Coming soon: In The Waves- A Reddie Summer Love AU

They hung out of the window, both leaning on their forearms. Their shoulders bumping with the slightest of movement, (much too close for either of them to truly be comfortable), but neither of them made to leave. In a strange way the proximity had the pair feeling exceptionally nervous yet completely at ease. Screaming could be heard over the music in the next room over- they paid no attention. A mischievous smile ghosted his red lips, “You in, Eds?”. Beneath his glasses, there was a twinkle in his eye, for he already knew the answer. Eddie’s words caught in his throat, “Yea, Trashmouth. I hope you’re ready to get fired.” Richie exhaled a long stream of smoke, “Don’t be a drama queen, Spaghetti. My beauty and wit have placed me in the bosses good graces, I’m never getting fired.”

Eddie has relatively low expectations for the summer before senior year. Two months alone in a beach house third wheeling his two best friends isn’t ideal, but it could definately be worse. He’s expecting to study for the SAT’s on the beach, get a nice tan and maybe go to a party or two. He’s not expecting three new best friends, late night bonfires or a truck full of weed. Above it all, he’s certainly not expecting to fall for the floppy haired life guard, Richie Tozier. 

In which:

Bill is an exceptional lightweight 

Stan is an excellent ex-lifeguard 

Ben is feeling left out

Bev is a rooftop enthusiast  

Mike is a god and a vegan

Eddie is sort of falling in love and kind of falling apart

 So is Richie.

[KOR/ENG LYRICS] Serendipity ('Her' Comeback Trailer) by Jimin


이 모든 건 우연이 아냐
그냥 그냥 나의 느낌으로
온 세상이 어제완 달라
그냥 그냥 너의 기쁨으로

네가 날 불렀을 때
나는 너의 꽃으로
기다렸던 것처럼
우리 시리도록 펴
어쩌면 우주의 섭리
그냥 그랬던 거야
U know I know
너는 나, 나는 너

설레는 만큼 많이 두려워
운명이 우릴 자꾸 질투해서
너만큼 나도 많이 무서워
When you see me
When you touch me

우주가 우릴 위해 움직였어
조금의 어긋남조차 없었어
너와 내 행복은 예정됐던걸
Cuz you love me
And I love you

넌 내 푸른 곰팡이
날 구원해 준
나의 천사
나의 세상
난 네 삼색 고양이
널 만나러 온
Love me now
Touch me now

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
우주가 처음 생겨났을 때부터
모든 건 정해진 거였어
Just let me love you

Let me love
Let me love you

Let me love
Let me love you


All of this isn’t just a coincidence
Just just my own feeling
The whole universe is different from yesterday
Just just from your happiness

When you call me
I am your flower
Like I’ve been waiting for it
We bloomed dazzlingly
It is almost like the destiny of the universe
It is just how it is
U know I know
You are me, and I am you

As much as my heart flutters, I’m just as afraid
Fate keeps being envious of us
I am just as afraid as you are
When you see me
When you touch me

The cosmos moved for us
There was nothing slightly out of place
Our happiness was expected
Cuz you love me
And I love you

You are my penicillium
The one who saved me
My angel
My world
I am your calico cat
One who came to meet you
Love me now
Touch me now

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
When the universe was first made
Everything has been decided
Just let me love you

Let me love
Let me love you

Let me love
Let me love you

Trans cr; Nara @ bts-trans

what she says: i love batman

what she means: bruce wayne is not even in my top5 batfam characters but i love all his kids and the supporting characters who sometimes hang out with him to help him protect gotham and also some of the batman rogues that are more like awkward anti-heroes than actual bad guys…and also bruce when he is not written like an ass

This is a story about love, amongst other things. It is the story of the summer in which the losers club came to be. This is the story of how Eddie met Richie, and the story of how they fell in love. But, before any of this there was another love, one that no one had been aware of, save for poor Ben Hanscom. For this story to truly make sense we must go back to the very start of the summer before senior year. In Eddie Kaspbrak’s eyes the summer kicked off with one life altering problem, which would soon lead to a dozen more life altering problems. And so it began, as most problems do, with a boy (not the boy you’re thinking of, his part in this story will come in time). This boys name was Bill Denbrough and he was a real son of a bitch.

Eddie Kaspbrak was 17 years old when he realized that his feelings for Bill Denbrough were not at all what one would consider platonic. This realization came at quite an inopportune time, however, so he did what all self respecting 17 year old boys did with their emotions and suppressed them.

“It’s not third wheeling if they’re not dating, Eddie.” The ever sensible voice of Ben Hanscom sighed over the phone.

Eddie was frantically throwing articles of clothing into a bag. His room, which had been relatively neat just moments ago, now looked as if a bomb of pastel polos and khaki shorts exploded everywhere.

“They act like it. They’re always hanging out, just the two of them. How else do you explain it?” Eddie snapped at his friend.

He shuffled around under his bed for his swim trunks, he only had two pairs to last him the entire summer and he was currently missing one of them. “I mean, you’re right. We have kinda been split but, I blame school. Stan and Bill both took regular regents classes this year while we took AP’s, it made them spend more time together. But, I really don’t think they’re any closer than they were before…I mean their parents are best friends, Eddie.”

Ben was right, as usual. The Uris’ and the Denbrough’s had been close before Stan and Bill had even been born. The families used to vacation together every summer outside of Derry, at Paradise Beach. They were neighbors in the small beach town, before the Denbrough’s sold their vacation home a few years back.

But, that did nothing to calm Eddie down, he was going to spend his whole summer in uncomfortable agony, “Even if they aren’t together I’m still gonna feel like a third wheel. Are you sure you can’t come today?”

Ben snorted, “Yes, Eddie. The beach is no place for a boy with a broken leg.”

Eddie snatched his trunks from a backpack that had gone untouched since last summer, “How many weeks till the cast comes off, again?”  

“Most likely two, but one if I’m lucky. I’m finding out for sure today.” Ben sounded a little sad on the other end of the line.

The smaller boy groaned, “Why’d you have to play football? You better heal yourself quickly; I can’t go a full two weeks alone with the married couple… I can’t believe I let Bill talk me into going.”

Ben chuckled, “I’m pretty sure Bill could talk you into robbing a bank with little to no effort.”

Similar to any other time where Ben had made an insinuation about his feelings for Bill- Eddie felt his face heat up, “I take it back, Hanscom. May your recovery be long and painful.”

Eddie could practically hear Ben smiling on the other end, “Hey, I gotta go. I have the last x-ray soon, so I’ll let you know if your wish comes true.”

His tone was light, but then he paused, “Eddie…please try to stay sane ok? You and Bill…” Ben trailed off, sounding concerned and Eddie couldn’t help but feel sick to his stomach, “It’s fine, Ben. It won’t be that eventful anyway. Not much can happen in a few weeks.” Eddie would soon learn that he had never been more wrong.

“Okay, have fun. Pack sunscreen!” Ben had something else to say. He always did. But, true to form, he kept his insights to himself. It wasn’t his place to speak on the matter…not yet, anyway.

It had taken Eddie several months to convince his mother to let him spend the summer at the Uris’ beach house. Sonia Kaspbrak was not a pushover by any means. In fact, she was incredibly controlling. But, she loved her son. She wanted him to be happy, and he had convinced her that going on vacation with his friends would make him happy.

Sonia had really only allowed her son to go on an unsupervised trip because Stanley Uris was going. In her eyes Stanley Uris was the most responsible 17 year old boy in Derry. If Stanley was supervising, she didn’t mind as much that her son was going to spend two months away. As long as he called her every day after he took his medication, Sonia would trust her son to spend the summer with his friends.

But, she had a selfish wish that he would be overwhelmed. She secretly hoped that Eddie wouldn’t enjoy his time away. It was kind of like a test run for college. If he didn’t like having so much freedom, he might chose to stay home for college after all.

Eddie knew his mom didn’t really want him to leave. And secretly he wished that she might make him stay home. He had spent all that time and energy convincing her to let him leave and he regretted it. That was all before Stan and Bill started acting like a couple.

He sat in the kitchen, three pill bottles on table in front of him.

“Make sure you take them every day. All of them.”

Eddie nodded, he knew. He only really needed one of them, for anxiety. The rest of them were placebos his mother had forced down his throat since before he could remember. He yelled at her when he found out; she had fooled him into thinking he was sick his entire childhood. Sonia just wanted her son to be safe, and nearly lost her mind at the thought of him without his medication. Despite her craziness, Eddie loved his mother, so he continued to take the placebos, but only when she was watching, just to calm her nerves.

He popped open his anxiety medication and shook out one pill into the palm of his hand. He placed it onto his tongue and gulped it down with water. He twisted the lid back into place and put them in his bag along with the two bottles of placebos.

“I’m going to miss you, Eddie Bear.”

Eddie walked over to her large figure on the recliner, “I know, ma. I’ll miss you too. It’s only a few weeks, though.”

He heart a honk outside and his stomach dropped, “I’ll be back before you know it.” He bent down and kissed her cheek before swinging his duffle bag over his shoulder.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

The mantra in his head felt less believable with overstep, but he called to his mother anyway, “See you soon! Love you!”, and stepped out of the door.

Bill Denbrough was a notoriously bad driver and Eddie Kaspbrak didn’t even have his license, so that left Stanley Uris behind the wheel for the two hour drive to Paradise Beach.

Eddie, predictably, was in the back seat. Like a true third wheel, he was half listening to the discussion Stan and Bill were having and half listening to the soft rock playing from the radio.

His eyes, however were trained on Bill’s feet. He was wearing converse and they were stationed on the dashboard, causing Eddie to feel a little queasy. He was thinking about the amount of germs Bill was probably transferring. Bill wore those white hightops everywhere, including the muddy quarry. Eddie was struck at first that Stan didn’t yell at Bill for dirtying his car. But, he then remembered the difference between himself and Stan.

It was parallel to the difference between cleanliness and neatness.

Eddie wasn’t neat; his clothes were always slightly wrinkled and his room was not pristine by any means. But he was a germaphobe, he valued cleanliness above most things. Since a young age he had carried hand sanitizer and a travel sized disinfectant spray, just in case.

Stan was neat; his shirt was always tucked in, his curly hair was somehow always meticulously in place. The slightest amount of disorder made his hands twitch, but he was unfazed by germs. Eddie envied this, because Stan’s OCD lead him to be much more composed than Eddie.

“Eddie, are you listening?” Bill asked, his feet were no longer on the dashboard but he had left a partial foot print behind.

Eddie snapped his eyes up, to meet Bills, “Sorry, what?”

Stan scoffed and opened the car door, Eddie hadn’t even noticed they’d stopped moving, “He asked if you wanted a snack. I need to fill up the tank.”

“No, I’m gonna use the rest room, though.” Eddie stepped out of the car the same time Bill did.

He ignored the flutter in his chest when Bill looped his arm over his shoulder as they walked, “Hope you know I’m getting you some sour patch watermelons, anyway.”

Eddie smiled, he remembered his favorite candy, “Thanks, Bill.”

He opened the door to the gas station bathroom with caution. He didn’t really need it, he just needed some space.

Eddie looked at himself in the mirror and cringed. Truthfully, he was very tired. He didn’t sleep much the night prior,he was nervously mulling over everything that could go wrong on his trip. His eyes looked sunken and his skin was pale. He was expecting a good tan once they got to the beach, the lack of color made him look sickly, especially in the shitty bathroom lighting. He splashed some water on his face, once he got back in the car he decided he was going to take a nap.

And thats precisely what he did.

Eddie didn’t wake up until Bill shook him awake after Stan had pulled into the garage.

He noticed that Bill had stocked up on junk food at the gas station. So, he picked up a few grocery bags as they made their way out of the garage.

They walked up the steps in silence, Eddie hadn’t been here before, but he quickly realized that it was a small house.

The house was elevated, the garage was below it to minimize any damages if there was flooding. When they reached the top of the wooden steps, they stood on a quaint porch, Eddie took in the view while Stan fiddled with his keys.

The town was small, he could see down the block there were very few houses and very few stores before the road ended and became what Eddie could only assume was the beach.

“You seem pretty out of it, Eddie.” Stan said as he opened the door, “If you want we don’t have to do anything today, we can just lay low.”

Eddie shook his head, “I didn’t get much sleep last night. But I’m fine. What did you guys have in mind for today?”

The three of them stepped through the threshold and Stan proceeded to take off his shoes. Eddie and Bill followed his lead. The house was, as Eddie had suspected, meticulous. There was an open living room space with a light blue couch, TV and glass coffee table in the center. Behind it was an open kitchen area with white marble everything.

Eddie and Bill placed the snacks on the counter top, while Stan adjusted the air conditioning.

“I thought we could go to the beach, meet up with some of my old lifeguard friends. Bill knows them too. They’re pretty easy to get along with.” Eddie furrowed his brow when Bill laughed.

Stan smiled knowingly, “Most of them are easy to get along with.”

Eddie shrugged as he started to put the snacks in the pantries, “Fine by me. Where should we put our stuff though?”

Suddenly the air in the room became awkward, “Um… there’s only my room and my parents room. I was thinking I could share my parents bed with whoever, since its a king, and someone can take my room, my bed is just a twin, though.”

He saw Stan’s cheeks start to darken while Bill gave him a slight grin.

Eddie could take the hint, “I’m the smallest, so I’ll take your room, Stan. Which one is it?”

“Ben, I swear to God they’re dating.” Eddie was leaning on the railing of the wrap around porch.

Bill and Stan had shut the door to their room ten minutes ago and not opened it since. In the mean time Eddie had managed to explore the entire house while on the phone with Ben. Not that there was much to explore; there was big space split into a living room, kitchen and sitting area by a large bay window, next to the window on the right side of the house was Eddies new room. On the other side of the living area, to the left were two doors; one was the bathroom which also held the washing machine, and the other Stan and Bill’s new honeymoon suite.

Ben sounded downright exasperated, “Are we gonna have this talk for real, Eddie?”

Eddie suddenly regretted opening his mouth in the first place, “What do you mean? What talk?”

He felt sweat forming in his hairline and blamed it on the heat. Ben let out an awkward sigh, “You sound bitter. I just don’t get why it would matter so much if Stan and Bill got together unless…” He trailed off and Eddie knew where this was going.

Ben had brought it up many times, he wasn’t exactly the best at subtlety, but somehow he always seemed to mention it without mentioning it.

“I don’t care, Ben. I just don’t like third wheeling- it sucks. So, how long is it gonna take for your crippled ass to get down here?”

Ben laughed, he was saved from the inevitable dreaded conversation for the second time in one day, “You have one week, Kaspbrak. After that, I’ll come to save your scrawny ass from our best friends. If you don’t get over your paranoia by then, I’ll be there to fix it- even though we both know there’s nothing to be fixed.”

Eddie cracked a grin, “Benjamin Hanscom, hero of hypothetical non-situations. I owe you one for healing extra quick. I know you did it just for me,” he joked.

He looked up and noticed Bill had started around the porch looking slightly confused, “Is that my broken baby, Ben?”

Eddie laughed, “Who else would it be?”

“Tell him I miss him. But, we should get moving if we want a spot near the stand.”

The town was adorable. Eddie understood why the boys spoke about their vacations so fondly. There were a few blocks that were residential, but the blocks closest to the beach were all tiny shoppes and stores. Everyone they passed looked friendly, which was a change from the disdainful looks Eddie received in Derry.

Eddie, Stan and Bill walked down the board walk until they reached the steps. Clamoring down, they made their way over towards the lifeguard stand. They laid down their towels and started setting up an umbrella because Bill would likely freckle, then burn to a crisp if they didn’t.

They were finally set up and Eddie felt at ease for the first time since they arrived. He only had to go a week without Ben, the sun was just strong enough, and a good song by Troye Sivan was playing softly on Bill’s speaker. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“BILLIAM! STANIEL! Do my nearly useless eyes deceive me? Is it really you?”, an obnoxious voice jolted Eddie out of his happy place.

He sat up on his towel, just in time to see Stan get jumped on by a lanky figure with a mop of black curls. Eddie turned to Bill, confused, but he found Bill was occupied. A beautiful redhead girl had jumped into Bill arms.

Eddie reveled in the sound of Bills laugh, while he spun the girl around in a hug, “Billy boy, you didn’t come back last summer. We missed you.”

The other boy had detached himself from Stan and was now on his way to Bill. Eddie stared at him; he had sharp features and massive glasses. But, the most alarming thing about him was him outfit. He wore the signature red lifeguard trunks with a bright blue and yellow Hawaiian shirt.

Bill and the boy embraced, while the girl gave Stan a welcoming hug. Eddie had never felt more out of place.

He considered laying back down and closing his eyes, when another boy holding two trays of assorted coffee drinks jogged up to them.

The boy had dark skin and quite possibly the most beautiful smile that Eddie had ever seen. He looked like some sort of lifeguard god and he stopped at the end of Eddie’s towel, “Hey! I’m Mike.” He crouched down to set the coffees on the sand and smiled, “You must be Eddie.” He stood and offered Eddie a hand up, which he gladly took, “Bill and Stan mentioned you’d be coming.”

Eddie smiled, “Nice to meet you.”

Mike turned his attention to the others, giving both Stan and Bill hugs.

The girl looked at Eddie and gave him a large smile, “Hi, I’m Bev. I’ve heard a lot about you!”

Eddie looked at Bill for a split second, “Same here,” he ignored the jealousy in his stomach and smiled back.

Going into Freshman year, Bill had dated Beverly Marsh all summer. He’d been so involve with her for months after, he didn’t stop talking about their summer fling for about a year. Eddie wondered if he was still hung up on her.

He didn’t think so, considering the amount of time Bill and Stan spent together, recently.

The dark haired boy slung a lanky arm around Bev’s shoulder, “Wotcher, mate?” He gave Eddie a lopsided smile.

Bev rolled her eyes, “This is Richie, ignore his shitty accents.”

Eddie felt uneasy for some reason, but still tried his best to be friendly, “Hey, I’m Eddie. I think Stan and Bill have mentioned you before.”

He scoffed, looking highly amused. Eddie felt like he was missing the joke, “They better have-” Mike cut him off, “You left the stand without anyone on it, Rich. Kids could be drowning. Im off duty, so get back to work.”

Richie smiled cheekily and saluted Mike, “Aye Aye, Captain. But first, did you bring my drink?”

Mike rolled his eyes and handed Rich what looked like a frappuccino with far too many toppings, “You’re a god among men, Mikey.”

Richie took an alarmingly large gulp of the sugary drink then spoke with his mouth full, “Nice to meet ya, Eds. Hope you’re planning on stopping by the party later. Duty calls.” He winked and gave the group a final salute before jogging back to the lifeguard stand.

Eddie ignored the irritation at the nickname “Eds” not wanting to cause a scene in front of his new friends. Instead of giving a snarky response, he looked at the four people in from of him and simply asked, “What party?”

Bill shrugged, “There’s always a party going on around here. If you’re down we can go to whichever one they’re going to.” He nodded at Bev and Mike.

Bev smiled, “You wanna come to the bonfire?”

Eddie didn’t know that his answer would set the course for an entire summer of wild mishaps, “Sure.”

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers


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the problem with MCU Tony Stark characterisation in fanfic

okay so I love smol, soft, vulnerable Tony Stark as much as the next person, but sometimes I think we forget some super important things when writing him:

  • literally within an hour of IM1 we see Tony hammering metal with basic tools in a cave which is very physically taxing for someone not used to it
  • we see Tony Stark miniaturise the arc reactor, something his own dad never figured out, in the space of three months whilst probably battling chest infections, the threat of death and low cognitive function (the fluctuating temperate, irregular meals, sleep cycle and high risk of infection from open heart surgery drastically affects your thought process, genius or not) - with fuck all available
  • there is the suggestion that Tony + Running isn’t so much of a novel idea in IM1′s ‘Dogfight’ as Rhodey doesn’t bite back and say ‘you don’t jog’ in response to Tony’s flighty responses - that would be the first thing a best friend would point out to their fellow bullshitter
  • he and Happy practise MMA against one another (IM2) and Happy isn’t someone to go gentle - Tony isn’t one to want Happy to pull his punches so Tony is proficient in some form of close combat when fully cognisant - we see Happy’s skills when he finally (!) punches one trained fighter as Tash knocks off everyone else. if Happy can do that, Tony certainly can - and even better now he’s a full Avenger (we ignore Civil War, okay)
  • he literally takes a sledgehammer to his own home and re-discovers and element once again previously hidden to his own dad - a man heralded and lauded as The Genius - so he’s very proactive and willing to move shit around to figure something out
  • we also see the strength needed in the synthesising of this element - his arms are literally b u l g i n g  with muscle mass, so this gives us the nod that Tony does work out to keep himself fit
  • in IM3 he literally has nothing? he makes his OWN weapons again from store-avaliable items and takes down literally a whole compound under his own steam (reminiscent of IM1 building of the suit with a box of scraps) so he isn’t exactly ‘useless’ when given the correct tools
  • despite that bullshit scene where he suddenly ‘forgets’ that magazines aren’t universal for all, we know Tony handles guns - he does it when he’s escaped the bed in the basement, when facing the Mandarin etc and he’s confident enough to use them correctly (deliberately missing Trevor but close enough to make him shit himself) so this crap about him suddenly being unable to shoot a light from that distance is again, bullshit
  • he literally drags the iron man suit through the snow - whilst it’s (MK42) is about 240 pounds on, it’s gonna be a lot heavier with all the hydraulics and electrics powered down. it takes core strength to make it and drag it, guys, so he’s pretty well built for a civvie
  • in avengers he spends just as much time moving - you need insane core strength to maintain a flying position, metal suit or not, and you need to be physically fit to fly it too if you think of how often it would have glitched and malfunctioned with hits before it rebooted. just because he’s in a metal suit it doesn’t mean it’s effortless and JARVIS does it for him - it’s like riding a horse. the movements are subtle but you’re using so many fucking muscles and so much energy
  • in AOU he literally fucking JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY ONTO A BOT floating in mid air like, that’s super gutsy for a civvie who has no official ‘spy’/army training or no backup Green Machine but by this point nothing surprises us about this fuckwit tbh (it gets me every time when I see him do that)
  • he gets thrown into walls so often with enough force to knock out a normal person like, i’m surprised he, Rhodey and Bruce don’t have constant concussion tbh - in IM3 with a missile blast/ in AOU against the wall after Ultron and down to the floor from a great height
  • he’s super fucking gutsy and takes massive risks for someone with no healing factor or special skills - in IM3 when he faces off against the Mandarin with nothing/jumps off a balcony on the rig and slides down the bending metal before jumping into fucking mid-air relying only on his suits to save him/facing off against Loki and then being thrown out of a window despite not knowing what would happen at all and knowing that his suit wasn’t quite ready/relying only on his mobile gauntlet to save his whole fucking face when Bucky (poor soul) tries to shoot him (unintentionally it isn’t Bucky okay) in the middle of his freak-out (and these are all without the whole suit, only bits and pieces, so don't say he’s a little wallflower he has as many balls as the rest of them in combat)
  • have you seen him in a three piece suit??? his figure is fine af from all this shit 
  • he literally survived a blast to the fucking chest with a bomb, survived palladium poisoning, thought his way out of countless shit, is a certified genius, a massive polyglot, has several doctorates and isn’t the soft, smol, vulnerable little chicken so much fanfiction makes him out to be

I love reading those smol, cutesy fics from time to time too - because lbr MCU!Tony IS small in stature because Robert is, bless his platform shoes - but please remember Tony is actually meant to be a badass physically fit (wiry or lithe, depending on comics or movieverse) superhero - he may not be great at hand-to-hand combat like Cap or twenty feet tall like Thor but he can certainly hold his own fgs.