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2nd highschool au

Alfred’s brother, Matthew, is on the hockey team, and Alfred comes to his games. In their junior year a new excange student, Ivan, moves from Russia, and he joins the hockey team. Alfred comes to Mattie’s game and gets introduced to Ivan and is like “he’s kinda cute”, but Alfred progressively falls more and more in love with Ivan. Matt finally just tells them to kiss already because he’s tires of hearing about both Ivan and Alfred’s crushes on each other. They start dating and they get voted cutest couple in their senior year.

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Hello, I was looking at your Hetalia Cardverse posts and noticed the one about the Baltics and then I got a bit curious... Does Ivan still have a crush on Toris? How did he react when he stopped traveling? What about the death rumors? How did he react to that? Details, please..? I'm curious... (Not sure if you still do Cardverse stuff, but it's absolutely awsome!)

So no I haven’t worked on my card verse Au in years but I’ll just give you a quick rundown what happens with Toris.

 If I remember correctly Ivan and Toris were in a secret relationship so Ivan does not have a crush he’s in love with Toris and vice versa. Mainly wanting to stay close to Ivan Toris stops traveling around and hibernates in the Club’s palace. It’s the general public/leaders of other nations of the world that think he’s dead because Toris never told anyone he was living in the palace it was kinda like he just fell off the planet. 

Sometime later Mattew tricks Ivan to overuse his power and turn himself into a Joker. Jokers are carriers of an illness called the black crawl and both knowing little about it (because there is not alot know about Jokers) don’t realize by having their skin touch is how black crawl is passed on. So in short Toris gets infected. 

To find the cure Toris goes to Spades to find some lost documents of the Card Empire. (Spades has most information about the old empire)  Where he meets Alfred. Alfred develops a crush on Toris during his stay. Toris learns about Black Birches fruit the only know cure for the Black Crawl. (which requires a Jokers dead heart to grow)  Which he relays to Alfred who sends out a manhunt for Gilbert the only Joker he knows at this point. (Which starts this whole big fight between his brother and Alfred but I’m not going to get into that) 

During all the time that Toris was in Spades learning all of this  Ivan is guilt-stricken, he was the one that poisoned Toris and angry at Mattew and in association Spades for making him this way. That soon turns to fury when he finds out that Toris is in Spades. Which results in war with Spades. 

Anyways during the campaign, Toris grows weaker and weaker he;s basically on death’s door on the eve of a major batter between Spades and Club Toris asks one of the soldiers to take him to a meetup spot that he and Ivan agreed to months ago in some letters. The soldier refuses Toris becomes loud and unruly catching Alfred’s attention and he says he will take Toris to the meeting point with his lover.

Now during all of their time together Alfred never knew the name of Toris lover and when he finds out it’s Ivan shit goes down. Ivan and Alfred fight during which Ivan in infects Alfred with black crawl  After a fierce battle Ivan wins knocking Alfred out. He’s only spared because Toris begs him (I want to make it clear that Toris never loved Alfred its was all one sided on Alfred’s part) Ivan carries off Toris who later in the night dies in Ivan’s arms it’s super sad sorry :( 

  • Ivan when Toris falls asleep on his shoulder:
  • o////o OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
  • Toris when Ivan falls asleep on his shoulder:


First there this sort of sad, ‘wait what?”

then he get so ANGRY.

Angry at his words.

Angry at his music.

Angry at his phone.

Then finally, angry at himself. Because who was he to ever think that he could express something like love to someone as wonderful as Myléne?

Ivan feels like a fuck up.

Shut up I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

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Since mun is good at writing angst, how about an au where either Ivan or Silvia fall in love with someone else and ask the other for advice?

//*cracks knuckles* you asked for it >:)


The soft, sweet voice quickly caught the attention of the Russian man. He quickly turned to the source of the voice, finding the Honduran woman, Silvia.

“Da, Cолнце?” He replied.

“U-um well, I need your help.” She spoke, clearly nervous.

“What is it?”

“Well, you see…” Silvia takes a deep breath. “I have a crush.”

Ivan could suddenly feel the warmth rush to his face and the feeling of a thousand butterflies in his stomach. Could it be that she returned his feelings?

“Oh? Do I know this lucky person?”

“Yes you do! You know him quite well actually!” Silvia adverted her eyes to the ground, blushing and smiling softly.
“He’s tall and handsome. He’s really sweet and sometimes a doof and we are really close…He’s often misunderstood by others, too.” She explained.

Ivan’s heart began racing faster. He fit that description! She had to be talking about him! The Russian man was practically beaming at this point, while continuing to act clueless.

“He sounds great! What is the issue?” He asked.

“Pues…I don’t know how to tell him. I’m also a little scared. What if he doesn’t share my feelings? This would be super awkward….”

Ivan placed his large hand on her shoulder reassuringly. “I’m sure he feels the exact same as you. Just go up to him,” he pauses as he takes her hands in his “and say exactly how you feel…You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and I am so very lucky to have met you. I have developed strong feelings for you and I want to always be there for you…” Ivan said smiling as he indirectly confessed his true feelings to the female in front of him.

Silvia’s smile widened as she threw herself on Ivan, pulling him into a big hug. “Yes! Thank you, Ivan!” She released the male from the hug and continued to smile.
“I’ll go find Alfredo and tell him exactly what I feel!”

At that moment Ivan’s whole world came crashing down. You could almost hear the sound of shattered hopes and dreams. Did…did she just say Alfred? She was talking about Alfred? It can’t be…

“A-Alfred?” Ivan questioned out loud; his smile faltered and his whole demeanour had began to change.

“Si! Si! Alfred! Ah, I’m so excited, I’m going to look for him right now!” Silvia turned to leave “See you later, Ivan!” She called out as she skipped away.

“Good luck….” was the only thing the heart-broken male could muster. She…liked Alfred.

The Russian brought a hand to his face when the bitter tears began rolling down his face. He laughed to himself, more liked laughed /at/ himself. ‘What an idiot’ he thought, still laughing. Of course Silvia liked Alfred. Why would she ever fall for someone like Ivan? He was pathetic. His laughter turned into choked sobs. He was a fool. A stupid, heartbroken fool.

((Probably a bit cliche to use America as the crush but he’s the first one that came to mind and the one that would make the most sense in this case. Aaanyways, enjoy your angst my lovelies :3


My Wishlist

  1. Tsubasa Shirai
  2. Yuki Arisugawa
  3. Akito Kakiuchi
  4. Ivan Chernenkov
  5. Kou Uraga
  6. Trevor Konno
  7. Hajime Shindo
  8. Hyosuke Kujo
  9. Taiga Kujo
  10. Shiina Hibiki

To be continued… XD

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When I played GS for the very first time I had a massive crush on Ivan. Then, when I replayed it years later, I was super excited that I would get to see my Fav Crush again!! But, by that time I remembered almost nothing about the game, I was practically experiencing it anew. So I finally get to the point where I can recruit Ivan, and he's several years younger than me, so I get to spend the whole rest of the game feeling like a creepy weirdo for having had the crush in the first plcae. rip.

pro tip: crush on piers 


[ Nerd!Ivan and Jock!Alfred school AU ]

“Heads up!”

A loud yell could be heard across the school hallway, coming from an older student. A ball was then thrown, the student planning on his friend catching it. Sadly, he missed and it landed right in the face of another teen, Ivan.

Ivan yelped, dropping his books on the floor. He nearly fell over himself, but was able to keep up by grabbing onto the open locker next to him. The impact went on his head, and the ball broke his reading glasses. It hit him hard, as he could tell the person who threw it had a lot of strength. As he slowly bend down to pick up his things, he could feel a headache coming on. Looking up, he could also see everyone staring at him. Ivan felt extremely embarrassed. He had just been hit with a ball in the hallway, and now all eyes were on him. His face was already burning red, wishing this wasn’t happening right now.

He was greeted by someone who went over to help him. Looking up again, he saw a blonde student with glasses, who had a guilty look.

“Hey, I’m so freaking sorry about that! Here let me help you!” he quickly said, trying to pick up his books for him. Seeing his broken glasses, the teenager felt even worse.

“Damn… I’m so sorry for breaking your glasses…”

Then Ivan sighed, picking up the two pieces up. “It’s fine…” He said in a small voice, and accent showing. He was even more red now, since he found the other person rather attractive. He already knew who he was. It was a long time crush, and he couldn’t believe this was happening right now.

“I’m Alfred by the way… You’re Ivan right?” he asked, picking up the last book. Standing up, he waited for the other to reply. Alfred always forgot to catch his name whenever he talked or saw him.

“Yes…I’m Ivan…” He said, placing his broken glasses in his locker. Alfred started to feel even worse. He thought the other was pretty cute, and now he made a terrible impression by slamming a football into his face.

“Well, Ivan, school’s almost over, and I feel really bad… Can I give you a ride home? It’s the least I can do…” He confessed, hoping the other would say yes. Ivan thought for a minute, wondering why Alfred had an interest in him all of a sudden. A handsome student was paying attention to him, and he didn’t know how to react. A handsome student that he liked noticed him. Ivan had crushed on him from afar, always staring at him and watched him play football sometimes while he sat on the bleachers and read.

“You really don’t have too…” He said, hoping that he wasn’t bugging the other person.

“No, no, no, I really want to, are you sure you don’t want to?” Alfred ask again, eager to give him a ride home. Ivan finally gave in, not being able to say no to the teenager. “Great! Meet me in the front lobby! I’ll lead you to my car!”

Ivan nodded, watching him walk away with a playful wink. Looking at his locker, he blinked a few times to process the whole situation. _______________________________________________________________________

Once the bell had rung, Ivan waited in the front lobby for him. He was quite surprised by the whole situation. He wasn’t sure if he should be happy or embarrassed. His crush was driving him home, and he would get to spend some personal time with him in the car. But then again, he was probably doing this because he felt guilty.

However, he couldn’t help but to smile a bit. He was still going to spend time with him. He often thought about the blonde, and how handsome he was. But he was too shy to ever go up to him and ask if he wanted to hang out.

“Hey! Ivan! You ready?” An energetic voice asked him. Ivan turned his head to see that it was Alfred, and offered a shy smile. “Yes… I am…” He told, holding his backpack close to him. Alfred walked beside him, leading him to his car. He even went over to open the door for him. Getting in and buckling his seatbelt, he looked around. It was a decent car, for a teenager at least. The Russian really wanted to drive, and had been saving up for driving lessons. They were expensive, so his aunt and uncle, with whom he lived with, compromised that if he got half of the money, they would help out with the rest.

Until then, he would just have to get rides, just like now. Ivan tapped his foot nervously, watching Alfred get in. He started up the engine, then looked back at the Russian. He offered a smile, and then put his attention on the road.

“So I was thinking, since I broke your glasses and everything, let me make it up by taking you for icecream.” Alfred grinned, looking back at Ivan for a second to see his reaction.

Ivan quickly flushed, gulping as he shook his hands. He was getting even more nervous now. “Ah! You don’t have to do that! And I have no money on me!” he explained, trying to control his blush.

“No, it’s on me. And I would really like to get to know you. Come on! Say yes!” Alfred begged, giving a pout. Ivan was speechless for a moment, a bit in shock. His crush was almost asking him out on a date. Redness creeped up his cheeks as he thought about it. He never thought that Alfred would give him the time of day, but now he was asking to spend a night out with him. All these emotions were running through him.

Alfred, however, couldn’t help but to smirk when he saw Ivan’s red and shocked expression. He wasn’t a stupid guy, and since he was quite popular and handsome, he was used to people crushing and hitting on him. The teen was good at picking up hints when he wanted. Sometimes he would ignore the air around him, but when he wanted to, he had no problem sensing the mood.

By the other’s flushing and shocked looks, he was guessing that the other had feelings for him. Now that he thought about it, he’s seen Ivan watch him play football a few times. And he could always recall Ivan smiling bright at him whenever they talked.

‘I think… someone has a crush on me…’ He thought, still smirking big when the Russian finally replied. “Ah… I’d love to go out with you to get ice cream…”

Alfred winked at him, then returned his eyes to the road. Ivan started to mentally scream, so excited that he got to spend time with his crush. He tried to stay calm, not wanting to embarrass himself.

Alfred tried to start up small talk while they drove to get ice cream. “So… Where in Russia are you from?” He asked, curious to find out.

“I was born in Moscow, but I was raised in Saratov. We moved down there after my birth, since most of my family is there.” He explained, thinking about home. While he knew he was better off here, he couldn’t help to miss his native country.

“So why did you move over here?” Alfred asked, hoping that he wasn’t triggering some sad feelings. He could never see himself leaving America. He loved it here, and had no desire to leave.

“Well, my older sister sent me here to live with my aunt and uncle after my parents passed away. She thought it would be better for my life and education. We were a bit poor growing up.”

Alfred frowned, feeling bad. He could never imagine life without his parents, and was saddened that someone had lost theirs. Was even more sad that he was sent off right after they died.

He extended his arm around Ivan’s shoulders, holding him. Ivan’s face went red, blushing heavily at the moment. He was surprised at the psychical contact, and liked it.

‘He’s touching me, oh my god… Ha!’ He thought, wanting to scream. He was already so nervous about this, and now Alfred was touching him for comfort. He leaned into his touch, his face burning. Alfred tried not to laugh at his blush, finding it adorable. The American kept thinking about how cute the Russian was, with how nervous he was around him and all the flushing at any moment. It became more obvious that Ivan had feelings for him, and he wanted to take advantage of that.

Alfred said how he felt sorry about Ivan’s parents, but he shrugged it off. “It’s fine, life goes on…” He said sighing as he did miss his parents and family. It was tough to be away from them.

It was also hard for Ivan to make friends. He was shy over all, and wasn’t an outgoing personality. He was also embarrassed of his accent, which stopped him from speaking even more. He did however have a small group of close friends that he was able to open up too, but other than that, meeting others was a challenge for him.

They finally pulled up to the ice cream shop. They got out of the car, with Alfred pulling Ivan close. He was really getting off of the reaction Ivan did whenever he touched him. It was so cute! He could get used to this. While for Ivan, he kept getting more joyful from Alfred’s embraces. Only in his dreams would he have thought that he’d be so close to Alfred.

Alfred had Ivan take a seat, asking for what flavor he wanted. “Ah.. Chocolate’s fine…” He said softly, folding his hands in his lap. While Alfred went up to get their ice cream, Ivan was trying to process the whole situation. He was here, he was really here. He was on a little ice cream date with Alfred! He tried to hold in all his excitement and joy inside. It was his chance to get to know him better. Maybe get Alfred to like him more.

Ivan’s thinking was paused as Alfred came back with their frozen treats. He had a big smile on his face, wanting to make the other happy with a free desert.

“Here you go, babe!” He cheered, sitting right next to him. He extended his arm again, right over Ivan’s shoulders, pulling him close. He smirked big at Ivan’s small smile, leaning in closer to Alfred.

‘He’s touching me… Maybe he likes me…?’ He thought, trying to explain why Alfred was so touchy with him. They looked into each others eyes for a moment, then the American broke the silence.

“So tell me about yourself, Ivan. What do you like to do?”

Ivan slowly started to talk and open up to Alfred, explaining his interest in science, and his love for knitting. What books he liked to read, and what shows he watched. Both of them kept chatting, going in for a bite of their ice cream here and there.

Alfred’s heart started to flutter while Ivan talked. He thought he was just straight up adorable, but now he loved how smart he was. He liked intelligence, even if he played sports. He wanted a person who he could have a conversation with.

He started to like him more. He was cute and smart, and Alfred found him to be such a sweet person. He enjoyed how much Ivan flushed when Alfred touched him, or how his eyes lit up when he talked about science. He was quite amazed about how much he knew, and he would always pull out facts on the subjects they were talking about. Ivan was well-read, and he could tell that he loved to learn. Alfred admired that, how someone was always trying to gain knowledge. And he enjoyed hearing what the other had to say.

Ivan on the other hand, liked how upbeat Alfred was. He seemed to be such a bright and energetic person. He admired Alfred’s talent in sports, and his people skills. Alfred was good at keeping the conversation going, and bringing up interesting topics. Ivan adored how he was smarter than he looked, and how easy he was to talk too. There wasn’t any awkward silence in their conversation. And what Ivan really cherished was how funny he found the American.

They both seemed to really enjoy spending time with each other. They actually lost track of time.

“Oh god, we’ve been sitting here for two hours! Crap!” Alfred said, laughing. It had been a long time since he’s had such a nice conversation, where they ignored the time. Ivan’s eyes went wide, but then he just laughed it off.

“Wow… This was… really fun… I enjoy speaking to you.” He said, giving a gentle smile.

The American winked and leaned in, “Same here.” He said, the planting a kiss on Ivan’s cheek.

The Russian’s whole reaction was worth it. Ivan’s face burned bright red, it making him dizzy. He then looked at his lap, not wanting the other see him get so flushed that fast.

‘I can’t believe he kissed me, I can’t believe he kissed me, I can’t believe he kissed me!’ Ivan thought, screaming inside. He wanted to get up and jump for joy! His crush had kissed him! Those lips went right on his cheek! His heart nearly fell out of his chest.

Alfred chuckled and nuzzled his neck, wondering how the other was doing. “You alright there…?”

“Yeah… I’m fine…” He said in a small voice, looking up at the blonde. He had a smile, and his whole expression was soft. “I was wondering if I could kiss you again?” Alfred asked, still wearing a smirk.

Ivan nodded as he thought how he’s never been so happy to get hit in the head with a football.

We must give a strong country to baby [Alexei]. Be firm, Russia loves to feel the whip, its their nature. How I wish I could pour my will into your veins. Be Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible, crush them all under you.

Tsarina Alexandra in a letter to her husband, Tsar Nicholas II during the First World War

If that is not a motivational speech, I don’t know what else is, damn!