ivan tsarevich and the grey wolf


Fairy Tale Meme - [½] Countries of Origin - Russia

          “The old tale of Sleeping Beauty might end happily in French or English, but this was Russia, and only a fool would want to live through the Russian version of any fairy tale. They were the only ones so grim, even the princess sometimes died.” [x]


ART HISTORY MEME > [1/8] mythology

A Russian folklore has found its painter in the face of Viktor Vasnetsov. He was one of the first to find his way to the past, reflect it on the canvas and he has showed it to people, making them witnesses of the fairytales.

Samolet (Carpet) (1880), Bogatyrs (1881), The Unsmiling Tsarevna (1926), Snow Maiden (1899), A Knight At the Crossroads (1878), Gamaun, The prophetic bird (1897), The Frog Tsarevna(1918), Sirin and Alkonost The Birds of Joy and Sorrow (1896), Ivan Tsarevich Riding the Grey Wolf (1889)