iva look it's what we talked about yesterday

Sam is a little bit worried about Dean and Castiel.

When Dean had sat him down a few weeks back and said, “just so you know, me and Cas are a thing, so he’ll be staying in my room from now on”, Sam had been borderline overjoyed. Not only was he going to get the chance to make fun of his brother’s profound bond with his personal guardian angel (something he’d been wanting to do for years) but this meant that all the snarky, sexually frustrated bickering was going to stop and Dean and Castiel were going to start acting like normal human beings in love (well… a normal human being and a normal multi-dimensional wave of celestial intent) like they were supposed to.

But it’s been several weeks now, and the bickering hasn’t stopped. It hasn’t even gotten better.

It’s gotten worse.

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