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the fact that monsta x knows how hard we’re trying to give them a win and they’re so grateful and amazed by it………..i’m getting emotional again

For someone who doesn’t have a lot of female friends I really love girl groups and girls supporting girls and girls feeling themselves and female success and their curves and hair and their just everything about girls an awful lot

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I think the simple answer/thought about LJK and the dating thing is that its business. He's an entertainer and there's a certain level of "image" he has to put up. Sad truth is that people want to see their idol as a "taken" man cause it ruins the fantasy (this same rule oddly applies to waitressing too.waitresses reported to get more tips while not wearing their wedding rings than when they do). Plus keep in mind that these programs and shows he does bring in a lot of money guys gotta work :)

Yeah. I learned how this business works. It’s so fake world and everyone seems so perfect which is unreal. I only didn’t like the fact that he acted (probably) that it looked like he flirted with IU bts for real. Those looks that he was giving her at awards looked so real. Of course because he’s great actor but it’s a real life. And if he didn’t act the whole time, it’s even more inappropriate to act the way he did in front of IU when she was still dating someone. I don’t like when men act like this. I already mentioned it before that it wasn’t right when he leaned to her in bts of ep. 16 when she still dated someone. It’s for the respect for relationship. So I don’t know what is more disturbing. Acting in real life for PR needs or being like this while being in relationship. That’s why celebrities have friends and partners from showbiz. Normal people don’t understand it. I don’t. It would suck to live like them.

Breaking: IU And Jang Ki Ha Revealed To Have Broken Up | Soompi
After dating for four years, singer couple IU and Jang Ki Ha have officially ended their relationship. Both IU and Jang Ki Ha's agencies revealed the news

do you think what I think?

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Most of the sketches with heavy abuse were Graham’s and mine, anything that started with a slow pan across countryside and impressive music was Mike and Terry’s, and anything that got utterly involved with words and disappeared up any personal orifice was Eric’s

- John Cleese