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[FANCAFE] IU replies to fans' comments on Uaena fancafe (Part 2)- 11:05 PM
Fan: Jingjjang, I’m about to have some ramen, could you recommend a brand? IU: Let’s have Jinramen, jinramen~~ ------------------- Fan: Did you keep my photo?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ IU: You’re pretty. ------------------- Fan: How did you feel when Yoo DJ mentioned you during the Entertainment Awards? IU: I was watching the live telecast and my heart was racing!   ------------------- Fan: -deleted comment-
IU: Totally! looking foward to it. Totally.
(Note: What’s with these people deleting their comments after IU replies to them? LOL) ------------------- Fan: Tell us the truth.. How many times do you visit dc gall a day!! IU: Lately, only dc gall seems to freeze up for me!! keke the rest of my Internet is still intact but for the past few days, the moment I visit dc gall, my Internet goes down. What seems to be the issue?
Other fans: Don’t tell me they blocked your IP??
Other fans: Maybe the dc gall server had a heart attack.. ------------------- Fan: Noona, my wisdom teeth came out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I need surgery for this *attaches xray photo* 

IU: Zomg… That’s serious…..Seriously serious… ------------------- Fan: Unni, my friend had her wisdom tooth pulled from her gums but she said it didn’t hurt at all! She didn’t even know they pulled it out!!  IU: Sigh… these fools… (Note: I guess it only really starts to hurt once the anaesthetic wears off?) ------------------- Fan: How is your swear word blocking reflection friend doing?? (Note: That’s IU’s dc gall nickname)
IU: Omo omo what’s with that nickname. Sounds vulgar. ------------------- Fan: -hidden comment-
IU: Ah adorable. Just hearing you talk about it, it must be adorable… ------------------- Fan: If you use your Android phone again, you can use bongchelloti’s DC Wave!!!!!!!
IU: What is he talking about…. ------------------- Fan: Unnie, have you seen this? I’m really really curious.. *attaches photo of iPhone covers similar to the one IU is currently using*

IU: I’m using the pink one now. I should give one to Inna unnie too right? But unnie uses a different phone from me..


Mistershin: Swear word blocking reflection power sounds vulgar right? IU: Indeed a master….. ------------------- Fan: If you’re using dc gall on iPhone, then use DC Life, if on Android, use the DC Wave app to pleasantly browse through the posts ㅋㅋㅋ;
IU: ….?
(Note: Lol apps are too complicated for IU.) ------------------- Fan: Unni, where did you get this scarf? It’s quite pretty♥ *attaches photo of IU before Blue Dragon Awards rehearsal*

IU: keke Yeah, isn’t it? I’ve liked this scarf for a few years now.
------------------- IU: The rate at which you guys wrote comments today… is crazy… ------------------- Fan: Recommend something you watched recently..I’m bored..!!
IU: Legal High!! (Note: Japanese TV drama) ------------------- IU: Seems like it’s been awhile since I came here. You guys aren’t…angry right? kekeke the rate at which the comments came in felt like an angry person for some reason.. I’ll be back again soon with a selca. Goodnight everyone. I received my new year wishes and I’m on my way~~~ ------------------- Translated by squishy with love