films watched in 2017 ☰ into the woods

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there lived a small village at the edge of the woods. And in this village, there lived a young maiden, a carefree young lad, and a childless baker… with his wife. And one day, the baker and his wife were in their shop when a witch burst in, blowing the door off the place. And she said, the curse upon her and they have to get four items. One, the cow as white as milk, two, the cape as red as blood, three, the slipper as pure as gold…


Chris Pine as Cinderalla’s Prince in ‘Into the Woods’ (2014)

“It’s all about this kind of inner desire to be seen. And to play out this story that he’s probably been playing out in generation and generation and generation, he’s just like an LP that keeps on running itself back. And in the one moment that he’s given the opportunity to see what his effect has on Cinderella, where she says, ‘Well, look at me, I mean, look what’s happened.’ And he thinks about it for a second, you can see that it does hurt him, and he does have a moment of inner reflection but then chooses to get back on the horse and again play out the two dimensional story that he has been playing out for generations. So I had a lot of fun playing a guy with big hair and you know, a tan, and just loving himself, it was a joy.”