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it’s dark, it’s late // a playlist by marie

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a playlist for when its…. dark and late… also good for night driving i think really has that ambience btw theres more songs in the playlists because i didnt have enough space on the picture to put them all lmao

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Here is the second Demios pattern Vindicator.

A former Khalekaorus vehicle, but since the armoured group was destroyed during the first battle of Paramar V. Captured relatively intact, the vehicle was restored to working order by the Alpha Legion.

The vehicle was again captured during the Second Battle of Paramar V. The Vindicator was then transferred to the shattered remnants of a Salamander strike force onboard a damaged cruiser.

It was captured for the third and final time as the Salamander cruiser attempted to leave the system. The ship was attacked by a small fleet of Iron Warriors led by Praetor-Warsmith Vidur. The ship was boarded and the inhabitants were slaughtered before the ship could be scuttled. The boarding Legionnaires found dozens of damaged and repaired vehicles in the ship’s holds.

Over the course of the next few days, they transferred the armouries and the contents of the holds over to the various ships of the fleet. The Salamanders’ serfs hadn’t even managed to begin the process of painting the tank into the XVIII Legion’s colours.

Not knowing of the Khalekaorus’ betrayal of their Primarch on Paramar V, Vidur commanded that the vehicle be repaired with original markings left on as, he presumed, the vehicle was taken from the Khalekaorus armoured division by the Salamanders.

In the days to come, the Imperial Aquila left on the side led to some confusion in battle against the loyalists…on both sides.

boys with pretty faces and dagger-sharp smiles
↳...he had Neil Wesninski, with his truths and scars and eyes that promised to pull Andrew apart and find out how he worked. With his cautious hands and his welcoming mouth and the threat of his foot against Andrew’s throat, a fall at his back. (a switchblade is my preferred weapon side b) [l i s t e n]

i. beautiful crime - tamer  ii. fish - wye oak  iii. new ways - daughter iv. night time - the xx v. the walk - imogen heap vi. we only attack ourselves - funeral suits vii. feeling a moment - feeder  viii. mortal - fractures ix. give up - fka twigs x. you should know where i’m coming from - banks xi. pull me down - mikky ekko xii. blood flood - alt-j xiii. an angry blade - iron & wine xiv. wolves without teeth - of monsters and men xv. stay - thirty seconds to mars xvi. secret - greeley estates


🔥 A Song of Ice and Fire projectA Gifset per every chapter

↪ A Game of Thrones, XX, Eddard IV

 Renly had been a boy of eight when Robert won the throne, but he had grown into a man so like his brother that Ned found it disconcerting. Whenever he saw him, it was as if the years had slipped away and Robert stood before him, fresh from his victory on the Trident.

I am made of memories; a song of achilles mix

“But the memories well up like spring water, faster than I can hold them back. They do not come as words, but like dreams, rising as scent from the rain-wet earth. This, I say. This and this. The way his hair looked in summer sun. His face when he ran. His eyes, solemn as an owl at lessons. This and this and this. So many moments of happiness, crowding forward.”

i. mumford & sons - ghosts that we knew; ii. muse - bliss; iii. ray lamontagne - truly, madly, deeply; iv. the xx - angels; v. elvis perkins - it’s only me; vi. hozier - from eden; vii. first aid kid - the lion’s roar; viii. dario marianelli - the half killed; ix. death cab for cutie - i will follow you into the dark; x. lana del rey - born to die; xi. daughter - youth; xii. florence + the machine - drumming song; xiii. apocalyptica - conclusion.

anonymous asked:

How do you set traps for your wards or traps for curses? Is there any links I can learn to do that or something?

*sigh* Okay. This has become incredibly requested so. Here goes.

(Some posts about how to ward to get ya started XO XX III IV OO)
Just in case you do need info on how to ward.

My traps are set up WHILE I set up the wards themselves using if/then statements and visualization (the visual is at the bottom).

This ward is kinda like a bubble with clauses of how it protects spelled out. Anyway.

Now it’s totally fine when you’re doing ANY spell to add in filters and clauses. Like say you’re doing a money spell. You can totally put in the clause “it can’t come form someone being harmed.” So you’ll get money, but not from losing a loved one or breaking a bone and getting some settlement. That kinda thing.

I basically set this ward up to be a rubbery/mirrory filter.

On top of that, if something touches it, it is “filtered.” If it can’t go through the filter, it’s launched back to the sender..

On the most basic level it works like an if/then/else statement.

(aka Mouse basically turns computer programming into witchcraft)

So for this specific trap, it basically would read as:
“If x meets my barrier and it fits my ethical standard (of being non-malicious), then it passes through the barrier.
Else, it is sent back.”

Secondary clause:
“If x is sent back, then blessing is released.” 

You can either say this if/then statment out loud while you do your warding ritual, or do what I do and write them down and “release” them in some way. You can do that however you choose.

So if you’re still confused how it works. I set up a little poorly drawn visual.

The white area is the ward/barrier that is set up as a filter. The black line is the Blessing part that is gently encompassed in the filter. The filter is rubber and stretchy, the blessing is rigid glass. 

So something encounters that barrier, let’s say for right now it’s a curse. It hits that barrier and that barrier bends in just a bit as it attempts to filter the spell. The blessing breaks, falling inward (as it can pass through the filter being that is isn’t malicious). Since the curse cannot be filtered, it is sent launching back to the sender,  as the energy of the barrier snaps back into place.

What remains now is Mouse gets a little blessing, while sender gets their curse back. Mouse then has to go about recasting the barrier to “reset” it.

I hope this was somehow helpful. Idk. I think I explained it.

songs that remind me of patroclus and achilles ; {by touch alone}

i. The one / Kodaline ; ii. Can’t Help Falling in Love / Fleet Foxes ; iii. Angels / The xx ; iv. I Wanna Be Yours / Arctic Monkeys ; v. Running Up That Hill / Placebo ; vi. Haunt / Bastille ; vii. Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic) / Maroon 5 ; viii. Left Undone / Jars of Clay ; ix. Run Boy Run / Woodkid ; x. Oblivion / Bastille ; xi. Trojans / Atlas Genius

THE CAPITOL DARLING | {listen here} | (the water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the ocean is dark. the small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence.)


i. the devil may cry - the weeknd | ii. what the water gave me - florence + the machine | iii. gasoline - halsey | iv. angels - the xx | v. breathe me - sia | vi. saturn - sleeping at last | vii. iris - goo goo dolls | viii. control - halsey | ix. intro - the xx


Tides - like a waterfall in slow motion

i. Pearl Jam - Oceans

iii. The XX - Tides

iv. Banks - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

v. Alt-J - Tessellate

vi. Arctic Monkeys - Only Ones Who Know

vii. Vance Joy - Riptide

viii. Vampire Weekend - Hudson

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favorite faded fantasy | another rinharu mix

for breaths mingling, for gentle touches—

for walls coming down and dreams brushing over each other

i. dust to dust by the civil wars ii. favorite faded fantasy by damien rice iii. our song by the xx iv. shallows by daughter v. this love by taylor swift vi. do i wanna know (cover) by hozier vii. yellow light by of monsters and men viii. boats and birds by gregory and the hawk ix. untouchable by taylor swift x. love lost (acoustic) by the temper trap 

[ listen ]

[ a million thank you’s to nymre for allowing me to use her stunning art <3 ]