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Ivan looked out over the bright city from the top of the skyscraper. Thunder rolled in the distance as clouds hung overhead, though no rain has fallen yet. His dark blue cloak kept the chilling wind off of him as he surveyed the city below. Adjusting the hood on his scarf, he heard a small beeping coming from the device in his ear. A quick press of a button and the voice of his co-worker, Firefox, came through the speaker.

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Whenever I draw lately I’ve been playing this song on repeat. It’s up to like 200 repeats already…

This drawing’s more focused on me drawing America. I feel like he hasn’t gotten enough study since I’ve been drawing a lot of Russia. They were going to hold portal guns but then it looked wrong not like that you pervs and so I clipped it.

The Talk

Summary: America and Russia are given lectures about being good boyfriends. Russia feels he received a disproportionate amount, but America still has one last talk to hear…

When Russia and America made their relationship public, it was natural for friends and family to give The Talk.

America had expected Belarus to let her displeasure be known. Fortunately, no knives were involved. In fact, compared to the Hollywood action movie scenario he had mapped out, their discussion had gone remarkably well. She merely stared at him with frosty eyes and said “Hurt him and I hurt you.” Alfred had promised it would never happen. She merely scoffed and assured him she’d be waiting.

Ukraine had taken a more subtle approach. She had invited him over for a homemade brunch- but apparently that was part of making sure the message…sunk in. She had him sit at the kitchen table where he could watch as she slowly and meticulously chopped vegetables, scraping the knife on the cutting board so it made an unsavory rattling noise fill any gaps in their conversation. And what a conversation it was. “I know you will treat my baby brother well,” she sat, with a particular emphasis on “know” that let America know there was no room for negotiation.

France gave a heartfelt talk to both him and Ivan, as he was so interested in ensuring all parties involved in any romance were happy. But apart from those, that had been the extent of America’s subtle threats from the world.

“Listen, babe,” he was saying over the phone, leaning back in his chair so the front legs were suspended too high to be advised. “It’s just everyone being hotheads- don’t take it so personally!”

“You were not there,” a deep voice grumbled. America could almost see Russia pinching the bridge of his oversized nose in frustration, as if he were right there in front of him. “England was insufferable. Why does everyone assume I would do anything to ruin this? This is the happiest I have been in ages.”

“Aaaw,” Alfred blurted out before he could stop himself. Trust Ivan to toss around those sappy proclamations- and mean them. “Listen, I’ll make it up to you, I- hang on, someone’s on the other line.” A press of the button later and Alfred opened his mouth to say “hello?” And was cut off by a frantic rant.

“Mein gott, pick up already!”


“About time! Listen, I need to tell you something!”

“Dude, dude, chill out and slow down. And whatever it is has to wait, I’m on the phone with Ivan.”

Despite his previous urgency, Prussia found time to let out a scowl at the sound of Russia’s name. “That’s what this is about! Listen, you need to be careful-”

“Alright, that’s enough of all this,” America cut across. “Ivan and I are perfectly happy and are perfectly capable of managing our own relationship without everyone thinking the worst!” This must have been what Russia had meant. Alfred could tolerate the subtle threats and barbed comments thrown his way, but he wouldn’t stand for anymore directed at Ivan.

“You fool, just shut up and listen to me-” But Alfred had already switched lines once more.

“Sorry about that, babe.”

“More of your fan club warning you about dating me?” Russia said dryly.

America felt a twinge of annoyance. He had just defended the guy and here he was getting snippy with him. “As a matter of fact, yeah. But I told them to back off, cause I don’t want you to have to take their crap anymore.”

There was a pregnant silence.

Prosti menya, Fedya,” Ivan muttered. “I did not know.”

Alfred sighed, running a hand through his golden locks. “Don’t be sorry, big guy, I know it sucks.” He suddenly felt cold- perhaps a side effect of their brief spat. Further proof that it was better when they just got along.

“Perhaps we should both give Prussia a lecture to let off some steam?”

“Why are we lecturing Prussia?” Alfred asked, taken aback. He lowered his chair back to the recommended position, curling in on himself as the air become cooler.

“Well, he asked your brother out yesterday,” Russia said as if it were as common knowledge as the sky being blue.

“Wait- WHAT???”

Amidst his tirade of swears and threats and rude hand gestures, Alfred heard a faint rap on the door. “One sec,” America groaned, throughly done with interruptions.

“Can I help y-” he broke off. Standing- no, floating- before him was a silvery figure clad in a long tattered coat. The aged figure commanded a powerful presence despite the weariness of the man…the spirit…the pale lips were turned down in a look of mounting disapproval as his strong transparent hands clasped the doorway, framing America in a cage of cold that permeated right down the bone.

“So you are the one courting Ivan,” General Winter said in a steely voice that was the ice cracking within rivers, ancient stones grinding across rugged terrain, and the ever powerful wintry air that turned flower petals to frozen crystals. When all American did in reply was let his mouth hang open, the general pressed on. “Long have I protected those under my domain from the ill wishes of others. I have seen how those beyond my reach can hurt- and I have Sen him return the favor. My form of protection has caused pain, but I have prevented the kind of anguish that lingers here.” He brought a ghostly hand to America’s chest, who felt as if his heart had been dunked in ice water.

“Hurt him,” General Winter continued. “And I shall unleash upon you the wrath of an eternal icy slumber. No fire shall be able to thaw your blood. No ray of sunlight shall liven your bones. Are we understood?”

Shakily, America drew his hand up to his forehead in salute. “Y-y-yes, Mr. Snow Ghost Sir!” he squeaked. The ancient snow spirit gazed into his eyes for a final moment, gave a firm nod, and- as a cool breeze skated down the street- dissipated into thin air.

Alfred all but sprinted back to the phone, nearly broke the buttons in his haste, and spewed incomprehensible gibberish as he professed his joy and love to a very confused Ivan, Alfred only seeing fit to assure him what happened today, however small it was, would never happen again.


A knock sounded at Prussia’s door.

“Ja?” he asked, only to freeze on the spot.

“I wanted to have words with you,” General Winter murmured harshly. “I see you have begun making advances toward Canada.”

“Nein- get away- no, NOOOO!”


I like the idea of General Winter being a gruff but well meaning father figure :P this was written on my phone, so I apologize for any mistakes!

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What kind of a blog the nations would have if the had Tumblr :3

The Allies

America/Alfred F. Jones: Would have a sports blog centered around baseball, would occasionally post about fatty foods, once or twice a year posting about something historical.

China/Wang Yao: Would have a food blog centered around Asian recipes, would give criticisms to other blogs on their recipes/advice on how to make their meal taste better.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur would have a blog centered around literature, talking about books he read/recommended, sometimes posting a picture with a cup of tea and a new book he’d received.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Francis would have a blog mainly centered on fashion, posting some of his own ideas while also posting about all shapes and sizes of models, listing positive comments for them all.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan would have a general blog where he posted about things that made him happy, posting about flowers, food, his sisters, and general good vibe posts.

The Axis

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would have a general blog where he posted about his adventures in other countries, posted photography, and sometimes posts when he goes out to drink with his brother.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano would have a food blog where he posted about recipes, showed off pictures of the food he’d made, and occasionally mix it up by throwing in a cat picture.

Japan/Kiku Honda: Kiku enjoys reblogging beautiful scenery and the occasional recipe for food that ISN’T bland, and otherwise aesthetically pleasing images that calming to stare at for anxious people.


Canada/Matthew Williams: Matthew’s blog centers around Hockey, complaining about certain teams or praising favorite members, he often gets to post his own pictures from the games and of him with the players, making him a rather hot topic.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: Gilbert’s blog is mostly all about him, using it as his virtual diary as he talks about the activities he’s done, the people he’s met, etc. It can be rather amusing as the events are clearly exaggerated for the amusement of his followers.

Spain/Antonio Hernandez Carriedo: Antonio likes to blog about his own cooking, showing off recipes with the occasional post complaining about how his “taste tester” is incredibly ungrateful.


Evening doodles where I almost fell asleep on my desk.