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Riko’s over visiting Kanna at the Kobayashi residence on Kobayashi’s day off. She keeps half an eye on them while browsing the internet on her phone, though of course she doesn’t expect either of them to get up to anything. It’s more that she enjoys watching them have fun together. Her nurturing side (a side she wouldn’t believed existed a year ago) is glad Kanna found someone to show her such open affection. It seems to be doing good for the young dragon.

But there’s something about them, something familiar Kobayashi can’t place. Something about Kanna’s quiet stoicism contrasted with Riko’s near-inability to control her emotions and the way she fawns over Kanna. She doesn’t understand the sense of deja vu… at least, not until Tohru sits down next to her, grabs her arm, and chatters happily about getting to spend time with her.

“Oh, right.” Kobayashi realizes. “That.”

She looks back over at the two girls and smiles to herself. They’re right for each other.


Summary: Akaashi watched as Bokuto reached down, grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled it right over his head. Akaashi made it a point to stare at the wall behind Bokuto, that is, until Bokuto flexed his right arm and pointed to his bicep.

Akaashi flushed all over again but brought his attention to the arm, zeroing his attention onto the…word(?) present there, tilting his head.

“Ohohoho?” Akaashi muttered to himself, eyebrow raising in confusion.

Bokuto let out a hearty laugh, nodding his head enthusiastically.

“Yeah! Mine for Kuroo’s is on his left bicep and it says ‘Ohoho?’”

Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Akaashi Keiji/Tsukishima Kei. Eventually.

Chapter: 1/?

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Paying $4.59 for a route? What the fuck? Voltage inc should make them free!!
—  The girl complains as she takes another sip of her $5 pumpkin spice latte

so look, i know its every persons right to do and im not gonna step on toes but i gotta get something off my chest

so @ other trans women, if you’re on HRT or you got FFS and you’re like feeling good, especially as a comparison (like before/after posts), theres a part of me that feels so good for you because you’re happier and I can see it and I can feel it..

..but theres another part of me thats cut deep because im too broke for FFS and i cant get HRT where im at and even if i did it would probably cause me extra problems cause the state i live in hates trans women. because always always always these photos are framed as how “ugly i was before” or “i hated myself” and on and on and just… im happy for you, that you dont have to feel that way anymore and you can feel good about yourself and i dont want anyone or anything to take that away from you but i cant be around that because your “before” is my now and my foreseeable future.

my life right now is a permanent “before“, and maybe im just a jealous bitter piece of shit but i just wanna know if you can figure out a way to make yourself feel good about your now without shitting on what i just have to live with.

Spilled Into Your Life

Summary: “Dude I am SO sorry I literally thought you were a trash can!”

Kuroo narrowed his eyes at the teen standing over him, holding his arms up as the cold feeling of what seemed to be strawberry soda seeped into his clothes, taking in the ridiculous hair (and hey he had room to judge okay, it was sticking up like a fucken owl and it was black and white for peets sake) and squinty eyes that did not look sorry in the least.

“Right,” he spoke dryly, sarcasm leaking out of every word. “of course, I look so much like a trash can. You really know how to make a girl feel special.”

Pairing: Pre-relationship. Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou

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