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Another Hetalia Twilight AU

But better than Twilight. 

Ivan is the main vampire and Amy is the new girl and they’re in college because who the fuck would go to high school more than once? 

And people like Amy because she’s a genuinely bright and interesting human being and not living wallpaper. And Ivan likes her because he’s in his 1,000+ year brooding phase still and she’s no nonsense and she smells delicious (I guess he says she does and the other vampires are like, dude, why she’s very… annoying isn’t she?) 

Arthur and Francine are the parents of the vampire family against Arthur’s will, initially, because seriously they can’t stop turning and adopting young people.

And Gilbert is the werewolf but there isn’t actually a love triangle they just pretend there is one to mess with Ivan because they’re both pricks and Ivan is sensitive and Gilbert likes fighting too much. (Then Gilbert can be with Amy’s twin brother and not her… baby.) 

And then Ivan comes to school and he’s like… ahhhh, blood, holy shit, why? And Belarus, his vampire sister, is like: Because periods you fucking idiot? And then Ivan has to awkwardly not come to the school during the weeks (He times her cycle? He asks… Matt?) when Amy is on her period because her blood drives him crazy and she figures it out and never lets it go.    

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Who I would be a vampire or werewolf out of the allies and why?

Werewolves-America/Alfred F. Jones, England/Arthur Kirkland

vampires- China/Yao Wang, Canada/Matthew Williams, France/Francis Bonnefoy, Russia/Ivan Braginsky

Quick explanation: I did these off a personal thought basis, feel free to disagree. So when I suggest who does fit better where, this is just what I think. My thought process, or classification, is that Vampires are more refined and planned, etc. While a werewolf personalities is more free, or sometimes more aggressive prone.  

((Do not send asks in correcting me please, just…have your opinion and agree to disagree, that’s fine.))

“why do you hate vampires?” it’s not that i hate them i’m just so! over! it! vampire lore has been around a couple hundred years and a lot of cultures have their own versions. they’re such a realm of possibilities and for the last 100 years they’ve remained relatively stagnant and unchanged. it’s hoary at this point and most things have been done?? i’m just over it, and i want new imaginings and takes on classic lore and vampires and other monsters and! idk!!

OK…I wont be showing all the pages of Sublime Bloodlust when Im doing it,but since I finally finished page 1 I will show it for a simple reason:This thing tortured me for 2 days,with the wolf and horse in sprint mode from different angles and the friggin lighting type I never used before.
Page one is a fairly solid start.If all goes as planned I will finish this comic by the end of this year and then I will make a FB page for the Solikar universe,work on a site and probably do a Kickstarter to fund the priniting of this comic.
Regardeless,for now I will concentrate on making the pages.
(The Unholy Trinity comic will follow production wise)


Yessss… finally I can post some of Ivan’s outfit from »The Hour Of The Wolves« (first part) respectively »The Pact Of The Wolves« (sequel).

Its from the epic story my gf and me are writing ♥  THOTW began in medieval times with Ivan being a werewolf and Gilbert being a magician.
TPOTW, the sequel, starts at modern times, that’s why Ivan’s clothes are more modern here too :D  The story includes 800 years of reincarnations of them both with many different lifes. So there will be more outfits soon (king… knight… soldier… I still have to draw them). But well, here, have the first bunch :D I love my RP!Ivan sooo much… TT___TT

I think my favorite is the BLUE MOON outfit… maybe because he wore that one when he kissed Gilbert for the first time X///3
I can’t help it… I think Ivan looks the best in black and white somehow. At least when I draw him OTL”

Some more outfits under the cut :3 Also some spoiler’ish ones…

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Imagine Ivan having to break up with Alfred because he’s afraid of someone finding out about them and getting Alfred hurt, but he doesn’t have a valid excuse so the conversation is just Ivan trying to come up with insane ideas of why they can’t be together while Alfred one-ups with reasons why they should stay together, like:

Ivan: We can’t be together.

Alfred: Why?

Ivan: I’m moving.

Alfred: Moving where? Is it your job? I’m cool with moving.

Ivan: I have an illness. I’ll die in less than ten years.

Alfred: (Knows he’s lying) That’s fine. I’ll treasure the time we have left together.

Ivan: I’m already dead!

Alfred: I’m a ghost!

Ivan: I… I am a vampire?

Alfred: I’m a werewolf!

Ivan: I’m an alien!


Ivan: …This is impossible.

Alfred: Yep!

The things you find in YT Comments


I was merely downloading the videos for my upcoming compliation when I saw this gem written by Thuy An Nguyen:

Jüri Pootsmann, the son of two villains who killed thousands and extorted a sneaker company, from which they made millions. Himself however, doesn’t like this and begins a lawsuit against his own parents age 14. As a kid, he always had pancakes and a glass of milk for breakfast. Can fly because of some reason.
Justs Sirmais, a Latvian student who’s always compared with Pewdiepie and loves melted ice cream for some reason. As the leader of the Baltic Boys, he has always been threatened by enemies from mostly Belarus.
And Donatas “Donny Montell” Montvydas, a married freerunner who says he was threatened and chased by a werewolf multiple times when he was freerunning at night. Plans to join the Lithuanian Air Forces when his son is 12. Usually fuels himself up on water, which some state isn’t true: he would fuel himself up on blood instead.

Involved:Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu, a Turkish millionaire who has had affairs with an unknown woman, known for his monocular and suspicious relationships.
Alexander “IVAN” Ivanovich, a werewolf who mostly wanders around without clothes except for a towel around his private parts. Plans to terrorize Justs so he can secretly take over his place. Has had relationships with the criminal Pootsmann family and the Illuminati.
Gábor Alfréd “Freddie” Fehérvári, one of Serhat’s relatives and probably Serhat´s secret gay love. Owns the data of a million cellphones.
Frans Jeppson-Wall, a school kid from Nigerian/British descendent, known for beating down a gay student and for not being sorry of doing so.
Yuri “UZARI” Navrotsky, an elf who is seen running together with IVAN many times. Possibly a member of the Illuminati.
Stig Rästa, former classmate of Jüri, loves cars and smashing people in their face and dorks dogs.
Aminata Savadogo, a close friend of Justs. Always on Justs’ side. Enjoys boxing and electropop.
Monika Linkyté, ex-girlfriend of Donny Montell, quite a crazy person.
Vaidas Baumila, boyfriend and eventually husband of Monika. (they have been seen kissing each other)
Måns Zelmerlöw(and his stick figure), the Hero who inspired the Baltic boys to come together. Extremely handsome.
And Main antagonist Christer Björkman, the man behind the BJÖRKmonster, a hazardous machine planning to destroy the Baltic Boys and terrorize the true meaning of Eurovision.

Possibly involved:
Agnete Kristin Johnsen (Sami background, suspicious relationships, owns an iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicebreakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer)
Douwe Bob Posthuma (His look, oh…, ability to play guitar with a beer bottle) Sergey Lazarev (Relationships with Jüri Pootsmann’s family and IVAN)
Greta Salóme (her shadow bending, heavily opposes Sergey)
Minus One (their relationship with werewolves)
Ira Losco (ability to walk on water)
and possibly Molly Petterson Hammar (always hungry)
Michał Szpak (his relationship with Conchita Wurst and black and white)
Hovav “Hovi Star” Sekulets (possibly the gay student beaten down by Frans, ability to mentally take drone copters over control )
Kaliopi Bukle (her relationships towards donuts)
Manuela “ManuElla” Brečko (and possibly her pole dancer Jannik) (relationship with blue and red but not with purple, thus opposing Michał)
Susana ”Jamala” Jamaladynova (heavily opposing Lazarev and IVAN, hallucinating calling)
Nina Kraljić (alien human conspiracies)
Amir Haddad (taekwondo, maybe?)
Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz (their secret lab)
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (her relationship towards ghosts and Japanese Lolita fashion)
Alexander Kuzmenko, AKA Azerbaijan’s glass box dancer (suspicious relationships, seen terrorizing Donny Montell during freerunning)
Bárbara Reyzábal “Barei” González-Aller (seen leading a group of dancers until their feet couldn’t stand it=ABUSE)
Ovidiu Anton (warrior status, not willing to quit despite disclosure by multiple parties, quite a ROM bar lover, “Fight for the Truth!”)
Ace Wilder (her rebel status, not willing to quit either)
Kirill Yermakov (opposing IVAN, ability to control weather)
Eduard Romanyuta (wants to attack Jamala either IVAN)
David Lindgren (bboy, married with two kids, ability to control security LASERs, seen freerunning with Donny Montell)
Robin Bengtsson (just look at his eyes and you will understand)
Oscar Zia (possibly the gay student beaten down by Frans, ability to control weather)
Wiktoria Johansson (“Save Me!”, superheroine suit)
Danny Saucedo (opposing Donny and one of Ovidiu’s relatives)
Małgorzata “Margaret” Jamroży (opposing Michał)
Thomas “Conchita Wurst” Neuwirth (because (s)he just(s) has to be included) Sorry, but I think the Baltic Boys fandom has taken over my life as well. . “

Somebody please make it real XDD oh God

Chapter 1 and 2: My Immpootal

PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 | PART 10

Hi my name is jüri p'ootsmann and i have styled blond hair the colour of a pootato (that’s how i got my name) and icy blue eyes like limpet tears and a lot of people tell me i look like draco malfoy (AN: if you don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!!!) i have pale white skin. i love Poot Topic and i buy all my clothes from there. For example today i was wearing a blue suit corset with matching lace around it. some finalists looked at me. i put my middle finger up at them.

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