I promise you when I’m contacted about this photo I just want to scream. Just received another report that someone is using this photo improperly. This time it’s a product line (that shall remain nameless). They’ve been contacted already but my reason for this post is to continue to encourage those who see this photo being used on any network AND I MEAN ANY NETWORK.. To continue to do what you’ve been done. Contact me with the link and the name of the person or business that is using this photo and I will engage. This photo is being used without my mentions that were attached when I uploaded it. It’s a wig and the integrity that is in my own business will not allow me to sit idle while someone else creates a falsehood in my name or SistersWithBeauty. Sn: Establised business (product lines) if I can pay for an ad campaign, I’m sure you can get models to promote your products. Please refrain from using any SistersWithBeauty photos. My business is not linked to any product line at this time and if and when it is it will be a product that I the owner of SistersWithBeauty has used. Please respect the craft but more importantly respect the integrity. #sisterswithbeauty #ThanksForReading #naturalhair #naturaltruth #NotOnMyWatch #ITSAWIG #NoHairEnvyHere #ItWas29Bucks #MeAndThisPhotoAreGoingToFight #OMGNotAgain #ThisIsLike4TimesAlready #PayForYourOwnAdvertisement #RespectMyGrind

I received another tip: this photo was being used without specifying that the hair in the photo was a wig. The individual who owns the page was very understanding and changed the status from “Volume” to this after our brief fb message exchange. See, just goes to show ppl respect and understand when you are not lying about texture, length, volume, and anything else about your hair to get likes and views you can be respected. I appreciate Lovingly and Naturally Designed for her swift action and plug to the site. Sending curl claps and snaps to respect. Special Note: IF U SEE THIS PHOTO and it doesn’t state the hair in the photo is a wig (as I did when I posted the original photo) please contact me with the forum and page name you seen it on and I will engage. Appreciate all of the Butterflies who keep SWB aware..;) #natural #naturals #naturalhair #NaturalLookingWigs #ItsAWig #ITellEveryone #NoHairEnvy #YouCanHaveItToo #ItWas29Bucks #SyntheticWig #HalfWig #sisterswithbeauty #swb