ivania carpio

Apocalyptic – is how I would describe the now. But there is a subtle positive note that deserves to be mentioned: strong messages of peace, equality, love and caring for the environment are overflowing my social media feeds. It is like a wave of positive visions and wishes for the future. This wave is bigger than the one in June right after Brexit happened.

If this global mess incites people to take a clear stand for their values all across the world, can it be a good thing in disguise? 

These crazy, intense, radical events like Brexit and Trump for president are obviously the last gasps of a dying breed of fascist, capitalist men in power. Their last, overdone battle for the throne. This is not their beginning, this is their end. I think these bold, exaggerated, extreme events will cause a contrast, a reaction, just as big and extreme in the form of love. 

We’ve all seen the numbers, Trump nor Hillary would have been elected if only Millenials got to Vote. There would be no Brexit if only millennial got to vote. Millennials are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of today’s decisions the longest.

There is the argument that the people you follow (your friends, family, the people you admire) share similar opinions. Thus everyone lives inside a social media bubble surrounded by likeminded people. That might explain why I rarely see any pro-Trump (or Wilders – the Dutch version) articles on my feeds and in turn Trump supporters might also rarely see views other than their own on their feeds. But my point is a bit different than that. Friends and people that I follow who never have spoken out, have always been inactive or never seemed to care about politics are now taking a clear stand for their values. They are articulating very loudly, clearly and explicitly that they want a society with freedom and respect for everyone regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, origin. 

Deconstruct and reconstruct, creation = destruction, right?
Creating something new simultaneously means destroying something old. Something fresh, new, different, that has not yet been, means destroying the old, the typical, the now. Wouldn’t it be great if these crazy developments are signs of an old, outdated system breaking? Will the next step be a positive contra action? I sure hope it unfolds (backfires) that way. I’m hoping that the consequence will be a peace movement à la 1960s.

So let’s continue, don’t let anything contaminate your views, spread positive vibes and love harder!

Meanwhile, while we -the biggest parasites on earth- keep arguing about money, skin color, about how other humans with the same kind of genitals can’t put a ring on each others finger, imaginary geographical lines, drilling up black liquids etc… and ignore the realest problem: our beautiful planet urgently needs to be fixed!

It is natural to get used to waking up every morning and having another day to spend. 
And postponing the things you want to do, because you’re so used of having tomorrows. 
The reality is that our days are limited.
So I put up this little note to myself to remind me that today is not just another day.
(Please don’t mind my irregular handwriting, I blame it on typing too much)

While typing this, it hits me that nothing I’m wearing was how it was intended.
Besides the former-charger-choker and the bulldog clip, both the skirt and top are actually dresses. My bag is in the first place a shoulder bag, but with its straps wrapped around it, it becomes a small handheld purse. Funny because it was not really intended. Although Multi-functionality has been on my mind a lot lately while working on the next new products for the Aetelier. 

Perhaps when you’re looking for new possibilities, different applications in one place, you suddenly see it everywhere else too. Things with multiple functions are naturally used the most. Stuff that can take on different shapes and is versatile doesn’t get tired. It means that you can have less stuff, it means that you can travel lighter. It’s so interesting to me that the most simple and basic things are also the most multi functional and that multifunctionality and timelessness are so closely linked together. A brick for example with infinite applications. Or a basic knife can still do the job of most of the functions of all the specialised, fancy kitchen tools. Anyway – the new products are not going to be knives or bricks but two of them are going to be wearable. So exciting!