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Things that Haven’t Been Explained...

Just a few friendly reminders about things mostly about Ford that haven’t been explained yet in Gravity Falls:

-Where Ford was/what Ford did on the other side of the portal (referenced in DDaMD but not explained)?

-When/why/how Ford built the bunker? Was McGucket involved? Why was Ford preparing for an apocalypse back in 1982? “Prepare for the end”, anyone?

-When/why/how did Ford meet Bill and what happened between them?

-Why/when/how did Ford build all of the experiments around the Shack (electron carpet, cloning copy machine, etc…)? Did McGucket also help with these?

-What exactly happened between Ford and the Shapeshifter?

-Where does Blind Ivan (whose head tattoos match the drawing of the man on Bill Cipher’s page) fit in? How was he blinded in one eye? Does he have anything to do with the “fear the beast with just one eye” prophecy?

-Why was Ford not seemingly as affected as McGucket was when they went through the portal? How do we know that the destination the portal was set to when McGucket almost slipped in wasn’t the same as it was when Ford went through later? What did McGucket see in there?

-How Ford got an identical pair of glasses on the other side of the portal when the ones he originally had fell off when he first disappeared (and were then kept by Stanley)? Was it a parallel dimension where he stole them from an alternate version of himself? Did he just buy them over there?

-Who was the “HE” that Ford said in Journal 3 that he was hiding the journals from?

-What that Cipher File from the SDCC trailer is.

-What are these “many great enemies” Ford speaks of in DDaMD? How did he make enemies while on the other side of the portal?

-How did Stanley get the fez from their father (seen in their house when they were teens in AToTS) after Ford disappeared and Stan stole his identity? Did he pose as Ford and ask their father to send it to him? Did Ford have it in the house already when Stan got there? Why is the fez important? Why was it in the Pines family’s possession (history of secret society membership?)?

-Why did Ford have all the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel stuff in his house? We see it in AToTS before his and Stan’s fight, like the banner on the wall? It was mentioned in Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Nonstop Mystery and Fun; surely it must have some importance still?

-What was the importance of the symbol that was burned into Stan’s back? What had Ford put it on the side of the console/desk for? What does it mean?

Anyone got any other things that they think need explaining?


-Why did the portal shutdown process require three separate keys? Were there others working with Ford besides McGucket? (thanks to notthistimespock!)

-How did Gideon get Journal #2? Did Stanley suspect he had it? (thanks to indiebooksnvintagevidyas!)

-Where did Robbie get that CD? (thanks to indiebooksnvintagevidyas!)