a 19y/o girl and i wanna start skating but i feel like ive missed my chance like ive always been into the scene but im terrified of skating around all the guys that have been doing it since they were tiny

1. if you been following for a while you know i’m all about everyone getting their stoke on
2. tbh 19 is late to start so you gotta be realistic about what you want to do on a board
3. as a dude starting at 19 i’d be intimidated af by dudes at a park
4. get one of your friends to start w you, or connect w some female skaters in your area, or (if you’re extroverted enough) make friends w dudes at the park that are also just starting
5. personally tho i’d just spend a bunch of time skating alone (if you can’t convince a friend to start w you) in a parking lot. that’s the kinda dedication skating demands. time, patience & blood.

We Make a Pretty Good Team - “Shit that’s Def, that’s super Def.”

i. I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore - The Menzingers // ii. Philadelphia, Don’t You Haunt Me - Cyberbully Mom Club // iii. Watermark - Modern Baseball (Weakerthans Cover) // iv. The Beers (”Special” Version) - The Front Bottoms // v. Collapsing Stars - The Mountain Goats // vi. How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? - Modern Baseball // vii. And She Was - The Talking Heads // viii. You’re The Good Things - Modest Mouse // ix. Love Will Fuck Us Apart - Andrew Jackson Jihad // x. Missed The Boat - Modest Mouse // xi. Walk Through Hell - Say Anything // xii. Skipping Stone - Andrew Jackson Jihad // xiii. I Was An Island - Allison Weiss

Listen here }

I don’t think people understand the deep deeeep deeeeeeeep rooted insecurities and fears aaron has instilled in him as a child, this feeling of not being worthy or good enough or the fear of people leaving him were given to him by the people who were suppose to make him feel loved, be his support system, be his protector. yes chas and him are so much healthier now, but the facts are that she left him behind and g*rdon blamed him and took it out on him in the most horrific way possible, to have an destructive of a childhood as aaron has, he will sadly carry those feelings with him for the rest of his life, there will be periods when those feelings completely take hold of him and some days when they wont, and when they do take hold, he will try to hide it because he doesn’t want to cause anyone grief, but imagine the constant battle in your mind everyday having those voices in the back of your head saying “do you know how difficult it was to love you?” “youre nothing to me” “fine ive had it with ya, youre not worth it, all you do is cause me grief and I cant take it anymore”, its impossible to switch off those voices and doubts, sure he can shove them in the back of his mind, but he will always hear those whispers


And people just untie themselves;
Uncurling lifelines. 
If you could just forgive yourself…

@puppycat-eyes @vocalpmh  hello tHANK YALL FOR THE tAG!!! (i love you) lmao ive never done this before, im very excited

five things you’ll find in my bag: 

  • my (empty) wallet 
  • chapstick 
  • phone/headphones
  • lil cloth to clean my glasses 
  • pencils and i dont even know WHY

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • so. many. POSTERS.
  • like 300 pillows im not joking 
  • painted handprints from when my room was a nursery (kinda creepy tbh, it was cute but i want to repaint)
  • several year’s worth of old school supplies in a very messy neat stack
  • BOOKS! i love books

five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • learn a new language (outside of school)
  • learn to swim (it’s embarrassing and im a BABY bc im scared :/)
  • travel to Germany to meet family
  • learn piano/guitar
  • animate something!

five things that make me feel happy:

  • my family <3
  • astro of course
  • getting difficult math problems right 
  • music: making it AND listening to it
  • books books books 

five things I’m currently into:

  • piano tutorials for my fav songs
  • ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ (ive heard only two songs but i love it and need to watch it)
  • the TV show ‘Bones’ 
  • AKMU (they’re seriously so cute i-) 
  • lately, more choral music

five things on my to-do list:

  • learn my music for jazz choir bc im BEHIND
  • get out of my writer’s block asap
  • scholarship and college applications (h elp)
  • drive more, i have my license but i dont drive… like at all
  • get a summer job akskbf i need one 


ksdsjdn okAY jeez 15, thats so many?! i hope yall don’t mind:

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(if you would prefer i didn’t tag you in posts such as these, please let me know!! :) it will not be a problem)

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If you could sacrifice your humanity to be part of this race of basically mortal god like humanoid creatures then would you do it ?

tbh odds are i would just because it would mean i get to shapeshift into a monster whenever??? and who doesn’t want that??? having to answer to desta probably wouldn’t be so hot though :^Ic

scientiablr  asked:

16, 21, 29 and 66 for the studyblr asks!

What do you do when you’re feeling unmotivated?

nothing tbh if i dont want to do anything i wont :/

What is your dream job?

professional musician, be able to make a living playing my music and tour the world performing is my dream

Are you interested in the arts? Which ones?

music is the one im a natural with, but id love to learn about art and how to draw and about graphic design. ive also always wanted to learn to dance but that would be very embarassing so im sticking with music

How do you balance social life with school life?

i don’t really have an issue with it, all my friends and i have difficult workloads so we’re just able to juggle it all. lots of the time we work while hanging out. i dont do many social things like going out and to parties so i dont have to worry about that

thanks for asking!

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Ummmmmm that baby au sounds really fun??? I don't even know what it's about but it sounds really fun?? Lol

tbh, i always pitch it as ‘harry and louis raise a lazy baby named stella together’ because i’m hopelessly endeared by the thought of harry and louis trying to get a little baby girl to do something like roll over but she doesn’t want to also because my cousin lia was a lazy baby…..girl didn’t roll over until 10 months old and didn’t walk until 18 months and she is the most precious thing

but it’s not just that, it’s actually got a twist that ive been keeping secret for a long ass time but will just tell you now because eh im not sure if i’ll ever pick up the fic again 

ANYWAY in my head ‘lazy baby au’ is actually also called ‘backwards au’….because best friends harry and louis accidentally do everything backwards: acquire a child (the lazy baby who is named stella), get married for said child, have sex, then eventually fall in love. idk. it’s an idea i’ve had since march of 2016 and an idea i love very fiercely but i really dunno if i should continue working on it

so i just went and saw zootopia again for like the third time and thought id share some of my wilde hopps headcannons bc i hate myself hahhaha

  • i like to think nick and judy would start dating around the time nick goes through training at the police academy. still not too sure how that would start but tbh i feel like their dynamic changed after nick graduated the academy.
  • mrs. otterton becomes somewhat of a second mother to judy while she’s in zootopia and is constantly bringing her and nick lunch and making sure theyre both being healthy
  • in addition to that the ottertons invite nick and judy to dinner twice a month as a way of keeping in touch. 
  • also mr. otterton totally helps nick propose to judy and is the florist for their wedding
  • now that we’re talking about weddings, gideon grey definitely caters
  • okay this is gonna evolve into wedding headcannons pretty soon but im 100% certain fru fru would be judy’s bridesmaid
  • they probably have the wedding in bunny burrow but mr big definitely helps plan and pays for a pretty big portion of the wedding
  • finnick is totally the dj/best man
  • im gonna move on from weddings bc theres so much to talk about there but that not what this is about
  • okay i thought about this and died but i bet nick calls judy carrot cake after they start dating like thats suCH a cute thought oh god
  • nick doesnt talk about his parents much and judy doesnt ask until about half a year into them dating and nick lets it out that he was raised by a single mother and she died when he was 12, hence the beginning of his conning
  • when nick and her start to get serious she takes him to meet her family and boy is he overwhelmed
  • she introduces all of her siblings to him by name and he makes it his mission to remember every single one of them
  • everyone in bunny burrow honestly adores nick, especially the little ones
  • i imagine nick is probably amazing with kids
  • like hes that one guy that just plays with the kids and carries them around like airplanes and sits down for tea parties and all that shit
  • judy absolutely dies every time she sees him with her siblings
  • the first time nick meets gideon, he just fucking decks him in the face and gideon honestly doesnt even care he just kind nods and says “yeah that’s fair”
  • judy is less okay with it
  • she forces him to apologize and makes him help gideon with his baking the next day
  • he is v pouty about that last part but he sucks it up anyways to make her happy
  • and tbh he doesnt even help with the baking he basically just eats the blueberry filling and makes joke’s with gideon the whole time
  • him and gideon dont exactly become friends but theyre not rly enemies theyre just acquaintances
  • what did this even turn into tbh
  • well anyways nick is totally a cuddler. like seriously he is always seeking affection from judy and shes kind of wary at first bc she rly isnt into pda but slowly they work it out to where they arent being too gross but he still is feeling the affections ya feel. they hold hands and stand super close together all the time and theyre basically almost always connected in some way and its super cute
  • everyone at zpd loves them together tbh i like to think that theyre just zpd’s power couple
  • clawhauser lovES them together the most he is that one friend who’s aways squealing when they do something cute and taking pictures and shit

okay yeah im done for the night this is way longer then i wanted it to be but i rly just wanted to get all my ideas out bc ive been thinking about all of these all day

Alphabet Tag

tbh im not rlly sure if ive done this tag already but it’s in my drafts so here we go lol tagged by Miss IHaveASuperCuteDogAreYouJealousYet Katie. @thedarksideofthewoon

A - Age: still young n hip wid duh kidz 

B - Biggest fear: idk if it’s the biggest but heights falling

C - Current time: 3:27 PM

D - Drink you last had: water

E - Easiest person to talk to: #TheTeam #TeamMatie @professional-kangaroo @thedarksideofthewoon <3 

F - Favorite song: Mikansei Koukyoukyoku by OOR it’s so good i love it<3 it always makes me feel better ;u; 

G - Grossest memory: that day my econ teacher gave us a lesson on GDP 

H - Horror yes or horror no: Horror maybe…

I - In love: w/ Fern & Holly 

J - Jealous of people: yeah katie & nicole bc they have rlly cute dogs who can do no evil  (¬、¬)

K - Killed someone: nope

L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again: love @ first bite b/c food<3

M - Middle name: -

N - Number of siblings: dos

O - One wish: For everyone to be happy<3 but I also really really want a dog

P - Person you called last: my mommy<3

Q - Question you’re always asked: Are you tired?

R - Reason to smile: [x] 

S - Song you last sang: head, shoulders, knees, & toes

T - Time you woke up: 5AM 

U - Underwear color: under where?

V - Vacation destination: Japan or tbh just stay home for vacay

W - Worst habit: biting my nails *sigh* 

X - X-rays had: I got an x-ray of my teeth once lol

Y - Your favorite food: oh maaannn idk… pasta anything, strawberries, ramen, idk there’s so many foods to choose *o*

Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo 

I tag: @professional-kangaroo, @13pjms, @dowoonscookies, @snufkim & anyone who wants to do this too! ^-^ idrk who has or hasn’t done it..

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What was your religious upbringing and how has it changed? Who is your favorite artist? Favorite and least favorite animal?

  • my religious upbringing was like… Very loosely jewish, like we always identify ourselves as jewish but .. like basically none of my “religious” upbringing had anything to do with the actual religion it was mostly just an excuse to get the extended family under one roof.
    recently ive connected more to the spiritual and communal aspects of judaism and i want to get more into the actual like.. religion and stuff but i dont have the energy or resources at this point to do that but i’m making more jewish friends and talking about it and learning about it more
  • tbh ive got a thing for van gogh. that guy really butters my egg roll
  • my favorite animal is the whale shark and my least favorite animal is every bird but especially parrots it creeps me out that they can talk

I feel like i always want to write fanfics about the smallers ships in this fandom? Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love viktuuri but i just cant bring myself to write fanfics about them? Because like there’s just nothing more i need like they’re already together and super cute and canon and urg it’s so so so awesome but hen ships like leoji and seungchuchu and mila x sara (do they have a shipname yet?) and mickey x emil (again, shipname?) just really make me feel like writing tbh

anonymous asked:

IVE BEEN WAITING FOR UR HP AU FOR 89 YEARS I WANT IT SO BAD but okay this is just my opinion on the houses for the members lol, since i saw that other anon. seungcheol screams gryffindor to me personally but he could maybe be a hufflepuff too. jeonghan is a slytherin hands down. jisoo could be a ravenclaw or hufflepuff tbh but i see more ravenclaw. jun reminds me of cedric so ive always seen him as a hufflepuff but he could also be a slyth. soonyoung is definitely a hufflepuff to me (p1) ~kam

AHHH KAM THANK YOU SM FOR THIS!!!!!!! <33333 IM SORRY IT’S TAKING SO LONG I PROMISE IT’S COMING,,,,, *sweats nervously* I really do feel bad that it’s taking me so long to write this, I just hope it doesn’t disappoint after I’ve teased it for so long lmao!

I’m gonna go consolidate all the responses I’ve gotten and pick a house for everyone, then back to writing! ^^