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❞ In Yucatec Maya mythology, Itzamna was the name of an upper god and creator deity thought to be residing in the sky. Little is known about him, but scattered references are present in early-colonial Spanish reports (relaciones) and dictionaries. Twentieth-century Lacandon lore includes tales about a creator god (Nohochakyum or Hachakyum) who may be a late successor to Itzamna. In the pre-Spanish period, Itzamna, represented by the aged god D, was frequently depicted in books and in ceramic scenes derived from such books. The Aztec deity corresponding to Itzamna is Tonacatecuhtli. His name in the Mayan language means caiman, lizard or large fish, and in some cases he appears in codices with the semblance of a caiman. According to Maya mythology his wife was the goddess Ixchel.

Unraveling Ixchel
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It’s pretty easy to do basic research on Greco-Roman mythology, for which we have many ancient sources, and some of the basics are more or less ingrained into modern culture. This gets a little trickier when you get into cultures where we pretty much only know about their gods through archaeology and sources written by people who followed opposing religions. It’s kind of a shame, as there are so…

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Neon Effigies

Do you let the neon effigies warm you,
Like the womb, like a mother,
like blood!
God Itzamna
Singing a song of love
The sound of the drum
The rippling water
A wild shell ceremony.

Ya veras. 👍🏻😉
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