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Don’t Want it Troubling Your Mind [playlist] [fic] 

Shane Madej really liked Ryan Bergara. He was funny, a joy to mess with, and took his brand of teasing pretty well. He would consider him a friend, kind of. But when the team goes to investigate the Franklin Castle for ghosts, Shane gets more than he bargained for, and the results could cost him his friendship with Ryan.
rating: teen
pairing: shane madej & ryan bergara
chapters: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Happy 2yr Mythical Beast Anniversary to me!!! (^//o^/)~ 。:*☆

(( i cant believe its been two years already since i discovered these two mythical dads )) <3

To celebrate, I decided to draw a little screenshot thing from GMM #548 ((Will it Cereal?)) as it was the very first gmm i watched!!! (( the exact date is 2/16/15, yes i remember…)) :3

Hope this turned out ok for a celebration drawing, and im really happy to have discovered them, as they are a big happiness and inspiration in my life now!!! Here’s to many more years of being a mythical beast!!! <3

((also bonus cause the very first time i remember seeing them but without knowing who they were, was in Youtube Rewind 2014 omg…..))

my guess at my first thoughts when seeing this scene :” who the heck are these old dorks” omg past me if only you’d known haha……

30 Days of Rhett and Link: Day 1: Favorite Episode

🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅 🔅🔅

Oh boy, I definitely can’t pick a single favorite episode, I don’t think. But my top 5, in no particular order, are probably…

(Keep in mind this is only counting the main episodes. If I included More episodes, they’d be the only ones on the list lol)

1) Face Morphing Experiment

I really like experiment-type episodes, and this one is super interesting- and super Rhinky. I mean, they stare into each other’s eyes in low lighting for like half the video. Come on. And the experiment actually works! 

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2) Feel & Squeal Challenge ft. Hank Green

The speed round at the end of this one is the best. They’re hilarious together and Hank is freakishly good at it! 

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 3) Wal-Mart Taste Test: The Game

This is an oldie but SUCH a goodie. For some reason Rhett adding all the ingredients to the blender at the end gets. me. every. time. 

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 4) 5 Weird Ways to Start a Fire

I mean, obviously. WHAT THE CRAP, GUYS?!?!?! WHAT THE CRAP!!???!!! 

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 5) New Slang You Should Know (GAME)


Did someone say lowkey dads? I love the ridiculous explanations Rhett comes up with, and to be honest they just look really good in this ep. (The More for this one is also one of my favorites)

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I hope you enjoyed this list, let me know what you think of these eps and if we have any of the same favorites!

I have a full list of favorites here, which also includes my favorite GMMore episodes:


Link. masculine. swagger. That smile is glorious! not afraid to just reach out and touch a person..or fan as it were.. The awkward bits are more charming. Feels so genuine and like he’s speaking directly to you.

Rhett. majestic. gentle. The heart eyes are so real. patient. commanding. The quiet little laughs and held back ones are just as good as the big laughs.

Actually everything ive been seeing these past few years. More brilliant and brighter. Writing that is making me tear up..heh

My memory is quite bad and I’m shocked that i can recall anything at all..so this is prob out of order a bit..or maybe missing parts..and im surely no storyteller..

Sitting, i was taller than the stage. It took me ages to even realize that the recorder and harmonica were right in front of me. They looked like mics if you didnt zero in on them.

Shaking from nerves. Texting and tweeting. Shaking from being cold. Some pictures.

Link telling a story and combining two words.. He walks over and taps Rhett..did you hear that? Smiles and laughs. The little things are happening..in front of my eyes!

Color a mythical beast! I don’t know why but i was not expecting to hear that song. Beautiful.

The sleepover reenactment. Link made Rhett laugh and cracked himself up. I was right in line with rhetts head watching him laugh. This was lovely.


The Tragedy. Classic. Surprised and groan laughed when he said his penis and pelvis worked in tandem..lol

Hair song! Link def gave a funny wave at the younger people to the right of me. those dance moves..lol


The Pose off. The ladies were great on stage..i wonder if we really couldve left her in that helmet thing for 10 more minutes. Heh

Middle school girlfriend. Recorder time :) ive been whistling the beginning part since i left.

Nilla. Waifer. Top. Hat. Time.

Cute and good but I’d rather have heard another song.

The Future. Our pineapple model was super funny. Link asked what his pugs shirts name was. Poked the pugs eyes with the mic and did that fake biting thing..lol. Rhett stood there like.. Welp. This is happening.

Civic cars. The lionel pose. Rhett saying he wasnt distracted by the guy while trying not to laugh.


The Love portion. Watching Rhett pick at his hands while Link was talking about not saying “i love you” unless he was going to propose.

The letters to Jessie bit was great..kinda mad my pics were blur city.

The song for when! 🙏 i tried not to take video cause i always feel extremely self concious..but i recorded this one.

Nice ending sucka! 😂

End Song. I gave a whoo when Rhett said that Link would be playing the harmonica. Not nearly enough harmonica but the singing was ugh..sooo yaaaaassss

His anus aint tight no more ..haha. Blue MeUndies

Q&A. I was waiting for Link to say tokyo..but he was actually quiet and let Rhett say his piece.

Link wiping his nose. Rhett sitting with his hand under his thigh.

I’d add the link but ive already posted the vid and made a post about the milt and fanfic..lol

Yeah i may have some regrets but not going wouldve been my biggest one.

wannabe-cinnamon-roll  asked:

yo quick question. i kno ur not mars but i didnt wanna bother em(and i think they got asks closed) but i was wondering if they'd be okay with me posting 2 screencaps from the comics? ive seen other ppl do it but i jst wanna make sure that im not bein a Bad Fan And Person™ and mars is wonderful and deserves the respect. ive already got a draft with links back to the original posts where the screencaps are from, and if the LE committee vetoes the idea ill just delete the draft and forget abt it ty