-Liam looks like he doesn’t give 2 shits about the photo being taken

-Niall showing off him scratching his (nonexistent) peach fuzz

-Louis looks like he just smoked some weed

-WHERE’S ZAYN? Probably Hiding away from the camera. AWH!

-Harry… Don’t get me started.. okay you got me started:



Went on a vacation to Harry’s hometown to meet up with him and he showed you his old school and bakery. At W ­Mandeville bakery he greeted his co-workers to introduce you to them. While Harry was volunteering in the bakery, one of his co-workers were having a conversation with you:

Lady Co-worker: y’know, When Harry used to work here he would be such a polite young man to everyone especially the customers. He was such a very good helper as well… he cleaned the trays, scrubbed the floors, was the cashier, almost all of the jobs here!

(Y/N): Hmm, well did you ever thought of him in a Bread Mascot to advertise in front of the bakery?

As you said that Harry turned his head as he was cutting up bread and looked back at you with his eyes squinted and shooked his head slowly indicating a “Hell no” to the suggestion of making him wear a bread costume.

You and all the ladies in the bakery laughed and joked around with Harry about it, he went along as well.

Harry: if I do wear the bread costume all the chicks would be picking at me!

Harry’s in an interview talking about you

Interviewer: So Harry, we know that you and (Y/N) have been happily together for years now… Are you going to stay with her forever?

Harry: Yes, Forever. No doubt about it. She’s my best friend, my soul mate.

Interviewer: you found the One , correct?

Harry: Yeah, The only one

Niall, Liam, and Harry’s faces they made when you are walking down the fashion runway wearing a tight red velvet strapless dress that reached to the floor in nude pumps.

Niall’s thought: Wow, she definitely worked on getting her dream body over the summer like she said. I’m proud of her, wonder what Harry’s thinking.

Liam’s thoughts: yup,  she’s gorgeous. Harry’s a lucky man

Harry’s Thoughts: Damn, my girl should be awarded for the most amazing girl ever. She looks beautiful in that dress. She needs to be awarded tonight… in bed.


*1st gif*
Zayn is screaming “Hiiiii (Y/N)!!!” to the cam as you were video chatting with them instead Harry shoved him away saying, “move it Zayn!  I could do better, BAHH VAAS HAPPENIN!? “.

*2nd gif*
Zayn gets revenge and shoves Harry out of way this time then saying, “Nope, its my turn… hey girl, how you doin?”

Harry having your face turned like this to him as he growled,  “Let me show you the way to my bed so I can fuck you hard until you won’t be able to walk for another month!”

IMAGINE *Princess becoming a Queen*

You were visiting your 4 year boyfriend, Harry at his house with his family. Because, he wanted to tell you some good news that is very much important than in text. Harry was taking Baby Lux a bath while you were in the living room having a easy conversation with Harry’s Mother, Anne.  As you were talking you overheard laughter through the wall next to you. You smiled at how much Harry is very parental towards Lux. Hearing Lux splash water making her giggles influence Harry to laugh made you feel warm inside thinking about the future with him.  You bit your bottom lip as you smiled wider.

“You know, it would be nice to have a grandchild someday” Anne spoke out. I chuckled on the idea but realized it wasn’t such a bad idea to start a family soon. Harry and I has had a talk about getting married and wanting to start a family maybe its the time to bring it up I thought. I nodded at Anne approving her suggestion. Then we heard sloppy wet footsteps coming out of the hallway with another pair of footsteps following it. Another giggle came out of the hallway with a “Shhh” coming afterwards. Lux walked out with only a diaper on towards Anne holding her hands out. Anne picked her up and set Lux on her lap. On the corner of my eye, Harry appeared from the Hallway with his clothes drenched with water. At that moment I laughed nearly falling out of my seat.

Lux pointed out at harry and said, “I splash Hawey! Tehe!”. All 3 of us laughed and made fun of harry in a nice way. He then came over to Lux and said, “yes you did lux but that’s not very nice”. “Sowwy Hawey” lux apologized. “I was just telling (y/n) about maybe giving me some grandchildren someday” Anne announced to Harry.  Harry’s smile grew wider than before and gave a kiss to Lux then replied, “Yes, actually (y/n) have talked about rasing a family and you know what…” Harry stopped to get something out of his back pocket. He Continued, “I have made my final decision and maybe it is time for us to start a family. (Y/n), its been years since we have known each other and 4 years of finally being with you has been the greatest. But now I realized that I want to be with you forever more…” is this real life? Is he really gonna do what I think he would?!? I took a glance at Anne and she’s starting to have tears in her eyes and watched Harry kneel on one knee and held out a light blue box with white ribbon designs all around it. He looked into my eyes and said, “(y/n), my best friend, my girlfriend, my hero, the one that stuck with me through all the drama in my life when we were teenagers…” he took a deep breath,
“… Will you Marry me?”

My eyes began to fill with tears of joy without any hesitation I replied yes as I nodded my head. He shot up from the floor, picked me up off the floor and kissed me. “YAYY!” Baby Lux cheered for us both with Anne trying to stay calm wiping away her happy tears from the event that just happened in front of her. Harry took my left hand and place the rounded diamond ring with a platinum band on my index. My mind is just buzzing making me unable to speak. Once again, Harry looked into my eyes with his Emerald Green pairs, cupped his hands onto my facs and went for the longest meaningful kiss ever. After that, he proudly stood his ground and stated, “I, Harry Edward Milward Styles, is proud to announce that I have succeeded to find my lost princess who will now become my queen to raise a new princess…or prince. Will you, my darling take the hand of wed to thee?” Harry extend his arm to where he made a suggestion to take his arm. I couldn’t resist to let out a bellowed laugh then regain my form and replied, “I, (y/w/n), is honored to be your Queen and will portake the role of ruling the land with you. My knight and shining armor. ” with one last kiss, Baby Lux shouted, “HOORAY FOR PRINCESS TO FIND HER PRINCE! ”

A week later, everyone knew about the new engagement.  The guys, our friends, and the Media. We didnt bother about the media that mucn because it was all the same drama that they’re trying to conjure up as we were teens. I was beyond happy. Instead of a Happily Ever After.. it was just the beginning.