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Special cover!! The FIRST cover of Proving Grounds by Attila! 

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Check out my new cover! “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)” by Neck Deep! I used a new editing software for this cover, so I think overall it came out better than my other ones. Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more covers! I hope you enjoy. Share with your friends!


My new cover is here! “Carrion” by Parkway Drive! I hope you enjoy, leave a like and subscribe for more!


Attention Anyone in the southern New Hampshire area looking to join a band! My band, End the Reign, is currently recruiting people to fill the positions of bassist/rhythm guitarist and singer! We are based in Derry, NH. Anybody interested should message me either here or on Twitter at @ScuderiEtR or Noah (our drummer) @NoahEtR . Either DM us or tweet us directly. @EndtheReign

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Check out my new cover! "Losing Teeth" by Neck Deep

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My cover of “High Regard” is finally here!

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I always hear how everyone has Such a great time highschool going out with their friends and all that, but I just feel left out when my 3 friends are around me talking about how much they enjoyed the last time they hung out and I wasn’t invited. But even If they did invite me out I probably still wouldn’t have fun because I have almost nothing in common with them, and I’d just be there saying nothing sitting quietly just “tagging along” behind them while they ignore me.

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You all probably noticed I just reblogged some of my old covers. Well I’ll be posting 2 new ones this week since I’m on break, so be on the lookout! One will be “No Good” by Knuckle Puck and the other will be my first acoustic/vocal cover ever. It’ll be of “Elevated” by State Champs. I have them both recorded already and they’ll be up sometime in the next couple of days! Thank you all for following me and I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my channel, and watched my videos. It means a lot!

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My band and I posted a cover of “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club and it would mean the world if you guys would check it out! It’s our first cover and there will be more to come! Subscribe to for more! And like us on Facebook at and follow us on twitter: @ EndtheReign ! Thank you so much!