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Medicine in the (Post-Apocalyptic) Wasteland: 1 / ?

Hey everyone. I get so many asks about post-apocalyptic scenarios that it’s I’m going to build you a series of posts, dealing specifically with medicine after the collapse of civilization.

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Yes, this borders on sci-fi. Yes, a lot of things will be very different in your story, depending on the hows and the whys and the social structure that exists after the apocalypse. Things will also be incredibly different based on when your story is set, because things will likely collapse in a particular order. So your story is going to change a lot depending precisely when you’re writing about, in relation to The Catastrophe (of whatever type).

The difference between this and sci-fi asks is that there is very much an area of medicine devoted to this type of care. It’s called Austere Medicine, AKA Wilderness Medicine. It’s studied. There are resources. There are people who work in villages that may not have had an apocalypse, but have limited funds, access to power, access to diagnostics, access to drugs, and they do it every day of their lives. This is sci-fi with modern parallels. This is interesting.

For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming two major problems: no / extremely limited electricity, and no / extremely limited gasoline.

That first one throws out most of modern medicines. Hospitals. Surgeries. MRIs, CT scans, even the humble X-ray goes by the wayside. Providers have to go back to doing medicine with their hands and with their ears.

Oh, and a lot of people are going to die.

Enter Dani Disaster.

She’s smart, but moreover she’s resourceful, and she can think outside the box that modern medicine has tried to put her in. Maybe she was a doctor, or a nurse, or a paramedic. Now she’s a healer, a Jane-of-all-trades of medicine. She barters for what will help people in the short term, and shakes her head and sighs when she realizes she can’t help a lot of the people she used to be able to.

One thing I want to mention is that Dani will definitely want to keep someone around, preferably an intimidating, armed someone, to protect her. Because people will want things from Dani; everything from begging her to fix their dying-of-something-she-can’t-fix husband, to demanding she be personal medic to the Warlord King (or whatever brute is rising to power in your world).

The First 6 Months

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Most people don’t have more than a month’s worth of their medication on hand. Even most pharmacies would run out of the most popular life-saving medications inside of a month or two, assuming they aren’t simply raided by bandits. And in a world without gasoline, the odds of restock are very, very low.

That means no blood pressure medications, no blood thinners, in an ever-increasingly-stressful world. That means no insulin for diabetics, no immunosuppressants for those with autoimmune diseases, no antiepileptics for those with seizure disorders, no antibiotics for septic patients. No pressors to give and no pumps to hang them on. Even IV fluids, literal salt water, will run short.

I will be straight up with you all, keyboard-mashers: a lot of people will die in the first 6 months of an apocalypse, and I’m not even talking from the fighting. I’m not even talking about starvation. I’m just talking about chronic illness. Heart attacks. Diabetes. Blood clots. Strokes. I’m talking about the elderly, who can barely make it a block to the store. I’m talking about serious respiratory patients who need steroids and who have serious trouble walking distances. Cancer patients won’t get chemo, or radiation, or maybe even food. Patients with HIV will run out of antivirals, and then run out of T cells, and die from the common cold.

There are going to be a lot of deaths in the first 6 months after the apocalypse, friends, and it will be ugly as hell. Remember that for most of human history, the lifespan was about 40 years. In a world without organized medicine and the pharmaceutical processes to make medicine, there’s precious little that can be done to expand the lifespan.

Congratulations: You’re the Surgeon. And the Infectious Disease doc. And the Midwife. And the Wound Care Specialist. And the Anesthesiologist. And the…

Look, healthcare is a wide field, and no one person is going to be good at everything. No one person is actually interested in everything, either. There is no one type of healthcare provider who can do everything, although Emergency Medicine docs probably come the closest; and before The Thing That Happened, Dani may have been an ICU nurse, tweaking ventilators, or a paramedic who’d never thrown a stitch before, much less amputated a badly gangrenous leg.

What I’m saying here is, there’s a learning curve for the actual technical things she’ll need to do, in addition to re-learning how to do everything with nothing. And some of it might be way, way outside her wheelhouse, especially at first.

Six Months to Five Years: The Rise of Dani Disaster

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If Dani is lucky, and she gets to the raiding of pharmacies early on, she’ll stock up. On anything she can get, of course, but especially on three things: antibiotics, analgesics and sedatives. Why? Because they’re what will save lives and be useful as hell for trading. Here’s why:

Antibiotics: infection will probably be the single group of preventable deaths that are worth looking at, from a supply-vs-life-years-saved perspective. A single course of antibiotics will save someone’s life, but a diabetic will need insulin, every day, for decades. Also remember that with system breakdown comes water supply breakdown, which means a return of diseases like typhoid and cholera and diptheria and polio.

Antibiotics are an art all of their own, but frankly, they’re boring. Broad-spectrum antibiotics will be most useful; including amoxicillin/Augmentin, Cefaclor, Keflex, Levaquin, erythromycin or clarithromycin or azithromycin, Cipro, or doxycycline. 

Oral antibiotics are going to have benefits over IV antibiotics, for a number of reasons, mostly portability and ease of administration; IV-only drugs haven’t been listed here. Some meds may come in a form that can be given IM; this may be helpful for conditions that severely upset the GI tract (and thus prevent people from absorbing them, because the pill will either go up or down, depending.)

The thing you have to realize is that in austere medicine, common things happen commonly. No one cares if your patient has a pulmonary embolism, or a cool dysrhythmia, because with complex conditions, one of two things are going to happen: They are going to get better, or they are going to die. Heart attacks, a major focus of modern medicine, are essentially untreatable without the risk of dying.

Instead, the most important things Dani will be treating are things that, in the developed world, should be handled in urgent care clinics: gastroenteritis (the shits) and broken bones and infected wounds and yeast infections. A friend of mine went to Haiti after the quake, and within 24 hours she could diagnose a yeast infection by the way a woman was walking.

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Diflucan. She will need LOTS OF DIFLUCAN.

(It’s worth noting that Haiti was very hot and very humid, which is where fungi like to grow; other areas may see other climates, and thus less yeast infections.)

Analgesics: If she’s smart, Dani will take anything she can beg, borrow, or steal. Common, over-the-counter meds like Advil/ibuprofen and Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol, and pill opiates like Vicodin and Percocet and Morphine and Dilaudid. All of these have their place, but mostly this is a “whatever I can get” sort of a thing.

If Dani is really smart, she will go out of her way to find every bottle of ketamine in whatever hospital she raids. We’ve talked about ketamine before, but it’s worth mentioning again, in that it can be used to sedate the crazy, ease pain, or put someone under for short surgical procedures like an appendectomy or amputation. (It’s also a single agent; it controls pain and causes sedation. It doesn’t act as a paralytic, but hopefully she won’t need one).

Lidocaine in a Big Fucking Bottle is optional but beneficial for topical procedures, wound care, suturing, etc.

However, all of these things will eventually run out, no matter how judicious she is about using them. And that’s when we get to….

Five Years Plus: Back to Herbalism It Is

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There are a lot of allopaths–those who practice Western medicine–that believe herbalism is complete and utter horseshit. I am not one of those people. A lot of medications have their origins in natural remedies and plants, and herbalism is how we treated, well, everything, for quite some time.

The poppy plant begat opium, which begat laudanum, heroin, morphine, and fentanyl. The foxglove plant (digitalis) begat, Digoxin, whose actual name is digitalis. Curare is one of the original paralytics used for surgery. The list goes on and on.

Now, an allopathic education doesn’t typically lead to an in-depth knowledge of medicinal herbs. But fortunately, there are these lovely things called books, and there are, in fact, some really good ones on this topic.

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My personal medical-herbalism reference is James A Duke’s The Green Pharmacy (Amazon link, but available everywhere; not an affiliate link). The author ran the medicinal herb research at the US Dept of Agriculture for a good long while, and the best part about his book is that it is organized by disease (so you don’t have to read about 5,000 plants to find one that treats allergies), and he grades his evidence base for each recommendation. However, there are also field guides to medicinal plants.

Once the allopathic meds run out, Dani Disaster is going to become, basically, a witch doctor, without the witchy aspects. (Or with, depending on her faith and whether or not she practices the craft; no one is judging here.)

She’s going to have a garden of medicinal herbs, and she’s going to learn to prepare poultices and teas and tinctures and creams. Basically, she’s going to bring an allopathic ideology back to herbalism, preferably with some form of evidence base. Willow bark tea is going to be a Big Deal™, because willow bark tea contains an active ingredient very similar to aspirin.

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But she’s also going to have to be, in part, a home chemist. If she does enough research she can learn how to make her own ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol, aka boozeahol, but this can be used as a disinfectant and antiseptic. (Hell, in a pinch regular ol’ wine can be used to clean out wounds, apparently.) 

She can also learn to make her own bleach, her own IV fluids (0.9% Normal Saline, anyways), her own oral rehydration solution (aka Pedialyte / Gatorade), and perhaps even her own ether, which is a crap anesthetic but better than nothing.

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That’s It…. For Now

This is just a small snippet into the world of austere medicine. (Be careful with Google searches on this topic; Doomsday Preppers are very, very scary and their websites can be… uhhh….. ill-informed.) There’s still plenty more to talk about, so stay tuned for more posts! (I’m especially drooling over the idea of writing a post on the ethics of medicine in the austere environment–stay tuned!!)

I hope this was useful, but remember also this poem by the greats of old:

When the world ends, now
is the time to be sure I
read the disclaimer.

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See you in the wasteland. xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Josh Dun Imagine

Prompt: Josh is in a car accident 

It was late Friday night when you got the phone call.  Josh had gone out with some friends to celebrate him being back in LA.  You were equally excited to be back home and have a bit of a break, but you chose to stay home and enjoy doing absolutely nothing for the first time in months. You and Josh had spent all of last week in Jamaica, holed up in a luxury hotel to have a nice vacation together, so you didn’t even bat an eye when Josh told you that he was meeting some of his friends. You simply kissed him and sent him on his way.

It had been two or three hours since Josh had left when your phone rang.  Laura’s name popped up, along with a picture of her, Josh and you from Ashley’s wedding.

“Hi Laura,” you answered.

“Y/N?” She asked, voice broken and sounding almost hysterical.

“Laura? What’s wrong?” you asked, trying to make out what she was sobbing through the phone.

“It’s Josh,” she cried, and your heart instantly dropped down to the pit of your stomach.

“Mom—,” you heard either Ashley or Abigail say before there was shuffling on the other line.

“Hello?” you asked, becoming frantic.

“Y/N,” Ashley’s voice came through the phone, you could tell she’d been crying too, but she was more put together than her mother.

“Ashley, what the hell’s going on?  You guys are scaring the shit out of me. What about Josh?” you asked.

“They won’t tell us much over the phone. He was in an accident, and they called mom. They said he’s in a bad state, but they won’t say much else until we get there. Dad’s driving us to the airport, but it’ll be a while before we get a flight. Mom told them your name so they’ll release information to you when you get there. They took him to The Southside Kindred Hospital, but you’ve got to get there so you can figure out what’s going on. We’re all a bit in hysterics,” she said, voice rough with tears.

“Oh my god—,” you said, running around the house trying to collect your shoes and a jacket, before grabbing your wallet and keys. “Is he okay, Ash?” you asked on your way out the door.  You hurried into your car before speeding down the street.

“We don’t even know,” Ashley sounded frustrated. “Just call us when you get there and they’ve told you what’s going on. Get there quickly, please.  But drive safe because Josh being in the hospital is enough.”

“Of course, Ashley. I’ll call you as soon as I know what’s going on. Love you guys,” you said, knuckles whitening as you clutched the steering wheel.

Your mind was in a thousand different places at once the entire drive to the hospital, but when  you got there, you parked quickly before practically sprinting inside the emergency room and over to the receptionist seated behind a desk.  

“Can I help you?” She asks.

You look around frantically, “My name’s Y/F/N,” you blurt out. “Josh Dun— was brought here.. or I mean I got a phone call from his mom and sister saying he’d been in a car accident and he was here or that he’d be here.”

“What’s your relation to him?” She asked, typing away on the computer.

“He’s my boyfriend,” you say.

“Right, okay.  He hasn’t arrived yet” she says, looking up at you from her screen.  The ambulance estimated arrival time to be 11:20, so it should be any minute now.  If you’d like to have a seat—“ she motions towards the waiting room, mostly emptied tonight.  

You paced around the room instead, looking out the window, just to give yourself something to do, until you heard the bustling sound of the emergency room doors being shoved open.  

“We need IV fluids stat—“

“I need to get this leg stabilized—“

“Not until we take care of that laceration!”

It’s almost like the whole thing happens in slow motion, because you’re able to pay attention to every single detail being flown through the doors.  There’s three EMT’s, all dressed in dark pants and a blue collar shirt.  Then there’s someone dressed in scrubs with a wind-breaker looking poncho on.  They’re all looking rather frazzled, muttering medical terms that you don’t quite understand.  And then there’s Josh.  You don’t get a perfect view of him, since everyone else is hovering over his body, but it’s enough.  He’s unconscious, his eyes closed peacefully, almost like he was sleeping.  Then you notice the blood gushing out of his temple, dripping into his eccentric yellow hair, almost making it look like the ruby color he had last summer again.  

You have to cover your mouth and bite down on the cloth of your sweatshirt to keep from screaming.  

They keep pushing him along in the stretcher.  Two nurses hold open some double doors and before you know it, he’s being pushed away, out of your sight again.  You run after them all, not wanting to be left in the dark.  Josh needed you.

“Ma’am, you can’t go in there!” A nurse says, holding you back.  You push against him, trying to slip by, but it’s no use.  You’re hysterical and much too weak, so you let yourself all but collapse into the arms of this man instead.

“Where are they taking him?!” you say, a blubbery mess.  

“Our doctors are gonna take good care of him—“ he assures you as he helps you walk back to the waiting room.  You fall into the seat, curling your knees up into your chest and wounding your arms around yourself, just trying to hold it together.

It takes thirty three minutes for a doctor to come into the waiting room to find you.  He’s got a scrub cap and gloves on, which he removes as he walks your way.

“Can I see him?” you blurt out, your eyes full of hope.

“You’re Y/N?”  he asks.  You nod back quickly.  “Not right now, Y/N. He was in a very bad accident. It’s my understanding that the police will be in here shortly to tell you of the details of that, but I’m here to tell you about his medical condition. He’s in ICU now; we’ve got him stabilized. He is in serious condition though; the next few hours are crucial. His right leg is shattered, his arm is broken, too and he has several cuts and bruises; one on the right side of his head.  It was cut by glass, he has twelve stitches right now.  That injury may or may not have caused some trauma which could then potentially lead to some temporary memory loss or amnesia. But what we’re very worried about, is the internal damage. His entire body was bruised, and there was some internal bleeding in his lungs, which is not a good sign. They’re going to prep him for surgery now, to drain the fluids.  After we open him up, we’ll know the extent of the damage,” he pauses, staring down at the scrub cap he has in his hands, before taking a deep breath, “I don’t know if you’re a religious woman, Ms. Y/L/N but if you are, I would start saying some prayers. He’s not out of the woods yet. I’m sorry that I can’t give you better news, but as I said, it was a very bad accident and it’s very serious. But I will personally keep you updated, especially after his surgery,” the man finishes, patting you on the shoulder before he walked out and softly closed the door.

You stare ahead, stunned by everything the doctor said.  It was so much worse than you thought. Josh’s life was still in danger, and the doctor was worried he might not make it. Tears spilled out of your eyes as you stood up and started walking around the room, your hands finding your hair so you could give it a little tug, hoping the pull would relieve some of the fear flooding through you.  You wiped your tears away and tried to clear your throat so that you didn’t sound like the complete wreck that you felt like as you began dialing Ashley’s number.

“Y/N?” She answered right away. “How is he? Have you seen him yet?”

“I saw him coming in—” you said, the tears began stinging your eyes again.  “But not since they took him back.”

“What did the doctor say?” she asked.

“It’s bad Ashley. His leg and arm are broken and he’s got a cut on the side of his head but he’s in ICU and they’re prepping him for surgery because it’s really bad, like internally I guess. There’s blood in his lungs and they said he was stabilized but they don’t know what’s going on inside of his body,” you said, giving up on holding the tears back. “The doctor said we might want to start praying and it’s just really bad and I can’t fucking breathe in this waiting room they put me in. I can’t see him Ashley. I can’t go see him and he’s not okay.”

“Y/N, fuck, please breathe,” she says. Her voice was thick with emotion but it didn’t sound like she was crying. “He’s at one of the best hospitals in the state. They’re going to do everything they can. I’m sorry you’re there alone but we’re catching a flight out soon and we’ll be there in a few hours.  I called Tyler and Jenna, they’re coming too.”

“Okay,” you say, forcing yourself to breathe properly. “Call me when you guys get in.”

“Good. Just stay there.  Josh needs you to be strong. We’ll be there soon,” She promised.

“Get here safe,” you say, “Love you guys.”

“We love you,” Ashley says before hanging up.  

You scroll through your phone, wondering if you should call anyone.  You desperately wanted someone to be here with you, but everyone you considered calling either already knew, or was all the way back in Ohio.  You locked your phone and stuffed it back in your pocket, rendering the whole thing pointless.  

It takes Josh’s family over five hours to get to you.  In that time, you’ve been visited by the doctor twice, telling you that Josh was still in surgery, but that he was stable and they were doing the best they could.  You’d also been to the bathroom twice to throw up, and bitten your nails down to the skin.  

Tyler and Jenna arrive first.  They run through the double doors, hand-in-hand, both with exhausted, but concerned looking faces.  

“Oh my god—“ Jenna says when she sees you.  They both rush over, engulfing you in a hug.  You cling to them, crying into one of their shoulders.  

“We got here first.  There was a flight leaving that had two empty seats.  We told Laura to go, but she refused to leave Ash, Jordan, or Abigail.  What the hell happened?” Tyler says.  

“Fuck if I know! He was in a car accident and they said the police would come in and tell me about that, which they haven’t. I swear to God if he drove while he was drunk I’m gonna-”

“Y/N,” Tyler cuts you off. “Calm down. Breathe.”

You stopped talking and focused on Jenna rubbing your back as you counted your breaths.

“This isn’t real..” you say, as you lean your head on Jenna’s shoulder. “Tell me he’s going to be okay, Ty.”

Tyler sighs, “Josh’s been a fighter since the day both of us have met him. He’s always fought for what he’s cared about.  Music.  The band.  You.  He’s not about to give up that easily. He’s gonna fight through this.”

You let out a broken sob as you used the sleeves of your shirt to wipe tears away. Then you all sat there in silence for a while after that.  

Only a couple of minutes passed when two policemen walked in, looking around the room sadly. “Which one of you is Y/F/N?” One of them asked, looking at you like he already knew.

“Me,” you croaked out, sitting upright on the seat.

“We’re just here to tell you about the accident,” The other said.

“Okay,” you nodded.

“A few witnesses all gave the same story. But uh Mr. Dun was driving when a car suddenly swerved across the center line and hit him head on. The airbags deployed and the cars were spinning until Mr. Dun’s car hit the barrier. The driver of the other car was intoxicated above legal limit, and died at the scene. Mr. Dun was stuck in his car, which was pressed against the barrier, so it took a while for paramedics to get him out. He was unconscious when they arrived, witnesses said he was unconscious when they ran over there.” The first policeman said. “We’ve just printed off the pictures of the cars and the damage. These copies are yours.”

You reached out and took the papers, waiting until the police left before he looked at them. “Oh my god,” you gasped as you almost fell back on to the couch. Tyler helped you sit down before they looked at the pictures. Josh’s car was completely demolished. It looked like a pile of black and gray scrap metal. And you weren’t particularly religious, but you said another silent prayer thanking whatever higher power that Josh even made it out alive, while simultaneously begging for him to make it through the night.

You looked at the clock again, and was about to make some comment under your breath about how long this surgery was taking before the door opened and the same doctor walked in again. You stood up immediately, walking to the doctor. “Well?”

He looked around at the new faces in the room before continuing, “The impact of the collision physically caused a broken rib to puncture a lung. We are in the process of emptying his lungs of any fluid that’s making it hard to breathe. He’s still stable, though, which is good. He can’t breathe on his own, so he’s got a breathing tube. Tonight is going to be a big one, and the next few days will decide a lot, but we’re hopeful. His body is going through a lot, trying to heal itself. It’s up to him now and he has to fight to get better.”

“So that’s all you can do?” You asked, not sure if you should be relieved or not.

“For now. We’ll keep doing what we can for him.”

Dr. Wells nodded. “We put him in a medically induced coma, the body heals best that way, and it lets him sleep through the worst of the pain. As of now, we plan to have him in the coma for a week, but we will keep you updated. You should be able to go in and visit him soon.”

“Okay,” you nodded, not sure of what else to do or ask.

“I’ll come get you when you can visit him,” he promised.

You thanked the doctor before going back and sitting down, pulling out your phone to call Ashley.  You were just ready to ring her again, when her name popped up on your phone, “Just getting ready to call you,” you answered.

“We’re heading over now,” she said. “Is he okay?”

“He’s stable,” you said.

“Okay,” Ashley said, “See you in a few.”

You nearly dropped your phone when Laura and Ashley walk through the doors.  You sprint over and wrap your arms around the both of them, letting them hold you tight.  The rest of Josh’s family filter in behind them, all with tear stained faces and tired eyes.

“What’s going on?” Laura said, wiping her eyes.

Just then, the doctor reemerges.  “Ah, family I presume?”

“I’m his mother,” Laura says, outstretching her arm.  “How is he?”

“We’ve set his broken bones and put casts on, and we’re monitoring him carefully. He’s been stabilized, but you can go see him now,” Dr. Wells said. “Not all of you at once though, please. Just three of you for now.”

Laura nodded. “Y/N and Ash, come with me for now.”

“Laura,” you say, shaking your head, looking at Josh’s dad.

“Go ahead, son,” he says. “I’ll be in to see him soon.”

You nodded, following the doctor, “I just want to warn you, he’s pretty beat up,” he says before he opened the door to Josh’s room, letting the three of you in before he left. You stood frozen at the foot of the bed. Josh looked more than beaten and bruised; he was hooked up to machines and he had an IV running into his arm. The right side of his head was shaved down to the skin where there was a nasty looking cut just above his ear that stretched around the side of his head.

You heard Ashley and Laura whispering quietly to Josh, but you couldn’t make out what they were saying. You felt like you weren’t really here, almost like you were just watching a tragic movie play out, but you were brought back to reality when you forced yourself to understand that this was Josh lying in the hospital bed, fighting for his life right now.

Laura walked over and kissed your forehead. “We’ll give you a minute, then send the others in,” she said.

You nodded as they walked out the door and immediately you went to sit in the chair at Josh’s side. “Hi, love,” you said, voice thick with emotion as you entwined your fingers with Josh’s. “Wow, I hate seeing you like this.” you thought about what you wanted to say, although you were pretty sure Josh couldn’t hear you anyway. “You’ve got me so worried, baby. Your mum and dad, Ashley and Abigail, Jordan, Tyler and Jenna.  They’re all here, everyone’s so worried about you, babe. We love you so much. I love you so much, Josh, you’ve got to get better, okay? I want you to fight harder than you ever have before,” you said, looking down to where your tears were falling on Josh’s bed. “You’ve got to get better and pull through, okay? For me. I need you.”

You sat there for another minute, letting yourself cry and hold Josh’s hand. Y

When you walked back to the room, you sent the others in before sitting, curled up on a seta, not looking at anyone else. You sat there for a while with your head on your knees, thinking about Josh and how much you loved him, and how completely fucked your life would be if Josh wasn’t in it anymore.

You only look up after feeling someone’s soft touch on your shoulder.  “Why don’t you head home, love?” It’s Laura. “You need rest.”

You immediately shake your head.  “I’m going to sleep shitty no matter where I am, I might as well be here.”

Laura nods before sighing.  “We rented a hotel nearby,” she says, looking reluctant to leave.  “We’ll be back in a few hours,” she says.

Once they’re gone and Tyler and Jenna emerge from Josh’s room, you head back in, taking the chair near his bed.  “I love you. I love you so much,” you sighed, letting the steady beeping of Josh’s heart monitor lull you to sleep.

When you wake up, it was to a sore neck, the fast beeping of the heart monitor and the door to Josh’s room being thrown open quickly. “You need to leave,” A nurse says as she practically pulled you from the chair and a flood of doctors ran in.

“No, what’s going on,” you asked, suddenly very alert as you saw electric shock paddles.

“You need to go,” The nurse says.

You heard the fast beeping of the heart monitor suddenly turn to a long, steady, beep. “No!” you scream.  “Josh, no!” You push past his nurse before another pulled on your arms. “Don’t you fucking leave!” you yelled. “Josh please, wake up!” The nurses dragged you out just as the doctor ripped Josh’s dressing gown open and placed the paddles on his chest.

You were hyperventilating as you felt strong, somewhat familiar arms around you instead of the nurses. “Y/N,” You heard Tyler say.

“Ty, no,” You cried. “He can’t.”

“No, no, no no no no, fuck no,” you sobbed, collapsing into Tyler’s arms further, “I can’t breathe. He has to be okay!”

All you could think about was Josh, and no, Josh couldn’t be gone.  You clutched yourself around the middle, trying to put some sort of pressure on your body to hold it together.  But it was too hard, so you let Tyler hold you instead while you sobbed into the fabric of his sweatshirt.

It wasn’t until a nurse walked in that you could breathe again.  

“We got him back,” she says, sighing a breath of relief.  

You gasped as you felt air fill your lungs for what felt like the first time in hours. “He’s okay?”

“He’s stable again,” she says.

“Can I see him?”

“You need rest—“ Tyler interjected.  

“I need to see him!” you argue.  “I need to call Laura—“

“What and wake her up too?  You all need rest.”

You finally gave in and rested your head in Jenna’s lap as Tyler threw a blanket over you. You listened to the quiet noise of the TV playing and fell asleep again to Jenna running her fingers through your hair.

The next time you wake up, it was more peaceful. Jenna was whispering to Tyler about something you couldn’t bring yourself to care about. You stretched and sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you looked around. Jordan and Ashley were sitting in one of the chairs on their phones. Abigail was sitting next to her dad on the couch and Laura was by the water cooler.  

The doctor walks through the double doors just then, causing you to become more alert.  “Josh’s been improving significantly since he flat lined this morning. He’ll still be in the induced coma for the next few days, but if he keeps improving at this rate, he should be awake after that. You’re more than welcome to still come visit him, as long as you listen to the nurses,” he said giving you a look. “I will keep you updated, but just know he’ll still be out for a few days.”

They all nodded and thanked the doctor.

The next few days passed faster than you would’ve thought. Josh was slowly but steadily healing, and the doctor finally tells them that he thinks Josh would make a full recovery. You nearly melted with relief. You couldn’t help the nagging in your head that said even if he physically recovered, he still might have head trauma and memory loss.

Josh was starting to look better, much to your relief. His smaller cuts were healing, and the color was starting to come back to his face.

One week after his accident, you, Laura and Jordan were in Josh’s room as the doctor took out the breathing tube, and you all let out a sigh of relief when Josh started breathing on his own.

“We’ve stopped the medicine that’s keeping him in a coma,” the nurse says. “It could take anywhere for a few hours to a few days for him to completely wake up though. This is all up to him now. When his body is ready to wake up, it will. I know this is a hard time to be patient, but I don’t want you to get discouraged if he doesn’t wake up today, okay?”

All three of them nodded.

“Alright, Josh,” Jordan says. “You’ve kept us here for the longest week of our lives. Time to wake up now, bro.”

Josh didn’t wake up the first day, like you’d hoped he would.

You tried not to worry when Josh didn’t wake up the second day either.

By the time it got to the forth day they’d taken Josh off the medicine, you began panicking. “You can’t do anything?” You asked the doctor for what had to have been the thousandth time.

“He’s still recovering and his body is exhausted,” he says, “Give him time.”

You started losing track of the days and time, seeing as you didn’t leave the hospital for two weeks. When you woke up one day, you blinked and looked around to see that the sun had set, but it was still fairly light outside. The room was quiet, except for Josh’s heart monitor. You looked to the clock to see that you’d only been asleep for a couple of hours, but it was still early evening. You rubbed your eyes before you felt the same thing that woke you up in the first place: a slight pressure on your hand that was laced with Josh’s.

“Josh?” you asked, jumping up and sitting on the edge of the bed running your free hand through Josh’s messy hair. “Love, can you hear me?” you tried not to get too excited, but you knew that you hadn’t imagined Josh squeezing it. “Babe, if you can hear me, can you please try to squeeze my hand again?”

You waited and felt the slightest pressure on your hand again. Your eyes filled with tears of relief. You reached up to press the red button to call a nurse in, before you turned your attention back to Josh. “Are you waking up, love?” you asked. Josh squeezed your hand again. “Josh,” you sighed, cupping the side of his face. “Can you find your voice, baby?”

Josh sighed and you saw movement underneath his eyelids, but he kept his them shut as he squeezed your hand again, but for longer. “That’s okay,” you said quietly, afraid of being too loud. The nurse walked in, eyes wide as she looked at Josh and you. “He’s waking up,” you smiled.

She grinned at him. “I’ll go get Dr. Cochran.”

“Do you know who I am, love?” you asked, the question burning in his head. “It’s me, it’s Y/N.”

Josh squeezed your hand again and he made a small noise in the back of his throat that you thought sounded almost offended. You loved that it sounded crazy for Josh not to know who you were.

“He’s waking up?” Dr. Cochran asked.

“Yeah,” you smiled.

“Wonderful. I need you to step back for a few minutes,” Dr. Cochran says.

You hesitate and Josh squeezes your hand tighter than he had yet, but you pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Not going anywhere far. I’m right here.”

“She hasn’t left your side yet, Josh,” Dr. Cochran says. “Don’t think I could get her to leave now.”

Dr. Cochran and the nurse continued asking Josh questions, progressing to see if Josh could feel his feet, arms, legs, chest, hips. Yes, yes, yes. He could feel it all. “We’re going to turn all of the lights off, except for the lamp in the corner, okay Josh? It’s not too bright in here, it wont hurt your eyes. I know your eyelids feel heavy now, and I know you’re exhausted, but can you please try to open your eyes?”

You watched, with his heart pounding heavily as Josh’s eyes fluttered, but his eyelids stayed closed.

“I need you to try a little harder for me, Josh,” Dr. Wells said.

Josh let out a quiet, yet disgruntled sigh as his eyes moved rapidly under his lids. Dr. Cochran looked at you, then looked pointedly at Josh, nodding his head once.

You nodded before going and sitting on the bed next to Josh.  You took his hand in yours again,  “Hey love, it’s me,” you said quietly. “Been waiting here for an awful long time to see you awake again. I miss you. I miss your eyes.  Can you open up for me? Just for a bit, then you can go back to sleep.”

Josh’s eyes fluttered again, then finally opened and you let out the biggest sigh of relief. Josh let out a soft grunt, then let his eyes close again, blinking them slowly before he opened them again.

“I’m right here, baby,” you said softly, waiting for Josh’s glazed eyes to focus on you.

“You’ve been on a breathing tube, which is why your throat is sore.  Don’t try to talk yet if it hurts too much. I’m very glad to see you awake, Josh. A lot of people will be glad. You can sleep now, we’ll do some more tests when you wake up again.”

Dr. Cochran and the nurse left, and Josh’s eyes started drooping immediately. “Your family are here, Josh, I’m sorry they’re not in here right now. They’ll be in here when you wake up again.”

Josh squeezed your hand tightly as his eyes closed and his breathing evened out.

“I’ll be here too, promise.”

The next time Josh woke up was the next morning; Laura was by his side while you sat on the windowsill. The doctor ran some more tests and Josh cleared his throat once before he decided he needed to sleep again.

Josh didn’t wake up again until the next night. You were sitting next to Josh when he stretched out his fingers and you looked up to see Josh looking at you with a small smile on his face. You took his hand immediately and smiled.

“Hi,” you smiled.

Josh cleared his throat and looked over to the small side table.

“Water?” you asked.

He nodded.

“Don’t talk if it hurts too much,” you warned.

Josh shook his head. “Throat feels a little better,” he says. His voice was rough and scratchy, so quiet that you had to strain yourself to listen carefully, but Josh was talking.

You sighed in relief. “Good. You still look out of it.”

“How?” Josh asked.

You smiled. “You just look exhausted.”

“I’m so tired,” he sighed.

You kissed his forehead, “Go back to sleep, baby. I love you so much. Gonna be right here when you wake up.”

“Love you,” Josh sighed before he fell asleep again.

It took three more days for Josh to be awake longer than fifteen minutes, and for his eyes to clear up. By that point, the anesthesia had completely worn off, and Josh was looking much better.

Everyone visited constantly throughout the day.  Tyler and Jenna were in and out and Josh’s entire family had been staying in the nearby hotel for weeks now.  When everyone all finally left at the end of the day, Josh made space on the bed for you to lay with him.

“You scared the shit out of me, you know?” you whispered.

“Will you tell me everything, now?” he asked.  No one had told Josh what had happened, more focused on getting him better, since he was mostly out of it anyway and he wouldn’t remember. But now he was alert, and you forced yourself to open up.

“Car accident. Drunk driver hit you head on and it was bad. The car is completely wrecked, sorry about that,” you sighed. “What was the last thing you remember?”

“I was at the club. We were having a good time, but I really didn’t feel like drinking. I stayed with everyone for a bit, then I wanted to get home to you,” he said. “Hey Y/N?”


“What happened to the other driver?”

You closed your eyes. “He didn’t make it.”

Josh tensed and squeezed your fingers tightly. “They died?”

“Yeah, baby. I’m sorry.,” you whispered.

“I almost died too?”

“You did for minute,” you said squeezing your eyes shut again, you let yourself inhale the smell of him before continuing. “I was right here, beside you, and you started flatlining.  They had to drag me out and do the whole paddle-thing.  I thought I was going to lose you.  It was the worst minute of my entire fucking life,” you whispered.

Josh squeezed your hand tightly, but you kept your eyes closed, ignoring the tears filling up as you thought about the seconds you thought you’d lost Josh.

“It was that bad?”

“They didn’t think you were gonna make it through the night. I’ve never been so scared in my life,”  you said.

“Babe,” Josh whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault. I’m just scared to leave you alone right now. Don’t wanna let you go,” you sighed.

“I don’t really want you to leave. But promise me something?” he asked.


“After I fall asleep again, go home. Shower, eat some food, and try to sleep. I love you so much and I’m so grateful to you for being here but you haven’t left the hospital in what?  Three weeks? Ash and my mom will be back soon,  Ty’s here. I’ll be fine. You look like hell, love, and I’m a little worried,” Josh said.

You sighed. “I’ll shower and eat, but I’m not sleeping in the bed without you. I’m staying here until you can come home with me.”

Josh rolls his eyes but nods. “Fine. Thanks for being here. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” you sighed.

Alex’s Trauma (2x19)

She doesn’t speak for an entire week.

An entire week where she refuses to open her mouth, even to eat, to drink.

She accepts the IV fluids, nutrients, without complaint, without comment.

Without comment because she won’t open her mouth.

Won’t open her mouth because if she does, the water will rush in.

If she does, her lungs won’t just burn. They’ll burn while they drown.

If she does, she will never stop screaming.

If she does, she will never see her sister again.

At least her death will be protecting her. She’d told her in no uncertain terms to negotiate. That Supergirl – that Kara – is bigger than her. So at least her death will protect her.

Maybe Eliza will take comfort in that.

Maybe Eliza will finally be proud of her.

But she wants to live even more than she needs her mother’s approval, so she doesn’t open her mouth.

If she does, the screaming won’t be hers.

It’ll be Kara’s, it’ll be Maggie’s.

James has already lost his father.

Winn had only just started to have a family.

J'onn’s already lost too many daughters.

J'onn can’t lose her too.


So she doesn’t open her mouth.

Even though he’s standing over her, even though he’s keeping watch over her. Over her sister. Over her girlfriend. Over his sons.

She wonders who’s keeping watch over him.

But she doesn’t open her mouth.

Not when Vasquez drops in to visit, to force Maggie to shower, to eat something.

Not when Lena comes to visit, to force Kara to do the same.

Not even when M'gann rushes in, windswept and desperate, like she just launched herself through the vacuum of space to get to her, to get to J'onn.

Not when M’gann forces James and Winn to help each other eat. Shower. When she nearly has to wrestle J'onn to make him do the same.

Alex just watches.


Never with her eyes closed.

Never with her eyes closed, until the drugs they pump into her force her to, because it’s a relief, really, to see people, other people, people who love her, instead of her own reflection in that damned cage.

Instead of her own panicked eyes, floating hair, her own drowning body.

She watches, but she doesn’t speak.

And they don’t ask her to.

Kara tells her stories. Stories she used to tell her when they were kids – when they were kids and Rick had a crush on her and all she could think about was how he meant Eliza would be proud, even though she’d rather spend time with Vicky Donahue – about Krypton and about laughter and about alien science.

Winn sets up a video game console in the room and he has James and M'gann play Mario Kart with him. They all look at her more than they look at the screen, and Winn thinks he sees her almost crack a smile once.

“You’re my sister, Alex. Both of ours,” he tells her in the silence after, James taking her other hand and nodding. “We’re never gonna lose each other, understand?”

She understands that he doesn’t want to ever lose each other.

She also understands that there’s nothing he or any of them can do to prevent it.

She blinks at him, and that’s as much of a response as she’s been giving anyone, so he squeezes her hand and accepts it.

James talks to her about CatCo, about being Guardian. About how much he admires her for being a superhero without a suit.

“This doesn’t change that, you know, Alex. You’re not weak and you haven’t failed. If it had happened to any of us, you’d tell us the same. I know it’s easier said than believed, but it’s true.”

M'gann tells her stories of Mars, of red skies and fighting white supremacy, of old loves and new hopes.

J'onn says nothing, except that he couldn’t be prouder to have her as a daughter. He lets the rest of their time together lay in silence.

Neither of them are much for words.

But Maggie says even less than J'onn. Almost as little as Alex.

She never leaves. It’s James who calls her captain and arranges paid time off for her. It’s M'gann who forces her to shower when Vasquez can’t do anything more, but like Kara, Maggie refuses to go anywhere other than the bathroom right off the med bay. It’s M'gann, too, who forces her to eat, but she won’t do it anywhere but Alex’s bedside.

She just stares at Alex.

Stares at her eyes. At her chest, like she’s making sure it’s still rising and falling with her breath.

With life.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing, what she’s assuring herself of.

None of them try to get Alex to talk, but they all let her know she’s loved.

Cared for.

Watched over.

Safe. Safe. Safe.

The first nightmare that breaks through the sedative has her talking again.

Or screaming, more like.

For Supergirl. Whose life is worth more than hers. Whose life is so valuable that it doesn’t matter what happens to hers.

Supergirl is too important.

Her screams make Kara hold her, whisper to her, as she wakes up.

Her screams make Maggie stand, make Maggie, for the first time since they found her, string together more than a few coherent words.

“You matter too, Alex. You’re important. Yes, your sister is important, Danvers, your sister is everything because she’s your sister, but did you ever stop to think that maybe there is no Supergirl without Alex Danvers? Did you really think you’re the only one willing to die for the people in this room? Did you really think the people who love you could ever bear to live without you? Did you really think Kara could live without you? That I could live without you?”

Alex blinks and Maggie’s low voice cracks and Kara blinks out tears and Winn’s eyes widen and James holds his arm because he knows Winn scares at raised voices, even if they’re raised in beautiful words, and J'onn stares at his daughter and M'gann stares at hers, and nobody, nobody, nobody breathes.

And then Alex says her first words since her gasping, desperate greetings when they’d found her.

Her voice is chapped and her voice is gravel, but her voice is alive, alive, alive.

“The people who love me?”

Maggie cracks a small, wet grin through her tearstained face.

“More than I’ve ever loved anyone, Alex Danvers. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I’m sorry I didn’t let you tell me, I’m sorry I almost waited too long for this first, I – “

But Alex is reaching for her and Alex is kissing her, kissing her, kissing her, and M'gann is escorting everyone else out of the room because they need this moment, they need forever’s worth of first moments like this.

"So life is too short, and we should tell the girls we love that we love them, huh?” she asks when they break for breath, breath that Maggie easily breathes into Alex’s lungs, safe, safe, safe. Loved.

“Something like that, Danvers,” Maggie smiles against her lips, and Alex lets herself cry, lets herself break, lets herself be… loved.

“I love you back, Maggie. I love you back, I love you back, I love you back.”

Neither of them say aside from variations of those three words for hours – hours while they kiss, while they touch, while they cry and while they breathe, breathe, breathe – they say nothing but I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Request:oml jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines! ——–


“Attention…attention…attention!” The oh so familiar voice of the mystery kidnapper. I’ve been held here for about 3 months. Possibly more. I stay curled up in the corner of the room. The four walled room, one hanging light, and one bed on the floor along with one blanket.

I look up at the viewing window where my capture is behind. “It’s that time again lovely. That time for him to come in. the time for him to see you.” I sniff and whip the tears that fall from my face on a daily basis. “How many times do I have to tell you HE IS GONE!” I scream at the window in rage.

I can since him shaking his head. “It’s not lady like the yell doll. You’ll see soon.” I throw the glass plate at the window and scream till I was blue.

I was beaten on once a day. Slashed with a knife at least twice a week, and threatened with a gun 3 times a month. The door opens and I’m greeted with something I never wished to see.

His face. The face I saw every single day for years. The face I use to kiss every night before my eyes closed. “Hello Doll. Miss me?” He walks closer. “Who are you?” I ask and stand up alarmed. “Don’t you recognize me baby? It’s me Jerome.”

The unknown figure adjusts the skin on his face and walks closer to me. “Kiss me my queen! It’s been far to long.” He grabs my face and tries to place his lips upon mine. “Stop! Stop it now! YOU’RE NOT JEROME!” I scream with tears running down my face. I punch and kick the ‘masked’ man in rage. He stamps his foot in frustration and removes himself from the room. I sink to the floor and cover my face. Jerome…Jerome please comes back. I need you.

Jerome POV:

I push the last staple in my face to reconnect the skin on my face. “So how does it look?” I ask the man that brought me back. I look over his shoulder and see what looks like a duffel bag filled with clothes. Clothes I know. Some I bought.

I hold my finger up and walk to the bag. “Now what are these? I stuff my hands in the bag and pull out one very pleasing memory. “Huh. Looks like these belong to my baby girl.” “W-what? No…I-I don’t know.”

I pull out a knife and place it to his neck. “Show me where she is. She’s her isn’t she? Ohh yes she is! I can see it in your eyes. Show me.” He nods and quickly goes to a bolted door and unlocks it. I look in to see a balled up figure in the corner of the room. I walk to her and see her gone from the world. Still breathing but barley.

I turn around and throw the knife right into his chest. “What did you do?” I scream at him. “She’s dying of a broken heart.” He laughs and I strangle him the rest of the way dead.

I pick up my baby doll and rush out of the building and to a friend who owes me a favor.

(Y/N) POV:

Light. Light flashes in my eyes, and I open my eyes. I open my eyes to see white tile room. I look to my right to see a heart monitor, and an IV giving me fluids. Then to my left I see a red head lying on the couch. Red hair I love. The red hair I missed. “Jerome?” I ask my voice horses and rough. He stirs and rolls over. I see staples line his face in a circle; from his forehead to the bottom of his chin. His eyes open and he immediately stands. “Baby doll. There you are. Oh I’ve missed you so much!” He strides over to me and strokes my face. I let a tear slip and he wipes it away and kisses my cheek. “I’m here baby. I’m gonna take care of you. Just remember! Laughter is the best medicine!” I laugh and kiss him happy I have my baby back.

I haven’t fasted so far except once cuz I’ve been on my period for freakin 10 days straight and spent one day at a mental hospital with no resolution or guidance, only told to find a psychiatrist asap, am on the third day of an inexplicable fever that was at 103.7 while on ibuprofen last night when I went to the ER where they ran a buncha tests and gave me IV fluids and then released me saying they have no idea what’s going on with me and I should just take ibuprofen and acetaminophen and hope the infection whatever it is goes away on its own lol. And i haven’t been to work in nearly 2 weeks. Pray for me yall.

Cruise ship AU (solangelo)

What did he tell them? He easily got seasick. But of course, Percy and Jason didn’t listen and ended up dragging him along on a cruise, and worst? His friends actually had the nerve to tease him with the cruise ship’s resident doctor whom he might have caught stealing glances at him on several occasions.

“He totally likes you, Neeks!”

“Do you want me to get his number?”

“Before we reach soil, we’ll make sure you have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, nice one, Percy.”

As soon as they reached land, Nico was going to kill them. Right now, his legs were jelly and his stomach was doing somersaults. Spots dazed his vision.

“Whoa, Nico!” Jason yelped, grabbing his arm as he lost his balance.

“I think we should take him to the infirmary,” Percy suggested.

Jason nodded and picked Nico up in a fireman’s carry, much to the other boy’s weak protests.

Percy opened the double doors to the infirmary, where the blonde doctor came rushing into the reception-like area.

“Hey doc,” Jason said, gesturing to Nico, “Man down.”

“Oh dear,” the blonde said, “Bring him to the back. And tell me what happened. I knew he was looking unwell. Sorry if I creeped y'all out, but I’ll admit I was worried. He looked rather…green.”

“Seasickness,” Jason explained, placing him on one of the cots. There were twelve cots on each side of the room, which looked like a regular ward at a hospital.

“Bucket,” Nico groaned. The blonde doctor reached under the cot and puled out a metal bucket. Nico rolled over, retching horribly, and loosing whatever dignity he had left.

Aw, man,” Percy said, his face twisting, “He said he gets seasick easily, but I didn’t think he meant this easily.”

“I’m going to hook him up to some IV drips, he needs fluid if he’s going to keep vomiting like this,” the doctor said, “And I’m keeping him here for observation. If you guys would just follow me and fill out some necessary paperwork.”

Nico was slowly dying. He was hot all over and sweaty and pretty sure he looked like death. His throat was dry and raw and his eyes felt like lead.

“Easy,” a warm voice said, helping him sit up.

It was the resident doctor, the one who’d been staring at Nico because he was worried that he’d be ill.

“So my name is Dr. Will Solace,” the blonde, Dr. Solace grinned, “And how would you rate your pain on a scale of one to ten?”

Up close, Nico was able to see the freckles that sprinkled his cheeks like the stars across the night, his wide, innocent sky-blue eyes and his sinful, smiling pale pink lips. Nico cursed himself for his instant attraction to Dr. Solace. He’d had enough experience with blue-eyed boys.

“I’m fine,” Nico said, stubbornly.

“Ah, your friends did say you were a tough cookie to crack,” Will grinned, “Lucky for you, I love a challenge. By the way, you’ll be in here for observation for another two days.”

At that, Nico swore again, bending down to face his bucket.

Will was right. Nico was a tough cookie. He was stubborn, miserable and straight-up unpleasant. But Will preserved. He wasn’t going to let one sour patient ruin his favourite job.

“So tell me, Nico,” Will said, pulling sterlie gloves on his hands to remove Nico’s IV bag and needle, “Why are you on this cruise if you get seasick so easily?”

Nico winced at the sight of a needle protruding from his pale skin.

“I told those idiots that I get seasick easily. They insisted that I needed some air to get over my ex. He was a real douche,” Nico rolled his eyes.

“Ah, so this a rebound cruise?”

“No, I’m done with relationships for a while.”

“But you’ll never know where or when the right person will come along.”

“There’s no right person for me, Doctor Solace,” Nico said icily.

“Will would do,” Dr. Solace said, airily, “And if love was easy, don’t you think everyone would have it?”

Nico shut his mouth. What did a doctor know about love.

“Do we lock those fools in or not?” Jason asked Percy, “Two days and no progress. Nico only has one day left.”

Percy grinned and Jason could’ve kissed him for the look of pure mischief in his eyes.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Jase.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Will smiled at Nico, “Sleep tight.”

Will exited the infirmary only to find that the door was locked.

Trying not to panic, Will tugged on the door. The knob wriggled loudly but nothing happened.

“Dr. Solace?” Nico called from the back, “Is everything alright?”

 "Y-yeah,“ Will replied, trying not to alarm Nico. 

But it was too late.

Nico had already rolled out of his cot and entered the reception area. His arms were crossed over his chest, a smug look on his face. Will had the urge to press his lips against his and wipe away all the smugness. 

"Problem, good doctor?” Nico asked, still grinning, “Can’t get the door?”

“We’re locked in,” Will said, “And why are you up? Go back and lie down!”

“Chill,” Nico rolled his eyes, playfully, “All you need is the right amount of muscle.”

Nico strolled over, pulling on the knob. Nothing. 

He furrowed his eyebrows, raising them so that they were hidden by his long, equally dark hair. 

“What?” Nico muttered, “What the actual hell?”

Will turned, and Nico saw the embarrassment in his eyes, “It would seem as though we’re locked in.”

Nico groaned.

Not only did he not have a boyfriend, but he was locked in the infirmary with the delectable (albeit annoying) doctor Solace.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have like, a list of headcaons for widow somewhere? Your take on her is super interesting and i wanna know more!!!

because lots of people are asking where I ‘align’ myself Widowmaker-wise, here’s a handy list that will also help interpret my art. Most of these are headcanons! It’s okay if you disagree with them! Anyway, here’s the sections included under the READMORE:

THE LACROIX TRAGEDY (The Gerard and Amelie dynamic)

It’s long!

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The Lady in Red (1/?)

Title: The Lady in Red (1/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader

Words: ~1470

Warnings: Possible abuse, starvation, loss of memory due to traumatic events, fluff (for later)

Steve grunted as he jumped over the high fence and landed silently on the base side. Infiltrating a HYDRA base was mostly never dull, but this one seemed completely abandoned. He carefully made his way towards the main hanger doors.

“See anything, Cap?” Nat asked in his ear.

“Nothing yet. No guards, no alarms, no sign of anyone really.” Steve responded.

“Well, keep looking, we need those files and this is the last known location.”

“Yep, will do.” Steve carefully entered the building and began making his way to the file room they had already located on the leaked base plans. Turning down corridor after corridor, he found a completely empty file room. Drawers were pulled out and through haphazardly around the room, not a single paper to be found.

“Dead end, Nat. Everyone is gone already.”

“Well damn. Head on back then, I’m going to prep the jet. Sam’s waiting for us at the compound, said something about a bar where he found this girl.”

Steve laughed, “He’s always talking about a bar where he found a girl. I’m going to take another quick look around. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

“Copy that, Cap.”

Steve took his time walking back through the base, still cautious in case someone was left. He made it all the way back to the large hanger when he started to feel like someone was watching him. He turned and saw no one but couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that he wasn’t alone.

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Dumb Dog Owners

I work as a vet tech, the amount of dumb pet owners never ceases to amaze me. I have two stories that stand out. One day an owner brings in a dog that has been vomiting, unable to eat, and diarrhea. We do the standard x-rays, and IV fluids. Looking at the x-rays, there were several skinny objects throughout the digestive tract. of course we question the owner… turns out they had been feeding this dog whole chickens, nothing else. Now making your own dog food is okay but A. dog are omnivores, B. never give a dog chicken bones as they break easily and get stuck. They thought just a chicken was healthy. 

Another dog comes in with severe breathing problems, that have been going on for several weeks. Why she didn’t bring him in earlier I will never understand. We do x-rays and find the worst case scenario. I cannot remember whether it was cancer or Blastomycosis (a deadly fungal infection) but it had progressed to encompass the entire lungs, and caused the trachea to partially collapse so it looked like swigle. This dog was only six and had to be put down the next day. If she took him in when it started we may have been able to save him.

冷やしあま酒 // Chilled Amazake
Amazake(甘酒 or あま酒 / literally ‘sweet sake’) is a sweet beverage that’s actually non-alcoholic (or at least very low in alcohol). I’ve mostly seen it served hot by street vendors, and it can really warm you up in the winter. It’s supposed to be super nutritious, and to promote brain function and boost energy. It has such a reputation for being restorative that people sometimes call it 飲む点滴 (nomu tenteki / “drinkable IV fluid”) This version is made with no added sugar, and marketed as a sports drink!

anonymous asked:

You know in movies how someone inserts a needle full of some sedative into someone (usually incorrectly) and said person just drops like a rock, immediately unconscious. How accurate is that? Are there any drugs that could have that effect on someone? Love this blog btw

Hey there, nonny! No, this is not an accurate trope.

There are two masterposts relevant to this that I suggest you give a read:

BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious


Tropes Done Right: Rendering Someone Unconscious

To quote the first article,

Here’s the thing. There is nothing that I know of that can cause unconsciousness as quickly As Seen On TV™. The only drug I know that works even remotely that fast is a bolus of propofol, which is a surgical anesthetic. The problem is, propofol MUST go IV; it can’t be injected into a muscle like that.

So unfortunately, dearest nonny, no, you cannot have a character inject a sedative into the neck (arrrrgh) and have it simply drop the subdued character like a stone. For the closest, most realistic version I can think of, check out the second article!

(You can have someone approach a character who already has an IV in place and turn them off like a lightswitch with propofol, but there are other things that need to be done with that, like airway protection and potentially the use of IV fluids.)

I hope these resources have been useful to you!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

I have some good news, and some bad news.
The bad news is that your dog Stella will need to be on this medication for the rest of her life.
The good news is that by ‘rest of her life’ I mean ten to twelve years.

The Greatest Thing I Ever Got to Say.

Sometimes, you get a Dr House moment.

Stella was a young dog, less than 2 years of age, whose story involves a long weekend, panicked decisions, a misdiagnosis and a happy ending.

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A/N- I finally finished this. It wasn’t on my list and this story kinda just came to me a few weeks ago and since I’m in a bit of a rut, I decided to just write it.

Summary- You wake up to unfamiliar surrounding, the sun blaring down on you, and to make matters worse, your throat is as dry as a desert. Where are you? Is what you’d like to know but before you can get answers, the heat gets to you and you collapse. What will happen?

Dean x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 |

Word Count- 965

You don’t remember much of the previous day, nor how you ended up on the side of the road. You had absolutely nothing. No duffel bag. No wallet. No Phone. Nothing. You looked around, licking your lips, but your mouth was so dry.

“Where am I?” you thought, because you sure as hell couldn’t say it. You couldn’t figure anything out by standing there. You looked down either side of the road, picked one, and walked. You felt like you were dying, with the sun blaring down on you and with no sign of a town in sight.

Just when you thought you couldn’t go on, you heard a car. As you tried to turn around your vision blurred and you fell to the ground. The screeching of a car stopping suddenly was the last thing you heard.

When you woke up, you were in the hospital. Wires attached to your finger and arms. You slowly turned your head to the side to see the monitor show the beating of your heart. Next to that was the IV fluid, slowly dripping its way down and into your arm. That’s when the nurse walked in.

In seeing you awake, she smiled, “Nice to see you’re awake,” she said. “How are you feeling?”

You opened you mouth to speak, and at first nothing came out. You cleared your throat and tried again, “I feel tired…” you managed. “Where am I?” you asked after a pause.

“A man found you on the side of the road after collapsing right before his eyes. He brought you here but due to work he was unable to stay to see to your recovery. You had no identification on you. Do you know who you are sweetie?” she explained.

You took a deep breath and exhaled. “My name is Y/N,” you answered. “How long have I been out?” you asked after a slight pause.

“A few days. You had high fever that wouldn’t go down, your heart rate was dropping, and not to mention you were beyond dehydrated,” she responded. “Would you like us to call someone, family, maybe friends?”

“My friends… well they live in Kansas so not much help they’d be. It’ll take them days to get here,” you mumbled.

“Honey… Where do you think you are? We are in Kansas at the moment,” she said.

Your eyes widened, “What? Really?” you questioned. She nodded. The last you remember, you were nowhere near Kansas. What where you doing here of all places. ‘Coincidence?’ you thought. “It can’t be a coincidence,” you say to yourself. “I’m sorry, but can I borrow a phone, please?”

She nodded and brought over the phone that was on the table near your bed. “Press 9 first,” she commented.

You did and dialed Dean’s number. Well, you were hoping it was still his number. Within the first ring he answered.

“Hello? Y/N?!” he questioned.

‘How did he know?’ you wondered. “Hey Dean I need your help,” you told him.

“Where have you been? Are you alright? Are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked with such a desperate voice.

You were taken aback, “I’m at a hospital but I think I’m good.”

“Is that Y/N?” you heard Sam ask.

“Yeah she’s in the hospital but she fine. What hospital are you in? Can you come home on your own? You know what I’ll come get you,” he said.

“We!” Sam corrected. You could’ve sworn you heard another voice, but you couldn’t quite make it out.

You looked over to the nurse, asked her what hospital you were in and relayed the information to Dean. He then told you to ‘please wait for him’ and ‘not to disappear again’. Though you were curious as to what he meant. You were friends with him and Sam but you don’t think it was to the extent that he’d be THAT worried about you.

Regardless, you couldn’t exactly leave the hospital in your condition. Especially, since you hadn’t taken a step since you fainted. You handed back the phone and the nurse smiled and said, “You should get some rest.”

‘Rest?’ you thought. How could you possibly get more rest? Though you questioned it, your eyes were already feeling heavy, and before you knew it, you were asleep.

You don’t know how long you were asleep but when you woke up, Dean was already on your bedside holding your hand. He was holding it so tight, it felt a little off, though some part of you didn’t hate it. You looked at his face and he looked so worn out. You figured he was going through another one of those ‘Winchester’ type hunts. You felt bad for adding to his worries, but the second he saw that you were awake, his face lit up. He looked so happy, his worn expression was gone almost as if were never there. Had you imagined it?

“Y/N…” he whispered. “How’re you feeling?” he asked.

“Um… better than a few days ago,” you chuckled. When Dean sighed out of relief he ran his hand through his hair and you noticed a ring. “Oh! The famous Dean Winchester… Married?! Who would’ve thought,” you said dramatically.

He looked at you in disbelief. “Y/N…”

That’s when Sam came in, “Sorry I took long. They almost didn’t want to let to-” but he stopped when he saw Dean’s face of disbelief and hurt. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

You shrugged, “I dunno… Maybe I shouldn’t joke about Dean being married,” you chuckle nervously.

Then came in a little boy of no more than three or four. He ran in the room and jumped straight to your bed. “Mommy!” he shouted with delight as he all but tackled you with a hug.

“M- Mommy?” you questioned in a soft voice.

Hope you liked it! x)
Part 2

pumpkin-piggy  asked:

Hi! So I have a character who was formerly dead (just lost his immortality), and he is suddenly stripped of his power and is human again. Since he is physically a minor (13-15), I was wondering what would the procedure be for both the hospital having an unknown minor with absolutely no record and for the emergency services that found him unconscious?

Hey there! Thanks for sending in your ask!

Okay. Your character is an unconscious 13-15 year old. He’s discovered (I assume by a bystander), 911 gets called. Police and EMS will respond. The two most likely causes (from an EMS perspective) of the unconsciousness are drugs and head trauma. He’ll be evaluated on scene, then transported, likely to a trauma center (or some center with neuroimaging available immediately).

Because EMS are not peace officers, they’ll be acting under implied consent, and police will escort them to the hospital. What happens after that in unclear, but an unconscious child who is unconscious will be watched, checked against missing persons registries, and the local child protective services will likely get involved. Police may get fingerprints for identification purposes.

They’ll be appointed a temporary legal guardian, who will make decisions about their care.

I don’t know how long your character will be unconscious for, so I’m not sure how things will go for them. Initially they’ll get a head CT, IV access, blood panels, fingerstick and more.

From there it will likely be a wait-and-see affair. When your child-god  wakes, they’ll likely be either in a pediatric ER, a Pediatric ICU, or a Neuro ICU; there will likely be nurses and doctors around (though not necessarily in the character’s room), and leaving undetected will be difficult (though certainly not impossible). Depending on the circumstances, and whether the medical staff believe he was abused or injured or even under ongoing threat, there may be a police officer in the room or in the hallway outside.

He’ll likely be wearing scrubs or a hospital gown, and even if he’s breathing well he will likely have a feeding tube down his nose, hooked up to a pump (called a Kangaroo pump). Everything associated with the Kangaroo pump is purple, by the way, the pump itself and the syringes used for it.  It’s a useful detail! He’ll also likely have an IV for fluids in place.

I hope this was helpful and worth the wait!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Swept Off My Feet (Part 8)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: the slightest bit of angst, fluff, mention of opioids/pain medication, mild suggestive language.

A/N: Sorry this took so freakin’ long. Here it is. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You stared at the beeping monitors as you stood in the doorway of Misha’s room. His deep brown hair lay in a messy swirl atop his head, crowning his alabaster face. A deep bruise covered a large portion of his right cheek, and his torso was wrapped in white gauze. Specks of red blood seeped through the large bandage.

“Oh, Misha…” You gripped the doorframe as you struggled to hold yourself up. There was the man you truly cared for, the man who you loved. There, you admitted it… to yourself. You loved Misha. And now, he was lying unconscious, bruised and battered, in a hospital bed.

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tawaranotohta  asked:

What happens to a person with Type 1 diabetes when they stop taking their insulin indefinitely? I have a character who can't take his insulin himself due to fears, and he gets separated from the person he trusts to help him with it, so I'm looking to find out the side-effect of not taking insulin, with no definite end frame. Also learning about how one would be treated for this (presuming anywhere from extreme symptoms to just before any death symptom) would be nice but not required. Thanks!

Hey there! I want to first of all mention that @scriptspoonie is co-run by a Type I diabetic, so for the personal experiences side of this ask, do please head over and give them a holler!

So here’s the let’s-get-real version of the answer. There are three things that are going to happen: your character is going to get over their fear of insulin/needles and inject himself; he’s going to get someone to inject him; or he’s going to die. (If he understands what needs to be done and just can’t make himself do it, and has his medications to hand, he can get any helpful stranger to inject insulin into him; it’s not a particularly challenging skill to learn or perform).

I like the turn of phrase “The Death Symptom”. I’m going to adopt it. So there is a definite end frame of a Type I diabetic character not taking his insulin. It’s called The Death Symptom.

So from the physiological side, here’s what happens when a Type I (or, in modern parlance, insulin-dependent) diabetic stops taking their medication. Their blood sugar rises. But the actual cells that are using that blood sugar, paradoxically, become hypoglycemic, because insulin is what drives sugar across the cell walls and into the cell where it can actually be used. So even though there’s tons of sugar out there, it can’t get where it needs to go.

The body is faced with two problems. One, where does all this sugar go? The answer is nowhere. It keeps building up, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere. Because sugar is a relatively big molecule, and because water follows big molecules through something complicated called colloidal pressure, as sugar rises, cells not only get hypoglycemic, they get dehydrated, because the fluid that just sort of… hangs around? Interstitial fluid? Gets drawn into the bloodstream by the colloidal pressure (AKA oncotic pressure – you as a writer do not need to know the chemistry parts, but I’m explaining them anyway, because nerd.)

The other question is… if the cells and organs can’t get glucose, how do they operate? The answer is a process called ketosis, where the body metabolizes fat and muscle for energy. It’s a MUCH less efficient process than glycolysis – burning sugar – and the byproducts are pretty bad. They produce something called a metabolic acidosis, where the blood literally becomes more acidic than it should be, because of the chemistry involved.

So now your character is cellularly hypoglycemic and dehydrated, but the blood has way too much sugar, way too much acid, and probably too much fluid. This is a serious metabolic no-bueno.

From the patient-character’s perspective, of course, they won’t know this is happening without checking their sugars. But they’ll have some signs and symptoms develop that will be pretty intrusive.

First, they’ll become extremely thirsty – DKA patients may be as much as 10 liters dehydrated. They’ll also be extremely hungry – remember, their cells want sugar – and they’ll be peeing all the time, because the kidneys are trying to excrete out all the excess sugar. (The old-timey test for diabetes was actually to pour a patient’s urine on the ground and see if the ants came for it, because of the sugar, though the joke in medicine is “well just taste it and see if it’s sweet!”).

They’ll become weak, they’ll become groggy, and for anyone looking at them, they’ll be breathing wrong – they’ll be breathing rapidly, taking deep full breaths. They’ll also, honestly, probably smell, for multiple reasons, but DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis, the technical term for what I’m describing here) makes people too weak to get to the bathroom, and remember they have to pee a lot, so…..

One other thing is body pain. Your character will likely experience severe pain in multiple parts of their body,

ANYWAY. The character can also, ultimately, fall into a coma.

DKA is a life-threatening emergency, and this character is going to the ICU if they’re in a hospital. It’s no joke; about 5% of patients admitted for DKA will die, and those with more than 5 episodes of DKA have their mortality skyrocket to 23%.

First they’ll get routine bloodwork, including blood sugar, and an IV line, and lots and lots of IV fluids. They’ll get an insulin drip. They’ll probably get intubated – have a breathing tube put down their throat – and if the person isn’t careful about setting the ventilator, they can kill the patient just putting them on a vent, because those deep/full/rapid breaths are life saving. They blow off the excess acid (in the form of CO2) that the DKA is building up. If some idiot sets a ventilator improperly, and doesn’t match what the patient needs… dead patient. But let’s assume competency, shall we?

It will probably take a few days to get the character’s sugar back down to normal. DKA can bring blood sugar (normally 70-110) all the way up to 700 and above; the highest I’ve ever seen is 1250 for a related condition called HHNC (which is basically DKA without the “K”? in Type 2 / non-insulin-dependent diabetics). The sugar gets brought down fairly gradually, and the character may get a whole boatload of medications, but in the end, if they’re cared for properly, they’ll survive. It’s still probably at least 3 days in the ICU.

Best of luck with your tale!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Classified 6

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Doctor!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Death, Heart Break, Angst, Fluff, violence and hostages//Take Over.

A/N: If you want to be tagged just let me know!! Feedback is always loved.

Rule One of being a doctor, don’t get over attached to your patients.

Well that rules been broken.

Rule Two of being a doctor, don’t date your patients.

But what if he has blue eyes and a killer smile that make your insides throw a dance party when he’s near you??
Rule Three of being a doctor, don’t ever loose focus on doing your job, nothing comes between you and your career.

See comment above… was the smile mentioned? Or that he’s Captain America?

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