ivan block

Some casual RusAme where Al and Ivan are kinda just enjoying a nice morning. Ivan’s sitting on the couch looking through channels on the tv and Al on the dining table, eating a bowl of cereal.

And out of nowhere Al says, “I love you.”

Ivan’s reply is instant, as if these are words he’s memorised his entire life, the voice of his lover forever engraved into his (very cheesy) heart and soul. “ So do I, Alik.”

“I really love you like you don’t understand dude.”

“I do. And I feel the same.”

“Okay, but like, I really, really, really love you.”

It’s a sort of promise that never ends as it’s thrown back and forth between the two of them as they try to outdo the other’s declaration. It’s reminiscent of their past - the clash of ideologies and the desire to be better, stronger - but at the same time it is something so utterly new and refreshing. As words grow fonder so do the smiles on their faces.

“Alright, but I’m telling ‘ya, big guy. I love you on, like, a cosmic level; like if some weird freaky thing in space - who is not Tony - abducts me and turns me into one of them I’d still love you.”

A pause.

“That sounds really stupid, Alfred.”


Mornings are always strange, but it’s another normal morning for them nonetheless.


dating + ivan block

He comes from a foreign place
An island far away
Intrigues me with every move
Til’ I’m breathless, I’m helpless

I say, I’m not in love yet
Sweet talk don’t win me over
But as he whispers te quiero, te quiero
I realize, big brown eyes can hypnotize

primer amor interlude by christina aguilera // off to the races by lana del rey // oye como va by santana // happy little pill by troye sivan // rendezvous by craig david // high art by the dream, jay z // waves - remix by miguel // one dance by drake // company by justin bieber // el beso del final by christina aguilera // say sum by migos // virtual diva by don omar // baby by kingdm // good for you by selena gomez // figure it out by french montana // money honey by lady gaga

(x) // story // for @everythingsheclaimed