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It would mean the WORLD to me if all of you took time out of your day to check out my band, End the Reign. We’re currently in the process of writing and recording songs for an EP and have a single out now, “It Doesn’t Matter Anyway”. You can download it for FREE on bandcamp (you can’t beat free right?) and I’ll make sure to leave a link to that as well as our facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thank you so much, we’re just starting out and any support is extremely appreciated, have a great day/night!
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For Fans of A Day To Remember, Knuckle Puck, and Beartooth


Special cover!! The FIRST cover of Proving Grounds by Attila! 

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Check out my new cover! “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)” by Neck Deep! I used a new editing software for this cover, so I think overall it came out better than my other ones. Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more covers! I hope you enjoy. Share with your friends!


My new cover is here! “Carrion” by Parkway Drive! I hope you enjoy, leave a like and subscribe for more!


Check out my new cover! “Losing Teeth” by Neck Deep

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My cover of “High Regard” is finally here!

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youtube check out my cover of Kids In The Dark by All Time Low!