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So season 3 of MMPR starts with the 1995 movie’s plot but without Ivan Ooze.  Like it’s beat for beat the same, with even those bird warriors being a part of the show.
Like what was the point of making the movie if you’re gonna repeat the plot, or what’s the point of making the episodes if it’s the same as the movie?  

Classmate Headcanons

I’ve been sitting on some of these for a while from contemplating different fic ideas, so here ya go:

·Mylene is vegan, and Ivan’s diet is mostly meat. They never fight about it, surprisingly. 

·Alix secretly really likes rom-coms, but if you ever tell anyone, she’ll punch you

·Sometimes Kim makes Max sit on his back while he does push-ups to increase his resistance

·Nathaniel sometimes doodles on himself and designs tattoos when he gets bored

·Juleka loves horror movies, and Rose only puts up with them because it gives her an excuse to hold Juleka’s hand when she gets scared.

· Everyone lowkey wants to be Marinette’s parents when they grow up

· Nino is everyone’s big brother, and they come to him with their problems, and he helps them sort through them.

·Sabrina and Chloe cosplay at a conventions, and their costumes are always super high-quality and accurate because Chloe has them hand-crafted by top designers.

·Marinette brings people treats from the bakery when it’s their birthday as well as a hand-made gift.

·One day, Nath and Alix are talking about some anime, and Adrien gets really excited and blows them away with how many fan theories he has, like seriously, how do you have time to come up with all of these?

·Marinette is obsessed with other people’s pets because she could never have one because her they live in the bakery and they can’t have an animal there, so she always cuddles other people’s pets way too much.

·Alix is a poor swimmer and has to wear floaties if she wants to go in the deep end

·Mylene can’t swim at all

·Chloe can swim, but she doesn’t like to get wet (it ruins her makeup and hair), so she just floats on a ridiculously over-sized raft like the queen she is

·Alya is like super fit from chasing superheroes around all the time to get footage for her blog

· Ivan gets really emotional when you show him pictures of baby otters

·Despite being clumsy, Marinette’s a really good dancer

·But not as good as Adrien, like that kid has moves no one expected

·Chloe and Adrien are secretly/not-so-secretly weeabo trash. They’ve seen every episode of Naruto, and most of their childhood arguments were over what their ninja powers would be

· Mme. Bustier needs at least half a bottle of wine after each school day to cope with her students all randomly turning into supervillains every day.

Part 2: Nationals/4CC/Worlds 2017

Canadian Nationals (3)

Photo 1: Danielle Earl - Always a moment.

Photo 2: Danielle Earl - I’m obsessed with the opening of their FD. How they circle each other, then come face to face, hand squeeze, cheek caress (new) and then back to back.

But I love the moment right before they turn from each other. This is an amazing example of that split second before.

Photo 3: Danielle Earl - When they have a good skate you know right away. When they have a bad skate, you know right away. This is the moment after a good skate.


Photo 1: Kiyoshi Sakamoto - I love their lift in the FD. I loved it even when they had their first entry into it. Even though Tessa only spends about 1.5 seconds in this position its still amazing to see captured every time.

Photo 2: Shinichi Sasaki - I’m a sucker for their hugs. And post performance hugs are a staple to Tessa and Scott, this was a great one.

Photo 3: SUJI - The moments. #OneHandOneHeart


Photo 1: Danielle Earl -SD Practice. I’m mostly obsessed with the intimacy of this photo and in general how intimate the blue’s steps are as well.

Photo 2: Ivan Sekretarev - Because I always need sassy Tessa and confident Scott.

Photo 3: Antti Lehto - I love the angle and I love the expression on both of them. Tessa’s face matches her body movement and vise versa, its amazing.

Photo 4: Shibapple - Expression

Photo’s 5, 6 & 7: There is no way to not include @danielleearlphotography into this. Sorry there’s no way to not add ALL of her photo’s into this list. But I did manage to cut it down.

Photo 5: Still questionable if its part of the program or just Scott being Scott. Either way, it makes for a stunning shot especially because the program starts as two people in turmoil and then reunite in the end. But they still need their moment to connect anyway.

Photo 6: Eye contact.

Photo 7: So this might be my favourite picture. I know Danielle commented on the angle but I am actually obsessed with it for the simple reason that you can’t read either of their expressions and yet Tessa’s body says it all.

Okay that’s it!

There’s so many more photos from Worlds so I am going to do a Bonus post too.

anonymous asked:

could you describe ivan goncharov's character a bit for me? [[when you mentioned an obsession with Fyodor it queued my interests]]

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Yes, my impression of Ivan Goncharov is that he is very devoted to Fyodor, to the point of worshipping him. 

- He refers to Fyodor either as Dostoevsky sama or Master or My Lord

- He tells Pushkin protecting Fyodor is all he cares about (that’s why he can’t come to help Pushkin escape from Shinsoukoku) and refers to it as “happiness” (protecting Fyodor). In the frame below he is saying if it is Master’s wish, he would even peel out his own skin etc.

- Whenhe first appears to fight with Shinsoukoku, he tells the two that he has been given a chance, an important misssion rather than protecting Fyodor sama and that is his happiness etc.

- In the panel below, he’s saying something along the line that Fyodor is like a God that brings happiness into this world and those who dare to disturb that are sinners.

- Apart from that, he loves classical music, he was listening to the “Waltz of the Flowers” by  Tchaikovsky at the beginning of the chapter.

I hope it cleared up something for you and sorry about my crappy translation xD