Ivar the Boneless x Reader
Ivar is having dreams of you, of the goddess he sees on walking his nights. You prove him things, show him things and he can’t handle your ways or the fact they are just dreams. Until one day battle proves him wrong.

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Warnings: Smut - Violence - Ivar point of view
Words: 3535

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Dreams should supposed to be dreams, drawings of ones deepest desires and thoughts. This wasn’t that, this was a vivid as a stormy night on sea, this was warm and alive, more alive than every time he dreamed about you before. Your shadow danced on the fire before his tent, walking on your tips, graceful, balanced you came into his eye sight. Ever since you entered his dreams you left him speechless, he was gazing at you, feeling the insecurity crawl through his chest as he looked up to you.
‘Ivar.’ You smiled to him, a smile he couldn’t place. A smile that wasn’t charming or graceful, not seductive or gentle. It was a smile containing all of that and he pulled the corner of his lips up in a short tug. ‘Did you miss me?’ You tilted your head. You were looking to the way he pulled his body up on his hands, how he rested his back against the headboard. As a king he desired much, he desired you but it didn’t left his lips as your fingers scour over the sheets that covered his legs. He looked down to the edges of his small miserable legs, trying to figure out maybe why they were so miserable and why you were here again, in his dreams.
‘Who are you?’ He asked, looking up to you, a woman dressed in a light dress, with flowers braided through your hair. He almost found it to be godlessly. It had to have a meaning, all of this, you visiting his dreams, but without asking he wouldn’t know … now he was asking.
‘I’m here to help you King Ivar, I’m here to lead you the way.’ You answered him, crouching down aside the bed to grace him with one of your elegant smiles.
‘I don’t need guidance.’ He found his voice to be harder, maybe annoyed by the fact you were talking riddles to him.
‘You need some things at least, reassurance, prove.’ You’re fingers scour over the fabrics that covered his legs. He tensed, looking confused, looking lost as he felt something change within him.
‘Prove of what?’ He shifted his deep blue eyes back on yours and you lifted your fingers up from his legs.
‘Prove of enjoyment, pleasure.’ You answered him honestly. It didn’t took him long before he knew where you were talking about and his eyes shifted back to his legs as you stood up.
‘I can’t,’
‘It’s just a dream right? Isn’t that what you always say?’ You asked him polite. Ivar looked aside, to the way you crumbled your dress between your fingers up before you straddled yourself down over his lap. Ivar gasped, feeling the vibration of your weight spreading a certain warmth throughout his body. It was a dream, it was just a dream. ‘Are you going to let yourself define by one slave?’ You asked him, fingertips resting against his jaws. Ivar looked to the middle of your throat before he slowly looked up to you. He felt his hate, his misery after what happened with Margrethe. The rumors that he couldn’t please a woman where hardly a part of his rage these days. He was born to lead but apparently he needed to do that without a son to give his legacy to. Despite you foresaw otherwise. He rolled his jaws while looking into your eyes. You smiled again, lowering your lips down to his. How could this felt so real? The pressure, the taste, Ivar shivered throughout his body while you moved your lips. The uncertainty, the feelings of them pulling him back now. He grabbed your shoulder, pushing you back.
‘You are not real.’ He hissed between his lips.
‘Is that what you think? Or is that what you want to believe?’ You ask him, digging your nail in his chest, pulling it down so he had a feel of reality.
‘You are not real.’ He repeated again, angry on himself on letting this happen. Why where you always returning in his dreams, where you a goddess guiding him through or where you just a fragment of his desires. You nodded, almost respectfully before clipping the leaf formed clips lose from your shoulders. The dress stroke in a fluent motion down over your body, assembling around your hips. His jaws clenched as he took in a breath, looking over your nakedness in this dark night. ‘I’m as real as you let me Ivar, let a dream not stop you from greatness, taste it.’ You gestured, moving your hips a little deeper in his lap. He gasped, feeling his body reacted on what he saw and felt. You were bringing your head back closer and he let you. His fingers found the naked skin of your side before sliding to the back, lifting all the way up over your spine. Feeling your lips, feeling your movements, it wasn’t real. But he let it, he grabbed for your hair at the back, pulling at it so your head kicked up, his lips leaving traces over your neck. The soft sign leaving your lips encouraged him. Ivar never felt like he felt now. His free hand touched your breast before he took it and knead it between his hand. Your reacting, the little moan, the way you rocked your hips slowly into his left him speechless for he felt something react of his own. He grabbed you around you waist turning so you landed with your back in the bed. His hand grabbed for your throat, not knowing how to act on the madness of this dream, not knowing how to feel about his own body. There was so much uncertainty that it made him angry. He clenched his fingers around your throat, hissing before pulling your head up and slamming it back in the bed.
‘You are not real!’ He growled, wanting to see you turn red for the lack of oxygen. But it was a dream and you just smiled, finger raking over his body, grabbing between his legs to what was hard and ready. He shivered, his whole body burning before he lowered his head again and kissed your lips. He left your throat, fingers eagerly grabbing into your skin, into your breasts, almost aggressively.
‘This is you Ivar, fully alive.’ You panted against his lips as he ripped the dress from around your waist. You made him feel alive, for the first time a dream came actually true and it wasn’t even real. He felt the pulse between his disturb legs, he felt the sweat covering his forehead, he saw you close your eyes, moaning when his fingers pinched the soft flesh between your legs. There wasn’t a foreplay in all of this, he felt alive and he wanted this, he wanted this since he chocked Margrethe to silence. That damn slave. His mouth became intoxication, biting down your skin, rocking against you while you started to erase the cloths from his body. He was dreaming, he was dreaming, he kept repeating that when he slammed himself inside of you, opening his own mouth for the impact he brought down on your body. ‘You can, you see?’ You panted, proving him what he could do. Ivar hissed, grabbing for your hair as he moved his body into yours, over and over. Enjoying the ring of his own voice over your lips, enjoying the screams out of your throat. He enjoyed the feeling, how it felt being inside a woman. He grunted, going hard, leaving marks on your body while you scratched your nails over his chest, red marks starting to bleed. ‘You can, you will, you are the greatest King walking this earth and this is just,’ you moaned through your words, feeling the heights turning around in your body. With one last rock he came, grunting like a wild beast he dropped down on you. You strangled your fingers through his hair. ‘let me prove that to you my king.’ You whispered in his ear, fully out of breath. He turned his head, a nose stroking against your cheek as he looked into your bright eyes from aside.
‘How can I believe a goddess like you if this all is a dream?’
‘Because we will meet again.’

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The forgotten goddess Ivar x reader

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A/N: Alright peeps, finally a new imagine. Like the last one, this imagine was requested by the lovely @ceylon-morphe286. I am really sorry it is so short darling. I tried my best but i have to confess, i am not quite satisfied with the result. Anyways, i hope you like it. Enjoy!

Please comment if you find any mistakes.

Description: Ivar spends a lot of time listening to the storys of a mysterious young woman who traveled a lot. She tells him story’s of gods from around the world, however his favourite tale is the one of the crippled god Hephaestus and how he married the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. Ivar admires the woman and can`t help but think of her as the perfect mother for his children.

She was not the first foreign woman to arrive in Kattegat.

Like many before, she came from unknown places and told storys no one ever heard of.

But she was the fist one to catch Ivar`s attention.

The first time he saw her, he could tell right away, that something was different about her.

He couldn`t point his finger on what it was about her that attracted him so much and that drove him crazy.

In a way.

A special way.

The way she talked, she moved and she looked at him made him crazy.

She was like something above them.

Ivar noticed it when she acted with more grace than anyone else ever could.

Or when she sang.

He was fascinated by her.

Whenever she talked to him or when he listened to the tales and myths she told.

He observed her no matter what she did.

This made him notice things about her like the way she could make the kid`s eyes lit up, when she told them about the world and life.

Over time a bond grew between them.

A bond of trust as clear as ice on a cold winter morning.

She told him all the storys, about the folks she met and tales she heard.

But one story in particular kept him awake at night.

The story of Hephaestus and Aphrodite.

The greeks tell many myths about many gods but there are twelve gods higher than the rest,that rule from mount Olympus.

Hephaestos, son of zeus, king of all gods and of his wife hera, was told to be one of them.

The myths talk about him being deformed and crippled since birth.

Ashamed of her son, his mother hera left him to die.

Even though underestimated since birth and sent do die, he proved everyone wrong and made his way up to mount Olympus to get revenge of his mother.

Thanks to his skills and strength, he became on of the twelve Olympians.

The god of fire, metalworking and the art of sculpture.

He married Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, grace and love.

The most beautiful and desired woman.

Wanted by every man who layed eyes on her.

She was the epitome of beauty in way more than just her appearance.

Kings took a single look at her and laid their kingdoms to her feet.

None of them was able to keep her interest longer that for a single night.

Except for Hephaestus.

The story made Ivar think about his own fate and he liked to think of Y/N as Aphrodite.

She was so much more precious than all the other woman he met.

Something about her made her stand out of the crowd.

Ivar couldn`t help but look at her round breasts covered only with a thin white gown and think of how his sons and daughters would feed from those breasts.

He felt an attraction towards her, a longing from deep inside him.

He knew she had to become his wife.

She was the one that was meant to be queen of Kattegat.

Queen of all vikings.

She was strong and wise. The perfect queen

She had to become his.

Ivar wanted her and like a child that wanted a toy, he wouldn`t accept a no as an answer.

he wouldn`t rest until she was his and everybody bowed before her as their rightful queen.

Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Inspired on the tattoo video and her lovely request I made a little something. After Sigurd his dead Ivar never acted the same, power overgrow him and he forgot to love like he used to do. After a victory he had part to thank to you he places a tattoo in which you get an argument. You want to leave … and he tries on convincing you to stay.
Warnings: Angst
Words: 2760

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You always knew Ivar to be the greedy one, the shifty shade constant wanting more. After you married him he left you to join his father to England. It wasn’t a marriage out of love but you got there, just as you got him so far on respecting you. You were well known to be a good fighter, a shield maiden supporting Aslaug from the day she arrived in Kattegat. Your mother always had been her right hand, just as you prove your loyalty when you were of age, being as old as Hvitserk was. Despite you were young then, you were very promising and Aslaug set that marriage just before she died. But things changed, Ivar assembled a great heathen army and you fought for the dead of Ragnar just as anybody else did. That victory was the beginning of his wrath. You remembered him to love you on that day, being almost gentle when he made love to you, praising your skills as a warrior and a wife. And then he killed Sigurd and nothing was the same again. His mind wrapped up in the most bloodiest of thoughts, his anger and frustration even pushing his brothers away. You fell pregnant because of that one night and you never said a thing to him, just as he hardly treated you as a wife. The only point you came together was in bed and most of the time you fell asleep alone and woke up alone, so what was still left?

You were cleaning your sword, looking up to the defenses building their way around what Ivar conquered.
‘Y/n.’ You turned around and looked from Hvitserk to Ubbe. ‘Where is he?’ They both asked. You threw away the piece of fabric and stood up, shoving your sword into your belt.
‘Getting a tattoo.’ You answered. They changed looks with each other, the same way you did when you saw him sitting down aside a man who would kick the marks right into his back.
‘You should talk with him.’ Hvitserk pointed out. You signed, shrugging.
‘Why? He is surrounded by guards, no way I can reach through that, or his stubborn ass to begin with.’
‘He is your husband.’
‘Why does he has bodyguards?’ Ubbe interrupted Hvitserk almost right away. Things didn’t get well between the brothers after the dead of Sigurd. You didn’t wanted to pick sides between your love for Ivar and your friendship with those brothers but he almost didn’t leave you a choice. Ubbe slapped his brother on the chest before they started walking, you followed. When the three of you walked around the corner you saw him sitting. Even with everything going on you still admired those strong arms, the broad build of his shoulders. But that look, the way he rose his blue eyes up from the table towards his brothers … he said something but you didn’t caught it for you tried at holding on to this perfectly good imagine before he would destroy with his words. ‘Why do you need a personal bodyguard huh Ivar?’ Ubbe started, ignoring his words. You looked away from Ivar to the personal man standing there for his safety. That man looked at you for a moment, like you were a slave that needed to be ignored. You hated that feeling, knowing Ivar had a say in it. ‘Do you need protection against us, your brothers?’
‘Offcourse not.’ Ivar answered, the knocking of that hammer in his back shifted your attention back to the conversation.
‘Then why have them?’ Hvitserk asked.
‘I’m a cripple … I need a bodyguard.’ Like it was the most logic thing to say. His eyes shifted to you, holding on to it for a moment while he breathed through the pain.
‘Y/n could protect you better than any of those men.’ Hvitserk nodded with his cup to the guards.
‘Why?’ Ivar laughed.
‘Because I would die for you more than they would.’ You answered, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
‘I don’t want you dead my love.’
‘Surly I seemed like that recently.’ You muttered, trying on walking away when your name hissed over his lips. You slowly turned around to him. He had stopped that man from working further on his back to point all his attention to you.
‘Do I don’t give you enough?’ He asks sharply. ‘Don’t you have the chance of fighting alongside of me, to conquer these lands, care after my wounds?’ He asked, pushing his muscular arms back against the table, nodding over his shoulder to the man to get going. His expressions squeezed a little when the man started again, but other than that he kept radiating that cold.
‘What do I get Ivar? Other than to tend those wounds and fight those battles.’
‘You get to be my wife.’ He stated. You slowly walked over to the table, placing your hands aside his while lowering your head to look him right in the eyes. He always said how much influence you could have with your eyes, you did it now.
‘I don’t want to be the wife of a man that doesn’t care. Who only puts his interests first. Get yourself another wife.’ You whispered slowly. How hard those words sounded, they were out. It broke your heart but you pushed away from the table, giving him one last look before turning around, knowing he couldn’t follow you, knowing he probably wouldn’t anyway.

You laid on your back that night, fingers softly stroking over your nightdress, whispering to a child that probably wouldn’t hear you. You didn’t wanted a child to grew up in this, with a father that wouldn’t care, a father that was as ruthless as Ivar was. You couldn’t let it happen. You turned on your side, gazing into the darkness trying to prepare yourself from doing the hardest thing ever … leaving. The village Aslaug and your mother came from would welcome a shield maiden like you, you could build up your life there. But just as soon as that imagine set in your thoughts the dragging of his body interrupted those thoughts. With both your hands under your head you tried not to care about it, you tried not to move while you heard him unbuckle the belt that kept his legs together. You closed your eyes, begging that he would only sleep, like he did for quite some time. He hissed, probably against the pain shifting through his back from the tattoo. And then you felt his weight aside you. You felt his fingers sneak under your arm, crossing over your chest before they wrapped themselves in your hand. You squeezed your eyes together, feeling how much he broke already you were on the verge of crying. You felt his chest contacting with your back before his lips contacted with your color bone. You squeezed his hand and his lips lifted themselves from your skin.
‘Y/n.’ His voice sounded soft, calm almost.
‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’ You announced, not giving him the chance to say anything else. ‘I’m going to sail back and then go home, were I belong.’ You followed. It was quiet for a very long time, you could feel his breath hitching against your neck as he seemed to need some time to progress that. His hand sneaked away from between yours and he pushed your shoulder down so you laid with your back in the bed. His blue eyes radiate nothing else but his anger.
‘Why?’ He asked, neutral voiced, teeth clenched together of he held his emotions in.
‘You even have to ask? I’m pregnant Ivar, since you killed Sigurd.’ You announced, looking up in the dark to his features. His jaw dropped open, while the anger in his eyes made place for shock. ‘I’m leaving, I don’t want a child to grow up with a father like you. There is nothing for me to stay anyway.’
‘You’re my wife!’
‘Yes and do you treat me like one?’ You asked back. He looked away from you and after all that time you finally saw it, him cracking under all of it. His eyes got weaker, his fingers shook a little when he laid his fingers softly against your jaw. You closed your eyes, feeling a single tear leaving the corner of your eyes. ‘I never felt as lonely as I did now, lost in a world I thought to know.’ You whispered, turning your head away from his fingers that traveled away, lost themselves.
‘Ivar please, I let you go so you can be the king you want be without you having to look over your shoulder to me. All I am is a distraction of your mind, an object between you and your victories. Let us go.’ You weren’t begging him but your shaky voice almost let it sound like that. He squeezed your throat lightly, placing his forehead against your cheek, his breath scouring your neck as you tried on ignoring the silent tears running down your cheeks.
‘Don’t leave.’ He whispered.
‘Why? So you can treat me like you did past weeks? So you have somebody to bark to?’
‘I thought you hated me!’ He hissed, pulling his head away to look at you. His eyes were blurry red, his white teeth clenched together. ‘Like everybody else, for what I did to my brother.’ He explained. He breathed shaky out, like he just relieved himself from the worst secret ever. Ivar never talked much, not about himself at least, that was something you learn to respect and for that he always had thanked you. This had to be one of those rare times. ‘You didn’t talked to me, you left me alone.’
‘Because I thought that you needed the space.’
‘I needed you!’ He said between clenched teeth. You closed your eyes, bringing your fingers up to touch his face.
‘And I need you now.’ You whispered. He pushed his head into your fingers before he dropped it back down against your cheek, kissing away your tears. Your fingers grabbed into his hair, smelling his sweat, the blood probably still covering his back from the tattoo. It felt good, having him this close, having him surrender to his own emotions.
‘Don’t go.’ He never had begged before but he did it you. You released his hair and he lifted his head again, looking from your lips up to your eyes. ‘I can change, for you, for,’ his voice hitched and his eyes looked down towards your stomach, knowing there was a child growing there.
‘Please Y/n, I need you. I may not show it but you are constantly on my mind.’ He said, stroking his two fingers slowly over your face, resting against your lips.
‘The next time I will leave you won’t be able to stop me.’ You gave in to it, giving him that one last chance to set things right.
‘I need you, I’m sorry.’ He said before placing his lips against yours. Not in the way like he handled you after a victorious battle, but just the soft hesitating pressure of them. You hesitated of your own before returning that kiss in what supposed to be you and him. His fingers scour your cheek as he kissed you so slowly, so intense. It didn’t restored your confident but at least you felt loved again. He pulled back out of that kiss, pressing his lips against your cheek. ‘You’re pregnant?’ It wasn’t an ask coming over his lips, more still him not believing it.
‘Yes, I am.’ You pushed your nose into his hair as he kissed you neck. He shifted his hand, resting it down on your belly, wanting to feel the life that still needed growing before it could be felt. There weren’t any words, his head laid in the crook of your neck while his fingers rested on your belly and your fingers held on in his hair. Until both your breaths became steady and you fell asleep in the thoughts of loving each other.

You woke up under the noise going through the room. You slowly opened your eyes and looked over to his back. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his tattoo glorious but still covered under blood while he buckled his legs together.
‘Does that needs tending.’ Your voice was still raspy a little and he froze. He slowly turned around, looking to your face before he looked down over your body. When his gaze return he looked unsteady so you pushed a morning smile on your lips and he relaxed a little.
‘Everything on me needs tending.’ He said with a weak voice. You knew that once you would step out of that door he would change into that ruthless leader again so you enjoyed it for as long as it last. He looked back before him and your rose your hand up, fingers touching the tattoo on his back. He took in a sharp breath before he looked to his one shoulder, over to you while you scouted his tattoo.
‘I like it.’
‘You do?’ He asked. You pushed up and sat a little behind him, looking to the black dots marking his skin. It was still sour, and blood laid dry on it but it was typical a sight of Ivar … covered in blood. You placed your lips against his shoulder blade and he signed.
‘Every battle won should have a mark on your body.’ You muttered against his skin.
‘I woke thinking you would be away.’ He changed the subject to your surprise. You frowned your eyebrows and rested your chin on his shoulder, studying his eyes.
‘I told you I wouldn’t.’ You whispered.
‘Maybe I didn’t believe you.’ He murmured, looking in front of him. You kissed his shoulder before getting up and dressed, in all that time he followed your movements around until you were fully dressed and ready.
‘Let’s go remove that blood so everybody sees how great a warrior you are.’ You nodded to his back.
‘You gonna let me crawl around bare chested all day?’ You were just planning on stepping outside but the slight playfulness in his voice stopped you. You turned around, smiling before shaking your head and returning to him. He grabbed you behind your knees and forced you down in his lap. You chuckled, wrapping a hand around his neck before kissing him passionate. He groaned and you knew on that exact moment he was back to his old self.
‘Only I get to see you naked.’ You muttered.
‘I agree.’ He smiled devilish against your lips. You kissed him one last time before going outside to clean his back. Ivar host himself onto a stool while you dragged a bucket over and pushed a cloth under the cold water. Ivar hissed when it contacted with his skin and you looked up to Hvitserk and Ubbe walking over. Hvitserk gave you a thorough look before his eyes shifted towards Ivar.
‘We have a problem.’
‘Does it involve fighting?’ Ivar asked rather short.
‘Probably.’ Hvitserk shrugged. You looked away from Ivar his back to his both brothers.
‘Ready my chariot.’ Ivar commanded the one slave that stood around. The girl ran of and you threw the cloth away when he reached for his tunic. ‘What are you both still standing around?’ He asked his brothers patience. Hvitserk hide the blunt smile and started walking away.
‘You joining us Y/n?’ Ubbe asked.
‘No she isn’t.’ Ivar answered before you had a change. You slowly turned around to face him, already doubting every word you said yesterday to him. ‘She is pregnant, she isn’t going anywhere near battles from now on.’ He followed smoothly, raising his eyes browns like he wanted you to protest to it. But you could only smile a little.
‘Where do I stay then?’ You asked calmly.
‘At my side.’
‘As your bodyguard?’ You asked directly, handing him his armor.
‘As my wife.’ He replied, squeezing your hip as you helped him in his armor. You looked down to him and he looked up to you. The devotion was all there and you smiled, biting your lip while looking down to his armor. This was a happy feeling, a feeling you didn’t felt in a very long time. You hold on to it, knowing Ivar his mood shifted easily. But for now, it was the best feeling there was, him kissing your belly before you rode your own horse aside his chariot, powerful … together … as one.

The wise Ragnarsons x Reader Modern AU Imagine

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A/N: Alright guys, this is my first requested imagine. It took me a while to do it, due to some problems with my laptop (which was the reason I had to start all over again), and then I got ill…it was almost as if this story shouldn`t be written…so if it is not as good as my other imagines, please be kind! Anyways here it is, requested by @ceylon-morphe286, hope that’s what you had in mind.

if you find any mistakes, please comment.

Description: Y/N A woman from the future gets stuck in the world of Ivar the Boneless and his brothers and tries her best to deal with the situation. But her, to the Vikings seemingly strange, behavior causes many unexpecting things to happen and gives her a special position in Kattegat.

Since I can remember, I was dreamind of experiencing an adventure.

But by that, I did not mean to wake up one morning and find myself in a dark hot and completely unknown room.

I laid in a huge bed made completely of wood and even though it was about 40 ° C in here (caused to a massive fire burning in a fireplace a couple of meters away from the end of the bed), someone decided to wrap me in what felt like a ton of furs.

The house, (if you even could call it that) seemed to have no windows, so it was very dark.

It took me a while to figure out, that this was no dream.

No, it was reality!

I figured out, that this couldn`t be some crazy one night stand after me getting VERY drunk.

I came to the conclusion, that someone must have played a sick prank on me.

However, every thought on how and why I got here, was gone within seconds when I abruptly realized something that made me scream in shock and panic!

I was completely naked.

It’s been a week since these events took place.

It took me a while to figure out, what happened.

I traveled back in time to the 9th century.

Yup, that’s my life…

I still had no clue as to how and why I ended up here, but I learned that I was in a place named Kattegat ruled by king Ragnar.

His youngest son Ivar was the one that found me that morning unconscious on the beach.

I was told, that the cold nearly killed me, so I was stripped down and put in this room under those furs to sweat out all the bacteria.

I remembered my grandmother always doing the same when I was ill as a child, so I believed them when I was told that that was the reason why I was naked.

Since my arrival in Kattegat, I was under the care of the Ragnarsons.

I came to the conclusion, that it was better not to tell them where I came from.

I was allowed to walk through Kattegat but they were always watching over me.

especially Ivar.

He claimed me as his with the justification, that he was the one that found me.

However, I tried my best to fit in but, let’s just say it was difficult.

It was my second day here in Kattegat and I was told to serve  Ivar and his brothers their breakfast this morning. Even though I had a problem doing what I was told as I saw no reason in doing so, I figured out it would help me fit in.

However, things got a little bit out of hand….

When I was almost done with putting everything on the table, I felt a hand squeezing my butt.

When I turned around slowly trying to keep calm I saw Sigurd smirking right up at me.

That was a mistake.

The noise of my palm hitting his face was a reminder of that.

“What the hell slave” Hvitserk called out in shock.

But hvitserks comment caused my blood to boil completely.

“Do NOT dare calling me a slave again! I shouted.

”I am equal to you and I am not anyone’s property.”

“NEVER forget that unless you want me to give your balls a reminder of that for the rest of your life.”

“I would not mess with her” ubbe said while smirking slightly.

well well well, it seems like there were a lot of things to fix around here…

The following week’s things in Kattegat changed…

No one doubted the things (Y/N) said.

Everybody thought she was some kind of a god or someone that was able to heel injuries nobody else could.

At first, everyone was skeptical. I mean come on, how could you not be if suddenly she would start singing “shake it off” and shuffle dance during a feast when she was told to dance.

Even Hvitserk stopped eating.

Or when she talked about something called “Infinity War”, “Avengers” and “Thor” being defeted by a purple giant…

But people started trusting her when she healed Björns arm, on her fourth day in Kattegat.

From this day on, people started calling her “the wise”.

“How many times did I told you how important it is, to wash your hands before dinner? I told you about bacteria and stuff, remember?”

I shouted when I caught Hvitserk stealing some food from the table before washing his hands.

“By the way, where is Ivar ?” I asked a bit suspicious.

“I don`t know, Hvitserk answered while looking at his shoes.

I was about to push further, when the doors of the great hall opened and Ivar crawled inside.

covered in blood.

“oh no, nonono NO” was all I repeated, when I walked over to him and dragged him over to the can of fresh water by his ear.

I insisted on always keeping some fresh water in the dining hall.

A little bit of hygiene couldn`t hurt.

“IVAR!” I shouted while letting him go next to the water can.

“You gonna get sick!”

“Your wounds from this ridiculous fight yesterday are still open. If blood comes in the wound and you and the other person don`t have the same blood type, you will get clotting problems and you gonna die because your blood will bind with  the other’s cells and… I tried to explain.

“Nonsense” Ivar growled quietly.

He was really too stubborn for his own good.

“Dude really? You still don`t trust me?”

Dude? Is that some sort of insult? Sigurd asked curious.

Yup and here we go again…

“I don`t know about you Sigurd but I think you and Ivar owe me some trust after all I`ve done. You should be ashamed of yourself. Both of you.”

That was all I said, before leaving the hall.

Later that evening I was about to leave the great hall to go to bed when I heard someone talking.

I became curious and tried to listen in to the conversation.

“What is it Ivar, why were you so suspicious and reserved towards Y/N?” Ubbe asked. “We decided to trust her.”

“She is scary” Ivar answered quietly.

I smiled to myself.

Who would think that the mighty Ivar the boneless would be afraid of somebody?

Maybe, things would work out between the boys and me.

Ivar and pregnancy & birth

During Pregnancy

  • Him watching your every move
  • Him being overprotective
  • Him whispering stories about his battles against your belly
  • Him commanding everybody around for your care and wellbeing
  • Him getting angry … wanting to yell … but looking to your belly first
  • Him touching your belly frequently
  • Him claiming the baby will have your beauty
  • But probably his personality
  • Him being afraid that the child will turn out a cripple
  • For that he becomes insecure and withdrawn in the beginning
  • Him loving to see your belly grow
  • Loving it even more when he sees and feels the baby kick
  • Him helping your bath
  • You both constantly arguing over him not wanting to leave you
  • Him predicting all the amazing things he will do

During Birth

  • Him needing five minutes to progress the fact you go into labor
  • Him being a mad man against everybody who comes to help you
  • You getting angry over it, him becoming silence
  • Him not wanting to touch you while you are in pain, afraid
  • You grabbing for his hand, him strangling his fingers through yours
  • Him comforting you, with words and the care he can provide
  • When something seems wrong he starts threatening everybody
  • Him only looking short parts to your belly
  • Him holding his breath when he hears that first scream
  • Him forgetting about you in the moment
  • Him being the first one to hold his son/daughter
  • Him being obsessed by the little life in his arms
  • Him pressing a kiss against your forehead, saying he loves you
  • Him having that small smile on his lips, looking to you and the child
  • Him wanting to be alone with you and the child as long as he can

Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Request for: @ultravioletsky7
Note: Because you are still the best, even if inspiration isn’t there on the moment. This is for you, hope you enjoy it. <3
Words: 1373

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His steady hooves galloped through the mud was the only sound in the forest as you returned towards the settlement. After a battle as the one there was days ago a little silence like this felt good. The sound of the forest, the steady wind eased your tired mind. You had observed for so many days, watching York as you scouted his weak and strong points before returning to the settlement. As soon as doomed up you pulled your horse to a walk, gazing over the ships, the tents until you noticed him sitting under a tree, gazing over the water. You stopped the horse, looking how Ivar stroke his hands over his loosen hair, in your opinion it wasn’t a sight, his hair but you ignored it, just as you ignored his mood and walked the horse further into the settlement. People were gathering their stuff and you knew it was for the travels of Björn. You stopped the horse aside the tent and looked down to Hvitserk.
‘Y/n.’ Ubbe greeted you, walking out of the tent. You jumped from the horse and gave it to one of the man. ‘What did you find out?’ He asked practical. Ivar asked you to investigate York, while Ubbe wanted you to look for the armies of Aethelwulf. You sided with Ivar but didn’t tell.
‘That your brother is pouting under a tree.’ You stated with a grin, following them back inside. Hvitserk poured you a cup and you took it with a thankful nod.
‘He wants to be the leader.’ Ubbe explained. You sat down on the edge of the table, tilting your head a little.
‘Do I need to go talk to him?’ You asked, knowing you had a little more influence on him.
‘And what are you going to say, sorry Ivar you can’t be the leader of the great Heathen Army?’ Hvitserk chuckled. You rolled your eyes, bringing the cup to your lips before drinking the cup empty, stroking your hand over your mouth.
‘He is angry, he killed Sigurd, Floki is probably leaving.’
‘You siding with him now?’ Ubbe asked.
‘I understand him and by the way,’ you gave Ubbe the cup and stood up, looking up to him. ‘didn’t he bring you victory?’ You asked with a little smiled. Ubbe studied your face, grabbing your chin slightly.
‘What did you find out?’ He asked.
‘That you should listen to Ivar, it’s solid.’ You reacted. Ubbe nodded, because he had to before letting you go. You tapped your hand against his chest and you smiled, walking out.
‘Be careful Y/n.’
‘Always am.’ You said with a wink.

He was still sitting under the tree, gazing over the water as you walked over to him. He looked aside and rolled his eyes knowing you were planning on making a mocking comment.
‘Pouting, are we?’ You stated, smiling.
‘Rather tell me what you found out.’ He snapped. His blue eyes looked over you as you stood still and crouched down beside him, gazing at his terrible hair before looking to him again.
‘That you were right, York is for the taking.’ You said. A small smile spread over his lips and he looked back in front of him over the water. You studied his face, enjoying the satisfaction that was on there before you destroyed it with your next comment. ‘Why were you pouting, not getting the crown you so badly want?’ You asked a little amused. He took in a very deep breath, giving you a warning look in the corner of his eyes, you chuckled. ‘You know Ivar,’ you stood up, kicking against a little rock that laid in the way. ‘you are already the leader in your own mind, you just need to convince everybody else to think that to.’ You stated, turning around to him. He looked up to you, frowning his eyebrows like you just talked something stupid. ‘You seriously need me to give you a pep talk?’
‘You are doing good so far.’ He stated amused, sitting up, crossing his hand in his lap. You looked over the water for a while before turning around to him.
‘Take York, make some own choices, do what you want to do, show them your independence. And do something about your hair, or the fact you can’t walk.’
‘These won’t magically start to work again.’ He pointed to his own legs, angry at you for teasing him.
‘True but there is always a way.’ You suggested. He squeezed his eyes together and you walked over to him, crouching down aside him.
‘What are you suggesting?’ He asked intrigued, bringing his head closer to yours.
‘I have a brother, he is a blacksmith, he,’ you felt silent, tugging on his tunic before looking back up into his eyes. ‘he could build you working legs. If we are in York.’ You explained with a challenging look. Ivar breathed in, looking over your face before he smiled slowly. After years of friendship you knew you could count on each other. Yes, Ubbe was the leader but Ivar had you fully.
‘Something else?’ He asked, lowering his eyes to your lips, licking his own.
‘Do something about the hair.’
‘Can I braid it?’ You asked him almost teasingly. He chuckled, pulling his head back away while shaking it.
‘Why?’ He asked.
‘Because it would be fun.’ Your hand reached out, grabbing his hair into your first while smiling down to him. He clenched his teeth together when you pulled it slightly before you pushed yourself up, ignoring the hunger in his eyes. ‘Stop pouting about your brother and Floki, show a little more power.’ You advised him, walking away from the tree he was sitting underneath. You smiled a little, biting your lip before shouting him a last gaze, he was shaking his head, giving you that possessive grin of him.

Every scout out of York that crossed your path you killed, going back to the camp without anybody knowing that the Heathen Army was coming, to drunk to notice their soldiers missing, to ignorant to think they were safe and sound, far away from enemies greedy hands. Your axe dripped with blood as you galloped into the camp, jumping from his back as you stopped him aside Ivar his tent. He sat on the edge of his chariot, cleaning his helm.
‘Are we ready?’ He asked you with a short look.
‘Yes, they are drunk, they are praying, we are good to go within this and an hour.’ You nodded to him, laying your axe aside him on the chariot. You were looking to the way he cleaned his helmet before he signed and looked aside to you.
‘Fine!’ He threw the helm aside and looked to you. ‘You can braid my hair.’ He gave in. You petted your hand on his cheek, gesturing him to go inside. He dramatically signed before following you inside, pulling himself onto a seat. You went to stand behind him and stroke your fingers through his hair, he hummed and you smiled, starting on braiding his hair.
‘If we win, we gonna celebrate.’ He stated.
‘There isn’t an if in all of this, we will win, we always win with Ivar The Boneless to command the armies.’ You said with a promising voice, tugging his hair a little. He didn’t reply on it, but you saw the focus in his eyes getting stronger while you braided his hair. Making him not the boy, but the true leader to an army. When you finished the braid you walked around him, admiring how grow up he looked by it. ‘You look ready for battle.’ You nodded in approval. He grabbed you around your hips, pulling you towards him. You chuckled as you sat down on his lap, letting your fingers scout in between his braids. ‘Don’t let your brothers judge, they will side with you in the end.’
‘As long as you side with me.’ He whispered, his blue eyes gleaming dominant.
‘Always.’ You smiled, placing your lips on his. He groaned, pulling you head closer as he kissed you passionate. You felt his hunger through that kiss, not only for you but equally as much for the battle that was coming.

My Golden Rules || Seven Deadly Sin challenge ||

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I should of known this would of happened, I should of been more careful, or better yet I should of just listened. But I didn’t I’m a stubborn girl by nature and sometimes; I cannot help but want to prod the sleeping Lion. Nothing and I mean nothing gets pass Ivar, the fact that I’m staring down in shock or fear even at the unfortunate soul, whom decided to pull me by the hips.

“That wasn’t necessary Ivar.” I whispered, his chest puff as he glared up at me from the floor. “Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear..” Ivar voice was casual as he pulled his axe out of the man skull; was it a curse to be liked by someone so quick tempered, so hot boiled. Yes it was. “You dont need to say it Ivar I know!” I snapped and yet even those I knew the rules Ivar would drill them into my head til they were second nature.

“I do because you have no issue, testing my patience!, you have no problem as my women to throw yourself at any man!-“ I gasped in shock at his harsh words, I was not about to stand here and allow him to humiliate me infront of everyone. If only I knew that all hell was going to break loose, I would of stayed by my boyfriend side all night, but because he was ignoring me and I wanted his attention, I knew the one way I could get it without a second thought.

No one touches Ivar things, that was rule number, number two was never walk away from him especially when he’s talking or trying to prove a point. It’s odd isn’t it when your heart starts to be quicker when you can sense the danger of a situation, or how your feet quicken its pace to create distance. Suddenly my feet were pulled out from under me. I paid greeting to the floor with a loud thud. “Women. You know better then to walk away from me. I am your king and as such, you should know by now that there are a few certain rules to being mine…” his grip on my chin was like iron, it didn’t help also that his upper body was crushing me into the floor, pinning me firmly into the floor.

“Number one: don’t flirt with other men, number two: don’t walk away from me, number three:don’t allow other men to touch what belongs to me, number four: don’t act like a spoil child when you don’t get my attention. (he’s a fine one to talk) number five: don’t flirt with any of brothers; especially Hvitserk I don’t like to share and he’s greedy. Number six: don’t test my patience in public. Number seven: submission is key to making your king happy both in the bedroom and in all things….”

A sly grin touch his prefect lips, seeing the harden look in my eyes. Yeah my stubbornness shall be the death of me. “Number eight: if your to leave my side, I need to know who you’re with, where you are… (Not too possessive) number Nine: Don’t get jealous if I flirt with a thrall, they are slaves and nothing more…” I could swear he was only saying this to wind me up, because it was working and there was nothing I could do accept listen to his words. “Lastly don’t you even think about it. Don’t you ever try to betray me, because if you do. I will kill you.” Ivar was such a cunt sometimes.

“Hm?” Gently he swayed my face from side to side.

“Yes Ivar I-i understand..” amazing truly it was to see how he could go from literally murdering someone minutes before everyone’s eyes to a gleeful child. “Good girl now try and not break my rules again. Or next time there will be consequences, for your actions.” There was no point in saying anything, Ivar was so sensitive that when he was like this it was just best to allow him to relieve himself… or better yet add another golden rule onto his list for me to follow.

Slytherin Ivar Mood Board

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Hello, I just Saw your prompt list, and was wondering if you would be kind enough to write 47 and 179, both in the same, if you can. Thank you so much.

Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Note: Smutalert. Hope you enjoy it love.
Words: 718

Learning was hard, especially when you learned from that little brat. You didn’t knew what he was … sometimes he acted like a friend, other times he was just a brad, sometimes he even was the enemy. Today you couldn’t get a hold of him, he was taunting you in aiming better and putting you down the ground in a swordfight. ‘You will be useless on the battlefield you know.’ He chuckled when your arrow missed it’s target again. You did this for a month already, hearing this annoying way of teasing you. ‘You aren’t really helping.’ You muttered, grabbing for another arrow. ‘I’m not here to help you, I’m here to learn you.’ He said with a cocked up smile. You rolled your eyes, pulling the string back before aiming, off course hitting the target not as accurate as you thought, you heard him laugh behind you. You turned around angry. ‘You are supposed to be a little more positive, supportive.’ You grunted. ‘I’m not made to be positive, apparently you not for shooting.’ He pointed to the target. ‘Why am I even doing this with you.’ You hissed, not knowing what to do with your hands other than grabbing for another arrow. You were persistent, that was something he couldn’t deny. ‘You’re cute when you’re angry.’ He state with a titled head. You looked over to him, to those piercing blue eyes taking all of you in one look. ‘I hope there is something else you are good at.’ He said, rather normal. You just kept looking to him before shrugging. ‘You certainly will never find out.’ You reacted dryly. He licked his lip and your eyes traveled shortly to it. ‘Hmm, you say that now.’ ‘If there is something I’m better at it then you it is pleasing somebody else.’ You reacted, knowing it would make him angry, now at least he knew how you felt. You throw him the bow, walking off without giving him another glare.

You were just falling asleep when he woke you by covering your mouth. First reaction was to yell, second to pull his hand away in angry. ‘First one to make a noise loses.’ He set the rules. What? But you really woke up on the feeling his lips left on your skin. It was like everything fired up in that slow kiss underneath your ear. You breathed out against his hand, feeling the chills go down. ‘Deal?’ He asked. You only nodded and he slowly rasped away his fingers from your mouth so you could breathe properly. You wanted to say something but he tapped his finger on your lips, reminding you the one rule before kissing you. You were caught off guard, causing you to tremble under the feeling of his demanding tongue against your teeth. Not making a sound … how do you need to do that while his hands scoured over your body, he squeezed your breast, kneading and pinching through your night dress. You wanted to make a sound but you couldn’t, you only knew to play the game in his way, forcing him on making a sound. You dragged your nails over the short haired sides of his head, feeling him shiver while he cupped your sex, irritated by the fact there was still clothes in between. You arched your back, biting your lips to not moan on the feeling he caused. He dragged his body over yours, settling between your legs while giving that promising dominant look. While pulling up your night dress. You wanted him to stop, you knew when he crossed that line you wouldn’t be able to keep silent. And he did, you squeezed your legs together but him and all the strength he got in his arms kept your legs apart while he touched your sensitive skin. He was looking at you, knowing you wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer. You bite your lip until it started bleeding. He touched that little sweet spot and you grabbed into the sheets, panting on the shivering feeling it all gave. And then he licked one line up and you broke, moaning while pushing your hips up to his touch. ‘Not so good after all hmm.’ He smiled dark, pleasing you in a way he never did before.

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Chapter Three - ‘ Be Ruthless ‘

As the gates swung open, many horsemen came out and surrounded the three of you. They walked around us, until we heard a voice from up above the gate say;
“ Who are you?! ”

Your eyes all darted to the man that spoke, then you father moved forward a tad while both you and Ivar’s eyes watch the horsemen that kept walking around us, he said;
“ My children and I have come to see your good friend King Ecbert, I have no doubt that your King would like to know of our arrival ”

Both you and Ivar’s eyes moved from your father, to the man and back to the many man that surrounded us, making us feel very uneasy. The man above the gate then replied;
“ The King is not here ”

Our father Ragnar, moved forward and said;
“ I’m still sure he would like to know that his good friend has been treated .. kindly ”

We looked to our father, hoping what he was saying was working when the man raised his arm and yelled;
“ Let them in ! ”

Our father Ragnar, looked around pleased that he got them to open the gates, one of the horsemen got off his horse and put your brother Ivar over it so he could be carried in. You walked beside Ivar, and your father walked ahead of us. He kept looking back to us as we walked in behind him looking around. There were soilders everywhere, and people were just staring at us.

Just then Prince Aethelwulf walked in with his armed guards, our father regonized him immdently, Ivar and you had no idea who this man was for all we knew he was King Ecbert but we were mistaken. Once Prince Aethelwulf seen our father Ragnar his face went from calm to frightened, the man that allowed us to enter said to Prince Aethelwulf;
“ Prince Aethelwulf, we may have captured .. ”

But Prince Aethelwulf cut him off and said as he walked quickly towards us;
“ For the love of god, do you not know who this is?! This is Ragnar Lothbrok .. King of the Northmen! ”

Our father knew exactly what was going to happen, you could hear people breathing in fear, letting out gasps as they heard the name of your father then Prince Aethelwulf was in front of your father he yelled;
“ Seize Him !! ”

You were scared for your father, not knowing if they were going to kill him right in front of you and your brother. Soliders surrounded your father, your father looking around waiting for what was about to happen next. The soldiers seem to be frozen in fear when suddenly one of the men, a coward none of the less hit your father in the back of the head without him seeing this, he fell to his knees, and before he could comprehend at what just happened another man hit him across the face. Knocking him to all fours, than they started kicking him in the side of his body and his stomach. Hearing your father gasp and grunt in pain was horrible. You winced, and closed your eyes as they beat your father, you gripped Ivar’s sleeve, Ivar watched helplessy as they did this to our father.

Prince Aethelwulf was amused at the sight of seeing our father Ragnar being beaten like a dog. They picked up our father and held him up for the next blow when he was knocked back down onto his back, he managed to look at us and we looked at him feeling helpless, we wanted nothing more than to help him but his words that he told us back at the wagon came rushing back to us and we didn’t move.

Prince Aethelwulf then looked at what Ragnar was gesturing too and he said;
“ Who are they? ”

The man that allowed us to enter said;
“ A cripple and a young woman ”

Prince Aethelwulf laughed and my brother and I continued to watch as our father was being abused. It went on for awhile longer, and as our father sat up trying to catch his breath, one of the soliders kicked him in the face causing him to fall back and blacking out. You gasped at the sound your father made as he was hit, you swallowed hard, and kept your tears at bay.

Your father was unconscious, they took you and your brother away from your father, you both had no idea if they had killed him or not. They didn’t tell you where they kept him or if he was even alive, they kept you and your brother in a room with armed gurads blocking the doorway. You paced back and fourth, your brother sat silently awaiting for news of your father. You both weren’t harmed but still the not knowing if your father was killed or not drove you both mad. When you got news that he was alive, and speaking with King Ecbert you felt relief for a moment or two.
Your brother Ivar said to you;
“ You know father didn’t say we would get captured .. ”

You looked at your brother, who’s face was full of doubt about our father, you inhaled deeply and said;
“ Brother, we both knew that we would get captured it was just the three of us. Now, it seems we might die here but at least we die together and at least we decided against all odds to come here on this journey with our father ”

Your brother gave you a half smile, when a woman appeared at the door. She was holding something, she had a young man standing beside her holding a tray. You stood up and Ivar just gazed at them. She had some warm blankets, and food, she smiled and said;
“ Hello, my name is Judith .. and this is my son Alfred ”

You both looked at eachother and back to her, you both didn’t respond but you nodded in acknowledgment and she continued as she cleared her throat;
“ uhm, I thought maybe it be cold in here and I thought you two would like something to eat. .. ”

You both didn’t quite understand why she was being so nice, weren’t you two prisoners but yet you two weren’t in any dungeon, they kept you in a room isolated from your father Ragnar. Judith and her son Alfred moved slowly, the guards watched closely as if they were ready to pounce on Ivar and I if we tried anything. Judith brought the tray to the nearby table that was in the room and placed the blankets on the ground. She looked to us and said;
“ Eat, and if you are cold these blankets will keep you warm ”

Just as she walked away with Alfred you said;
“ Why are you being so kind ? ”

She stopped and turned around, she gave us a warm smile;
“ You are children, there is no need to be hostile. You need to eat, I bet you both are starving and we have food to give so of course ”

You were puzzeled then you said;
“ Don’t you hate us Saxon ? All the other Saxon’s do ? ”

She smiled and inhaled deeply as she said before turned around to walk out;
“ I am not just any Saxon, and no I do not hate you ”

You walked towards the food and before she was gone you said softly as if it was against your nature;
“ Thank you .. ”

She gave you a look before the guards closed the door. Ivar and you smelled the strange food, and looked over it. It seemed okay, so you both tried it and to both your surpirse it was actually delicious. You both ate it up, and drank the water that was also provided. As you sat beside your brother, in the blankets you said;
“ Wonder what will happen to us and father ? ”

Ivar looked at you, and he said;
“ I do not know sister, it is up to the God’s now ”

You looked down at your fingers, and you said;
“ What if we do die here, Ivar ? ”

Ivar inhaled harshly and he said as he looked out the window;
“ Then we die here sister, it isn’t up to us ”

After awhile there was a small knock on the door, the guards opened it and you see Judith and her son Alfred once again. This time the young man was holding something and he looked to his mother as if he was asking permission to speak, she looked at him and nodded. Alfred walked to the table and placed the thing he was holding onto on the table. We watched curiously and he said;
” Would you like to play chess with me? “

We both looked to Judith who was watching, she smiled and we both gave each other a look and looked back to Alfred. He smiled and said as he placed little figures on the table;
” It is quite fun, I will show you how to play “

You got up slowly and Ivar started to crawl over to the table, as he got to the chair he pulled himself up onto it looking at the table. You sat also watching as Alfred was showing both of us how to play. Ivar caught on quickly, you just enjoyed watching them both play. Judith also watched over us playing chess with her son. After awhile, we were interrupted by the guards that came and got Ivar only. You didn’t want to be separated from your brother and neither did he, and you both struggled to try reach each other, but they had already got Ivar out of the room and you were left alone. You looked towards Judith and said angrily;
” Where have they taken my brother?! “

Judith did not know what to say, she just stayed close to Alfred and they soon were escorted out of the room for their own protection seeing how you were extremely upset and confused. Ivar was placed in a cellar that was cold and dark, they put him in a chair that was in the center of the room. The guards left him there and he looked around, he noticed chains that led into the darkness and he said cautiously;
” Father? .. “

It was quite for a moment then your father spoke from within the darkenss;
” I have some good news .. King Ecbert has arranged for a boat. You both are going home “

Ivar said;
” I’m not going without you. .. “

It was silent for a few moments, then your father said;
” They aren’t going to release me. .. I have to die “

Ivar hated hearing these words come from our fathers mouth, he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest and said smugly;
” Then I’ll die too, I’m thinking of being burnt alive “

Your father quickly responded;
” Don’t be stupid, I don’t want you to die. .. It is far more important that you stay alive “

He got up slowly, he was sore Ivar could see. Ivar’s eyebrows winced together at the sight of our father. He started to walk slowly over to where Ivar was. His chains were heavy and dragging as he walked, he limped at the fact that the chains around his ankles were to tight and he said;
” People think that you are not a threat, but i know differently. Out of all my sons, it is you that I wanted to bring here and it is you that I believe is the most important for the future of our people. “

Ivar leaned forward and with an irriated tone;
” I’m just about prepared to believe you “

Just then your father grabbed him my his shoulders and pushed him back into the chair and said harshly;
” Shut up and listen you idiot “

Ivar stared at your father face to face and your father said;
” You have many gifts .. “

Ivar didn’t want to hear it but your father made him hear it as he continued to say as he pointed to your brothers head;
” And of those many gifts is what is up in here, you do not think like other men, you are unpredictable, and that will serve you well. .. use your anger intelligently, and I promise you my son that one day the whole world will know and fear Ivar the Boneless “

Ivar took a minute or two to take everything that your father was saying, and he said though his voice broke a bit;
” I wish, I wish I wasn’t so angry all the time “

He looked at your father, your father loosen the hold he had on his shoulders and fixed his tunic, then he put his hands on the chair rests and said with a grin;
” Then you’d be nothing “

Ivar huffed, and added;
” I might have been happy ? “

Your father said;
” Happiness is nothing “

Ivar looked at your father smug, nodding his head and said while he slapped your father lightly on the head;
” I was only joking .. idiot “

Your father taking in the moment, inhaled deeply he then pressed his forehead against Ivar’s. He then moved closer to almost whipser in his ear;
” King Ecbert is handing me over to King Aella, who will kill me “

Ivar taking in what your father Ragnar just said he replied;
” If this Aella is going to kill you then me and all my brothers will seek for revenge and you know that “

Ragnar listening, he smiled, nodded and said back to Ivar;
” Yes. .. You must seek revenge, but not only Aella .. “

Ragnar leaned in and whispered to Ivar;
” And Ecbert “

Ragnar moved back to face Ivar, Ivar looking at him dead in the eyes, he nodded in acknowledgement. Your father then said;
” Everyone will always underestimate you, you must make them pay for it “

Ivar trying desperately to hold back his emotions, when your father reached down to grab his arm band and placed it in Ivar’s hands. Your father Ragnar and Ivar held onto the band tightly then Ivar said;
” I will, father. . “

Ragnar looking at your brother Ivar, he smiled at him and grabbed him by the neck and said;
” Be ruthless “

He kissed Ivar on top of the head, and just then soliders came into the room and took Ivar away. Your father, waited and watched as they took him away. You were still pacing in your room when soliders came for you. You didn’t go easily and they brought you to the cellar where your father was being held. Once the doors shut you turned to see your father on his knees, and you ran over to him.
” Father ! “

He embraced you, held on to you tightly and said as he took in a deep breath;
” My dear sweet, Y/N “

You pulled back a bit, you knew something was wrong because your father looked as if he was about to burst into tears, you said in an uneasy tone;
” What’s the matter ? Where is Ivar?! “

He smiled at you, moved your hair from your face and said as calm as he could;
” Ivar is fine. .. “

You sat back on your knees and inhaled, then you asked;
” What’s going on  .. father ? “

Your father looking over you, he smiled the he said;
” You know, you had a sister long before your brothers … “

You looked at your father surpirsed yet confused and you said softly;
” Father, what are you talking about. . “

He touched your face softly, and said;
” You remind me of her, so beautiful and so strong my dear sweet daughter “

You grasped his hand, and almost begged for an answer;
” Father, why are you talking as if your trying to say goodbye ? “

He smiled to himself and said;
” You were always to smart, my daughter King Ecbert has arranged for a boat. .. you and your brother will be going home “

You looked at him, eyebrows furrowed and you said;
” W..we aren’t going anywhere without you . “

Your father gave you a little chuckle and said;
” Just like your brother, they aren’t going to release me y/n. . I have to die “

The moment you heard those words it was as if someone punched you in the gut, you felt a huge lump in your throat which was causing you not to speak. Your eyes were becoming blurry, and your father said before you could speak;
” Do not cry for me my child, I need you and your brother to make it home alive. .. it is important “

You nodded and you said;
” If you die, you know that my brothers all of them including me will come back here and revenge you .. father “

He smiled and said;
” I know “

Tears started to fall from your eyes, and your father moved closer to you, he made you look up at him and he said softly;
” My daughter, don’t let anyone control you. You are my daughter, you are the daughter of Ragnar Lothbrok and I know you will be great. Be there for your brothers, but don’t lose yourself my sweet Y/N “

He wiped the tears away, he hugged you and kissed you ontop of your head. You didn’t want to let him go, and you said as your voice broke;
” I will father, I will .. “

Just then guards came bursting into the room and took you away from your father, he was on his knees as they took you away. They brought you to the same room, and once you scanned the room you found your brother. The guards locked the door and you ran to your brother. You were crying still, he was sitting on the floor trying to hold back his emotions. You ran to him, he had his arms open for you and you hugged on another, you cried against him and said;
” I seen father, he said goodbye “

You pulled back to look at Ivar and he looked at you through glassy eyes and he replied;
” I know, I seen father too .. “

You grasped each others hands tightly, you seen that father gave your brother his band. You touched it gently and smiled. Then the smile vanished as you looked up to your brother with serious eyes and said as stern as you could;
” You know what we have to do “

Ivar nodded, knowing exactly what we had to do. An hour or two later it was time to go, you both didn’t see your father, but the guards came back and took you and your brother out and we went to the sea. There was a boat, and you two were going to be on it, and attempt to sail back home to Kattegat. As you both got on, and started to leave England, you both looked back knowing that you both would never see your father again. King Ecbert’s men surrounded us on the boat, both Ivar and I stayed side by side the entire way home.

Once we reached Kattegat, both Ivar and I did not notice we were both too weak. We were woken by our brothers, Ubbe and Sigurd. Ubbe carried me out of the boat, while another man and Sigurd carried Ivar.

As we were being carried it as if we were dreaming. Both Ivar and I had to take glances over to our brothers to make sure it was really real. Archer’s from both our viking warriors and King Ecbert’s men were ready to let loose if anyone did anything towards one another. You opened your tried eyes and looked at Ubbe, you said groggy tone;
” Ubbe? Is it really you? “

Ubbe cradling you in his strong arms, like he use to when you were a child he smiled and said softly;
” Yes, dear sister. It is I your brother Ubbe “

You smiled, you rested your head against the side of his shoulder and neck, for a second you felt relaxed when you opened your eyes and said in a weak frantic voice;
” Ivar! Where is Ivar, brother?! “

Ubbe holding you tightly, just so he wouldn’t drop you said;
” Don’t worry sister, our brother Sigurd has him. You are both home and safe now “

Your heart rate lowered and you looked for your other brothers, Ubbe noticing you looking around and he turned you both around to see your brothers following the two of you. You could see your exhausted brother, Ivar being carried. He looked as drained, and weak as you did. Ivar did manage to look at you but his head fell quickly downward. You did notice you that your mother Aslaug was no where to be found, which was odd considering she would be panicking over Ivar and you. You didn’t say anything right away, you just wanted something to drink and eat, and to lay your head down.

Once you got to a house that you didn’t recongize, at that moment you didn’t really care. All you cared about was getting some food, and drink into both you and Ivar’s systems. You both were completely drained, the entire journey back you both hadn’t had anything to eat or drink. Once you started to regain your strength, Ivar was sitting at the table eating with Ubbe sitting beside him and Sigurd was in the corner of the room. You sat up on the bed, your brother Ubbe  brought you a drink you took it, and downed it like your life depended on it. As Ubbe returned to his seat out of no where, Sigurd asked;
” Where is our father ? “

You swallowed your drink hard as you heard your brother ask about your father, you slowly moved the cup down and looked towards your brother Ivar. He looked at you, and you at him and you felt that lump start to form in your throat again. Ivar took a minute or two, he held his hand in front of his mouth and your brother Ubbe asked;
” Where is Ragnar ? “

Ivar glanced at you again then he inhaled deeply and said as he let the air out of his lungs;
” King Ecbert handed him over to King Aella knowing that he would .. kill him. “

Your brother’s shared a look amoungs each other, the room was silent and Ubbe asked in a confused manner;
” Why would he give him to Aella? “

Ivar responded;
” Does it matter? Our father is probably dead by now, and we will have to avenge him. ..  That is what matters “

The room fell silent once again, and your brothers shared another look, this one more alarming then the last. Something was wrong, and they weren’t telling you two. You noticed and you said after clearing your voice;
” Ubbe, what is going on ? There’s something that you aren’t telling us … “

Ivar looked at you and to his brothers, and you felt that ugly lump in your throat again, your heart started to race and you said through a shaky voice;
” Wh..Where is mother? “

Sigurd walked over to your brother Ivar and leaned against the table beside him, Ubbe looked over to you and back to the floor when Sigurd said as serious as he could;
” We have something to tell you .. “

Ivar noticing Ubbe being uneasy and he said as he looked to Ubbe;
” Ubbe ? “

Ubbe inhaled deeply, and looked forward away from the eyes of both Ivar and you, he could not speak. Sigurd then took it upon himself to tell us what they have been keeping from us since we arrived;
” Mother.. is dead “

It was as if the breath that filled your lungs had completely vanished, and Ivar was stunned and could not believe the words he was hearing and he looked from Sigurd to Ubbe as if he need it to be comfirmed. Ubbe looked at him and you and said sadly;
” It is true. .. Lagertha killed her. Lagertha is now Queen of Kattegat “

You started to breath heavily, and your eyes became glassy, tears started to form in your eyes and Ivar was just taking in everything that was being said. We just lost our father, now our mother too ? You could see he was breaking, you looked at him and your brothers, there was sadness and anger that spread across their faces. You both looked back to Ubbe and he looked to you both and repeated;
” Our mother is dead. “

Ivar’s lips trembled, and he wanted to speak but he couldn’t. He looked from his brothers to you and back to the floor. Eye’s glassy as he tried to hold back his tears, you couldn’t hold back yours any longer. Tear’s started to flow from your eyes down your face, you didn’t make a noise, your lips trembled as you took in the information that your brother’s dropped on you both. Ubbe seeing you break, and he listened to his instinct of being your older brother, he walked over to you and held you close and you sobbed in the nook of his neck, you were shaking and he held you tightly, slowly caressing your arm. You gripped his cloak as tight as you could, you were heartbroken yet furious as to what happened while you and your brother were away.

The next day, you and your brother’s went to your ususal swimming hole and with most of Lagertha’s shield maiden’s, they have been watching your brother’s since Lagertha killed our mother. You sat with your brother Ivar in silent as Ubbe and Sigurd swam. You looking around at the shield maidens that Lagertha ordered to watch you four.

Your brother’s were talking to each other but you could not hear, all you could see as they kept looking around at the warriors that watched all of us. Ivar hadn’t spoke since we found out about our mother, he was furious and devesated but you knew how to handle your brother. Sigurd asked Ubbe;
” So what about Ivar ? How do we control him ? “

Ubbe inhaled and answered;
” Y/N will help control him, besides mother she was the one that’s closes to him and knows him better than anyone “

Sigurd sighed and he said;
” Just tell me what we need to do “

Your brother’s looked over to you and Ivar, Ivar was thinking of what we needed to do. We knew what we had to do for father, but now how do we deal with this new problem ? As we were heading back to Kattegat, Ivar wanted to go to our favorite spot that over looked the city. Ubbe and Sigurd said;
” Okay, we will . .“

Ivar spat out harshly;
” No ! I want to go alone, just me and Y/N “

Ubbe and Sigurd were surprised as this outbrust and you said a tad calmer;
” He is right, if you two come the shield maidens follow. You two are the threat to Lagertha, not the cripple and the little girl so they will not follow us. We will be fine, brothers “

Ubbe understood, and nodded and he started to walk back with Sigurd and the rest of the shield maidens, while you and Ivar made your way to the hill. As you got closer Ivar said to you;
” I need to be alone sister “

It hurt you to see your brother so hurt, and that he didn’t want you with him but you knew he needed to grieve in his own way. You nodded and watched as he went up the hill and down a bit to the other side. He sat, and you stayed on the other side. You heard Ivar’s cries, this pained you and a few tears escaped your eyes. You sat, head down for a moment and took in the air that surrouned you.

You could smell the grass, the tress as it just rained no more than a few hours ago, you always loved the smell after it rained. You looked around and you could see Kattegat, this was your home that is being taken away from you. You felt rage come over you, something that you have never felt before and you felt the anger build up for the woman that murder your mother in cold blood.
You waited a bit, before you made you way to where you brother was. You slowly walked over to him, as he went quiet. You sat next to him, and you said coldly looking down at Kattegat;
” We need to avenge mother’s death, brother “

Ivar sniffled, and looked down towards his city of Kattegat and said;
” I couldn’t agree more, sister “

You held out your hand to your brother, you looked over to him and he looked down to your hand and gripped it tightly. You then said as you tried to be strong;
” For mother “

Ivar nodded and replied;
” For mother “

chapter 4 coming soon. .. oxo


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Whispers Of A Broken Promise

This is going to be my first Viking fan story, I am going to write. It is about a vow of marriage being broken between IvarXOCXHvitserk. A Lord’s daughter only marries Ivar because she was forced to, during the raid on York. She was now unfortunately trapped, they were so different, so alienated and cold towards each other well (ivar more so to Mildrith). So Hvitserk took it upon himself to make Ivar’s wife feel welcome, teach her there language, the ways of the gods and the basic to be accepted into their society. Feeling almost torn between her duties as a wife and her feelings for Hvitserk whom took advantage of the fact that Ivar is scared of Ivar, he persuade her into having an affair with him. So will this be plain sailing for the Mildrith and have her happy ending or will everything end in blood and death. Hm Who knows.

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