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hey guys

so this fic is a sad one, but please READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. It has themes relating to cancer and death, big ones, so if that upsets you or could possibly be a trigger, please read at your own risk. 

also ive been very fortunate to never experience someone that has cancer close to me, but i have dealt with death close to me. so i apologize if its off or not right, let me know if it is so i can fix it

i did a bit of research so i hope that was enough

love u all also this is based off the mcr song

i hope u cry

summary: richie has cancer

words: 2735

pairing: richie and eddie

Richie knew something was wrong. He woke up every day this week with a headache, which usually got to be unbearable to the point where it made him feel sick. He had thrown up multiple times and he knew he had to get to the hospital. Richie approached the tall building on his bike, feeling his stomach becoming sour. He can’t shake the feeling that he’s not just sick.

He approached the desk at the front of the room, practically falling against it. Richie was sweating and he could feel his energy draining. “I need… I need to see a doctor… It’s… It’s an emergency..” He barely managed to slur out. The room started to spin and his stomach cramped into knots. The nurse managed to catch the boy before he hit the floor, picking him up and taking him to an ER doctor. As soon as Richie’s head hit the gurney, he was out cold.

 Richie awoke with a start, breathing in sharply and sitting up quickly. His arm stung lightly and he realized he had tugged the IV poked into his arm. The room he was in was white all over, baby blue curtains surrounded the room and shielded him from seeing what was beyond them. A doctor pushed aside the paper curtain, holding a metal clipboard. The doctor looked up and saw Richie was awake, offering him a kind smile.

“Hello, Mr. Tozier, is it?”

Richie nodded slowly, a dull throbbing in his head.

 “We did a couple tests while you were out and… We seem to have some terrible news,” The doctor spoke slowly, solemnly. Richie could tell he wasn’t faking it, the guy was genuinely upset. A sigh left his lips as he made eye contact with Richie, sitting down in a chair opposite him. “Richie, I’m sorry, you have leukemia.”

 Richie couldn’t process what was happening anymore. The doctor’s lips were moving, presumably explaining his condition, but he couldn’t hear anything. The world around him blurred. He was crying.His hands were shaking, reaching up to cover his face. His glasses weren’t there anymore, he didn’t know where they went. His entire body was trembling violently with sobs. He was going to die and he knew it. There was no way to pay for the treatment, nor did his parents even care regardless, even if his condition was terminal. It was bound to be and Richie couldn’t do anything to save himself.

The doctor wrote a small note and laid it on the bedside table, leaving Richie alone. He didn’t know how long he sat there in a ball, crying. It could’ve been half an hour, or maybe even two hours. Richie didn’t know. He felt numb as he sat there, his cheeks stained with tears. He grabbed his glasses from off the blanket where they had fallen off. Reaching over, he grabbed the small note that the doctor had left there prior to him leaving. ‘I know your home and financial situation (as I used to be friends with your mother) and I’ll pay for as many chemo treatments as I can for you’ it read, signed ‘Doctor Bryson.’

Richie was thankful, truly he was. He sat there with the note in his shaky hands, debating internally on one subject. Do I tell the losers?

He eventually settled on a no. Richie wasn’t going to subject his friends to that kind of turmoil. He could handle it alone, he always did anyway. It’s what he did best, ever since he was 9 years old. He crumpled up the note, letting out a sharp breath. It really hit him then, in that moment, that he was going to die.

Richie was acting weird as of late. Everyone in the Loser’s club had acknowledged it, some more than others. Beverly noticed first, though. Bev always picked up on changes in her friends before anyone else’s. It was her secret talent, you could say.

Richie came in one day pale and frail looking. He had been for the past week. Beverly glanced at him, wondering what was wrong. Maybe he was really sick. She decided, sliding into the seat next to him. “Hey, Rich, are you feeling alright?” She asked, leaning forward on the table and resting her head in her hand.

Richie nodded his curls bouncing from the motion. “Yeah, just sick.” He said confidently, giving her a smile.

 Beverly didn’t buy it, narrowing her eyes to study him. “What going on, really?” She questioned, sitting up.

 Richie shook his head, leaning back in the hard plastic chair. “Nothing. My lack of dick is making me sick.” He chuckled, glancing over at his best friend (and possible crush) Eddie Kaspbrak. “Hey, Eds!” He sang, dragging out the ‘s’ sound. 

   “Don’t call me that!” Eddie yelled from across the room.

   Mike was the second to notice something was up with the Trashmouth. During one of their weekly movie night sleepovers, he noticed Richie had missed out on at least two dick joke opportunities. That never happened, ever, especially with Richie Tozier. That kid never lets a joke that could be made go by unsaid. It was odd, watching Richie stare off into space for minutes at a time before he snapped himself back into reality.

Mike didn’t say anything as he watched Richie lull off again, his brown eyes seemingly clouding over. Something was wrong.
He watched for a few more moments when Richie finally snapped back into reality. Richie shook his head a bit as if trying to get whatever was bothering him off of him. He settled back into the couch, his eyes trained on the television screen. Mike made a mental note of this behavior before doing the same as Richie.

Bill, Stan, Ben, and Eddie all noticed when Richie didn’t come to school for a week. He never missed school, even when he had the stomach flu. He puked on the history teacher when they were kids, but even so, he came to school with that sickness. No one knew where he was. The Loser’s went to the office to ask and they said no one had called or given an explanation to his whereabouts that week. All of them were confused and Bill even tried to go to Richie’s house but no one answered the door.

Richie came back to school the next week, even more, sick looking than he had the previous weeks. A black beanie atop his head, he still strode in with his usual confidence even if he didn’t look the part. Eddie practically pounced on him when he walked through the double doors that Monday. “Where were you?” He demanded, hitting Richie in the arm in an attempt to show his ‘anger.’
Richie chuckled. “I was sick. I was throwing up and everything, it was really gross. But I’m sure you’d love to hear every last detail about it, huh?”

Eddie made a face of disgust, nearly gagging at the thought of throw up. “I’m good.” He said, turning off the alarm on his watch that started to go off. He had abandoned his fanny pack years ago after he found out his mother had been making him take placebos ever since he was a kid. His mother had a serious case of Munchausen by proxy that he hoped would die down now that he had realized. Regardless of this, Eddie still hated germs. It was embedded in him since he was a child and he didn’t think it was ever going to change.

Eddie finally noticed the dark gray beanie sitting atop Richie’s head. This was odd. He never wore hats, he said it ‘fucked up his perfect hair.’

“What’s with the hat, Tozier?” Eddie asked, getting on his tiptoes to remove the beanie to inspect it closer. Richie flinched, taking two small steps backward. The smaller boy furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion, silently asking what was wrong.

“You don’t wanna see my hair, toots, trust me.” Richie joked, seemingly regaining whatever it was he had lost a few seconds prior. “It is terrible.” He added, faking a Spanish accent on the last word.

Eddie scoffed. “Okay, whatever.” He blew it off, watching Richie walk up to Stan and start to annoy him as per usual. But Eddie couldn’t shake the feeling of something being wrong.

“Eddie, is there something wrong?” Beverly asked, hoisting herself onto the hood of Richie’s beat-up car. They were waiting for him to come back from the gas station’s convenience store with snacks. Eddie glanced up at her, staring at her expression for a little before shaking his head slowly. “What’s up?” She responded, taking a long drag from the cigarette between her lips. 

“I think something’s wrong with Richie.” He admitted, rubbing his arm gently.
Beverly hopped off the hood, instead leaning against it. “Me too. I noticed it a week or so ago, but I thought he was just sick.”

Eddie shrugged. “It’s making me nervous. I mean, since when did Richie wear hats?”

“He doesn’t,” Beverly stated, throwing the butt of the cigarette onto the pavement and crushing it with her boot. Richie approached them with a plastic bag filled with chips and soda, holding it up triumphantly. 

“Richie once again is the hero.” He smiled, setting the bag on the car’s hood. Beverly reached in, grabbing the sleeve of licorice and eating one.

Eddie watched Richie glance at his beat-up shoes and grimace, before looking up with a smile. “C’mon, Eds, I got your favorite. You know you love Reese’s.” Richie teased, throwing the small package at Eddie. It hit his chest and fell to the ground, Eddie not even bothering to attempt to catch it. “What the hell? Your arms made of spaghetti, Eddie Spaghetti?” He joked, reaching down and picking up the orange package. “Here.”

Richie placed it in Eddie’s hand, smiling a bit. Eddie gave him a smile back hoping neither of them saw his cheeks growing red.

Richie stopped showing up to school. A week turned into two weeks and two weeks turned into a month with still no sign of Richie. 

Eddie approached his house slowly, knocking on the wooden door. The door creaked open, his hand still raised in the air. He dropped his hand down and slowly stepped inside, quietly praying his parents weren’t home. Music was quietly playing from upstairs mixed with the sound of running water. Eddie slowly walked up the stairs, peeking through the crack in the door. Steam filled the room, coming from the bathroom attached to Richie’s room. 

Eddie felt like such a creep, but he was concerned. He glanced around the room before he noticed the water had turned off. Richie walked out of the bathroom wearing pajamas and Eddie nearly audibly gasped. Richie’s hair was missing in multiple places. He was nearly bald on the back of his head. He pushed the door open, stumbling into the room.

Richie turned on his heel. “What the fuck, Eddie? Why are you here?” He demanded, angrily.

Eddie was shocked into silence. He couldn’t process what was going through his mind. “Richie. What happened?” He asked softly, going to approach Richie. He stepped towards him, but Richie stepped backward. “Richie…” 

“You need to leave,” Richie said, looking down at the floor.

“No, you need to tell me what the hell is going on!” Eddie spat. “You don’t show up to school for a month and you expect me to leave?”

Richie let out a long sigh, kicking an old shoebox across the floor. “I have leukemia, Eds. I can’t… I can barely stand anymore… I have to…” He started to chuckle, tears welling up in his eyes. “I shower sitting down, Eddie! It’s like I’m a sad 80-year-old man.”

Eddie couldn’t breathe. “W-What? Richie- You- Why didn’t you tell us? Tell me?”
Richie shook his head, sitting down on his bed. “You think I was gonna tell everyone I was dying? No way in hell.”

Eddie frowned. “You’re not dying-”

“Really?” Richie yelled, trying to stand but falling back down. “You really believe that? I can barely stand! My parents don’t give two shits! The only reason I’m not dead yet is that Dr. Bryson’s paid for two chemo treatments! This third one is the last he can pay for and after that, Eds, I’m gonna die.” His voice cracked, a tear falling down his cheek. Eddie had been Richie’s friend since they were 13 and he’d never seen him cry. He knew Richie cried he just never thought he’d see him actually cry. 

“Richie, we can try and get you help.” Eddie offered.

Richie shook his head, taking off his glasses and covering his face. Eddie sat down next to him, wrapping his arm around Richie’s frame. He leaned into Eddie’s touch, tears still streaming down his face. Richie was broken and Eddie was breaking, he knew it.

Three months later, every Loser sat in the waiting room. Every Loser except Eddie, who they wanted to let say goodbye to Richie alone. They knew of their special bond. Eddie sat on a chair next to Richie’s hospital bed, holding his frail hand in his own. Eddie was on the verge of tears and his breaths were shaky.
Richie wasn’t breathing very well, but he still tried his best to talk to everyone who visited him, even his parents. The doctor informed him he had just about two months left and that was three months ago. Richie had pushed through an extra month but he lost his fight.

“I can’t believe I killed a… fucking clown and… cancer beat me…” He chuckled, starting to cough. Eddie let out a laugh, a tear falling down his face and landing on their intertwined hands.

“Eds…” Richie gasped, squeezing Eddie’s hand as tight as he could. “I want you… I want you to know… that… that… I love… love you… Eddie…”
As he finished his thought, Richie’s head fell back onto the pillow. Eddie sat up quickly. “Richie? Richie!” He tried to shake him but he wasn’t waking up. The monitor was beeping wildly. “Rich! Richie!” The beeping stopped and it was replaced by a constant whine. “Richie…” He sobbed, hot tears rolling down his red cheeks. He squeezed Richie’s still warm hand, bringing it up to his lips shakily, kissing it lightly. 

“Richie…” Eddie whispered, his voice cracking halfway through.
A doctor walked him out of the room, giving his condolences. Eddie walked out into the waiting room, all of the Loser’s standing upon his entry. “He’s..” He started, but in that moment it really hit Eddie that his best friend, his best friend that he loved, was truly gone. He started to sob again, falling to the tile floor. He curled up into a ball, feeling his friends surround him. Bill even wrapped his arms around Eddie tightly as he cried. Not one Loser’s eye was dry. Everyone in that room loved Richard Tozier, no matter how annoying he could get sometimes. In that instant, all of their world’s came crashing down. The Loser’s would never- could never- truly be the Losers without Richie.

“He’s gone…” Eddie cried, his eyes burning from tears. “Richie… He… I didn’t tell him.. I didn’t tell him I… I loved him back! I loved him back! I didn’t tell him!” Eddie became erratic, thrashing to get out of their arms. “I have to tell him I love him!”

“Eddie-” Bill grabbed him, holding him in place.

“Bill, I have to tell him! I love him! Bill, I love him! I didn’t say it back, I have to tell him!” Eddie was shaking violently, trying to escape Bill’s grasp. He was crying too.

“Eddie… Eddie, he’s gone… Please…” Bill was trying to get him to calm down but it wasn’t working. 

Eddie Kaspbrak was officially broken.


did you cry? cause i did

i hope you guys enjoyed, thank you so much for reading


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Honestly thank u so much for addressing that Shrapnel Mess because it has always bugged me so much but i never saw people complaining?? (irl at least, i got into the online fandom barely a year ago) so i thought maybe it was completely reasonable and i was the one in the wrong but seriously it's so ridiculous any way you see it - why do you think they did it??

oh my gosh pal no Welcome To The Bitterness Pit there are a lot of us who have been frustrated with this since IM3 happened

honestly “why do you think they did it” is THE iron man the third question. why did they include the ten rings banner at all if they weren’t even going to do anything with it? why did they bring up 148 things from IM1 and have tony react to/deal with approximately None of them? why did they take out the reactor and launch it into the sea for no reason at the very end of the movie? wHY DO YOU THINK THEY DID IT

i think they bit off more than they could chew without knowing what they were actually eating, if that makes sense? They drew a thousand and one parallels to IM1, a vastly superior movie, and then just. went nowhere with that. like, it wasn’t even that they Tried to go somewhere and then get lost. they threw the gps out the window and refused to start the car 

they didn’t deal with the Important things like “hey, how do tony & co feel about the ten rings suddenly launching themselves back into their lives like this”, or “wait, but how does tony feel about these people who were taken advantage of and turned into weapons or is he just going to–oh, nope, kill them with extreme prejudice, sure, that sounds. reasonable” or “hm weird i feel like maybe watching your girlfriend being tortured and then being unable to stop her from falling to her death wouldn’t actually give you a huge boost in self-confidence or cure your anxiety” 

or “hey so is there seriously honest to god not a single lasting effect on his health from years of shrapnel and trauma or do you really want me to believe that he’s just. fine now” 

listen they had the bare bones of something good and they had a Yinsen moment but they did absolutely nothing with what they were given and while i think we’d be a lot easier on it if it were just…a fun and mediocre sequel, like IM2, IT WASN’T THAT it was the Last Movie In The Iron Man Solo Film Trilogy and so the bitterness will never fade


  • Coffee + cats = happy yoosung
  • He obviously has been to one before 
  • “This cat looks like you”
  • “Can we adopt one?”
  • He’s as excited as you are
  • maybe even more
  • Screams for 2 hours straight


  • It takes time to convince him
  • Finally accepts just to see you happy
  • Can’t even drink coffee because he’s too busy sneezing 
  • But he loves seeing you that happy so just copes with it
  • Is a bit sad that you can’t have a cat because of him
  • tries to pet one
  • never again


  • You obviously don’t tell her it’s a cat cafe
  • “MC I love you but you can’t do this”
  • ‘I didn’t sign up for this’ face
  • Sits on the corner drinking coffee
  • “Jaehee look this one is so cute”


  • “Is that a commoner thing?”
  • He complains about how Elizabeth is much better than all the other cats
  • When he gets there he falls in love
  • “I should develop a coffe so cats can drink it”
  • no more cat projects
  • “Can we adopt another cat?”


  • “This one looks like my Elly!”
  • Does not even drink coffee
  • “mc i want to live here”
  • It’s hard to get him out of the cafe
  • crazy cat couple is happy
  • Saeran just doesn’t understand


  • You just bring cats and set them on his lap
  • He’s really happy and wants to come back
  • Even if it’s only because it makes you happy
  • Smiles for hours
  • lowkey looks like an old man

It’s time again

Once again I wonder
how will I make it?
“Like every other time”

…of course

Soon I will be consumed in dark colors
consumed in a dark mind

It won’t budge me
sure it will set its marks

…Like always

I do not feel prepared
not this time either
Yet others seem to thrive

But I wish for another view

For I am sunshine in flesh
This does not suit me

The cold energy is overwhelming

Every bit of it
is overwhelming

All eyes
I must look through

All minds
I must read

All feelings
I must feel

All words
I must talk

All souls
I must touch

All worlds
I must see

E v e r y t h i n g
I must be

I am filled with gratitude
Don’t get me wrong

It’s a cycle  

I know the story
but forget everytime

It really is a tough journey


I love every bit of it

“I’m ready, show me more”
- She whispered.

- Anon

things that happened at the legendary minor chat dirkjohn meetup
  • rad drank almost all of a blue raspberry and cinnamon slushie, we told them not to, then they got mad at us for making them do it
  • i bit rad’s dick off with a toy crocodile
  • rad was wearing a barry bluejeans cosplay
  • jade looked good as hell. i already complimented her but i thought i should mention it
  • nell was wearing a “dear lord im gay” shirt and i was jealous
  • we went to blick. when checking out rad just randomly ran away into the store and came back 4 minutes later
  • we went to chinatown and got candy and food. i bought a wooden alligator there. we saw a pokemon mug that said “Like the lovely Picacho!” 
  • rad dropped a pad on the floor that they had written “oppa marriage style” on. they left it there
  • rad ate something off the subway floor? they claimed they did and that it was munchy. we think theyre lying
  • we went back to nells house and i had my nails painted while we listened to two people playing two trucks out of sync 

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where is the <style type="text/css"> and what color is it? I can't find it...

It’s normally under all the “<meta” stuff, but I’ll post pictures to show you ^-^

First go to edit your theme and click Edit HTML

Then you can either paste the code at the top here 

or hit the little gear and click find and replace 
Then type  <style type=“text/css”> and it will locate that text for you so you can paste the code a bit below it

I hope this helps! 

Just A Dream

Title: Just a Dream, Part One

Summary:  Imagine if you suddenly woke up and your whole life had been a dream, and you’re actually a completely different person living a different life in a different world.

Word Count: 1k ish

Characters: Dean and reader!insert for now.

Warnings: fluffy AF!!

Tags: @sis-tafics, @deanwinchester-af, @nichelle-my-belle, @sherlock44, @deans-princess-crybaby, @for-a-brothers-love,

A/N:Hey guys I would love say that I have a really good excuse for not updating in like a month, maybe more, but I honestly have no good excuse. Except maybe writing-ities, and a tad bit of muse depression ( I don’t know I’m making shit up, haha). Anywho, I have a new series that I’ve written up while I’ve been working. Here’s the first part, and a bit of a warning/note; the first part of this fic, is literally what my life the past month has been like. For HIPAA rules, I made it as vague as possible, but yet still hopefully got how busy I’ve been. I hope that you enjoy this part, and let me know if you want to tagged in the next part(s)!!

Originally posted by mylittlesupernaturalworld

You woke up to your phone alarm blaring in your ears. Turning it off, you moved from your back to your stomach groaning. It seemed like you just fell asleep, but now it’s 4:45 am and the dogs were barking. Groaning you sat up in your bed, reaching for your phone you choose some country music to listen to softly while you got ready for the 12 hour shift. Pulling your hair out of the bun, you shook it out and placed it back in a different messy bun. Stretching your arms upwards over your head, you stood up. Putting on your scrub bottoms, a bra and tank top, you took all your backpack with it filled with things you need, want, and not needed, and your scrub top. Before you went down the stairs, you brushed your teeth; while staring at your reflection and quoting Princess Diaries.

“This is as good as it’s going to get.”

Rolling your eyes, you headed down the stairs as quietly as you could, not for your parents and brother’s sake but for the dogs. Having four dogs, one creak from the stairs could send the four of them into a barking frenzy, and it did. The barking only made you increase your pace down the stairs, to let the children, as you call them, out. Following them outside, you took in the morning air. It was crisp, and clean feeling, and it made you wake up more and more the longer you were out there.

Once every dog did their business, you brought them in, and began to make your lunch for the day. A simple sandwich and pretzels were going to be your lunch, and put it in your bookbag. You spent time sitting in a chair petting your pup’s head. Maximus was his name, and he was the only boy in your life, well that’s what you told people. There were other men in your life, but they were richer, older, mostly fictional, and usually married.

Celebrities, why do they have to be so hot!!

Especially the actors of the tv show of Supernatural.

God, why does Jensen and Jared have to be great actors but also great men to.


It was soon time to head to work, a simple 8 hour shift. Hopefully there would be no patients that needed to have a sitter with them, but if there was hopefully you would be stuck with one so you could write.

You smiled at the idea of writing about your fandoms and most days you don’t have time, but if you have to sit in a room, watching over a patient. You might actually get some writing done.

The twenty minute ride to work was something that you could now do with your eyes closed. So it was a surprise when it seemed that you only blinked and you were at community hospital which you work as an aide.

There was good news and bad news when you stepped on to the floor which you work on.

Good news; there were patients that needed companions, there was actually five.

Bad news (for you anyways); nurses were assigned to sit in the rooms.

And the day went by faster than you expected, but you were more exhausted coming out of the hospital then you were going in.

The drive that seemed to go by fast going to the hospital, only seemed to take forever going home.

It was a relief when drove up the drive, because you knew that dogs, beer, and your bed were waiting for you. Max, Kirby, Joy, and Loki barked a welcome that you made you smile and called to them.

“Babies, hello, darlings.”

You pet the dogs, and let them give you kisses all over your face. Max, your own pup, gave you a few love nips on your nose and lips.

“Thank-you, my baby Maxi-boo.”

Once again letting the dogs do their business you changed from your scrubs into some leggings and a large t-shirt.

Your mom was doing errands and your brother was at work, and so it was up to you to watch the dogs. But the heat that arrived late in the afternoon, apparently made the dogs just as sleepy as you already were.

The dogs and pup ended up falling asleep and though you did too, and it was good that you had off tomorrow.

When slowly awoke from your sleep, you opened your eyes to see the alarm clock showing 7:45 AM.  God you slept the day away, and ended up in your bed. God mom is going to be pissed with you because you weren’t able to watch over the dogs. You turned over on your other side, and streching for your phone, your hand didn’t find a phone but a naked chest.

Your eyes snapped open and landed on the man of your dreams.

Literally it was Dean Winchester.

And he was just a beautiful, and you could dream. And his eyes fluttered open.

Oh my god, those green eyes were filled with sleep, unfocused, but soon the focused on you and not even looking at his mouth (the gorgeous mouth that it is too) you could tell he was smiling.

“Mornin’, babe. Sleep well?”

“Dean?” you questioned looking over the man that literally made your heart melt and your stomach flutter.

“Who else, Gabe?” he said chuckling snuggling in closer to you, pulling you close. You tensed at  his touch.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, cupping your cheek, looking into your eyes with worry.

Trying to be as vague as possible.

“How did I end up here?”

“Well, when a man loves a woman very much-”

“Shut up Dean, I’m being serious. I don’t remember last night, it’s all foggy.”

You could swear you saw the worry, fall off his face.

“Well, you did drink more than me last night,” he chuckled remembering something that you clearly didn’t, “and I had to carry you in from the Impala.”

“Was I bad?” you asked.

“Nah, you just drank more that normal, and started talking about a dog named Max.”

Chuckling at yourself, you snuggled in closer to Dean. If this was just a dream then you better make it last!

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Ugh these statutory rape arguments bug the hell out of me- I knw itis a bit problematic but I blame it more on the writing than the character

Those self-righteous assertions bother me so much for several reasons: 

Firstly, Neal may not even have been the age he claimed he was. Everything else on the wanted poster was a lie, so we have no reason whatsoever to believe he was truly 23 years old. He likely made up that age because it’s advantageous to pretend to be older; the legal age for most things is 21. Neal may very well have actually been Emma’s age. It’s just…MRJ and JMo can’t really pass off as teenagers. At all. MRJ’s wrinkles gave off the impression that Neal was much, much older biologically than Emma, but there’s nothing to ascertain that. 

Secondly, there’s nothing to suggest Emma and Neal even conceived Henry in Portland, Oregon. They met there, but we saw that they travelled all over the place as thieves. They may very well have conceived him in another state, where the age of consent is in fact 16 or 17— which was Emma’s age at the time. 

However, suppose we entertain the idea that they conceived Henry in Portland. It’s still not statutory rape. I’d like to direct anyone who’s interested to this well-articulated response to the issue by boopinout on IMDb:

As a concluding note, I’ll just say that these writers have already introduced so many plot holes and character inconsistencies in their writing. Did anyone really expect them to do the math with Emma, Neal and Henry’s ages? Did anyone actually think they’d bother looking at the laws of all the states? 

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Veronica: ???????

Oliver: ok this is literally how this happened

we posted a page with this bit in it

i thought tess’ line was so ambiguous it was kinda funny so i wrote this joke in the author comment

and i guess a lot of people believed me?? never believe me