The Other Side of Loss

It would be a lie to say Johanna never gave The Woman a thought after finding out she was dead. The subject never came up again with Sherlock, but that didn’t mean much. Sherlock didn’t talk about things he didn’t want to, and Irene Adler was a tender subject. That was obvious from his expression when the detective told her what Irene’s last message to him had been.

It seemed then that he knew she wasn’t in America, that she was dead, really dead this time. His reaction hadn’t been the same, he hadn’t gone into that state of near depression like he had after Christmas. But he never played that tune he’d composed again and he even stopped talking about her.

After his fall, there was a part of her that couldn’t help but hope that they were together. Irene had made him… If not happy then she intrigued him enough that it seemed he could never get bored of her. Something that Johanna herself never was able to achieve. She was still jealous of that fact, even now when they were both dead.

For a while Irene Adler was absent from her mind, until she found the blackberry in one of the living room desk drawers.  He had kept it after all. For a brief second Johanna felt like chucking it into the fireplace and burning it, instead she retrieved what she was going after and placed it back in the drawer.

Irene had been special to him, she respected that much. It was his wish to have the phone, so she left it in peace.