iv not actually read this book just the part about him being jacked af

“ Robespierre,” he writes, “ is now a man of about forty. Though slight and tall, he does not appear frail ; on the contrary, one feels that he has a powerful frame. He has strong muscles, and not too much flesh. His legs and arms are full and straight ; his height is 6 feet, and he carries himself well. In spite of vigils and mental worry, he has not lost flesh. His chest is broad, his breathing full and strong ; and as to his stomach, it is neither too flat nor too prominent. By build Robespierre belongs to the category of handsome men, and his face completes his claim to be ranked among them.” - Robespierre and the Women he Loved, Hector Fleisghmann

wildest description of robespierre i have ever heard, drawing this changed me. im religious now. @revolution-avec-revolution