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I love k-dramas! You have a favorite or any recs?

i watch a lot of popular ones so you’ve probably heard of these but i love them dearly. i’m currently watching moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo which is killing me at the moment (if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably read my screaming). i’m a really big fan of lee jieun (IU) too so like… i’ll watch anything she’s in. i want to recommend producers, but truthfully i found some of the characters irritating and i only watched and liked cindy, which to the surprise of no one, is played by lee jieun. i’m also currently watching hyori’s bed and breakfast which is a reality show but still so good and cute! jieun is also in it… haha… but i’ll condense everything into a list real quick.

  • moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo
    • jieun’s acting is phenomenal and hae soo is my child. 
  • hyori’s bed and breakfast
    • the cutest show ever? i love it so much, it’s so down to earth and a good break from any emotional kdrama.
  • cheese in the trap
    • a big favorite because i relate to the main character and i really like all the characters in it.
  • weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
    • the purest show i’ve ever seen. also, a protagonist who’s carefree and a little awkward who isn’t worried about their looks is refreshing.
  • my secret romance 
    • cheesy as hell. lee yoomi? still cute as hell. not a fave but good for laughs.
My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2015 - What’s Yours?

2015 is about to end and K-dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. Below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my favs so it might not be yours so please don’t judge) :

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haesoo & astronomer choi theory

okay so like i keep seeings posts about how they hope moon lovers doesn’t follow the actual and real historic plot line in terms of the 4th prince marrying yeonhwa and all that stuff but i think that that’s why they brought in astronomer choi. 

the episode where hae soo sees choi and he pretends he doesn’t know her while at the same time he’s giving her winks and hints that he does- i think later on in the drama he will tell her why he brought her here- to change the fate of korea and stop wang so from killing his brothers when he ascends to the throne. that’s why in one of the episode trailers you can hear haesoo pondering about how which prince would be the one to rise and kill his brothers and the titles in the trailer says that “the fate of goreyo is in her hands” and how if she will be able to “rewrite history for love”. and all that stuff. also the trailer is here for reference. so i think she’s going to try and stop it from happening, hence her rewriting history and maybe perhaps actually ending up with the 4th prince. 

Looking back at the promotional posters and quotes on them makes me even more heartbroken

He didn’t want to become the sun, but he shone brightly

That’s what’s happening right now. So never had an intention or even an idea of becoming a king but it’s his destiny and he will shine as a king

Brace yourself from here on out. I won’t ever lose you.

It’s really funny how ironic I was when I read this quote first time, I was like “Oh, how romantic and dramatic”. WHO FREAKING KNEW? 

And here we have a winner for “kill me with one foreshadowing quote” award

I wish I’d never met you. Then I wouldn’t have to miss you this much 

Hints are everywhere: on posters, in soundtracks, the whole show is filled with foreshadowings, it’s only makes everything unbearable 

i’m done

Wook you goddamn bastard i loved you…this episode just showed how much of a coward he really is. I loved how he treated her but he never took action. I knew he was never the main lead but I kept hoping he would do something this episode. 

The scene where he just leaves her there and she is like “why” 

Killed me 

(Gif by http://paper-box.tumblr.com/)

This is the most beautiful and compelling scene ever. As Wook turns his back on her. So stands by her side never leaving her. (lookin like a cute overgrown bat)

I have never cried over drama so much before!! I loved Lady Oh. Just shows how much she loved Hae Soo.

And the award for episode 11 goes to Court lady Oh.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 9 /SPOILERS/  I am delusional because of this drama and I can’t help it. /FAN THEORIES/

Woo, hold up a sec…

  • Is it me or WangSo is going all french kiss on HaeSoo? Look at the way he opens his mouth, like he wants to go full tongue on her. I’m telling ya, this boy is a time traveler just like her. (Just adding this to my previous theory, I’m still delusional)

One thing that I noticed about previews. Even if they give you details, sometimes they mislead. Another thing that I noticed, HaeSoo does not have such a good history knowledge. Now, can she see the future? All of a sudden? Really? Or all those “visions” are actually just scenarious played in her mind because she’s afraid of what it might happen? 

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