what she says: i love batman

what she means: bruce wayne is not even in my top5 batfam characters but i love all his kids and the supporting characters who sometimes hang out with him to help him protect gotham and also some of the batman rogues that are more like awkward anti-heroes than actual bad guys…and also bruce when he is not written like an ass


“And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions. Facing the blind death stone alone, with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head.”

Into the Wild (2007) dir. Sean Penn

Alright people let’s talk about THIS SHOT from Ultraman X The Movie:

Pretty sweet right? You wanna know what’s even cooler? HOW THEY DID IT

We start with this, a translucent plastic sheet that will soon be illuminated to create the sun effect:

Then they take this high power spotlight, put a red gel over it to give it the right color temperature, and shine it at the sheet:

Got our actors in their kaiju suits and the miniatures all set up- looks pretty good but WAIT HOLD UP

What in the Dickens is that?



little things I love about the fma fandom:

  • fan art for EVERYONE even though the cast is fucking massive. You want are of Catherine Armstrong? You bet! Frank Archer, who was literally invented solely for the purpose of being a twat 03? Tons! The dude from the background in Briggs with cool hair? You bet your ass Briggs Cool Hair Guy has art.
  • stupid short jokes we’re allowed to make since we’re all taller than our protagonist
  • “tiny miniskirts” could easily be the worst Annoying Fandom Catchphrase ever (and I’ll admit it probably was in the years following fma03) but these days I just see it used as an excuse to draw Roy Mustang in revealing clothing and who doesn’t love that?
  • those three weeks or so where there were flower crown edits everywhere, that was a good time
  • the general consensus that the correct term for Greed and Ling’s relationship is “roommates
    • the numerous AUs that accordingly write them as actual roommates
  • just the general fact that we’re still a thing?? like how the heck have we held so strong, by fandom standards we are elderly but we’re still kicking!
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong could beat up pretty much anyone in the fandom and we all know we’d thank her
    • but then there’s also a few people who are Extra in love with her, usually also along with the rest of Briggs. Bless them
  • here come the kimble
  • seriously, bless badlydrawnanime
  • royai shippers just fucking revelling in having the best dang straight ship anyone could dream of
  • still SO bitter about characters’ deaths (some of which happened more than a decade ago if you measure by the manga’s publication!) and probably more hypersensitive to jokes about them than any other fandom I’ve been in, yet also way, way more likely to make those infuriating jokes. We straight-up can’t help ourselves.
    • like I literally own a shirt that makes an “arm and a leg” joke it’s the most infuriating item of clothing I own any I love it
    • we basically wrote the book on Dead Anime Mom jokes, get on our level aaron jägerbomb
    • maes hughes. full stop.
  • the truest unifying constant through the years of our incredible, indelible loathing for Shou Tucker
  • Greed fans in general. Just… why are we like this. Help.
  • pretty chill as fandoms go? Not a whole lot of drama? thank god??
    • and as far as I’ve seen no drama specifically between 03 fans and manga/brohood fans like OH MY GOD can you imagine how annoying we’d be if that was a thing?
  • jaclcfrost posts
  • sassy alphonse
  • snap snap spark spark

“i was raised to be charming. not sincere.” he stated, “but that all changed when i met you. this is the sincerest thing i have ever said. i love you.”

Things I want to happen in the last season of skam
  • Evak hand holding
  • Girl squad slo mo parallel - possibly with a nostalgic version of dick in the air

  • Vilde realises she likes girls

  • Mahdi eats another waffle

  • We find out about Even’s past and why he switched schools and repeated

  • Evak says I Love You

  • Sana realises that it’s okay to be a little wrong and vulnerable sometimes

  • Noora and Eva giggle over Isak being happy with his bf

  • Sana and Isak talk about life in biology again

  • Even and Sana bond over the Quran

  • We finally see Julian Dahl’s face

  • Emma apologises for outing Isak (I’m still bitter soz)

  • Even and Sana roast someone ignorant and problematic together


  • Boy squad and girl squad hang out together 

  • Evak giving relationship advice to Magnus or someone

  • Mikael and Yousef telling Isak cute stories about Even

  • Isak and Even calling each other the man of their life

  • Sana rolling her eyes and fake gagging when she hears it

  • We find out why no one ever goes to Vildes house

  • Eskild embarrases Isak

  •  Chris B talks to Even about Isak 
  • Isak and Even dance
  • Isak and Eva hang out like they used to
  • Even smiles
  • Isak raps
  • We find out this whole last season thing is a joke and they never leave us

Please add on or send me what you hope to happen this season my loves <3 

Can’t wait to watch this all with you <3

AUs for when both members of your OTP are stubborn pricks
  • you were sat in my reserved train seat and refused to move so i sat on your lap and now we’re both too annoyed and awkwardly turned on to move
  • we were both unwillingly coerced into going to a wedding and we bet on who could drink the most glasses of free wine. three hours later there is no clear winner and were collapsed in a pile of our own puke in the corner of the room
  • i can hear you arguing w a policeman and from what i can tell you had to be forcefully removed from a public area because you sat on the ground and refused to move and youre confused about what theyre charging you with
  • im kinda busy arguin w this police man but i also keep looking at you because you’re naked and attractive and im pretty sure you just told the someone you were arrested bc your friend dared you to take off all your clothes and throw them at ppl and someone else told you that you wouldnt dare do it
  • we were having a fun games night w our friends but now everyone’s left your flat apart from me bc we’ve played twenty games of connect 4 and still haven’t managed to find a winner and gdi i will beat you
  • ive been trying to grab your attention in class for over half an hour by poking you and throwing things onto your desk and you’re refusing to acknowledge me and gdi all i wanted to do was tell you that you look cute and now it’s gone too far and it can’t go back
  • were roommates in university and our kitchen is a mess but both of us are refusing to clean it and it’s becoming a serious health hazard i swear i saw a dead body in there the other day
  • ive been arguin w you on yikyak for days and don’t even remember what started it any more but only today did i find out youre actually the cute person in class ive had a crush on all semester i seriously regret looking at your screen over your shoulder now
  • you knocked my books out of my arms and you’re refusing to pick them up bc you’re claiming i walked into you when it was totally you who banged into me and we’ve been stood here arguing about this for ten minutes already