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I’m not sure if it sent this morning bc i have crap WiFi at 3 am for some reason, and it never seems to send my ask or post my reblogs, but I wanted to request (unless you’ve written it already) Ivar meeting a woman with OI? + Soft!Ivar

A/N: So… yeah. This is just a little short piece that might have another chapter.

He was king. As far as he was concerned, he was god too. He stood on top of the leveled off area of his throne, crutch in thick furs with his chalice in a gloved hand. His many earls cluster about– offering coin and gift to their king. He had received several swords, fine and beautiful thralls and expensive cloth sewn by careful hands. Everything was going fantastic until he noticed someone was missing as he commenced his toast.

The earl by the name of Njáll was missing. He owned a rather pressing piece of land. A healthy, beautiful town that overlooked the a cliff with rolling waters. Seemingly incapable of being defeated, Njáll had begun to turn grey. Ivar considered what Earl might come after him.

The rich clang of chalice and horn signals the end of his toast. In place of relaxing, Ivar took down the stairs in search of the old man with long blond hair beginning to lighten. When he finally found the man, it’s nothing short of a interrogation.

“Where did you go during the toast?” He asks.

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“Of course, the more the merrier,”  Pippin exclaimed as he looked amongst the five men and beamed. As he did so, Ivar narrowed his brows at the strange man. “We need more people of intelligence in this…this - ”

Quest. It is a quest.” Frodo sighed. “We’ve traveled for days, you should know this by now.” 

“Right, the quest.” Pippin nodded enthusiastically as Legolas and Aragorn shook their head disappointed. Whilst Gandalf went to speak to Bjørn and Ubbe, Pippin tapped upon Ivar’s shoulder.

“Do you enjoy second breakfast?”

As Pippin grinned joyfully at the crippled man awaiting his answer, Ivar simply stared and thought about the rest of the journey. It was to be a long and hard journey if this man would not leave him alone. After giving Pippin one last glare, he crawled away.

Pippin nudged at Merry and nodded once more, “He seems like the fellow that would.”


Now that I’m on hiatus I finally made a masterlist. Most of my works are NSFW so if you’re under 18, please don’t.

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Ivar’s eyes watched you as you walked along the waters edge. he barely noticed Ubbe had joined him until Ubbe’s hand went to his shoulder, “i see we have both noticed this habit of hers.” Ubbe stated.

Ivar shrugged, “i enjoy watching her walk.”

“as do i.” Ubbe stated, sitting next to his brother. 

they both watched you a little longer then Hvitserk sat down next to them, “i see im not the only one noticed the pretty little dove.”

Ivar rolled his eyes, “Pretty little dove? how did you come up with that one?”

Hvitserk shrugged, “you have to admit it fits.”

Ivar clenched his jaw. it did. 


Alex Høgh Andersen AU: He asked you to marry him (and you said ‘yes’)

Imagine: He was planning to ask you on friday, all while he still had to shoot for Vikings. Needless to say so he was a mess on set all week. He couldn’t focus, he messed up his lines, was nervously pacing around, overthinking it. The cast, who all know about you because you visited them on set countless times before, were all feeling for him. But at the end of the day you said ‘yes’ and especially Katheryn couldn’t be more proud. And Alex, he’s just over the moon and can’t stop thinking about you. 


Ivar the Boneless x Reader
Ivar is having dreams of you, of the goddess he sees on walking his nights. You prove him things, show him things and he can’t handle your ways or the fact they are just dreams. Until one day battle proves him wrong.

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Warnings: Smut - Violence - Ivar point of view
Words: 3535

Taglist: @missbrightlyred @itharley @burningsunshin3 @float-autumn-leave @inthenameofodin @zombie-zayde @decaffeinatedeaglefart @nothingbuthappydays @dani-si @ivarbarnes @supervalcsi @sweetvengeancee @mysticsthinking @odins-missing-eye @kirah34 @laketaj24 @tiredofthisgeneration @mcuimxgine @sugakookiexx @dangerousvikings @natmors

Dreams should supposed to be dreams, drawings of ones deepest desires and thoughts. This wasn’t that, this was a vivid as a stormy night on sea, this was warm and alive, more alive than every time he dreamed about you before. Your shadow danced on the fire before his tent, walking on your tips, graceful, balanced you came into his eye sight. Ever since you entered his dreams you left him speechless, he was gazing at you, feeling the insecurity crawl through his chest as he looked up to you.
‘Ivar.’ You smiled to him, a smile he couldn’t place. A smile that wasn’t charming or graceful, not seductive or gentle. It was a smile containing all of that and he pulled the corner of his lips up in a short tug. ‘Did you miss me?’ You tilted your head. You were looking to the way he pulled his body up on his hands, how he rested his back against the headboard. As a king he desired much, he desired you but it didn’t left his lips as your fingers scour over the sheets that covered his legs. He looked down to the edges of his small miserable legs, trying to figure out maybe why they were so miserable and why you were here again, in his dreams.
‘Who are you?’ He asked, looking up to you, a woman dressed in a light dress, with flowers braided through your hair. He almost found it to be godlessly. It had to have a meaning, all of this, you visiting his dreams, but without asking he wouldn’t know … now he was asking.
‘I’m here to help you King Ivar, I’m here to lead you the way.’ You answered him, crouching down aside the bed to grace him with one of your elegant smiles.
‘I don’t need guidance.’ He found his voice to be harder, maybe annoyed by the fact you were talking riddles to him.
‘You need some things at least, reassurance, prove.’ You’re fingers scour over the fabrics that covered his legs. He tensed, looking confused, looking lost as he felt something change within him.
‘Prove of what?’ He shifted his deep blue eyes back on yours and you lifted your fingers up from his legs.
‘Prove of enjoyment, pleasure.’ You answered him honestly. It didn’t took him long before he knew where you were talking about and his eyes shifted back to his legs as you stood up.
‘I can’t,’
‘It’s just a dream right? Isn’t that what you always say?’ You asked him polite. Ivar looked aside, to the way you crumbled your dress between your fingers up before you straddled yourself down over his lap. Ivar gasped, feeling the vibration of your weight spreading a certain warmth throughout his body. It was a dream, it was just a dream. ‘Are you going to let yourself define by one slave?’ You asked him, fingertips resting against his jaws. Ivar looked to the middle of your throat before he slowly looked up to you. He felt his hate, his misery after what happened with Margrethe. The rumors that he couldn’t please a woman where hardly a part of his rage these days. He was born to lead but apparently he needed to do that without a son to give his legacy to. Despite you foresaw otherwise. He rolled his jaws while looking into your eyes. You smiled again, lowering your lips down to his. How could this felt so real? The pressure, the taste, Ivar shivered throughout his body while you moved your lips. The uncertainty, the feelings of them pulling him back now. He grabbed your shoulder, pushing you back.
‘You are not real.’ He hissed between his lips.
‘Is that what you think? Or is that what you want to believe?’ You ask him, digging your nail in his chest, pulling it down so he had a feel of reality.
‘You are not real.’ He repeated again, angry on himself on letting this happen. Why where you always returning in his dreams, where you a goddess guiding him through or where you just a fragment of his desires. You nodded, almost respectfully before clipping the leaf formed clips lose from your shoulders. The dress stroke in a fluent motion down over your body, assembling around your hips. His jaws clenched as he took in a breath, looking over your nakedness in this dark night. ‘I’m as real as you let me Ivar, let a dream not stop you from greatness, taste it.’ You gestured, moving your hips a little deeper in his lap. He gasped, feeling his body reacted on what he saw and felt. You were bringing your head back closer and he let you. His fingers found the naked skin of your side before sliding to the back, lifting all the way up over your spine. Feeling your lips, feeling your movements, it wasn’t real. But he let it, he grabbed for your hair at the back, pulling at it so your head kicked up, his lips leaving traces over your neck. The soft sign leaving your lips encouraged him. Ivar never felt like he felt now. His free hand touched your breast before he took it and knead it between his hand. Your reacting, the little moan, the way you rocked your hips slowly into his left him speechless for he felt something react of his own. He grabbed you around you waist turning so you landed with your back in the bed. His hand grabbed for your throat, not knowing how to act on the madness of this dream, not knowing how to feel about his own body. There was so much uncertainty that it made him angry. He clenched his fingers around your throat, hissing before pulling your head up and slamming it back in the bed.
‘You are not real!’ He growled, wanting to see you turn red for the lack of oxygen. But it was a dream and you just smiled, finger raking over his body, grabbing between his legs to what was hard and ready. He shivered, his whole body burning before he lowered his head again and kissed your lips. He left your throat, fingers eagerly grabbing into your skin, into your breasts, almost aggressively.
‘This is you Ivar, fully alive.’ You panted against his lips as he ripped the dress from around your waist. You made him feel alive, for the first time a dream came actually true and it wasn’t even real. He felt the pulse between his disturb legs, he felt the sweat covering his forehead, he saw you close your eyes, moaning when his fingers pinched the soft flesh between your legs. There wasn’t a foreplay in all of this, he felt alive and he wanted this, he wanted this since he chocked Margrethe to silence. That damn slave. His mouth became intoxication, biting down your skin, rocking against you while you started to erase the cloths from his body. He was dreaming, he was dreaming, he kept repeating that when he slammed himself inside of you, opening his own mouth for the impact he brought down on your body. ‘You can, you see?’ You panted, proving him what he could do. Ivar hissed, grabbing for your hair as he moved his body into yours, over and over. Enjoying the ring of his own voice over your lips, enjoying the screams out of your throat. He enjoyed the feeling, how it felt being inside a woman. He grunted, going hard, leaving marks on your body while you scratched your nails over his chest, red marks starting to bleed. ‘You can, you will, you are the greatest King walking this earth and this is just,’ you moaned through your words, feeling the heights turning around in your body. With one last rock he came, grunting like a wild beast he dropped down on you. You strangled your fingers through his hair. ‘let me prove that to you my king.’ You whispered in his ear, fully out of breath. He turned his head, a nose stroking against your cheek as he looked into your bright eyes from aside.
‘How can I believe a goddess like you if this all is a dream?’
‘Because we will meet again.’

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Ivar having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaww Ivar! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him feeling love at first sight the moment you are introduced to him and since harboring his feelings for you as they grow stronger

-Him not being able to keep his gaze off of you whenever he catches a glimpse of you at the markets or the farms in Kattegat, and sometimes ending up following you around 

-Him being speechless whenever you’d smile and hand over something, saying that you got it just for him. making him cherish it as much as he can and be reminded of you 

-Him getting nervous but trying his best to hide whenever you’d notice him during a feast and make your way towards him to make conversation, only to end up liking the moment so much he’d do anything to stall you from leaving

-Him liking to look at you farm as much as he enjoys looking at you fight as he simply can’t get over how pretty you are, only feel himself blushing whenever you’d catch him and point him out

-Him feeling his heart skip a beat whenever you would walk over to sit next to him and talk, making him finally realize that you always talk to his eye level

-Him getting flustered whenever his brothers bring you up during dinner, only to slowly grow angry and keep them from making jokes about wanting you

-Him offering you whatever you might need from him, so gladly, sometimes you hadn’t even asked for it yet and he’s already handing it over

-Him revealing to his mother his thoughts about you and how you make him feel when he sees you, only to end up making her smile and comfort him 

-Him hoping you’ll see pass his handicap and consider him as a potential interest, only to end up confessing his feelings when he just can’t handle it


-him seeing you at Kattegat one day

-and then he’s just head over heals in love with you

-and works his ass off to get your attention

-he tries very hard to keep his anger in check when you’re around and after a while, it just gets difficult for him to be angry when you’re in his presence

-he showers you with attention, compliments and gifts

-he’s just so nice to you, everyone would be shocked

-his brothers would know it was the real deal

-and then he’d really shyly ask you to marry him and you’d say yes

-he’d make it the perfect wedding for you, like exactly what you want

-that smile though when he sees you in your wedding dress

-if his kindness to you didnt show people he loved you, that look on his face when he sees you in your dress would show everyone without a doubt

-just so much happiness

-gentle touches and kisses, holding hands

-but once that boi is comfortable and knows you’re cool with it, he’s a freak in the sheets ;)

-hand marks probably

-yeah just he’d have a thing for marking

-he growls

-but such a sweetie afterwards, he’s so good at cuddling

-he loves playing with your hair

-and you play with his hair too

-lots of talking about stuff like strategy and how he’s feeling

-i have a head canon for his wife being like a super nice disney princess which is one of the reasons he loves her so much (opposites attract) and people just adore you

-he would definitely call you Princess and cute pet names in public, but also kitten

-he loves sitting next to you and holding your hand and just being proud that you’re his

-i can see him sitting and you walk into the room, standing behind his chair and leaning down with your arms around him and he lets you kiss his cheek

-his brothers would be so doting as well because they see how happy you make Ivar

-basically being the most protected person in the group at all times

-oh my gosh when he gets those metal leg things to help him walk you’d be with him every step of the way

-okay i have to address the jealousy stuff because thats such and Ivar trait, because you’re his, but the thing is he’s almost never jealous because you obviously only have eyes for him

-after battles where he wins be ready for some pretty amazing celebratory stuff *wink wink*

-probably taking you for rides on his chariot because that shit looks fun

-him coming to you for advice on how he treats people, like asking for advice about his brothers because he can be a meanie

-he gets home from a stressful day and just falls onto the bed next to you and curls up with his head on your stomach while you run your fingers through his hair and listen to his day

-tracing his (new) tattoos

-tracing his face and cheek bones and jaw bone (dat boi has nice bones tbh)

-he had such anxiety about being unlovable that when you first said you loved him and he knew he loved you, he vowed to never go a day without saying it at least once to you

-he says he loves you a lot

-passionate i love you’s between kisses where you’re touching each others faces

-sweet i love you’s before you go to sleep

-loud i love you’s as he rides away for battle

-just. lots of i love you’s.  

-if anyone ever tried to hurt you… to put it simply: it would not be good

-probably lots of teasing and playfulness 

-learning from food fights that Ivar’s really good at catching food in his mouth

-when he’s angry or frustrated, you give him massages 

-you know what. i love him now more than i did to start with. which is crazy. 


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favorite photoshoot

Alex Høgh Andersen Imagine

pairing: Alex x Reader
warnings: smut, swearing, but also a lot of fluff I guess
summary: Alex takes nude photos of you for the first time

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Irreplaceable: King Ivar spends much of his time with his first wife: neglecting his second wife, the mother of his children. Eventually, it catches up to him when a foreign King Sverri invades his lands. A/N: Photos are not mine, collage is. Second picture was a fan art made by  @salimahbicharara-comun

A/N: Please see my FAQ if you have any questions. It is under “Miscellaneous”



Character Death.

Non-Con in PXIV.



Prologue ✔️

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Aesthetic + Fan Art

More Fan Art

Face Claims

Ivar’s Children

As adults

Sverri’s Prologue

Helm of Awe

Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Inspired on the tattoo video and her lovely request I made a little something. After Sigurd his dead Ivar never acted the same, power overgrow him and he forgot to love like he used to do. After a victory he had part to thank to you he places a tattoo in which you get an argument. You want to leave … and he tries on convincing you to stay.
Warnings: Angst
Words: 2760

Taglist: @ultravioletsky7 @itharley @inthenameofodin @burningsunshin3 @float-autumn-leave @decaffeinatedeaglefart @missbrightlyred @zombie-zayde @nothingbuthappydays @dani-si @ivarbarnes @supervalcsi @sweetvengeancee @mysticsthinking @odins-missing-eye @kirah34 @laketaj24 @mcuimxgine @tiredofthisgeneration @fuckyeahalexhoghandersen @dangerousvikings @sugakookiexx @natmors @the-ragnarssons-tickle-spot

You always knew Ivar to be the greedy one, the shifty shade constant wanting more. After you married him he left you to join his father to England. It wasn’t a marriage out of love but you got there, just as you got him so far on respecting you. You were well known to be a good fighter, a shield maiden supporting Aslaug from the day she arrived in Kattegat. Your mother always had been her right hand, just as you prove your loyalty when you were of age, being as old as Hvitserk was. Despite you were young then, you were very promising and Aslaug set that marriage just before she died. But things changed, Ivar assembled a great heathen army and you fought for the dead of Ragnar just as anybody else did. That victory was the beginning of his wrath. You remembered him to love you on that day, being almost gentle when he made love to you, praising your skills as a warrior and a wife. And then he killed Sigurd and nothing was the same again. His mind wrapped up in the most bloodiest of thoughts, his anger and frustration even pushing his brothers away. You fell pregnant because of that one night and you never said a thing to him, just as he hardly treated you as a wife. The only point you came together was in bed and most of the time you fell asleep alone and woke up alone, so what was still left?

You were cleaning your sword, looking up to the defenses building their way around what Ivar conquered.
‘Y/n.’ You turned around and looked from Hvitserk to Ubbe. ‘Where is he?’ They both asked. You threw away the piece of fabric and stood up, shoving your sword into your belt.
‘Getting a tattoo.’ You answered. They changed looks with each other, the same way you did when you saw him sitting down aside a man who would kick the marks right into his back.
‘You should talk with him.’ Hvitserk pointed out. You signed, shrugging.
‘Why? He is surrounded by guards, no way I can reach through that, or his stubborn ass to begin with.’
‘He is your husband.’
‘Why does he has bodyguards?’ Ubbe interrupted Hvitserk almost right away. Things didn’t get well between the brothers after the dead of Sigurd. You didn’t wanted to pick sides between your love for Ivar and your friendship with those brothers but he almost didn’t leave you a choice. Ubbe slapped his brother on the chest before they started walking, you followed. When the three of you walked around the corner you saw him sitting. Even with everything going on you still admired those strong arms, the broad build of his shoulders. But that look, the way he rose his blue eyes up from the table towards his brothers … he said something but you didn’t caught it for you tried at holding on to this perfectly good imagine before he would destroy with his words. ‘Why do you need a personal bodyguard huh Ivar?’ Ubbe started, ignoring his words. You looked away from Ivar to the personal man standing there for his safety. That man looked at you for a moment, like you were a slave that needed to be ignored. You hated that feeling, knowing Ivar had a say in it. ‘Do you need protection against us, your brothers?’
‘Offcourse not.’ Ivar answered, the knocking of that hammer in his back shifted your attention back to the conversation.
‘Then why have them?’ Hvitserk asked.
‘I’m a cripple … I need a bodyguard.’ Like it was the most logic thing to say. His eyes shifted to you, holding on to it for a moment while he breathed through the pain.
‘Y/n could protect you better than any of those men.’ Hvitserk nodded with his cup to the guards.
‘Why?’ Ivar laughed.
‘Because I would die for you more than they would.’ You answered, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
‘I don’t want you dead my love.’
‘Surly I seemed like that recently.’ You muttered, trying on walking away when your name hissed over his lips. You slowly turned around to him. He had stopped that man from working further on his back to point all his attention to you.
‘Do I don’t give you enough?’ He asks sharply. ‘Don’t you have the chance of fighting alongside of me, to conquer these lands, care after my wounds?’ He asked, pushing his muscular arms back against the table, nodding over his shoulder to the man to get going. His expressions squeezed a little when the man started again, but other than that he kept radiating that cold.
‘What do I get Ivar? Other than to tend those wounds and fight those battles.’
‘You get to be my wife.’ He stated. You slowly walked over to the table, placing your hands aside his while lowering your head to look him right in the eyes. He always said how much influence you could have with your eyes, you did it now.
‘I don’t want to be the wife of a man that doesn’t care. Who only puts his interests first. Get yourself another wife.’ You whispered slowly. How hard those words sounded, they were out. It broke your heart but you pushed away from the table, giving him one last look before turning around, knowing he couldn’t follow you, knowing he probably wouldn’t anyway.

You laid on your back that night, fingers softly stroking over your nightdress, whispering to a child that probably wouldn’t hear you. You didn’t wanted a child to grew up in this, with a father that wouldn’t care, a father that was as ruthless as Ivar was. You couldn’t let it happen. You turned on your side, gazing into the darkness trying to prepare yourself from doing the hardest thing ever … leaving. The village Aslaug and your mother came from would welcome a shield maiden like you, you could build up your life there. But just as soon as that imagine set in your thoughts the dragging of his body interrupted those thoughts. With both your hands under your head you tried not to care about it, you tried not to move while you heard him unbuckle the belt that kept his legs together. You closed your eyes, begging that he would only sleep, like he did for quite some time. He hissed, probably against the pain shifting through his back from the tattoo. And then you felt his weight aside you. You felt his fingers sneak under your arm, crossing over your chest before they wrapped themselves in your hand. You squeezed your eyes together, feeling how much he broke already you were on the verge of crying. You felt his chest contacting with your back before his lips contacted with your color bone. You squeezed his hand and his lips lifted themselves from your skin.
‘Y/n.’ His voice sounded soft, calm almost.
‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’ You announced, not giving him the chance to say anything else. ‘I’m going to sail back and then go home, were I belong.’ You followed. It was quiet for a very long time, you could feel his breath hitching against your neck as he seemed to need some time to progress that. His hand sneaked away from between yours and he pushed your shoulder down so you laid with your back in the bed. His blue eyes radiate nothing else but his anger.
‘Why?’ He asked, neutral voiced, teeth clenched together of he held his emotions in.
‘You even have to ask? I’m pregnant Ivar, since you killed Sigurd.’ You announced, looking up in the dark to his features. His jaw dropped open, while the anger in his eyes made place for shock. ‘I’m leaving, I don’t want a child to grow up with a father like you. There is nothing for me to stay anyway.’
‘You’re my wife!’
‘Yes and do you treat me like one?’ You asked back. He looked away from you and after all that time you finally saw it, him cracking under all of it. His eyes got weaker, his fingers shook a little when he laid his fingers softly against your jaw. You closed your eyes, feeling a single tear leaving the corner of your eyes. ‘I never felt as lonely as I did now, lost in a world I thought to know.’ You whispered, turning your head away from his fingers that traveled away, lost themselves.
‘Ivar please, I let you go so you can be the king you want be without you having to look over your shoulder to me. All I am is a distraction of your mind, an object between you and your victories. Let us go.’ You weren’t begging him but your shaky voice almost let it sound like that. He squeezed your throat lightly, placing his forehead against your cheek, his breath scouring your neck as you tried on ignoring the silent tears running down your cheeks.
‘Don’t leave.’ He whispered.
‘Why? So you can treat me like you did past weeks? So you have somebody to bark to?’
‘I thought you hated me!’ He hissed, pulling his head away to look at you. His eyes were blurry red, his white teeth clenched together. ‘Like everybody else, for what I did to my brother.’ He explained. He breathed shaky out, like he just relieved himself from the worst secret ever. Ivar never talked much, not about himself at least, that was something you learn to respect and for that he always had thanked you. This had to be one of those rare times. ‘You didn’t talked to me, you left me alone.’
‘Because I thought that you needed the space.’
‘I needed you!’ He said between clenched teeth. You closed your eyes, bringing your fingers up to touch his face.
‘And I need you now.’ You whispered. He pushed his head into your fingers before he dropped it back down against your cheek, kissing away your tears. Your fingers grabbed into his hair, smelling his sweat, the blood probably still covering his back from the tattoo. It felt good, having him this close, having him surrender to his own emotions.
‘Don’t go.’ He never had begged before but he did it you. You released his hair and he lifted his head again, looking from your lips up to your eyes. ‘I can change, for you, for,’ his voice hitched and his eyes looked down towards your stomach, knowing there was a child growing there.
‘Please Y/n, I need you. I may not show it but you are constantly on my mind.’ He said, stroking his two fingers slowly over your face, resting against your lips.
‘The next time I will leave you won’t be able to stop me.’ You gave in to it, giving him that one last chance to set things right.
‘I need you, I’m sorry.’ He said before placing his lips against yours. Not in the way like he handled you after a victorious battle, but just the soft hesitating pressure of them. You hesitated of your own before returning that kiss in what supposed to be you and him. His fingers scour your cheek as he kissed you so slowly, so intense. It didn’t restored your confident but at least you felt loved again. He pulled back out of that kiss, pressing his lips against your cheek. ‘You’re pregnant?’ It wasn’t an ask coming over his lips, more still him not believing it.
‘Yes, I am.’ You pushed your nose into his hair as he kissed you neck. He shifted his hand, resting it down on your belly, wanting to feel the life that still needed growing before it could be felt. There weren’t any words, his head laid in the crook of your neck while his fingers rested on your belly and your fingers held on in his hair. Until both your breaths became steady and you fell asleep in the thoughts of loving each other.

You woke up under the noise going through the room. You slowly opened your eyes and looked over to his back. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his tattoo glorious but still covered under blood while he buckled his legs together.
‘Does that needs tending.’ Your voice was still raspy a little and he froze. He slowly turned around, looking to your face before he looked down over your body. When his gaze return he looked unsteady so you pushed a morning smile on your lips and he relaxed a little.
‘Everything on me needs tending.’ He said with a weak voice. You knew that once you would step out of that door he would change into that ruthless leader again so you enjoyed it for as long as it last. He looked back before him and your rose your hand up, fingers touching the tattoo on his back. He took in a sharp breath before he looked to his one shoulder, over to you while you scouted his tattoo.
‘I like it.’
‘You do?’ He asked. You pushed up and sat a little behind him, looking to the black dots marking his skin. It was still sour, and blood laid dry on it but it was typical a sight of Ivar … covered in blood. You placed your lips against his shoulder blade and he signed.
‘Every battle won should have a mark on your body.’ You muttered against his skin.
‘I woke thinking you would be away.’ He changed the subject to your surprise. You frowned your eyebrows and rested your chin on his shoulder, studying his eyes.
‘I told you I wouldn’t.’ You whispered.
‘Maybe I didn’t believe you.’ He murmured, looking in front of him. You kissed his shoulder before getting up and dressed, in all that time he followed your movements around until you were fully dressed and ready.
‘Let’s go remove that blood so everybody sees how great a warrior you are.’ You nodded to his back.
‘You gonna let me crawl around bare chested all day?’ You were just planning on stepping outside but the slight playfulness in his voice stopped you. You turned around, smiling before shaking your head and returning to him. He grabbed you behind your knees and forced you down in his lap. You chuckled, wrapping a hand around his neck before kissing him passionate. He groaned and you knew on that exact moment he was back to his old self.
‘Only I get to see you naked.’ You muttered.
‘I agree.’ He smiled devilish against your lips. You kissed him one last time before going outside to clean his back. Ivar host himself onto a stool while you dragged a bucket over and pushed a cloth under the cold water. Ivar hissed when it contacted with his skin and you looked up to Hvitserk and Ubbe walking over. Hvitserk gave you a thorough look before his eyes shifted towards Ivar.
‘We have a problem.’
‘Does it involve fighting?’ Ivar asked rather short.
‘Probably.’ Hvitserk shrugged. You looked away from Ivar his back to his both brothers.
‘Ready my chariot.’ Ivar commanded the one slave that stood around. The girl ran of and you threw the cloth away when he reached for his tunic. ‘What are you both still standing around?’ He asked his brothers patience. Hvitserk hide the blunt smile and started walking away.
‘You joining us Y/n?’ Ubbe asked.
‘No she isn’t.’ Ivar answered before you had a change. You slowly turned around to face him, already doubting every word you said yesterday to him. ‘She is pregnant, she isn’t going anywhere near battles from now on.’ He followed smoothly, raising his eyes browns like he wanted you to protest to it. But you could only smile a little.
‘Where do I stay then?’ You asked calmly.
‘At my side.’
‘As your bodyguard?’ You asked directly, handing him his armor.
‘As my wife.’ He replied, squeezing your hip as you helped him in his armor. You looked down to him and he looked up to you. The devotion was all there and you smiled, biting your lip while looking down to his armor. This was a happy feeling, a feeling you didn’t felt in a very long time. You hold on to it, knowing Ivar his mood shifted easily. But for now, it was the best feeling there was, him kissing your belly before you rode your own horse aside his chariot, powerful … together … as one.

Did you miss me?

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Notes: This is my first imagine/smut so I’m sorry if is crappy. Also, english is not my first language, so I apologize for any grammatical mistake.

Warnings: Smut, choking

Summary: You and Ivar are now in opposite sides, but you two have a past that he is willing to remember.

You breathed heavily as you walked into the throne room. After a long day of work on the fortifications and a night shift in the surveillance towers, you felt your body aching everywhere and all you wanted was to go to bed. And, since you were a Lagertha’s reliable shieldmaiden, she insisted that you slept in a room next to hers in case of attack.

You interrupted your walk when you saw Ivar sitting on the king’s throne. He was looking at the burning fire, the flames reflecting in his eyes and casting shadows over his face. Your body straightened in a second when you saw the knife he was twisting in his hand.

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an arm slid around your waist and you stiffened, “you must have a death wish.” you stated. no man dared touch you, after all, you were with Ivar the Boneless.

breath fanned across your neck, “surprise.” you knew that voice any where. you turned around with wide eyes to look up at Ivar who grinned down at you. then you looked down at his legs, or more the metal contraptions on his legs. 

you leaned up to kiss him, grinning the entire time, “i can’t believe it!” 

“get used to it.” Ivar grinned, “i like the view from up here.” his fingers brushed across your collar bone… and then of course, as per usual Ivar fashion, he ruined the moment by stating, “i never noticed how short you are.”


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Ivar being obsessed with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woah Ivar :) Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him liking how you would pay attention to him and care for him, making him quickly be infatuated with you and wanting you by his side at all times

-Him following you to your house and always loving to look at you work in your field and inside, only to make up his own little spot to keep watch on you

-Him always looking over at you during feasts as he wants to be able to intervene whenever someone is bothering you and doing anything he can to keep some men away from you

-Him getting angry and easily irritated whenever his brothers would mention how they would want to do you, only to do anything he can to make them stop

-Him for once not minding seeming vulnerable whenever you are by his side and actually loving it when you would help him go from one place to another

-Him loving to collect the flowers from around your house to keep them close and feel like you’re right next to him

-Him wanting you to revolve around no one else but him and going out of his way to make you spend time with him

-Him gripping onto you whenever you would hold or hug him as he doesn’t ever want to let go of you, only to do so often when he needs to whisper something in your ear

-Him getting his maids, guards, Floki anyone to just tend, serve and give you whatever you might need or wanted as he always find a way to figure it out

-Him getting his brothers to go get you and join him in his tent, only to confess to you that he has feelings for you and how he can’t stand you being with anyone else but him

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Cuddling with Ivar would include 

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  • Ivar freaking loves to cuddle with you but he will never admit it
  • He only cuddles in private
  • Cuddling would include lots of kisses and he would be very playful
  • Ivar will worship your body
  • He will grab every part of you and squeeze, kiss, bite
  •  A lot of neck kisses and hickeys
  • A lot of hand kisses
  • Weak for lip biting
  • He will bury his nose in your neck
  • He would slowly bite the shell of your ear
  • He likes to claim you so he marks you and bites you until everyone in Kattegat knows that you are only his
  • He will press his forehead to yours and whisper, “You’re mine”
  • He loves holding you in his arms
  • Him calling you “my little one”
  • Cuddle sessions usually ending up as sex sessions
  • Ivar loves to slowly torture you  with teasing until you beg  to be fucked
  • He is very needy and wants attention all the time
  • He will hold you close at night
  • Him wrapping you with his whole body while sleeping
  • He wants to make sure you are warm and comfortable
  • You love to trace patterns on his back, play with his hair
  • He really loves when you do that, but he will never admit it
  • His grunts are literally the sexiest thing ever

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“well someone looks happy today.” you stated, staring at Ivar, “who did you kill?”

he turned to look at you, a smile appearing on his face, “no one.”

“well the day is young.” you shrugged. 

Ivar laughed, “why do you think i only smile in the face of death? there are other things i enjoy just as much.”

you rolled your eyes, “sure. like what?”

“like you.”

Ivar being gentle with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him taking his mother’s word to heart about winning you over completely and doing his best to show you how caring he can be towards you and more so than any other man

-Him insisting you ride in his carriage with him and always giving you his hand to get in, wanting nothing more than to make you feel comfortable around him

-Him rarely ever raising his voice at you and being rather calm and collected, surprising you with how his tone would suddenly change once someone else would piss him off

-Him beckoning you closer to sit by his side whenever it’s time to eat or you’re both hanging out together, even scooting over to leave you some space and keeping his hand over yours to reassure you that he’s right there for you

-Him inviting you over to a quiet place over by the lake just to lay down with you and forget about your problems, wanting to treat you for your hard work

-Him often holding your hands carefully and reassuring you about the outcome of the upcoming battle/raid, wanting to make you feel safe and trust him with his plans

-Him always making sure to be the first one to wipe away any blood or clean your injuries the moment you’d get hurt, wanting to take care of you

-Him wrapping you in his own fur cape along with him, wanting to keep you warm by all means

-Him being quite protective of you whenever a man would flirt with you inappropriately, especially if it were one of his brothers

-Him giving you his all to show you tenderness whenever he kisses or touches you, enjoying to take his time and feel you completely under him

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Author Notes 

Basically, my return from a dry patch. I do hope its okay.

An anon had requested Vulnerable Ivar smut. I do hope this is okay? (but not too similar to what I’ve already done) 


Pairing: Ivar x Reader 

Word count: 6,544

Warnings: SMUT, slight angst, first time. 

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