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Asian Drama Cliches

The common or cliche things we see in couples in most asian drama, movies, posters or promotional pics :)

1. The Back-To-Back/Partners in Crime Pose

2. Backhug

3. Forehead to Forehead Kiss/ESP Pose

4. Couple Outfit (may be exact, same color or uniforms)

5. Piggyback ride

6. The “I suddenly fell asleep on your shoulders/you" 

7. The Creeper or "I will stare at you while you are sleeping”

Do you agree with me?

Can you add more to these cliches? 


160123 A Happy IU Year Japan FM

Fan: I don’t know what I want to do in life.

IU: That’s alright. Due to media influence, it seems everyone knows what they want to do in life, so you feel strange not knowing what you want to do. But in this world, some people know what they want to do, and some don’t. Having a goal is a good thing, but it’s fine to not have a goal too.

IU: Actually I’m jealous of your situation, because having something you want to do is a weakness. If there’s nothing in particular that you want to do, then you’re invincible, so I’m jealous of people who are like that.

Summarised from onIyU-IU’s weibo updates