**fic idea**

I just had this thought and I need me more fics…

Fics where it focuses not on mari, Adrien, chat or even ladybug

but rather… on the aftermath of an akuma victim. Their life after.
Would it affect their friendships? We’re they a parent? Are their kids scared? Would they have trouble with their jobs and bosses? Maybe people who don’t even know them becoming scared or wary of them on the streets? Recognizing them from tv?
There’s bound to be teasing, and avoiding and a change in heir lives after that…

I remember seeing chat in the background if a news screenshot talking to a victim in a shock blanket, what’s was that like? Sometimes chat and lady ran straight off without talking to the victim … did that effect them? How they see their heroes?

I just suddenly really need more about the complications that come out of going though that, not being yourself and realizing when it’s all over how much damage you caused… how you could’ve killed your friends, your heroes, your city.

I reallyyyy want this. If this inspires you pls write drabbles *u*

Motel 6. Glad someone was able to sleep, cause I sure wasn’t. Maybe it was the low growling and occasional bark every time anyone would open or close a door, or stand outside smoking and talking….

Alfred: Do you wanna study?

Ivan:… you are asking me. Yet, when you ask me we never work. I think if you actually wanted to study you would ask Ludwig, or Arthur, or even Ma- 

Alfred: Nah, bro, c’mon.

Ivan: We should go to the library-

Alfred: I asked you and not Ludwig for a reason.