y’all i gotta tell you about this ship…it’s @max-ur-damn-gags‘s max and doyle and it’s called “darkness! in the workshop” and it’s taking over my life

so basically, i’m in this multiple person roleplay in the toonblr discord (if you’re not in it you need to join because it’s lit) and max and doyle interacted for like one second and we all started shipping them. it’s a platonic ship because doyle is aro-ace but IT’S A GOOD

the name “darkness! in the workshop” (shorthand “d!itw”) was created by @smol-toons and the reason it’s that is because it’s been established that doyle is really emo/goth and max is a mechanic so it works


The Hero to the Rescue! by Thomas Sanders

what she says: i love batman

what she means: bruce wayne is not even in my top5 batfam characters but i love all his kids and the supporting characters who sometimes hang out with him to help him protect gotham and also some of the batman rogues that are more like awkward anti-heroes than actual bad guys…and also bruce when he is not written like an ass