So here are two of my ocs for @cupid-artblog Halloween town AU! ^-^
Let me tell you something about them~

Ron is a very hyper energized and exicted werewolf. He is very social and he can easily make friends! He loves to scare other people(and to mess with them) and when he fights he uses his sharp teeth and claws.

Ivan is a calm and intelligente vampire. He dosent talk too much and he hates loud noises. His best friends are books. He loves to read and to learn new stuff
He isnt into scaering or fighting people.

Those two are in a relationship. And even they sometimes ask themselfs how sre they even in a relationship XD


Group picture!

I FINALLY finished this! It took a while but I really love the outcome, and it was super fun drawing all of the characters together <3 

I also want to thank Thomas Astruc (aka Hawkdaddy) for creating this awesome show and such great characters!