so as the most recent series of ITV’s Endeavour finished lately and we will be on hiatus until series 5 comes out, I felt the need to make this for you all to enjoy, also please go watch this if you haven’t it’s such a good show :3 

if you like Sherlock you will like this, I promise

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Woman realizes ‘refugee child’ is adult man
“He threatened to kill me and my family”

The woman claims she was told she’d foster a 12-year-old child. 
At first she already noticed he ‘looked older’, “But didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”

A dental exam showed he might have been as old as 21, but because he claimed he was 12, they ‘had to’ make ‘a compromise’ and aged him at 16.
Yes. Because HE SAID SO, despite medical evidence on the contrary.
On top of that he had already been arrested in Belgium for posing as a child.

To cut things short: He threatened to kill her and her children, he attacked her family member, he was arrested, was found to watch extremist videos on his phone, yet he was just placed in another home and she is living in fear.

Naturally the show (Loose Women on ITV) was attacked for ‘scaremongering’ and ‘fueling refugee hate’.

Reasons Im Dying Right Now

- The Date

- The Riding Horses Sulking At Eachother

- The Letter

- ‘Your’s, Alfred’

- His Death

- Dutchess Telling Alfred

- Alfred Carrying The Coffin

- Trying Not To Cry

- Alfred Talking To Florence

- Alfred Hearing That Drummond Often Spoke Of Him

- Alfred Crying