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Headcanon: Waking up next to Ivar

A/N: || gif is mine || requests are open  || slightly nsfw

- Knowing that you’re lying next to him, Ivar would sleep in.  // … with you in his arms wants to stay in bed all day.

- Finally awake, he’d press his body against your back, wrap his arm around you and hold you tight.

- He’d grin and bite his lower lip seeing that you’re still wearing his shirt.

- He’d cover you with furs and blankets, making sure you are comfortable. 

- He’d inhale your scent, play with your hair and cover your neck with kisses and love bites what causes you to wake up.

- “morning” he’d whisper with a husky voice.

- He’d be gentle and soft, moaning sweetest things in your ear, telling how much he enjoyed the night with you.

-  After some more cuddling you know it’s time to get up but Ivar wouldn’t let you: “Did I give you permission to leave my bed, (y/n)?”

- He’d pull you close again and tell you to stay in bed … just a little longer.

- He’d jerk his hips a bit forward and you’d feel that he’s hard again…

- You’d feel his hand on your hip and then between your legs…

“C’mon, kitten. I need to feel you again”


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Fresh IV

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Gif credit: primevideouk

A/N: Fresh doesn’t adhere to the timeline of Margrethe telling Sigurd sooo… yeah.

Ivar had been in a poor mood since he lost his woman.

You left him after he became possessive. He almost felt remourseful that he had even asked you to stop sleeping with his brothers. Or rather, strongly hinted. But why should he not have!? Any man would have! It wasn’t natural for–

“Ivar?” His mother calls. Beside him was the slave girl, Margrethe, with her eyes low as they sat with one another in the Great Hall. His mother sat beside him in a more memorable position. Then, with a great noise, Bjorn whips Ubbe’s ponytail back. His oldest pureblooded brother shoots him a look of heated annoyance– glazing over into a churning smile when he saw it was Bjorn.

He never understood why Ubbe seemed to care for him so much.

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Ragnarssons' Reactions: Future Girl

A/N: First, what an amazing request!!! 😍 Second, I tried write using reactions but I couldn’t, so I made an one shot instead. I hope I made your request justice, dear anon! Enjoy! 💕

Another note: I don’t know if Björn said exactly this in the series, but the meaning was the same.

Warnings: None, I think.

Words: 1,540.

Ragnarssons’ Reactions – Masterlist // My Masterlist

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Not Everything Was Better In the Past

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A/N: this is a song by Fink (amazing artist let my just tell ya) and this is the first time I’ve done lyrics, it was really fun! This is angsty and deals with Ivar loosing his S/O and stuff! If you want me to do more songs, you should give me some, because I liked this! Gif: ivarthebonelesspage

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Burntmythroatskullingmytea: 300 followers celebration.

Thank you all for following this mess of a blog. All 300 of you!

You guys, it means a lot to me and I want to give some thing back as a thank you. I have thought hard about what the people would want. As much as I would love to take request from you all, I wouldn’t want to dissapoint you by not doing justice to your request. So as I am not that good at requests, I thought of some presents for you guys that I know I can definitely do. Below is a list of ideas for you guys to choose from, the one I get the most request for I will do. So comment or reblog which option or options you would like to see.

  1. Character take over: for entire week(probably next week) my OC’s and some of the ragnarsons will take over the blog, they might post some quote or thing they think are relatable and answer all questions, comments, and tags they get. If picked, this will be the line up :
  • Monday: Earla Sheehy
  • Tuesday: Hvitserk Ragnarson and Ubbe Rganarson
  • Wednesday: Connor Mac Cuirtin and Peigi Nic Cuirtin
  • Thursday: Ethna Nic Cuitin /Auđr (aka older Ethna in the loki and Ivar Oneshot)
  • Friday: Jonathan the Selkie
  • Saturday: Brennan and Eoin Mac Cuirtin
  • Sunday: Ivar Ragnarson

2. Earla’s mission report no. 29 : “Freydis the Succubus”

  • This would be a one shot “ a mission report” based in the Resolute AU and it would tell the tale Ivar and Earla hinted at in part 4. Aka Earla VS Freydis the Succubus.

3. A sequel to the one shot This is War… trick or treat edition.

4. A one shot of modern AU Ivar and Ethna with a choice of:

  • Ivar’s encounter at the Mac Cuirtin family christmas dinner.
  • Ethna and Ivar’s first date
  • When Ivar and Ethna are affectionate for the first time around Ubbe and Hvitserk (and Ivar gets a bit carried away embarrassing Ethna)
Thirsty Thursday 💦

Okay so as you know, we already have Marvel Monday, when I post one shots and headcanons related to the Marvel Universe. And I was thinking what about Thirsty Thursday?

Shout out to the amazing @laketaj24 who already have this thematic day, but she’s a goddess and she posts one shots. Keta, darling, when I grow up I want to be like you! 💕

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So I’ll use thursdays to post one sinful request and you can send me requests for headcanons for any fandom that I write (check the list here), for example:

“Headcanon for Ivar receiving a blowjob” // “Ubbe + spanking kink headcanon” // “Headcanon for Hvitserk eating you out”

Sinful things like that. I should be sorry for being such a greedy girl? Yes, I should but I’m not.

You can send your requests from monday until wednesday. I only ask you to specify your resquests, if you can say something “for your thirsty thursday thing, I was thinking…” you know?

I’m waiting for your requests! 😘

Tagging the beautiful souls of my tag list just because:

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Irreplaceable: King Ivar spends much of his time with his first wife: neglecting his second wife, the mother of his children. Eventually, it catches up to him when a foreign King Sverri invades his lands. A/N: Photos are not mine, collage is. Second picture was a fan art made by  @salimahbicharara-comun

A/N: Please see my FAQ if you have any questions. It is under “Miscellaneous”



Character Death.

Non-Con in PXIV.



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Aesthetic + Fan Art

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Face Claims

Ivar’s Children

As adults

Sverri’s Prologue

Helm of Awe

Ubbe: That’s it! You three are grounded. [Points to Sigurd] Sigurd, no fighting for you. [Points to Hvitserk] No dinner for you. And… [Looks at Ivar] Oh my God, is there anything that you love?

Ivar: Revenge.

Ubbe: No vengeance for you.

Ivar: I was gonna say “I’ll get you for this,” but I guess that’s off the table.

Imagine Another Viking Saying He Would Fight Ivar For You

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From the distance you could hear the bustling commotion and raised familiar voices. With panic drumming your heart, your feet pounded the ground as you began to run through the weaving streets to the open town square, pushing through the gawking townsfolk that surrounded the two men at the centre.

They seemed mid confrontation and you strained your ears to hear and catch up as you nudged closer to the front jostling people out of your way.

It was just as you feared. As you had begged him not to do.

“You think just because you are a Ragnarsson you can take whatever you want? Well it is not true. I stake my claim to y/n,” Ingmar threatened, his chest puffed out his sword in his hand as he bellowed in bravado.

You gasped and the people closest to you turned to stare at you, but those closer to the front couldn’t tear their eyes away from the action.

Ingmar was breathing tightly, his nostrils flared in anger. But Ivar stood casually facing him with a wide smile speaking slowly and softly. “It is not because I am a Ragnarrson I assure you.” He licked his lips for effect, “I am Ivar the Boneless and the bloodthirsty. I will surpass my fathers stories before I am half his age. I know I will have y/n because the gods want her to be my queen and I will give you just this one chance to turn and exile yourself from this place before the tides turn. Otherwise I will drink your blood this night from your fathers cup and I will have your head turned on a pig spit, roasting over the fire for all to see..”

Ivar turned his finger around and around emulating a meat spit, his tongue in his cheek.

Ingmar shifted his weight from one foot to the other, thrown by Ivars animal confidence. But catching sight of you peeking through the faces he found new strength and shouted again, “Only a cripple would make such an empty threat. I am a real man and I challenge you to her hand.”

The men around you sucked in their breath over their teeth at the insult, some taking an involuntary step back.

You wished more than anything he had kept his mouth shut. You tried to call out but your friend covered your mouth with both her frantic hands to hush you; hissing that one word from you could cause a riot.

Everyone steeled for Ivars reaction.

But he just laughed.

Heartily at first, as if it came easy to him. Then it got more and more animated and frantic and shrill… something about the way it possessed him unnerved Ingmar to his bones, leaving a feeling of slick chill in the back of his throat.

Ivar flashed him a smile, “Very well,” He jested lifting his axe, “Shall we begin?”

Cuddling with Ivar would include 

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

  • Ivar freaking loves to cuddle with you but he will never admit it
  • He only cuddles in private
  • Cuddling would include lots of kisses and he would be very playful
  • Ivar will worship your body
  • He will grab every part of you and squeeze, kiss, bite
  •  A lot of neck kisses and hickeys
  • A lot of hand kisses
  • Weak for lip biting
  • He will bury his nose in your neck
  • He would slowly bite the shell of your ear
  • He likes to claim you so he marks you and bites you until everyone in Kattegat knows that you are only his
  • He will press his forehead to yours and whisper, “You’re mine”
  • He loves holding you in his arms
  • Him calling you “my little one”
  • Cuddle sessions usually ending up as sex sessions
  • Ivar loves to slowly torture you  with teasing until you beg  to be fucked
  • He is very needy and wants attention all the time
  • He will hold you close at night
  • Him wrapping you with his whole body while sleeping
  • He wants to make sure you are warm and comfortable
  • You love to trace patterns on his back, play with his hair
  • He really loves when you do that, but he will never admit it
  • His grunts are literally the sexiest thing ever

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The Tiny Flame of Hope

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 6,269 (oops)
Warnings: Angst, fertility problems, smut, kind of rough sex, someone cuts a tiny line through its hand with a knife. (as usual, tell me if you think a warning needs to be added.)

Notes: It’s finally heeere. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. Feels good to post something new. I really tried to transmit the emotions into the words, I hope it worked out! Also, I originally wanted this oneshot to be really sad and heartbreaking but I figured that my life was angsty enough sooo, happy ending because they’re the best endings and no one can tell me otherwise. I really wanted to finish this tonight so if it sometimes feels a bit rushed, I’m sorry! And again, sorry for any mistakes (I’m tearing my hair out trying to know when to use the freaking past perfect in a story written in the past tense). Hope this is still enjoyable. 😘

It had been a year, a long year since you married King Ivar and became his Queen. You didn’t marry out of love; in fact, you had never talked to him before the very day. It was a political marriage. Every single one of Ivar’s councilors had advised him to find a suitable woman and marry her to produce an heir and secure his legacy. Your father, a rich and powerful jarl, had offered your hand to his King and you hadn’t had a say in the decision.

Unexpectedly, after long days of building trust and getting to know each other, what was initially a political marriage turned into a healthy and loving union. And you thanked the Gods every day for it. You knew and had witnessed many times his violent and short temper. It had been directed at you at the beginning of your life together, but you learned to deal with it – even had the nerves to talk back and stand up for yourself. If it made him see red at first, he eventually came to enjoy it.

Every piece fell into the right place – all but one.

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anonymous asked:

29 hvitserk or ivar (maybe the reader is already pregnant?)

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29. You want how many babies now?

A/N: I might keel over. I meant to write more but its not happening today. Thank you to all my sisterwives for being all so supportive today. Ily! Gif belongs to heathenarmyimagines. More Ivar apparently… except this time he has a baby hoard of his own?

The lighter of habits you enjoyed was cooking. Being a shieldmaiden was one thing but being at home with your family was something that couldn’t be replaced by the wars your husband incited. The newest addition of an oven had gone over well and bread seemed to be in constant demand by both young and old.

“Bread, bread, bread!” A boy whizzes into the room behind you in a flash of deep blond hair. He speeds with the force of an axe, whizzing about until he stands in front of you. Two other boys tipped up on their toes, reaching up with little hands gripping and releasing thin air.

“Ma!” The smallest of your able children hung on your skirts, digging his head between the space of your legs and thumping his head. The buds of his wail form a long, drawn out shrieking cry.

“Gods, you can’t live on bread and butter alone. It’s a poor man’s meal my loves.” You look past the young children to a bassinet that lay on the ground. The baby stirred in the warmth of thick furs and with a mighty howl he woke up as well. Of course he would.

“Why are you screaming, huh?”

Your skirts lighten as the small boy is hiked up by his tunic into the air. His small limbs flail midair as if swimming and you set down the wooden plate on which you have your freshly buttered bread. Behind you, your husband reclines onto his crutch with one gloved hand tight on the boy’s collar.

“Mother has bread.” The oldest of your sons, Kol, points to your fingers.

“And you think that is why you can come upon her like wolves?” Ivar scrunches his nose tight, forming creases over the bridge. “I’ve told you to be gentle with her above all else.”

Like magic of the gods, the wolves are tame under your husbands fingers. He indeed told him that, if you can recall. Take care of your mother and be witty about the rest around you. You knew his words inside and out by now and as much as you want to be supportive of your husband’s words, you’re a mother yourself.

“Here.” You place a piece of bread into Aasvard’s tiny fingers. He immediately stops his midair flail to take the bread of your fingers. You distribute the bread quickly among the other two and seek to the crib where the youngest squeals in frustration. He’s twisted himself to growl at the wall. The boys scamper off, even Aasvard who doddles around the room with his bread in hand.

“You’re spoiling our sons.” Ivar sits beside you as you take up the baby and plop back down.

“It is hard not giving into them with five so young.” You say, somewhat bitterly adding. “The sooner we stop, the sooner I can-”

“Why would I want to stop?” Ivar’s eyebrows push together, scrunching his shoulders with a shake of his head. “I want as many children and grandchildren as there are stars.”

Of course he would not want to stop– he had an awful habit of convincing you to lay with him shortly after birth. It did not help that you were so fertile and every single time, you ended up just as you did now: with a baby in your arms, correcting a mischievous son and a taut belly in your lap.

“You want how many babies now?”

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