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@ivanxberk @forevermarked Okay so we have two continuums here. You are both right.

The trailer shows one narrative, the game itself another. They conflict.

The trailer story

In the trailer, Ivan survives the attack and later redeems himself. We know this because this happens when Adam is infiltrating the theatre:

That’s my gif, by the way, which I made for this article on the subject. Ivan is now a mole inside ARC, and he is signaling to Adam, meaning he has by this point in the story gone over to the good side. For that to happen he needs to have survived, obviously. And then met Adam. There probably would also have been an explanation for why his eyes are the same make and serial as Adam’s, though asset recycling is something I am being forced to consider now

I’ll go even further than that and say that Adam knew who Ivan was prior to the attack, and was trying to protect him. He hacks this surveillance tv tracking Ivan:

And as of the bombing, he is scanning the crowd for someone, likely Ivan:

Which sugests to me that Ivan had some importance. I speculated in one of my videos that he was another White Helix / Versalife survivor child, just like Adam. Hence the interest in him.

The game story

As you all might have figured out, Ivan is not in Mankind Divided. He is, at most, mentioned in the “Desperate Measures” DLC mission. Adam never meets him. The only time he talks about him, he calls him a “nobody”. You see him as you walk with Vega to the station, but then that’s it. And he won’t be reappearing in any future game either. That’s literally it.

Which then means…

There are two conflicting plots. You can reject the game retcon and stick with the trailer story if you want. In fact, this is something that happens a lot in Deus Ex. For example: If JC’s parents died in the car crash when he was 5, how did his dad go to Paul’s graduation? I’m kinda used to it haha. Even better, Eidos will never touch him again, so your headcanons will never be invalidated.

Imo the DLC plot is wank. I’m in a right mind to track down the writer for the trailer and ask them what the story here was meant to be. It seems it’s much richer than the meager mention we got in Desperate Measures.

(this post was also written for @uberbee, who I know hella loves Ivan, and I don’t want them to be sad.)

Just a little Ivan update.

I’ve had a few of you message me about him and comfort me about being upset, which I can’t tell you guys how much that means to me. I think that’s my favorite thing about fellow fans is they kinda get how real the game can be to people and how upsetting certain things can be.

I know Ivan was loved by many others too, so I’m also extending my apologies to you guys. If you wanna talk, or share art or headcanons or anything please do so.

We as the fandom can make him a real thing, regardless of the fact Edios never meant to.

Misha’s super fockin embarrassing because he mothers Ivan to death. He literally will ask a ton of questions and just embarrass him to death. Ivan knows that Misha means well, he really does, but it can be so embarrassing, such as:

Misha asking if he changed his underwear while Ivan is in a meeting.

Misha wiping his face for him in front of his coworkers because he has crumbs on it.

“Are you sure you don’t need a juice box? I know you like pink lemonade ones, I can pick those up. And some of those strawberry baby cookies you like?”

Misha attempting to spoonfeed Ivan because Ivan forgot to eat all day and had to take work home.

I usually don’t write about volleyball because, let’s face it, I’m not an expert. But tonight I have to because the Italy NT made me fall in love with this sport back in 2012 and now this love is stronger than ever.
I can’t recall the last time I cried for a sports match but tonight I cried so much, like real tears and sobs. Because these guys made me laugh, cheer, jump on my seat, almost cry with joy after the semi-final against USA. And made me understand the beauty of this sport, the team spirit that drives it, the support the players give each other, the importance of staying together, side by side, after every point, scored or not. And I used to stupidly hate volleyball, just because, in middle and high school, I couldn’t play for the life of me, and my classmates used to make fun of me for that. I also have to thank my sister, who plays volleyball, and asked me to watch a game with her, and I was hooked.
So I want you to remember all these wonderful players and men who gifted us with this dream:
Osmany Juantorena, Matteo Piano, Simone Giannelli, Daniele Sottile, Ivan Zaytsev, Filippo Lanza, Simone Buti, Emanuele Birarelli, Salvatore Rossini, Oleg Antonov, Luca Vettori, Massimo Colaci.
And, of course, mister Chicco Blengini, who guided this great team to the final.
Thank you guys, just that. Thank you. ❤️ For being who you are, for the happiness, the tears, the smiles, the bravery and for everything that’s yet to come. I will always remember what you made me feel. You deserve only the best.

Alfred could imagine his friends cheering and congratulating him on a kick-ass first date; He was already on first base, and it felt like they might skip second and sprint straight to third. As they made out, he tasted the sting of alcohol on the other man’s tongue.

He pulled away to ask, “Are you drunk right now?”

His date smiled warmly and shook his head. “Don’t worry. I’m not.” The man buried his face in Alfred’s neck and kissed it roughly, making the latter flinch. “I really like you,” he breathed into his skin.

“I.. I really like you too, Ivan,” Alfred managed to say.

“I don’t usually do this–”



Ivan had been rubbing Alfred’s hips, and he began to slip a hand under his shirt. It was enough to make Alfred jump to the other side of the sofa. Ivan looked at him like he had three heads.

“Sh-shit, I’m sorry.” Alfred adjusted his glasses and broke his eye contact with Ivan’s bewildered stare. “I fucked up the mood,” he laughed breathlessly.

Ivan pulled hair out of his face and tucked it behind his ear. “You didn’t, it’s fine,” he scooted over and put a hand on Alfred’s knee. “Have you ever done this before?”

“I have,” he admitted, “Just.. just not with someone I just met.” Alfred watched as the smile left Ivan’s face and he pulled his hand away. His face, just a moment ago scarlet with arousal, turned pale.

“I’m sorry– I don’t know what got into me,” Ivan said quickly, almost tripping over his words. “I don’t usually do this– God– You must think I’m a terrible person–”

“No, like, I wish I could… like do it, but I can’t. I don’t think I can,” Alfred tried his best to explain, “I had a really good time tonight and I want to impress you… but…”

Ivan watched him speak, with his head in hands. “I had a lot of fun too,” he said, his palm partially over his mouth, “More than I’ve had in a long time.”  

As Alfred got up and grabbed his jacket, he noticed Ivan’s eyes looked especially big and glossy. “…You’re not gonna cry are you?”

“NO–” Ivan blurted. He dragged his hand over his face, the color returning to his cheeks. “You sure have a big ego,” he laughed softly, “I would never cry over you.”

Why can’t I stop drawing them? sOMEONE SEND help plEASE.

Hsin’s desperation moodboard: … with his eyes closed, it was easy to forget who it was in front of him. 

Sin kissed Ivan the way he would have kissed Boyd; he kissed Ivan the way he kissed Boyd in his dreams, in his thoughts, in a make believe make-up scene that would never happen, in a reconciliation that only existed in his head.


Congratulations to the top 3 winners of the Vans Park Series World Championships crowned last weekend in Malmö, Sweden.

1st - Alex Sorgente 

2nd - Pedro Barros

3rd - Ivan Federico 

Did you miss the live webcast? No problemo, you can watch the whole contest On Demand at vansparkseries.com.

Anon asked: Why do you have so many tarot decks?

Each deck has its strengths
of printed symbolic wisdom
I shuffle my destiny
within a seventy-eight card system.

Do you see what I see?
Each deck is an extension of me.

My Kings, Queens, Pages and Knights,
They have my heart
Each deck has something to give,
Each card plays its part. 

Every deck and I have a bond.
Each with its place, use, reason of why it belongs.
I see nothing wrong.
My heart is big enough to love them all.

Post Notes:
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Title: Why Do You Have So Many Tarot Decks?
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2016
Deck: Floriography Tarot by Ana
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Ivan walks in, "Excuse me, but I'm looking for Lady Tsuki."

Bigby had been changing back to human when Ivan came into the loft. Hearing him the currently wolfish man stood up to his full height, his eyes yellow and wild with his fangs still sticking out of his mouth. He growled a bit as he spoke, not on purpose, looking down at him, “And what do you need our queen for?” 

Hetalia RusAme HC

Based on a dream i had..

Alfred (America) and Ivan (Russia) are in prison together (for whatever reason You can decide)

Ivan is the silent one. Refuses to give any guards the time of day. moves very little, mostly glaring at people and mumbling to Alfred in Russian.
anyone who wants to talk to him has to speak to Alfred which can be extremely difficult.

Alfred decided to be the loud, smart-ass prisoner who challenges police and gards within earshot of them to stupid bets. Who does things like singing loudly on purpose (and very terribly) just to piss everyone around him off.
Constantly reminding them of his strength when they put his cuffs on to transport him and Ivan somewhere and he breaks them with no effort saying something along the lines of
“when i was like 3 i swung around a buffalo like it was a baby doll”
And messing with the newer guards by betting on if he could bend the cell bars out of the way or not.
The prison where the two boys are contained at has fully realized that there is very little they can do to stop them if they decide to break out.

Miraculous Rewrite: "Stoneheart"
  • Ms. Bustier:Bruel, Ivan.
  • Stoneheart:*bursts into room* Present!
  • *Everybody screams*
  • Stoneheart:Mylène!!! *grabs her*
  • Mylène:Let go of me, Ivan!
  • Stoneheart:I'm not Ivan anymore, I'm Stoneheart.
  • Mylène:Then why did you say "present" when Ivan's name was called?
  • Stoneheart:Because I didn't want to be marked as absent.
  • Mylène:I don't think that's how it works. If you're not Ivan, then Ivan isn't here, and gets marked as absent, right, Ms. Bustier?
  • Ms. Bustier:Yes, that's correct.
  • Stoneheart:Fine. Then I am Ivan. Just don't mark me as absent.
  • Ms. Bustier:If you're Ivan, then you're still my student. Put down Mylène and go straight to the principal's office. It's expressly forbidden to break down doors or pick up other students!
  • Stoneheart:Yikes, that's even worse. I guess I'm not Ivan, then.
  • Ms. Bustier:You're definitely Ivan. Now go to the principal's office this instant!
  • Stoneheart:*puts down Mylène and dejectedly leaves*
  • Mylène:Oh, thank you, Ms. Bustier!
  • Ms. Bustier:I don't tolerate any misbehavior from my students. Besides, somebody needed to put him in check…at this rate, by next week the school wouldn't have had any doors left.