Reasons to Love the Crown Prince

- badass on the battlefield
- absolute teddy bear everywhere else
- literally towers over everyone else
- genuinely loves ALL his brothers (even the a**hole ones)
- is not out to kill anyone to keep his crown
- saved So after his mom scarred him up
- trusted So with his life before anyone else in the palace would even look his way
- backs So up in front of the King
- sticks up for So and Soo when they are bullied
- feels incredibly guilty when putting others (mainly So) in harm’s way
- feels like a burden because of his sickness
- is very trusting in general, which is how he fell for the Queen’s ploy at first
- listens to and values Hae Soo’s medical advice even though she was just a maid
- is willing to THROW HIS CROWN AWAY to save an innocent life because it’s the right thing to do

Y'all the Crown Prince is such an angel, I just can’t…. Moo is precious and deserves all the things in life

When You Should Abandon Ship But Can’t Cuz....


1) Joon Gi’s beautiful face

2) You live for the So x Soo scenes

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3) You REALLY want to see Wang So kick Wang Wook’s ass

4) Joon Gi’s beautiful face

5) Other princes like Nam Joo Hyuk & Ji Soo’s beautiful faces (& Baekhyun)

6) You’re too emotionally invested

7) Joon Gi’s beautiful face!

I’m so fucking screwed! 

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