The Boys Are Back

The only part of the Sperry that I’m love with is it’s new Top Sider designer, and Band of Outsiders founder, Scott Sternberg.

Although I personally haven’t been one to jump on the boat shoe wagon, I can honestly say that I can’t think of anything sexier on a guy in the summertime than Sperrys & a good pair of shorts. And I owe my campus eye-candy to no one but Sternberg. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the hipbro look (see below), you know, the boy with the khaki shorts (or light colored for those more daring) paired with either a Polo or v-neck who wouldn’t step out of the house before slipping on one of his six Sperrys? Yes, Mr. Sternberg easily invented the look that is taking the fashion world by storm.

I remember when the brand first emerged five years ago, Sternberg quickly made a name for fame by putting the modern twists on classic menswear. With his celebrity campaign faces (and dear friends, Sternberg was a Hollywood agent turned fashion designer- quite possibly the only success story of its kind) ranging from Kirsten Dunst to Ethan Peck, his lines boy., girl. and Band of Outsiders are not only inspiring all walks of the fashion realm, but are even being interpreted by college kids on a daily basis. The best form of flattery for a young designer in my books!

So why are the boys complying and the girls obsessing over this look? My conclusion: the pressed shorts and endless variety of upper-wear make it almost impossible for the boy to go astray in matching. And, for the record, I have yet to meet a fellow female who isn’t attracted to the polished yet casual look. It gives the feeling that you guys actually know what you’re doing. Even when you guys think you’re off base a bit on your outfit, the ladies give you the benefit of the doubt- We think your slightly off-kilter-ed match of navy and coral is you being original and we give you kudos for your fashion sense. Bottom line: Boys, you cannot go wrong with this look. Literally, any top works with the pressed short & Sperry duo!

Here’s one of IU’s own taking on Sternberg’s vision.

I’m impressed with PK’s look, and the added windbreaker gives the summertime classic a touch of cool. I’m sure he was copying one of Band of Outsider’s finest, right…?


Even if PK didn't intentionally go Sternberg style on us, we’re still a fan of the look.

You go boys, you go. And as for you, Mr. Sternberg, a huge thank you from all us girls.


“Holding People’s Hands”

Just watch it.