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Hello, I was looking at your Hetalia Cardverse posts and noticed the one about the Baltics and then I got a bit curious... Does Ivan still have a crush on Toris? How did he react when he stopped traveling? What about the death rumors? How did he react to that? Details, please..? I'm curious... (Not sure if you still do Cardverse stuff, but it's absolutely awsome!)

So no I haven’t worked on my card verse Au in years but I’ll just give you a quick rundown what happens with Toris.

 If I remember correctly Ivan and Toris were in a secret relationship so Ivan does not have a crush he’s in love with Toris and vice versa. Mainly wanting to stay close to Ivan Toris stops traveling around and hibernates in the Club’s palace. It’s the general public/leaders of other nations of the world that think he’s dead because Toris never told anyone he was living in the palace it was kinda like he just fell off the planet. 

Sometime later Mattew tricks Ivan to overuse his power and turn himself into a Joker. Jokers are carriers of an illness called the black crawl and both knowing little about it (because there is not alot know about Jokers) don’t realize by having their skin touch is how black crawl is passed on. So in short Toris gets infected. 

To find the cure Toris goes to Spades to find some lost documents of the Card Empire. (Spades has most information about the old empire)  Where he meets Alfred. Alfred develops a crush on Toris during his stay. Toris learns about Black Birches fruit the only know cure for the Black Crawl. (which requires a Jokers dead heart to grow)  Which he relays to Alfred who sends out a manhunt for Gilbert the only Joker he knows at this point. (Which starts this whole big fight between his brother and Alfred but I’m not going to get into that) 

During all the time that Toris was in Spades learning all of this  Ivan is guilt-stricken, he was the one that poisoned Toris and angry at Mattew and in association Spades for making him this way. That soon turns to fury when he finds out that Toris is in Spades. Which results in war with Spades. 

Anyways during the campaign, Toris grows weaker and weaker he;s basically on death’s door on the eve of a major batter between Spades and Club Toris asks one of the soldiers to take him to a meetup spot that he and Ivan agreed to months ago in some letters. The soldier refuses Toris becomes loud and unruly catching Alfred’s attention and he says he will take Toris to the meeting point with his lover.

Now during all of their time together Alfred never knew the name of Toris lover and when he finds out it’s Ivan shit goes down. Ivan and Alfred fight during which Ivan in infects Alfred with black crawl  After a fierce battle Ivan wins knocking Alfred out. He’s only spared because Toris begs him (I want to make it clear that Toris never loved Alfred its was all one sided on Alfred’s part) Ivan carries off Toris who later in the night dies in Ivan’s arms it’s super sad sorry :( 

Ivan Martinez - English

**A/N hey guys!  All the Spanish used in this is from Google Translate, so I’m sorry if it’s incorrect.  I speak French, not Spanish lol.  Translations will be in bold.  Also, this is set in the time when they knew like, no English

You sat down across from your best friend, Ivan.  You were teaching him some English, to improve his vocabulary.  You picked up the textbook you’d bought online, from Spanish to English.  You opened the book to the first page.

“We’re gonna start with the basics,” you said as you turned the book towards him.  “¿Cuál es su nombre?”  What is your name?

“My name is Ivan,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Cuantos años tienes?”  How old are you?

“I am eighteen years old.”  He smiled wider.  “This is too easy, y/n.  Try the next chapter.”

You chuckled as you began to flip through the pages.  “Someone’s feeling confident.”  You stopped when you found chapter two.  “Expressing feelings.  Is this a textbook or a psychiatrist’s book?”

He chuckled, though you knew he didn’t know what a psychiatrist was - he hadn’t learned that yet.  He looked at the book for a moment, then looked at you.  “I feel happy.”

You smiled at him.  “¿Por qué?”  Why?

He looked at the book again.  “Because I… am with you,” he said.  He looked to be second guessing himself, which made you chuckle.

“Don’t worry, you said it right,” you said as a small blush made its way across your face.  

He smiled again and took the book.  He flipped to the index in the back, then searched for something until he found what he was looking for.  “I love you,” he said as he looked up, his finger still pointing to the word he was looking at.

“I love you too,” you said.

“Not friend.”

Your face turned even more red.  You’d had a teeny tiny crush on Ivan since he moved to LA.  Maybe not tiny.  More like massive.  “Really?”

He nodded.  “Sí.”  Yes

You smiled at him.  “I love you too.”

He leaned over and pecked your cheek quickly, then turned his attention back to the book as he took your hand in his.

Halloween Plans (DenNor and RusAme)

Edit: Ah I forgot to tag @spiritussalis, who reuested this! I just decided to do both!! Also @taylorbri3-10 helped me with some ideas for this!!

“Lukas,” the Dane exclaimed, barging into their shared bedroom, “We should go to Alfred’s Halloween party! He says it’s gonna be even more amazing this year than last year!”
Lukas sighed and looked up at Mathias, and inky blue-violet eyes met sparkling, bright blue ones. “I’m sorry, but I can’t leave the house tonight. My clip broke,” he motioned over to the silver cross clip that he usually wore every day, open with small wires exposed sitting on the dresser.
“Why does your clip have wires in it? And why would you need it to go out,” Mathias questioned, walking over to the clip to examine it further.
“It’s a troll phone. How do you think I contact them?”
“I don’t know? Magic? Speaking of which, why don’t you just use your magic to fix it?”
“It doesn’t work that way. It has to be manually fixed,” Lukas replied as he began to explain how it possibly couldn’t just be fixed magically. Mathias just nodded as he spoke, seeming like he was understanding everything, but it was quite overwhelming to take in all of it at once.
“So… does marathoning horror movies sound like a good plan,” Mathias asked with a grin.
“I don’t see why not.”
“Great! I’ll go grab some movies and popcorn, and just remember I’ll be here if ya get scared,” Mathias called out as he hurried out of the room.
“Haha yeah sure you will,” Lukas chuckled with a slight smirk. Even though he could be annoying and a little dense sometimes, Lukas still loved Mathias and all of his antics.
Mathias called Alfred and told him that they couldn’t make it to the party. He seemed kind of bummed at first but then told him that it was fine and that he’d see him the next time they would hang out with Gilbert.
Mathias had arrived with the popcorn and an assortment of movies. He popped in The Exorcist and got into bed with Lukas and the popcorn. Of course, throughout the movies Mathias tried to act like the tough guy, but he got scared and started clinging to Lukas. After about four movies, the two felt their eyelids get heavy. Lukas checked the clock. It said 2:17 am. They decided to call it a night and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Sometimes, it’s good that some bad things happen.

Alfred was preparing for the extravagant Halloween party that he threw every year. Everyone was invited and usually everyone showed up, but this year many of the others seemed to be busy. Alfred started listing of the people that notified him that they couldn’t show up.  Mathias had called him saying that he and Lukas wouldn’t be there but he didn’t say why. Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio were going to pull the same basic Halloween pranks such as tp-ing and egging houses, jumping out of bushes to scare innocent bystanders, the usual. Peter went trick or treating with a small group of his friends, and Berwald and Tino were vague about what they were doing. Something about Ikea? There were a few more, but he didn’t let that stop him from being happy. He knew that Ivan was still coming and that’s all he needed to be happy. He couldn’t bring himself to admit it, but he thought he might have developed a little crush on Ivan. He checked the time and realized he only had a few hours to get everything finished and get his costume on before everyone got there.
As costumed people were filing in, Alfred greeted each at the door. He was patiently waiting for Ivan to arrive. The last time they saw each other was at the valentine’s day party Francis hosted earlier in the year that didn’t turn out too well. Alfred noticed Ivan was approaching from across the street and his face lit up. He couldn’t explain why he was so giddy to see Ivan, but he was happy nonetheless. Ivan seemed to be content as well.
“Hey, Ivan! Are you ready to party or what dude,” Alfred enthusiastically greeted his Russian friend.
“Da, very much so,” Ivan replied with a small smile.
“Well it seems like you were the last one to arrive, so let’s get this party started!”
Alfred and Ivan went in and the Halloween festivities commenced. There were snacks, games, a costume contest, and a haunted house out back. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their life. Alfred was ecstatic to see that his party made so many people happy.
It was getting late and people started leaving. Most of them thanked Alfred for doing such a great job on the party before they left, but one stayed. Ivan had stayed with the intention of helping him clean up.
“Yo, Ivan are you leaving? Don’t you have to get home,” Alfred asked, sincerely confused.
“You normally clean up everything all by yourself, right? I figured it’d be a nice change if someone were here to help,” Ivan responded.
Alfred’s face lit up with excitement. “You’d really help me clean up all of this,” Alfred exclaimed motioning to mess that was made with all the chaos that had just subsided.
“Yes of course I would. I am your friend after all.”
The two began cleaning, just happy with each other’s company. Alfred started with gathering the snacks up and Ivan collected the games. After about thirty minutes, Ivan felt something hit his back. He turned around and noticed a fake hand on the ground and Alfred smirking at him.
“Oh, did that hit you? I’m sorry,” Alfred laughed.
“Ah, so we’re going to play that game,” Ivan smiled and threw an empty cup from the floor at Alfred and threw it and it hit his shoulder.
“Oh, you’re on!”
The two continued throwing trash and stray decorations at each other, while laughing and having even more fun than they did at the actual party all the while. Soon enough, they realized they had made a mistake, as they had made a larger mess than before.
“Oh boy. Well since it’s already,” Alfred checked his watch, “1:30 do you just want to stay here for the night,” Alfred asked with a kind smile. He went out of his way just to help me clean up, so I should offer him a place to stay.
“Ah! Is it really okay?”
“Of course! After all, you did stay to help clean up!”
Without realizing it, they fell asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms on the couch.

Highschool au

Yes I know ‘ugh why are there so many highschool au’ well fuck you I do what I want. Alfred and Ivan are in the same history class, and Alfred asks Ivan to tutor him. Ivan is asked to tutor a lot since he’s one of the best kids in the class because he’s really good at history. At one point Ivan tells their history teacher that he’s been tutoring Alfred and asks if Alfred’s grades have improved, but the teachers like “what Alfred’s always been almost as good as you are at this class” Ivan confronts Alfred about this and Alfred admits that he had a crush on Ivan and he just wanted to get close to him. Ivan is shocked but confesses that he has feelings for Alfred too, and long story short, at the end of the year they’re voted cutest couple.


My Wishlist

  1. Tsubasa Shirai
  2. Yuki Arisugawa
  3. Akito Kakiuchi
  4. Ivan Chernenkov
  5. Kou Uraga
  6. Trevor Konno
  7. Hajime Shindo
  8. Hyosuke Kujo
  9. Taiga Kujo
  10. Shiina Hibiki

To be continued… XD

  • Ivan when Toris falls asleep on his shoulder:
  • o////o OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
  • Toris when Ivan falls asleep on his shoulder:

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What would the allies and Germany do if their s/o woke them up at 8:30 am and had a lizard they were holding hovering above their face? (I found one in my house that's been hiding under my bed since Monday.)

Man, I love lizards.

He really wouldn’t be awake. It’d be more of a mumbled “Awesome.” and then he’d roll over groggily.

Cute little lizard. He’d insist that you guys set it outside.

He’d wake up and knock it out of his s/I’d hands.

“What..the actual hell?”

You wouldn’t get much of a reaction as long as you were holding it. Just drop it on him and he’d scream.

Ivan would accidentally crush it.

Ludwig would show interest and then politely ask you to set it out.

Nodame Cantabile AU RusAme ha

(brought to you by: trashy feelings)

Setting: Somewhere in North America

Alfred F. Jones – really talented but underrated pianist because his style is far from conservative, more of imagery and lovely phrasings, as if singing (thus cantabile); has poor sight-reading skills so he listens by ear; he composes sometimes; he hated being in strict piano lessons but unfortunately a strict professor took a liking to him and decided to take him as his student.

Ivan Braginsky – also a piano major; famous child prodigy in the conservatory whose style is “respective towards the composer”, but wants to shift as a conducting major because he loves it more; quite the critic; he has an irrational fear of riding boats and planes so he’s frustrated that he can’t get out of the country, like he’s stuck in a “mediocre” conservatory. (Well, Europe is the heart of music.)


> Ivan wanted to shift to conducting but was demeaned by his strict professor, Ludwig. “Why are you even reading an orchestra score? You want to shift? Pfft, please.”

> Ivan: “Okay, y’know what? I’ll shift to another prof instead.” So he did.

> One night, Ivan got drunk (thanks to his thought on quitting on shifting to conducting) that he just slept by his dorm’s door.

> He woke up in Alfred’s room thanks to his playing. When he opened his eyes, he’s really shocked that he woke up in a room full of trash. (“Alfred’s room is a mess” would be an understatement.) So, of course, he went out of the damned room, and realized they’re neighbors.

> Because he knows he’s being a decent human being, he cleaned up Alfred’s room.

> Skip to: Piano lesson. Ivan’s new prof, Feliciano Vargas, is apparently Alfred’s as well.

> They had a piano duet. (It’s that Mozart Piano Duet)

> Ivan: “Gosh, he’s sloppy, not much of a sight-reader, huh? But somehow, his playing is entrancing. He’s as if telling a story thanks to its vividness. He’s… as if he’s singing.”


> Alfred now adores idolizes Ivan like, the boy just confessed his love to him and of course Ivan just straight up ignore him because “Jones, you don’t just confess to people you don’t know”.

> With persistence, Alfred always hang out with Ivan. He often declare his love to him. Eventually, Ivan got used to it.

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Boys Over Toys

Boys Over Toys by NihonBara

When Alfred F. Jones transfers to Hetalia High, a school for the rich and powerful, he soon finds himself standing up to Ivan Braginsky. The one guy not even the teachers can mess with. However, now Ivan is crushing on Alfred in the creepiest ways possible. (Based on “Boys Over Flowers”. Gakuen Hetalia)

Id: 11802757 - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 38 - Words: 82175 - Reviews: 545 - Favs: 196 - Follows: 271 - Published: 02/21/2016 - Updated: 03/28/2017 - Relationships: [America, Russia] - Characters: Russia/America - Ongoing

I just got to the latest chapter of this fic and i can’t help but reccomending this amazing fics again to the fandom! It’s a crossover fics based on Boys Before Flowers / a.k.a Hana Yori Dango and reading this will totally be an exciting rollercoaster ride for you! Also if you dig obsessive Ivan x stubborn Alfred dynamic here then yep, all the more reason to read this amazing fanfic!


First there this sort of sad, ‘wait what?”

then he get so ANGRY.

Angry at his words.

Angry at his music.

Angry at his phone.

Then finally, angry at himself. Because who was he to ever think that he could express something like love to someone as wonderful as Myléne?

Ivan feels like a fuck up.

Shut up I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

I’ve had this au in my head for over a year ok

America is skiing and he decides to go off trail into the forest because he’s a strong independent young man who doesn’t need no trail and he actually falls and breaks his tibia.

Then buzzes in a snow patrol Russia on his medically embellished snowmobile.

Russia takes him down to the medical lodge and wraps up his leg.

In the warm light of the fireplace in the small log cabin America sees a big fat stud all red in the face from the cold, his big strong nose the pinkest ever, and beings to feel all hot inside.

tbh I just want them dressed down in under sweaters with Scandinavian patterns.

also they make out on the recovery bed and Ivan crushes america’s foot by mistake way to go from handsome hero to clumsy fool. But Alfred is ok after a yelp and a second long recovery.

And then they lose their Scandinavian patterned sweaters because trust me the fireplace is crackling hot.

And then they bbbbbaaaannnngggg