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I just recently finished ITF, and one thing I've noticed a lot of is that people keep saying Simon and Kieren have an unhealthy relationship and, while I agree they have problems, I feel the need to point out that they're still really early into their relationship. So, I feel like a lot of their issues are just because they haven't been around each other long enough and they haven’t worked everything out yet. For instance, Simon putting Kieren on a pedestal – [1/8]

we’ve already seen him rebuff Simon when he was acting like Kieren was heaven sent after the Blue Oblivion incident and they hadn’t known each other that long at that point. So I can’t see Kieren being okay with Simon worshiping him, and I don’t doubt he’d be vocal about it every time it happens. Simon, on the other hand, I can see him having more of a problem only because he acts like a schoolboy with a crush. [2/8]

And, like anyone with a crush, it takes a little while to see past the glam and glitter. Which, I think Simon saw past for a brief moment in 2.03 when he was disappointed when Kieren refused to help. Unfortunately, that one time is nowhere near enough to show that Kieren’s just a normal, yet very good person, so it’ll definitely take some more time for Simon to get past treating Kieren like he’s made of gold. [3/8]

(Though, if you ask me, I think Kieren could use being called beautiful and incredible more often – I think it’d do wonders for his self-esteem) As for Kieren respecting Simon’s religion/Simon himself – I get the feeling this is going to be another “OH!” moment similar to the one right after the lunch in 2.04, where he doesn’t realize what he’s done/been doing until AFTER everything is over. [4/8]

That or it’ll be similar to the moment in 2.06 for Sue when Shirley unintentionally whacked her over the head with a figurative clue-by-four to hit the point home. Or, maybe he might even need his mom/dad/Amy to step in and explain things to him before he really gets it. Who knows, maybe Simon will even say something one day even in a fit of hurt/frustration. My point is, I don’t consider them unhealthy. Yes, they have some pretty big issues to work through besides the aforementioned – [5/8]

with Simon needing to learn who he is/be less codependent and Kieren needing to realize how much power he has/how to not abuse it – but ultimately they just make me think of any other couple that are learning to live with each other and not step on any landmines in the process. What would be unhealthy is if Simon kept winding him up or if Kieren kept forcing Simon to wear cover up despite knowing it’s hurting the other person, which I can’t see after them learning what they did in 2.04 [6/8]

I’m sorry for the essay. I just cringe at that description for them because when I think of unhealthy relationships, I think of canon pairings from other shows that are rife with INTENTIONAL cheating, lying, and constant arguments over every little thing. This is nowhere close to that, even if they have the potential to go there, and that’s why this show is such a breath of fresh air. [7/8]

(I also cringe when people say Kieren doesn’t care for Simon as much in return. Simon is confident in who he is, Kieren’s not. What speaks volumes to me is that Kieren didn’t give Simon up when he found the Blue Oblivion. He also didn’t sign the confession and damn Simon, even when Kieren had no idea if Simon was guilty. That combined with Kieren trying to warn him, being hurt when he couldn’t find him and the sketch of him in his room – we have requited feelings. He’s just quieter about it.)


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thank you so much for answering my last post so quickly - it's been a crazy couple of days, so unfortunately I haven't had the time to reply yet, but I did see it! :) In regards to Simon living in Amy's bungalow, one thought I had is that Simon might not be able to live there because the ULA can find him there (or Zoe might decide to take the place over) making it hard for him to go back. So I wonder if this is supposed to parallel back to when his father kicked him out in a fit of rage.

Haa no problem! I had fun :)

I think that, it being small-town Roarton, if Simon intends to stay near Kieren, then there’s nowhere Simon’s gonna be able to go that the ULA members won’t find him. Like, even if he got out of the bungalow, there are not very many places to go within the town, and the places open to Simon are places people like Zoe would check or seek him out at.

Additionally, I think at this point it’s going to matter more that Simon puts in roots here. If they’re going to find him anywhere anyway, then it’s better they find him someplace that is on his terms, his ground, his territory. The town isn’t happy that Amy was killed and that they were manipulated by Maxine, and they aren’t happy that the ULA members in the town are there, especially after the display in the graveyards for the second rising. They are more likely to try to defend Simon if they see him as a part of the community rather than a visitor, someone who isn’t leaving, someone who lives there.

I think that if Zoe tried to take over the bungalow, it wouldn’t be Simon that chased her out- it would be Kieren. Considering his stance on the ULA, and now with the ULA beliefs having taken Amy away from him, there’s zero chance (in my opinion, anyway) that he would put up with the ULA members gathering in Amy’s space. Simon, yes, but not the ULA members.