ive always said that


colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

I have said this eight hundred thousand times before but, seriously, you need to watch Akatsuki no Yona | Yona of the Dawn and Seirei no Moribito | Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (I even included both titles so you find them easier). They have:

  • Strong female leads (Yona becomes strong over the course of the show and Balsa is badass from start to finish)
  • The romance is well executed and not in your face with male LIs that actually respect the women (and merely a sidenote in Moribito, which is also a graceful subversion of gender roles)
  • Badass spear wielders (Hak in Yona and Balsa in Moribito)
  • Fleshed out lore (the dragons for Yona and the Yaku in Moribito)
  • Both have great music 
  • Yona is the most faithful anime to manga adaptation that I’ve seen that’s not one billion episodes long tbh
  • The animation and backgrounds in Moribito are??? so good???
  • Moribito also has two prominent native characters and the preservation of their culture is a topic that is discussed!

Neither of these are new (the anime adaptation of Moribito is ten years older just about) but both should be watched by as many people as possible

shades and mariah are the evil otp ive always wanted. 

the one ive been waiting for. 

one time i said i wanted a legit evil ship and someone was like ‘umm house of cards???’ and i was like ‘no thank you–that’s not the package i ordered’. 

shades and mariah tho–that is exactly what i ordered. 

You are who you are

I feel the problem with most people who choose a religion have a problem with wanting to change themselves to more properly follow their scripture. this does not exclude satanists nor athiests either. This is unatural though. when you follow a certain religion, scripture, or philosophy that makes up such a massive part of your life you shouldnt have to compromise to follow it. if you truly believe in it then following it should be second nature. when reading the satanic bible never once did i say, “well ok, i guess im a satanists now time to start living my life this way!” when reading the satanic bible i said, “Exactly!!! this is how ive always felt!” nothing changed, the satanic bible only provided an explanation to me of how i felt on the inside, it didnt provide a guide to live my life by it spelled out the guide that i was already following. that being said no matter what religion you follow be it chritianity or satanism or hinduism or whatever it may be, just ask yourself if this religion is you, or are you being slowly molded into the model slave that your religion wants you to be? im not saying that the world would be better without religion, i just think the world would be a better place if everyone stop letting religion change the person they truly are. the happiness the satanic bible has provided me is unreal. a religious text shouldnt say you are brokenn here is the way to be, it should say youre a wonderful person, be the best you that you can be! how ironic to the common members of the herd that such a possitive message can be found in the book of the beast!

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

Chernobog and Byelbog 

Slavic myths are dominated by the opposing forces of chaos and malevolence on one hand, and benevolence and order in the other. The two forces are represented by the deities Chernobog (Black God) and Byelbog (White God). Chernobog is the bringer of destruction, he lives in shadows and the night. Byelbog is the bringer of light and creative forces, he is represented by an old man with a white beard.  The two forces were later infused with the characters of God and Satan from Christianity, but in their original forms Chernobog and Byelbog did not represent good and evil in the Christian sense. In Slavic mythology there exists a dualism so that the two opposing gods, light and dark, may actually have been two different aspects of a single deity before the influence of Christianity took hold in the Slavic speaking world.

i. So maybe you regret coming back. maybe you regret building this bridge again, maybe you’re looking for ways to burn it down. maybe you’re trying to figure out how to make it hurt.

ii. this will always be a sin and you’ve never been good with confessions. every word I say is a punchline because you’re always laughing in the face of forgiveness. i’m sorry we can’t all absolve ourselves of guilt, I’m only trying to fall in love in a way that doesn’t leave my fist through the wall.

iii. i think it’s safe to say you aren’t mine at all. maybe a landmark, maybe a gravestone, maybe a mistake. maybe two broken teeth is all you’ll ever give to me.

iv. my mother always said that if you’re going to hurt someone, make sure they can’t get up after.

v. i think you must’ve known that too.

—  By the time I finished writing this you still hadn’t called me back– lily rain

anonymous asked:

im a trans girl, and ive never said anything about this because i was always worried i was going to be ableist, but i feel like i might be autistic/ maybe something else idk. but ive always felt like i might be because i always see posts relating to symptoms(idk if this is the proper word sorry) that autistic people have and ive always related a lot to those posts and every time i see them i think "oh maybe thats why i do that" but i never say anything about it because im worried im bein ableist

(part 2 from the trans girl who thinks she could be autistic, sorry didnt have room to type part 1 in the last ask) i dont remember exactly what i wrote in the first ask, but basically im just wondering if it would be possible for me to be autistic, and not know about it for the last 16 years? im sorry i dont know much about this topic and i really dont want to seem offensive

Devon says:

It’s totally possible to realize you’re autistic later in life! I would look around at different lists of diagnosis criteria for ASD. Best of luck!

ok so someone just told me that they’re p sure that “aspec” refers to the autism spectrum and i was wondering if that’s true? bc i’ve always seen it used to mean ace/aro but i’m not autistic and really don’t want to be that asshole that steals terminology from y’all y’know? so can someone pls confirm/deny this if it’s not too much trouble?

look ive always said aa4 was my favorite but that wasnt really a fair assertion bc i hadnt replayed it properly since the first time i played it back in 2008–and back then i didnt pay close attention and absorb information well so i missed a lot. so i replayed it after going through almost every other game with basically fresh eyes (though biased bc my Faves are in it) and…………yea its definitely my favorite.

it’s not perfect, but the art direction, storytelling, writing, characters, etc are all just so engaging and well-done with a tone that seems to pull from the best aspects of the trilogy and im SO SAD that it didnt get a proper follow-up and that almost all of its characterization was just flattened

the problem with saying su is “just a cartoon” and by that logic anyone criticising it needs to “get over themselves” or whatever is that steven u both presents itself and is held up as the **premier social justice cartoon** for lack of a better word

and if it wants to tout around that title it better live up to those standards. but lately it hasnt, and what a lot of people who used to root for su over and see themselves in su for has turned into the same things being misrepresented, shelved, or badly written while the writers continue to pat themselves on the back openly.

not to mention that, when it comes to the art, as ive said many times in the past, almost ALWAYS it is compared to PAST STEVEN UNIVERSE EPISODES, and the degradation of quality- nobody said it was “just a cartoon” when people gushed over how beautiful su’s visuals used to be (consistantly at least, some of the latest season 4 scenes were animated well enough or even really gorgeously) so why is it such an issue now? is art criticism more invalid than praise? i understand a lot of peoples complaints are nitpicking but a lot of it is things just.. Many people notice. degradation in art quality is something i also saw in other shows ive watched and nobody ever got as mad as su stans when its pointed out.

i mean,ive been a fan since literally the first episode and i only dislike it now because it continues to brag about how quality it is while it very very obviously isnt as good as it used to be

so I had a reaaally great time these past few days c: sleeping together again was reaally great because conversations in the dark are pretty fun and cuddling was amazing c: too bad we couldn’t fall asleep like that hahah but it was fun looking up where to keep your arm (although im still not sure) and hopefullyyy next time :p I’m definetely going to feel empty sleeping in my bed alone and not having a goodnight kiss (although we forgot that the second day which was disappointing buttt atleast we slept better) and I reaaally enjoy cards with your brother hahah no one at my home ever wants to play that so this is cool :p

So I met with the counselor again last week and at one point he said to me “your life is like a movie.” & I just laughed & rolled with it, but honestly it sucked. & the thing is, I’ve heard that plenty of times before; pretty much any time I’ve let anyone in close enough, they’ve made that comment to describe how crazy things tend to be. & Ive always just laughed it off. But it hurt when he said it. I guess I was hoping for more sensitivity, or maybe the fact that someone as qualified as him, an imam, would say that to me, just confirmed that my life really is a crazy mess. That I really am worse off and damaged and disadvantaged.
I know I’m reading into it & the poor man never meant for me to be this affected, but I can’t help it. I feel pitied and I hate it. I wish there was a way to let people in and let them help me without them feeling bad for me or looking at me like I’m some sort of trainwreck.
I wish I didn’t feel like I’m somehow less of a person.