ivan the werewolf


Here’s another take at my vision of ‘Ivan Tsarevich, The Firebird, and the Grey Wolf’ if it were set in US in 1920s. Follow the adventures of Johnny Prince and his quest in finding a giant exotic bird with the help of a dashing, rough around the edges werewolf and a wealthy heiress turned bootlegger! More to come in the future because I’m having so much fun building this world.

This was suppose to be done for Valentines day but kitchen issues came up that prevented me from doing any work.

Art © ramida-r

Imagine Ivan having to break up with Alfred because he’s afraid of someone finding out about them and getting Alfred hurt, but he doesn’t have a valid excuse so the conversation is just Ivan trying to come up with insane ideas of why they can’t be together while Alfred one-ups with reasons why they should stay together, like:

Ivan: We can’t be together.

Alfred: Why?

Ivan: I’m moving.

Alfred: Moving where? Is it your job? I’m cool with moving.

Ivan: I have an illness. I’ll die in less than ten years.

Alfred: (Knows he’s lying) That’s fine. I’ll treasure the time we have left together.

Ivan: I’m already dead!

Alfred: I’m a ghost!

Ivan: I… I am a vampire?

Alfred: I’m a werewolf!

Ivan: I’m an alien!


Ivan: …This is impossible.

Alfred: Yep!