Page Update!

Along with the new chapter, the blog had also opened up a new page! ‘Character Page’ should be up and running on both desktop and mobile via the description link!

Currently, as of this post, only two of the listed characters have art to them. I should add, only a select few of the characters will be getting art icons, this namely being the characters under 'Kids’. Unfortunately my schedule and personal life is wonky as of right now, so I haven’t been able to divert my attention to finishing a few of the others off. Though, good news is I’ll be updated and adding new art as I get them done from here on out!

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

hey chop, got any good war stories for us?

   Y - Yeah! Blew up’a wholeee tent’a kids in ‘74! I - I still ‘member; 22 bodies! Oh, boy, did those gooks run! Flailin’ and screamin’, ‘cause, ‘ya know, they was on fire. 


“i was raised to be charming. not sincere.” he stated, “but that all changed when i met you. this is the sincerest thing i have ever said. i love you.”