Once Football Season Ends

I’m going to start doing what I used to do with free time and more.
-Catch up on Korean Dramas<3
-Personal workouts. d;
-I’m going to start  training my voice, going to go all out with singing.
-Hangout more often, and really try to.
-Be more prepared for things.
-NOT BE SINGLE?!?!? lol Just kidding forever alone. x]
-And for when I do Varsity next year, Get 1-3 inches taller and gain 20 pounds.
I’ll end up being 5'8-5'10 and 160 Pounds.
-Buy alot of sweaters for cuddle seasons<3 Want to get cuddled or hugged by a guy in a nice warm Filipino Sun&Star sweater that comes in many different colors? :) haha. xD
-Nap right after my school day, and since football is over, NO MORE HELMET ACNE/BREAKOUTS/PIMPLES! :D Clear face here I come. -__-


-I cannot take a picture of myself biting lip with my teeth showing. My lips aren’t the thinnest lips. >.< My upper lip covers my teeth haha. And if I angle it to my teeth, all you see if my buck teeth and half of my 4 fangs LOLOL. >.< So I just took a bunch of photos while doing the lip bite and chose the less stupid looking one. xD