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Yo how are you doin these compatibility tests?


1) go to https://www.astrotheme.com/

2) click on the left side <my account>

3) make a stupid ass account w them bc otherwise u cant do compatibility

4) after youve made ur account, if you scroll on the lefthand side there would be something called Celebrity search

5) input the celebrities name. Try typing it multiple times if it originally doesnt pop up. They currently dont have all members of NCT (except john Jae Tae n Do n Taeil but they used the wrong photo and used the other taeil thats in block b LMAO) ( they also dont have all of monstax except jooheon changkyun and kihyun)

6) after u see ur man/ladies profile, click on the right little tab that says Affinity. Here youll imput your natal chart info. After that you can return to the celebrities page and check Affinity now with your chart

7) prepare to be hopelessly disappointed or pleasantly surprised