Episode 105/filler 9

Ok, the lyrics, despite the groove of the melody, are about a bitter departure and sadness.
Which doesn’t fit this arc that much, but aight.
Aou meets the other guy, and tells him the rain is weakening, so it might end up not being a “turtle and hare” situation
Naruto sprints through like a thousand stairs, Sasuke asks “what kind of stamina does he have?” JEEZ SASUKE, I DON’T KNOW, IT’S ALMOST LIKE HE HAS A GIANT CHAKRA SOURCE THAT DOESN’T WANT HIM TO DIE.
Well, the tenth chunin exam question Idate got was exactly the same BUT itw was competitive: 2 would pass to the next stage, one would remain genin for life.
It’s actually the ones who stay that get disqualfied, since it was a choice between their comrades and their own life.
Naruto reaches the altar and apparently Idate’s good now.
He’s also really fast, so he arrives just as the other guy is leaving and Aoi uses the thunder sword.
Naruto arrives, though, and prepares a Rasengan which collides with the blade.
In another flashback, Ibiki is captured and tortured to decipher the scroll (and in fact is how he got his second scar.
He rejects even when Idate is threatened, and they both run away later while EVERYTHING CATCHES FIRE.
In the present, Sasuke snd Sakura arrive, and the former uses a CHIDORI against it, then they fight a little and Sasuke is knocked out while remembering Itachi.
Nope, Sasuke is still conscios and tells him not to shit on the Uchihas as he uses another Chidori.
He does make a little scratch on the sword (…made of energy) and is knocked out for real), then both him and Sakura fall into the ocean.

okay wow i actually have two stories from practice today
first the jack in my cast is a junior and anyway today he came up to me and started playing with my hair which after the day I’ve had I of course didn’t object to and David literally came up to me after and was like “ya know he has a huge crush on you right” and me being the totally oblivious fool I am was like “what now” so yeah that’s a thing that happened, like 7 people said it was super super obvious so idk how to feel about that

second story: okay there’s these two brothers in the musical and one of them is my dance partner so we always talk and stuff and then the other one time asked if we were friends and I took too long to answer and he goes “wait do you hate me” and I just started laughing so now I’ve made it like I joke that every time I see him he goes “do you hate me” or “why do you hate me” and I just smile and walk away and it’s so funny and today he kept trying to get me to high five him so I was high fiving all the guys I was hanging out with except him and now he’s started teasing me back and it’s fun and also when I was putting my hair up I had my glasses off and he goes “let’s see if her twin without glasses will like me” and I looked him dead in the eyes and said “no” so now it’s a joke that I have a without glasses twin who’s a complete bitch

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Stop putting . Bro. We're here

Its the way I can try and get my upload to reboot but itw not working and tbh no one really pay attion to my blog so I didn’t think anyone seen it

moontowers replied to your post “Has Chris Pine ever looked better than he did during HoHW press?…”

late 2015-early 2016 during and just post ITW press was the peak for me.

moontowers replied to your post “Has Chris Pine ever looked better than he did during HoHW press?…”

WAIT that was 2014??

moontowers replied to your post “Has Chris Pine ever looked better than he did during HoHW press?…”

jfc nevermind i’ll have to determine the time period i have in mind

Ummmm I thought that was 2015 too, but no, apparently ITW came out of 2014?? THAT DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT. I think I lost an entire year somewhere.

#SputnikFrance-Sans Filtre par #Thinkerview 67 mn-itw #IvanErhel, porte-parole & journaliste de #Sputnik #Russie

#SputnikFrance-Sans Filtre par #Thinkerview 67 mn-itw #IvanErhel, porte-parole & journaliste de #Sputnik #Russie

Ajoutée le 21 févr. 2017

Interview d'Ivan Erhel
Journaliste porte parole de Sputnik France

Vidéo enregistrée le 24 janvier 2017.

Guerre de l'information, Fakes News, Dialogue et transparence,
Charte de Munich

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Stephen Sondheim- 3, 18, 51, 52

omg thanks 

3- baker’s wife in ITW (but also, kind of love Dot)

18- “art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos” 

51- omg i have no idea 

52- honestly Forum and Passion but passion might be on purpose

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☁ o u o !!


☁ = being caught in the middle a storm with them .

        los angeles rain can be unforgivable, merciless to those caught off-guard. unbeknownst to him, during his visit to the prosecutor’s office, the sun had snuck behind the clouds, shrouding itself within the sky and then burst. while the rain isn’t coming down terribly hard, it’s definitely enough to veto apollo’s earlier plan of walking home. 

       or at least, it would be … had he not had the foresight to bring an umbrella! apollo, one, unpredictable california weather? ZERO. he’s nearly so busy celebrating this that he very nearly misses prosecutor von karma come out of the building, dejectedly looking at the torrent of rain. judging by the sour expression on her face, she wasn’t ready for the rain, either. 

        ‘ prosecutor von karma! did you bring an umbrella? ‘ he did. hahaaaa.