there's a lot I could write right now;

a lot I could write about my band friends. a lot about how they changed my life. a lot about how I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that they’re all seniors. a lot about how I’m not going to be okay when they graduate in June.

there’s a lot I could write about how these people are band to me. hell, they’re high school to me. I don’t know how to survive without them, and I don’t know how to let them go. I would not be the same without almost each and every one of these seniors, every single one of them has some special meaning to me. 

there’s a lot I could write about how Mara and Taylor are my best friends, and even though they can pick on me sometimes, I still love them. a lot I could write about how much I look up to them, how literally perfect they are. a lot I could write about how I don’t know what next year is going to be without them. walking into that band room on the first day of school and not being able to run right to them is going to kill me. and when I first realized that a few months ago, the fact that I’m not going to see these people H period every day, it was such a foreign concept to me. it still is.

so I guess there’s just a lot I could write about how much these people mean to me, but I don’t think I could ever really, truly put it into words. 

Music Wednesdays—More for your ears!

DOSSIER: New Media

Music Wednesdays — On Wednesdays we scour our channels, mostly through the wide world of SoundCloud, for new and interesting stuff to share with all you wonderful people.

One project we were able to find was It Will Be Wonderful, which brought musicians from Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Italy, and the US together in Tunis in July 2011 to record, perform, and professionally produce the tracks that they wrote. Two songs came of this, “Mamnou’/Forbidden/ممنوع” and “Al Thawra Mustamirrah/The Ongoing Revolution/الثورة مستمرة”. Check it:

I love the rhythm changes and interesting, jazzy arrangements. Fresh.

Here’s the cool part: they’ve actually uploaded all the stems for these two tracks and kept them in creative commons. That’s right, all the parts, trumpet, drums, bass, vocals—they’re all available for download and for your use. Remixers where you at?!

This is a great idea and allows the ideas that went into the production to reach way beyond the scope of just making the songs, but allows others to engage with the material in new and interesting ways, allowing for the collaborative spirit to reinterpret these tracks in multiple ways far outside the scope of the visa, travel, budget, and scheduling limitations of the musicians themselves.

Another interesting clip we were able to find was this emotive, cynical, darkly humourous bit of sound design from Gaza by imthaer:

Repeatedly, futilely, Thaer picks up the phone and tries to talk but finds no one on the line. “Hello?” he asks, “Can anyone hear me? There is something I want to tell you.”

Lots of potential for this type of sound production for complex, emotive, narrative that won’t come off as cliché and allows for things like underhanded sarcasm, wit, and dark humour.

Until next week, give us your feedback and your sounds.