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Unforgotten's Nicola Walker interview: I'd be an appalling detective

“You wouldn’t imagine that after playing Ruth for so many years that somebody would let me be this fabulous, aggressive, emotional sheep-farmer. I’m very grateful”, she says. “It was one of the best scripts I’d ever read, but I was convinced that I didn’t have the part so I was very very relaxed in the audition… you can’t manufacture that lack of nerves.”

Brian Epstein is interviewed by ITV’s Richard Lindley backstage at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, during the Beatles’ final US tour (August 19, 1966)

LINDLEY: What do you feel about this business of the group speaking their mind, and saying what they think, do you think its possible to do that, when you’re in their position?
EPSTEIN: Absolutely. I’ve never suggested that they should do otherwise.
LINDLEY:  Did you suggest that John apologise? [following the ‘more popular than Jesus’ furore
EPSTEIN:  We talked about it, and this was our mutual feeling. I’ve never directed that the boys should do anything, either, sort of song-wise, artistically-wise or speech-wise. We all make up our minds. I contribute, I suppose, a fifth.

As you can see, I’m fit again. I came very close, but I’m doing OK! I’d like to thank everybody who sent me messages. It was overwhelming and it really helped me to recover.
—  George Harrison in an interview with ITV’s Martin Brundle, 12 March 2000